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Taking hydrocodone after knee replacement surgery, profuse sweating, taken acetaminophen. Any idea? Varicose veins, leg skin dark brown, clonate ointment. Varicose eczema or statis eczema? Congenital heart disease, dilation, low BP, low hemoglobin. Safe to do open heart surgery? What could be the cause of irregular periods in one with normal thyroid results ? Had breathing problem, Chest X ray normal. Taken Montair LC-one. Feels heaviness in chest. Solution? What could be the little bubble like thing in the corner of the eye ? Is it possible to cure hepatitis C with alternative medicines ? What is the cause of increased heart rate post intake of wine in one with thyroid ? Why am I suffering from heal and wrist pain ? Child has eczema on face, ears and neck, has heat rashes on body. Using emollient cream. Treatment? Red, blotchy, itchy skin, hurts while swallowing, itchy throat, causes ? Thin frame with inflated stomach, have heavy workout schedule but no improvement. What can be done? Dizziness, poor concentration, swelling in throat, tonsils, hot, cold chills, weakness, body pain. Treatment? Temperature of 39F, weakness, lethargy, sore legs, drowziness, chills, cause of concern ? Irregular periods post delivery, positive pregnancy test, no heart beat at 5 weeks gestational sac, alright to conceive ? Dull pain in groin area, tugging feeling in testicles. No hernias, kidney stones. History of back injury. Treatment? Child diagnosed with Lymph Node TB. Given ATT, had stomach ache and headache. Done LFT that was abnormal. Medication stopped. Will the child be able to tolerate medicines again? Fluctuating pregnancy test results. Is it due to betamethasone dipropionate cream? How can one with high BP get over weakness, neck, throat and head pain ? Thyroid patient, Hb 8.2, swollen face, limb pain Ultrasound scan done, shows retroverted uterus, hyperechoic endometrium, moderate fluid in cul de sac. Normal report? Inflamed liver, elevated bilrubin, yellowish brown urine, hepatitis A,B,C, bile duct blockage,gallstones, pancreatitis negative, advised bland diet. Curable? Boil in genital area, is it due to diet? Cannot sit for a length of time, numbness, weakness, pain and tingling. Had colonoscopy and back injury Bloating, infrequent evacuation, irritable bowel, intetrix the sole solution ? Constant burning sensation throughout the body. Blood sugar and diagnostic tests normal, MRI showed minor problem a disc. No relief with Movacobal syrup. What else can be done? Breathlessness, weight gain, history of chronic bronchitis and chain smoker. Swollen abdomen,enlarged liver, wheezing What could be the reasons for delayed periods ? What is the cause of elevated levels of AST and ALT with weight gain during pregnancy ? Itchy, burning sensation on the face with white eruptions, using calasoft. Will it help? What could be the cause of hard mass on the left side of neck in one suffering from radiation proctitis ? Had red bump that faded on picking, reappeared as yellow, itchy, big, clear bubble, had taken mupirocin, vanished, resurfaced Normal ECG,unusual RSR in V1 and V2,fainting cause? High blood pressure and heart problems Pleural effusion and its treatment Autoimmune pancreatitis,stent removed from bile duct,central serous retinopathy and lattices in both eyes Abdominal pain, GERD, Gastritis symptoms, stomach pain, cancer ? What is the cause and remedy for pain on the left side of the body post open splenectomy ? Should one with uvea inflammation, high ESR and focal fibrosis in the left lung take AKT 4 ? Why is my mothers leg swelling ? What is the cause of recurring headache ? Borderline gamma blood test, viral infection, enlarged RBC 104 Why didn't I get periods after taking 2 lutphelone amp and maintaining abstinence ? What are the side effects of prolonged use pf Xanax ? Hair loss, smoker and drinker. Homoeopathic treatment? Is it safe to take endogest post IUI treatment with thyronorm ? Vomiting, weakness, dehydrated What could be the cause of slight brown discharge with cramping and swollen breasts before periods ? What medicines should one take for heart burn, arm numbness with abdominal pain ? Stomach pain, bloating, cramping, nausea, headache, pregnancy test negative Do missed periods indicate pregnancy ? Stage 4 lung cancer, bone and lymph areas infected, What is spackling? Moderate inferior ischemia, nuclear test showed normal ekg, bp, catheterization recommended. Required immediately? Student, facing lack of concentration in studies, sports, hobbies. Root cause? Chronic depression, OCD, anxiety, panic attack disorders, cuts on wrist, ankles. Treatment options for poor mental health? Repeated loose stools everytime after eating, pinching feeling in stomach, abdomen, yellow stools with red flakes, haven't eaten anything red. Cause? Stomach inflation after eating spicy food post spleen removal. Is this a common occurrence? Rosacea on face, used metronidazole gel. How to apply metronidazole? Dry heave, back pan. Kidney stones or pregnant? Bone growth under right lower jaw inside mouth,swelling,bleeding happens when pressed What does high fever with rashes, sore throat, swelling, joint soreness and fatigue indicate ? Pregnant. Having vision difference, seeing bumps on straight horizontal lines. Is it normal or due to tiredness? Is there any steroid free medicine to permanently cure seoborrheic dermatitis ? Can Ayurvedic medicine for liver cirrhosis increase life expectancy? Is it safe to use ear swabs for cleaning the ears ? What is the cause and remedy for nail discoloration ? What can cause a bruise on the labia? Lump on gum, no pain, feels when pressure is applied Red and large painful mole on face Abnormal spotting, pregnancy test negative, spotting brown, pink and orange Can a painful lump in the breast cause dizziness and laziness in a person ? 4 year old child, suffering from hydrocele. Going to do surgery. Medication and precautions post surgery? Joint pain, chest tightness, frequent colds. Kidney transplant done.History of arthritis, fibromyalgia. Treatment? Loss of taste and smell, constant sneezing, stuffy nose. Skin prick test showed no allergies, lungs were fine. What could be the cause? Irregular periods, taken medication. Permanent solution? Hypothyroid, 50mg thyronorm, problem in pregnancy, period late, pregnancy test negative Dizzy and nauseous feeling, sore throat, medicine taken for cold and fever Age 17, height 160 cms, tried yoko height increaser in vain, Dr. Ayurveda the solution to be taller ? Painful sciatica in legs, extreme back pain, no relief with chiropractic, physiotherapy, steroid injections. Surgery required? What to do in case of missed periods accompanied by cramps and stomachache ? Pain in eyes, blurred vision on using contact lenses. Tiny cyst found in cornea, advised to remove. Treating with drops and lotions Fungal infection in anus, frequently passing motion, spread of athletes foot ? Nostril pulsating and eye twitching when stressed. Neurological disorder? Got hit on shin, swollen and bruise, painful to walk. Had achilles tendon reattached. Could it be broken or blood poison? How can scabies be spread? Thyroid disease,growing lump in throat,nausea,sick stomach Dilated cardiomyopathy,congestive heart failure,pressure in head and neck,neck veins popping out Minigynon pill, smoke. Could i be pregnant? Pregnant, numb, tingling thigh, novocaine wearing off Tired leg, knee pain, back pain, pain in groin area. Suggestion? Vertigo with retracted ear drum, ear leaking, steroid, sudafed, afrin. How does it happen? Swollen lymph node under chin and armpit? Baby has vomiting, loose motion, taking Lactogen feed. What can be done? Abdominal pain, back pain, nausea, vomiting, gallstones, hiatus hernia, paraumbilical hernia, mild gastritis Hit on calf muscles, swollen, painful while standing Stomach and back pain, pain in shoulder blade, headache Should I be concerned about short term chest pain? What is the reason for jaw numbness and arm pain? Child has watery, mustard colored stool, no vomiting, painful, no rash Red swelling on bottom lip, painless, recently quit smoking Taken antibiotics due to partner's STD. Have bloating, abdominal pain, elevated liver enzymes. Any clue? Phimosis, trying to loose virginity Badly itching anus, soreness on bowel movement, firm yellow colored bump. Polyp or complication from fissure? Swollen and painless ankle, fever, night sweats, biopsy done, node on collar bone, numb knee, losing weight Loss of taste, vomiting, foam around tonsil area. Had taken amoxicillin for common flu. How can I overcome this? Chronic anemia, 4mg/dl haemoglobin, on blood transfusion, blood cancer ? Severe red rash started from ankles got spreaded to arms and legs. Itchy time to time. Is it infection? Having antibiotic for ear infection will be enough as there is blood and yellowish discharge coming out ? Passing blood in urine, hurts and pain while urination. No UTI, fever or vomiting. Is urinating blood dangerous in child? What is causing a swollen red spot on my lip? Effects of doing heavy weight exercise without wearing proper supporter How can healing of broken bones be accelerated? Small red spot on eyelid towards the inner corner and right in the crease. Need help. Diabetes,tuberculosis in kidney,urine infection,pus cells,fever How to come out of depression ? Popping veins, painful, bruising 13 month old child, vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite, loose stools. Oral hydration, electrolyte replacement. Treatment? Will methylprednisolone suppress my immune system? Dizziness, lethargy, vertigo, side effects of BP medication Coversyl ? Itching and allergy, medicines? What are the complications of reconstructive breast surgery ? Boils on the face, prescribed Azithral. Is it effective? Hard, black seed like thing with pus and blood on squeezing a boil on the back. Reason? How can I get rid of gas in the stomach? Atrial septal defect, partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection, nose block, sleepless Intense pain after bending the left arm, radiates to shoulders. Same pain during massage in the hands. What is the reason? Quit nexium20. Have mild gerd and hernia. Difficulty in swallowing and mild pain in chest. Advised to take controlc 40. Reason of the pain? What does swollen and painful toe and ankle mean ? Married, trying to conceive, unexplained infertility, remedy ? How can I control excessive sweating? Benign breast disease, lump and cyst on breast, bruise-like patch on leg. Early stage of cancer? Muscle twitches post staph infection Stiffness in diaphragm or stomach after drinking water before sleep Semen analysis showed liquefaction of semen. Is there any treatment for non-liquefaction? Which medicine available in USA can I use to cure psoriasis ? Pregnant, taken misoprostol instead mifepristone, cramps Vitiligo,blisters around the area after application of ointment What is the cause and remedy for round patch on the scalp ? Low Igm, difference between ejection fraction and fract short, does C5-6,C4-5,C6-7 self correct ? Extreme fatigue, blank minded, on cipralex for depression. What can be done? Had MRI, nonhemorrhagic infarct, stensis of left internal carotid artery, narrowing of middle cerebral artery and peripheral branches. Curable? Cough, fever, Respiratory syncytial virus Low height, want to take tablets to increase height. Advice? Stomach cramps, sore breast, tired. Urine infection or pregnancy? Controlled diabetes,controlled cholesterol level,fatty liver,high liver enzyme level Knee pain, twist in knee, swelling Stress, chest pain, difficulty breathing, belching. Desk job, working with computers, sitting in the same position. Causes for symptoms? Period normal, gastric, nauseous, vomit, pregnant? Stomach pain, goes automatically. Done blood and ultrasound test. Showed swollen liver. What should i do? One month premature born, under weight, dark green stool, occult blood positive Swollen tonsils, neck swelling, headaches, face numbness, should I seek a second opinion ? Stomach problems, allergic rashes. Prescribed panafcortelone for rash. Sore throat, ribs pain, tiredness. Can this be due to drug interaction? Bleeding, painful piles, Voveran, Pilon, Venusmin ineffective. Body rashes, condiferm-F, rashes went away, spread to another part, skin darkening, flucos 150 okay to take ? Extremely high heart rate followed by heart fluttering and tiredness post performing light exercises. Cause of increase in heart rate? Cold, fever, exhaustion, lump in armpit related to cold? Graves disease, on treatment for abnormal bleeding, ultrasound showed irregular gestational sac within uterine body, tiny fetal echo without cardiac activity. Miscarriage? Pregnant, spondylitis fusion, feels instability and pain. Is there risk to baby to have MRI and spondy at another level? Child is slow and lazy in all activities, low mental ability. Who can treat him effectively, mentally and physically? Pregnant through IVF, spotting in second trimester, prescribed Sporidex 750mg, Pause, advised bed rest. Worrisome? Typhoid, cured after giving antibiotic, repeated again Partial hair loss, suspicion of alopecia, vitamin deficiency. No health problems, addictions. Cause and remedy for hair fall? Jaw pain, ear pain, high BP, no dental problems, causes Smoked kryptonite,heart beats fast and body numb after smoking marijuana,anxiety problem Sonography readings, Intramural fibriod in posterior wall of uterus, Bilateral multilocular ovarian cysts with debris Ultrasound done, small unbillical hernia, thickening of conecum, inflammatory etiology. Curing medicine? Pain in hip and testicle, blood test, ultrasound reports normal, upset stomach, taking razo 20 mg, feels tired and thirsty Are my ultrasound, thyroid, hormone, ovary, PCOD report normal to conceive? Surgery for lumbar scoliosis, spinal nerves increased, severe pain. Effects on pregnancy? Kidney problem, varying blood sugar, paralysis Bleeding in pregnancy, blood check level 200. Is it miscarriage What treatment should be given to a typhoid H positive patient with persistent UTI ? Red spot in tongue, amoxicillin, virus, swollen glands Diabetes, cheaper alternative to Trimetaday and Vogo? Had LMP and got pregnant, taken MTP for abortion, bleeding. Advised crisanta contraceptive pills. Will there be pregnancy complications in future? PCOD, irregular periods, hormone test done, Thyroid, FSH, LH, high prolactin, taking cabgolin and progestin pill, trying to conceive PCOD, ectopic pregnancy, left tube saved, ovarian drilling, endometruim tb, forecox, macox, chances of conceiving ? Diagnosed bilateral brachial plexus neuralgic amyotrophy, muscle pain combined iwth pulses. Using milgamma, thiogamma, gomez, do physiotherapy. Whats the treatment line, advise? Fever, infected kidneys, need dialysis. Taken ertapenem, meropenem. Vomiting, diarrhea, dark face, body rashes after dialysis. Solution? What is the cause of fluctuating BP ? Popping noise from scrotum and rectum, painful, hurts to urinate, blood in urine, treated as STD. Treatment? Pain in left side, feels weighty and healthy in right side Child suffering from back pain. Xray showed L1 compression and anterior wedging, blood tests showed low Hb. Suggest proper treatment? Headache, mentally disturbed Giddiness,numbness in feet every morning,arthritis,knee joint pain Can any online doctor advise me on the pelvic ultrasonography report ? Endoscopy, smoking, effect of smoking after endoscopy Greenish yellow stools, loose motion, pus cells, Flagyl, Amikin, Fortum injected Can we take depression controlling medications along with antacids in a day with few hours interval ? Back pain, fever, heavy sweating, dull pains behind the ear radiating to the head, taking ibuprofen. Cause? PCOD in both the ovary, thyroid, trying to conceive Protected sex, delayed periods, headache, nail turns white Can I take Voltalin 50 mg, diclofenac sodium BP with ayurvedic medicines for arthritis ? Slight weakness in the hip, leg having a freeze-burn feeling, is ice cold yet warm to touch. Had labyrinithis treatment. What could be the cause? Pregnant, got bleeding, ultrasound showed bulky placenta at lower end, grade II with multiple placental lakes, enchogenice area without vascularity. Solution? Nearly fainted on sunbed, light headed, struggling to breath, heavy, little burned, headache, drowsy Tuberculosis, tumor in throat Detected with hepatitis A. SGPT increased to 634. Should be worried ? Infant with constipation, passes stools with suppositories, has S26 milk. Prescribed Duphalac. Should I change the brand of baby milk? Heart palpitations, addicted to tobacco Using oralcon, periods 2 weeks back, negative pregnancy test, chances of pregnancy ? Child with severe constipation, tests showed enlarged liver, suspicion of viral infection. Advice? Pain in palm, tingling in thumb, swollen palm Early pregnancy, have cramps, pain with light bleeding. What can be done? Back of knee hurted, swollen, feels pressure on leg Elevated creatinine, wbc post intake of augmentin for cat bite. Had normal creatinine post a kidney transplant. Reason? Fever, giving crocin suspension and oflomac. Dose of these medicine? Stuck in throat, hanging piece of skin touching uvula with a gaping hole behind Missed periods post two doses of secnil forte for bloated stomach, have regular periods. What could be the reason? Chronic liver issues, elevated SGOT, SGPT, bilrubin. Had jaundice for a long period of time. Reason? Want to postpone period, on Cerazette. Can I take it right through without taking break? Chronic acne, on deanxit, itchy acne on neck, medicine effect ? Increased tonsil, hurts while taking dairy products Metal ions levels of hip replacement are high. Dr. suggests revision operation. Second opinion ? Hit on eye, slight black eye, no hemorrhages, headache, normal vision. Should go for treatment? How is nausea during pregnancy controlled ? Does having one of the kidneys in the pelvis cause hypophosphatemic vitamin d-resistant rickets ? Shifting dizziness without headache, cat scan and blood test negative Dandruff, itching, sticky, hair fall, taking sporanox What precautions should one take for chronic sinusitis ? Headache while walking or driving, taking disprin, vomiting, pressure on eye. Advice? Feeling of something stuck in the nasal passage. Tried lot of sprays and medicines, but no use. A small part that came out looked like a pink piece of flesh. What could I be suffering from? What causes enlarged liver with bulky anteverted uterus? What does earache with pain while swallowing indicate ? Benign Uterine polyp removed, proliferative endometrium, Lo Loestrin Fe safe to take ? 1 week pregnant, loose motions. Effect on fetus? Abnormal heart beats, BP, swelling in legs, heaviness in arms post cath ablation for SVT. Remedy? Why was one with prostate cancer given leupride depot injection instead of radiations ? Pea-sized lump on the tip of the tongue causing dryness, painful red inflammation around the area, pepper taste in mouth, had a lump frozen on the same spot. Treatment? How can I get rid of the continuous extreme sensations on the clitoris post a masturbation ? Diagnosed PVCs. Have chest tightness, throat pain, increase in heart rate, acid reflexes. How to cure? What is the cause and remedy for lack of appetite and tingling in fingers of a diabetic with high ketones ? Is it normal to have a large bumpy mole near the rectum that's increasing in size and bleeds occasionally ? What could be the reason for getting multiple bruises on the thighs and legs ? What is cause and remedy for weak erection ? Is it safe to take Amoxicilin 500 mg four times a day for fever ? Is it safe to take Amoxicillin 500 mg every 6 hours to get rid of fever ? Burning and itching at the tip of penis, slight white bubble precum Took unwanted 72 after an unprotected sex, periods delayed. Pregnant ? Excessive stress due to missed periods, have cramps and backache, negative HPT, BETA HCG, had protected sex. Taken Modus but in vain. What can be done? Hair fall,scalp visible,very less hair in front Enlarged tonsils, fever, chills, fever. Done salt water gargles, used cholorseptic but in vain. What can be done? Feel the dent in tibia bone. Hurts on walking and blue bruises on feeling it. Foot and ankle started swelling. Any medical advice required? US Scan shows threatened abortion, internal OS is closed, low lying placenta. What precaution should be taken? Atrial fibrillation, high cholesterol, breathing difficulty due to asthma, taking Pradaxa. CT scan showed no blockage in lungs. Chances of heart problems? Can working at dairy farm milking cows cause adverse effect on fetus ? Pain in urethra, urinary track and kidney, taken antibiotics, urine infection, itchy scrotum. Treatment? Swelling in ears after removal of stretch plug, painful Used plan b, missing periods, had protected intercourse. Pregnant? Water in lung, nothing found in test, taking tuberculosis drugs Child got second degree burns. How long it will take to heal? Will it leave any scars? Chest pain, stomach blockage, shortness of breath Large bruise on foot, hurts to put pressure on heal Two veins intersect looks like bubbles, disappears when holding hand upward. Suggestion? Swollen forearm, upper arm, clavicle, neck and ear discomfort, overweight, hysterectomy done Lab test done for blood sugar, alkaline phosphotase levels, hbg levels, AbC1 level, started eating protein Fever, vomiting, giving antibiotics, strep throat test negative, pus pockets on tonsils, giving tylenol Unknowingly applied mintop 5% to the unaffected area. Will it cause any side effect? Strong pressure and swoothing sound after standing, no headache or dizzy, hard to breathe Unprotected sex, vulva and vagina opening red and sore, taken antibiotic, cold sores face PCOS, on metformin, Provera. Follicle grew to 8mm. Had sudden bleeding and follicle disappeared. Why ? Sneezing, runny nose, pain in throat, mucus in cough, symptoms of allergy ? Lover of roller coaster, will be undergoing thoracic aneurysm surgery. Any stress after surgery by riding and when? Oligomenorrhea, no period after 16 days of ovulation, test negative What are the side effects of phenolphthalein? Medicine to remove phenolphthalein from body? Body odor increases with humidity, changed diet, used coconut oil and lemon juice Night times fever after hernia repair, wound vac installed in stomach, urinary tract infection Erection problem, weak penis, masturbating habit, quit smoking, Constant mucus in throat, high thyroid level, sinus, prescribed nasal spray Cut in chin, blood came out. Face started swelling after taking sauna bath. Irritation after shaving.Is it skin infection and how to rectify? Can a person having heart failure and low ejection fraction gets better? Delayed periods with after unprotected sex. Had a lump of small discharge. Can be pregnant ? Lower back pain, kidney infection test negative, taken antibiotic and naproxen, smoke liquid nicotine Had hit on shin that healed, persisting swelling on calf, impression on pushing, pain on pressing MI with stent, have occasional intense jaw pain causing difficulty in talking, triggers on drinking cold water. Advised stress test, no teeth issues. What could this be? Had diarrhea due to yogurt and ice-cream. Is the food absorbed ? Swollen lymph node with bruises, painful bruises on both the sides of hip, legs. Had slept on the hard ground. What could it be? Why do I have black spots and cloudy vision ? On birth control pill, missed pill, unprotected intercourse, irregular periods, spotting Swollen vagina during and after sex, painful to pee, blood Swollen left foot and calf, red and itchy. Had intravenous and oral antibiotics, no help. Suggestions ? What treatment should be taken for raised lump on the tongue that has reduced to small dot ? What is the cause of irregular periods post stopping use of Nuva ring ? Can chewing tobacco cause any metabolites to be released through skin pores? Scratch test shows a child allergic to tobacco Outer labia aches, peroids, partial hysterectomy, tender breasts, irritable, labia not swollen, no discolored, groin-labia ache Lymph node under chin, appearance as double chin. How to remove it? White blood discharge, fluid in the cul de sac and a retroverted uterus. Can be pregnant? Pain in arm from armpit, red blotchy line from arm to armpit Spinal fusion, fainted, hurt murmur, infection Ankle sprain, unable to put weight on it, cant move toes, swelling, bruises in heel, mid calf. Treatment? Having bulky uterus, homogeneous myometrium, right ovary is bulky, containing cyst, possibility a dermoid cyst. What do these results mean? Periodic body chills, aches, headaches, heavy high sweat, negative flu and swine flu tests, viral infection. Suggestion? Blood sugar level high, on Gemer P2, taking healthy diet. How to reduce the sugar level? Headache, fever, diarrhea, tightness in chest, difficulty in breathing Pregnancy test positive, bleeding. Will this leads to miscarriage? Will duphaston prevents miscarriage? Bump behind ear, swollen, pus, red, irritated, painful, chronic fatigue, severe weight gain , hyperhydrosis (face, head, neck, back and feet, left breast has grown twice the size of right, warm, itchy What causes a sweet smell in the nose after inhaling water through it ? High BP, prescribed Met XLH with nicardia retred. Nicardia, on long term is believed to cause heart disease. How can I minimize its dosage? Child with fever, vomiting, diarrhea. History of febrile seizures. What should be done to lower fever? How is skin darkening treated ? Brown smelly fishy disorder, off depo shot, HIV infection, vaginal infection Genital herpes, hurts to pee and poop, taking acyclovir, lysine and vitamin C. Should take bath every time after urination? Taken feilon 21 pills after pregnancy, period missing Tingling in chest area, prickly sensations on arms and legs, heart related ? Can I get knowledge on systemic lupus erythematosus, collagen disorder or lymphoproliferative disorder ? Muscle pull in leg,severe pain behind knee Taken postinor2 after intercourse, period missing Delayed periods, stress, high TSH values. Taking thyronorm to control it. Blood sugar, thyroid test done. Can I take Yamini, daviry medication? Boil like bump on foreskin, looks like blister, not painful, pimple like bump, clear gel like puss Oily itchy scalp with dandruff. No relief with shampoos. Hair thinning in front. Am I having androgenetic alopecia? Fever in pregnancy, unbearable itching by taking sinarest, advised Cetirizine 5mg One testicle located at abdomen region for a 2yr old. Had surgery to clip veins, Dr advises next after 6 months. Need to postpone ? Pain in gums radiating to chin after deep cleaning. How to get relief from pain? What is the cause of hiccups while eating, swallowing difficulty, low appetite and acidity ? Abdomen USG says cirrhotic liver with ascitis left renal calculus, no significant calyectasis. Worried ? What is the cause and long term effect of painful spinal bulge ? Terrible headaches of varying sensitivity throughout the day, burning pain around the eyes with sensitive spots on temples, MRI negative for sinus, suspicion of cluster headache Early ejection problem. Suggestion? Pregnancy test positive, delayed period Pneumococcal vaccine in 2.11 month old baby Surgical delivery, cut on lower abdomen, had intercourse, taken i-pill, missing periods. Is this danger to her life, Pregnant? Loose stools, refusal to take ORS, stopped solid food, eats fruits and vegetables, breast fed Contracted genital warts. Will this cause a problem to have a child? Medicine? Low width of the body frame, small face and hands. Want to increase muscle mass, bone width. Medicines? Foot amputation, diagnosed with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. What treatment can I take? Acidity, indigestion, increases during menstrual period, having good diet, diarrhoea. Suggestion? Numbness, tingling in different areas of body, needs support always. Diagnosed reversal of cervical lordosis. MS ? Extruded disc c-7 t1 with cervical spinal stenosis causing immense pain in hands, fingers with numbness radiating to chest. ECG, NCS confirmed pinched nerve. No relief with therapy, epidural shots. What else can be done? Continuous sharp pain under belly button with smelly discharge. Discharge persisting, no pain with medicines. Will it cause impotence? Sick,viral illness,headache,abdominal pain,extreme hunger,feels sleepy in 6 year old Black heads on underarms since years, remedy for treatment? Neck stiff and swollen after a hit, whiplash White patch with brown spot on face, melasma disease, cap. acvit and tablet nucell, melacare cream Taken daphne pills, unprotected sex, delayed periods, pregnancy test negative, taken althea. Pregnant? Cold, allergy, taking clarityne 10mg, done blood test, ESR, headache, eye pain, relief after taking ibrufen Crackling noise while bending knees, below knee cap, pain when doing exercises and yoga MRI done, multiple Scattered foci of increased signal intensity, widespread deep white matter ischaemic change. Suggestion? Why there is reccurence of severe calf pain mainly during night and how can it be treated ? What is the remedy for severe bloating and abdominal pain in a smoking and alcohol addict ? Cracking sound in head while bowling, feels dizzy, vision blurred, pain in head. What was the cracking noise? Missed period, cramps, white spotting, negative pregnancy test. Pregnant? Benefits, dosage of evion 400, compound pueraria mirfica, hairfall, brittle nails, tiredness, dizzy spells No heart beat and fetal growth at 8 weeks, which method of abortion is less expensive ? What could be the cause of lump between the temple and the eye with inner and outer ear infection ? Brown spots, lomela cream, sun ban lotion, solution for pigmentation ? Ultrasound scan shows unilocular cyst. Will it create any problem and should go for operation? Having toxoplasma. Took rovamycin forte. Blood test done. IGM increased. Cause of increased IGM after treatment? Doubtfull about cancer due to shadow shown in the lung x-ray Repeated bleeding between periods, study revealed abrasions and redness over cervix, advised colposcopy. No infection or sti, never used pills, single partner. Cancer? Underweight,ways to increase weight Elevated FSH levels, got epididymoorchitis post mumps and fever. Cure? Bleeding during motions with abnormal stools. Taking fenugreek tea to prevent bronchial cough. Cause? Sharp chest pain which worsened while breathing. Left arm numb and heartburn. Indigestion? Infected by hepatitis B, stress, fatigue, pain in the liver area, increased weight. Take liver function test anually. Suggession? Bump,lump,knot on back of neck at hairline,neck stiffness,shaking,cracking sound,hurting,occipital nerve hurting and swollen,CT scan normal Want to conceive, sperm count less Having sore which are pinkish in colour. No redness, no discharge, no pain. Having a purple scar on leg, chest and abdomen. What could these be? Abdominal pain, gallbladder removed, acid reflux Pregnant. Is it safe to take duphaston 10 mg and insert miprogen 200 mg vaginally? Had intercourse, taken pill on same day onwards till present. Absence of periods. Can it be pregnancy? Delay in periods, negative pregnant test, light periods, have severe bloating, nausea, excessive thirst, food cravings, frequent urination. What does it indicate? Sex with unknown person, back pain, abdominal pain, pimples in throat, body rashes, greenish yellow urine. Grade one fatty liver detected. Treatment? Constipation, painful bowel movement, breast feeding and solid food, sugar water ineffective Leg injury, no blood clot, no fracture, normal for bruise to be dark? How I get rid of constant catarrh in the throat ? Dirty looking dark ring at the back of neck, dirty elbows, spot under the arm. Cause and remedy? Diarrhea, food poisioning. Don't want to take any medications. Is it normal and will it get healed on its own? Inflamed vaginal lip, never had sex, do horse riding. Natural treatment to reduce the swelling? Urine test done, eschierichia Coli, WBC pus cell. Is there any complications? What is causing uneasiness in abdomen near heart. How to get rid of it? Deformed labia post rupture of Bartholin's cyst, going through menopause. Worrisome? Pregnant, taken lots of tamarind, frequent bowel movement, sweating, stomach pain, feels tired, taken electrolyte Stressed, cold, taken adderalls, vyvanse, nyquil gel caps, dayquil+ vitamin C, drink bear, feels shaky ICD implanted, dizziness while climbing or in kneeling position, arrhythmia Itchy eye, sneezing, coughing, itchy chest. Allergy or respiratory infection? Child having one cheek bigger than the other, MRI denied presence of tumors though is advised MRI biannually. What's the disease? Became impotent along with being depressed. Get tired after ejaculating. How to improve condition? Severe mood swings with a feeling of sadness, hopelessness, irritability, physical and mental sluggish, sleeping trouble, low concentration. Medicines to overcome this? Acne, rolling scars on face, used ratino-A, wants to use proemol cream, efficacy? Sore throat. Taken moxclav. Returned fever even after taking calpol. How much dose of ibugesic plus should be given? What are the effective ways of removing spots on the face? Blood test done for serum creatinine, urea, glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, hemoglobin, vitamin D3, puscell. Chances of kidney problem? Breathing problem, taking metpure 25mg, gastric problem Sharp pain in left arm causes numbness and tingling, heaviness in the eyes, feeling sick and dizzy, breathlessness, hot sweats, headaches, depression, panic attack. Whats the remedy? Dark spot on back, no pain, sinus, headache. Is this related to liver? Headache, nausea, sore throat, feels like clogged. Is this an infection or a sore throat? What can we do for recurrent cysts on the face? Lump above knee cap, not sore, tingling, itching Upper respiratory infection, coughing, spots and pricky sensation on skin. BP problem? Giddiness, blood pressure normal, treatment? Suffer from a rare symptom, get extenuated with vertigo while talking. Done blood and stress tests. Remedy? Rosacea,skin reddish near flame,red patch on face if hot food,spicy or ice-cream eaten,red and itchy face when tensed Depression, taking sizodon plus and prodep, feels lazy, unsafe Intrauterine insemination done, having abdominal pain, spotting. Suggestion? Child having raised lump on scrotum, testicles and penis, no pain. What could it be? Jaundice infection, hepatitis C, high creatinine, brain hemorrhage. Kidney condition, renal transplant done. Life expectancy? Dialysis, loss of control on movements and appetite, neck pain, serta tablet, Ropark, Amantrel , I had light spotting , cramps and diarrhea before my period so is there any possibility of early ovulation and should I wait for my periods to begin to take pregnancy test ? Chronic dizziness, vertigo, ear clicking and feels pressure, thornwaldt cyst found, have sinus infection. Suggestion? Child having one side head bigger by birth, feels lazy, started crawling. Suggestion? Do I need CT scan of abdominal and pelvic area when I don't have any symptoms but my liver levels are high ? What was my conception date? Uterus removed. Diet, lifestyle and care? Child having recurrent ear infection, has bulging ear, fever. Taking Advil, sleeps with the fan on. Reason? Should I take a CT scan to detect verify the cause of calcification on the kidney ? Will I be able to wake up if required while taking 10mg stilnox as I work offshore ? Why don't I get menses without intake of hormonal pills and will it cause difficulty in child bearing ? Why is my sleeping schedule irregular? Should I take emergency contraceptives after taking althea pills to avoid pregnancy ? How to cure motility evaluation results in semen analysis? What is the cause of headache, breast tenderness post intake of unwanted 72 ? What is the remedy for runny nose with foul smelling green snot and recurring eczema in a 3 year old ? HIV, HCV, HBsAg tests done, showing elevated values. Cause of concern? Knot in front of ear, sore and moves with the jaw, cluster of knots behind the ear and neck Continuous bleeding post intake of MTP kit. Cause and remedy? Had intercourse, missing periods. Chances for pregnancy? How to conform pregnancy? What could be the reason for chest pain? Am I infertile if I have pains but negative for pregnancy? Have small testicals, erectile dysfunction, pain in testes. Concerned What is the reason for a protrusion in my hand? Frequent nose bleeding, tastes blood running down throat. Is silver nitrate way more painful than a chemical cauterization? Gall bladder removed. Having stomach ache after having food. Should I take pain medication or antacids? Swollen tonsils, infection, taking amoxicillin, strep throat mono test negative. Suggestion? High fever, headache, CBC, urine, widal, malaria, blood sugar negative, should I take Lumerax 80? Dizzy spells, pressure in head post a bout of stomach bug, no relief with medicines. Solution? Left nut red, bigger than others, sac near leg itchy. Advised lentils cream. Reasons? Swelling in feet. Had scanning of total abdomen. Liver enlarged in size. Portal vein normal. No evidence of calculi. Had unprotected sex. Severe cramps, heavy bleeding with clots. Taking contraceptive pills. Pregnant, miscarriage? Extreme fatigue, sudden appearance of brown marks on legs. Blood test done. Reason? Navel bleeding, pain, applied ointment, back pain, blood in urine, taken antibiotics, std test negative, drinking water, nausea Which specialist should one consult for operating the large lipoma at the top of the spine ? Went off birth control. Will it be ok to go back for birth control after periods. Effects on pregnancy? How can I get rid of chest pain? Cardio workout, weight training,healthy eating, slow weight loss. Pills to lose weight fast? Missed menstrual cycle,virgin, take Gynaecosid tablet? How long is it safe to use depiwhite cream containing hydroquinone ? Irregular periods, Hemoglobin 10, TSH 3.63 Congestive heart failure, B-type peptide results of 800, what is the life expectancy ? 56 years old, normal weight, low blood pressure in spite of stressful job. Causes and treatment? Have chronic Hepatitis B. Taking Liv 52 treatment. Is there a complete cure for this virus? Low grade fever, Advil, coughing, anxiety, obsession Dark blotchy skin on face and inner thighs,uneven around the spots,tumor in ovary,right side ovary removed,no tumor on left side Diagnosed with prostate cancer, has become metastatic and radiated to bones from neck to hip, have elevated alp level. What is the prognosis? History of occasional migraines. Have sinus like headaches and burning sensation in temple and neck. Took Zyrtec D. Concerned Can Plaquenil and methotrexate effect a testosterone booster? Used testosterone amplifier. Started premature ejaculation without any erection. Is this normal? Optifast before lap band surgery, abdominal pain Fever, chills, body aches, painful knees, shins, feet top. How to get relief? Swollen and lumpy tonsils, tonsil stone Fell and broke thumb, pain in scapula of back and shoulder. Done MRI. Buldging disc in the vertebrae with pinched nerve, edema, indigestion. Taken cortisone injection. Whats the relation between swelling and nerve? Child having boils on bottom, have staph infection, given medicine Strong smelling and dark urine, white chunky discharge post taking medicines for white mucus bacteria around ovaries. Signs of cancer? Flu like symptoms in a child. Weight loss occured, given high fat diet, belly distended and hard. Is this serious from not enought nutrition? Negative culture strep, tiredness, broken L3 cage, nerve damage, neuropathy, headaches, double vision, nausea. How can the back and spinal issues be treated? Nausea, bad smell in nose, gall bladder removed, colitis Continuous bleeding, excessive pain. Had taken progynova, duphaston. What can be done? Pulmonary tuberculosis,sputum examination negative, taking Fixcom 4, orange urine, itchy Lump on thigh, blood comes out after squeezing, smells bad, pierced with needle. Cure? Had miscarriage, still bleeding, checked hcg level. Am i anemic? Baby having cough, fever, allergic to dairy, egg, peanuts. Taken Advil. How to get relief? Black spots behind eye,blood pressure and blood sugar normal ADHD in 4 year old,extremely agitated,crying,not eating and playing,on clonidine hcl .1 mg and metadate cd 10 mg Dermatomyositis in remission, itchy scalp, scaly bump, stomach pain. Flare up? Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis, pain in leg, pregnant, taking tylenol. How to reduce the pain? Microgynon 30 ED, Levlen ED, weight gain, delayed periods, cramping, back pain, headaches, dizziness, increased appetite, tired, stomach ache, now periods with heavy blood clots, nausea What could be the cause of abnormal ekg post hysterectomy ? Fever, loss of appetite, thirsty and extremely tired, no pain, no sore throat Flu, chills, headache, low energy, red bumps on tongue. How to get relief? Severe back pain, get relief only with hydrocodone (Lortab), but is not recommended by doctors. Reason? 5 year old having ear infections, leg pain, flu. Taking augmentin. CPK high. Muscular dystrophy? TSH high, thyronorm, feels weak, tendency of forgetting Chest pain, series of EKG showed st ischemia, early repolarization, negative cardiac markers. No chest pain post restarting hormone medications. Suggestion? G6PD enzyme deficiency. Weakness, shaky, tiredness, headaches, joint pain, shortness of breath, hives. Treatment? Have Hashimoto disease. Can I get a shoulder surgery done? Having PCOD. Continuous menstrual bleeding. Taking Metformin. Treatment? Aplastic anemia, had blood transfusions and platelets transfusion, taking cyclosporine, feels tired, no blood pressure, no diabetes Bleeding post cleaning the ear with a cotton bud. What can be done? Knee feels stiff, barely dorsiflex the foot, back pain, carpal tunnel, bicep tendonitis. Multiple sclerosis? Enlarged prostates, taking cardura, tenormin 50 mg, co-renitec, high blood pressure, high sugar fasting, frequent urination Pregnant, scan shows cephalic presentation, cesarean. Is it unsafe to make labour delivery of heavy weight baby? What is the cause of severe itching on lower half of the body with sleeplessness post medicines for eczema ? Rashes appeared around a tattoo Gray hairs at some spots on head, headaches Acne scars on face, pimples, did microdermabrasion Done TMT test. What does the reports indicate? Pulmonary infection, ear pain Pregnant, sore throat, having white dots with red patch on the palate post intake of metronidazole 500mg. Should I continue? Severe abdominal pain, infection post a VP shunt for NPH. No improvement with medicines, advised removal of shunt. Suggestions? Should Amiodarone be given to stop arrythmia? Finger swollen,bruise in palm and between fingers,hurts to bend,move,curled towards palm,other fingers swollen and numb Suffering from stage 4 liver cancer. Has 4 tumours in liver. Eating less, started vomiting. Are these symptoms of the final stages? Blood near tail bone area, no cut, abscess, swelling or bruise Toddler having tummy pain, circular rash on butt and labia, is prescribed mebendazole with mupirocin. Reason? Stopped taking dronis 20, not getting period Asthma, upper respiratory infection. Taken steroid pills, antibiotics, breathing treatment. No relief. Treatment? Taken femiplan pills after intercourse, no period, pregnant? Ultrasound done. Uterus slighty bulky, two fibroid on posterior wall. How can i get pregnant? Diagnosed allergy, sinusitis and deviated nasal septum. Took medication. Having sore throat, hoarse voice Ocular myasthenia gravis, weight loss, dry mouth,throat thrush.Side effect of Prednisone? Side effects of Redotil and Biophene to cure infertility Skin gets dull while going out. Is it safe to take WHO electral powder daily? Teeth coming in baby, red, swollen upper gums, red rash on face. Is this due to teething? Thyroid problem, thyronorm 25mg, TSH-45.5 TSH, taken thyronorm, extremely hungry, put on weight, overactive, sleep reduced. How to lose weight? Sinus, ear seemed full of fluid, white coating and bumps on tongue, swollen Done USG test. What does the reports suggest, disease, treatment? Vaginal swab test results Trying to conceive, taking clomid, missed periods, reached menopause. Suggestion? Stomach pain, weakness in limbs, chest pain. On Metrogyl 400. Ultrasound done, shows swelling in intestines. Treatment? Does Citanew and Olepra increase drowsiness? Inhomogeneous opacity in chest, persistent cough, feverish, joint pain Anteral gastroenteritis, breathlessness, unable to pass gas, increased pulse. On rabiparazole. EKG, ECG normal. Treatment? Collagen injected, red nose. Will fucidin ointment cure? Positive Babinski reflex, joint pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, fainting. Neurological condition? 16 month having baby eczema. On junior bath Oilatum. Irritable, red tiny spots on head. What to do? How can one with chronic IBS get over constipation and postpartum fat ? Unprotected sex, pregnancy test negative. Pregnant? Thigh pinched, starts bleeding, little black thing on thigh, used band aid to suffocate Severe blood in motion since 23 days Severe fatigue, loss of sleep, had acute deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, on Shelcal HD. Remedy? Successfully operated for ectopic pregnancy. Doing ATT treatment due to infection. Is this treatment correct and necessary? Undergoing follicular study, positive result, want to know favorable day for intercourse Bypass surgery done, lung infection, throat paralysis, voice lost. Treatment? Breast abscess, stomach tight and bloated Regestrone 5 mg, preponement of periods, have not got periods yet. Need help. Can any online doctor doctor help me with the tvs report ? Wound on penis, not able to sleep and walk properly, had intercourse Can one take abbotic for a severe sore throat, green and red mucus with fever ? Having lota skin fungus, used sulphur for eating, bathing and drinking, taking nizoral tablets. Treatment? eqweqw Ear problem, mainly during night Baby has low platelet. What is the recommended treatment step? Trying to conceive, low sperm count, side effects of fertyl f and fertyl m Labia minora chapped, itchy, burns, no relief after applying vagisil, clotrimazole, ciprofloxacin 250 mg Prescribed with Decapeptyl injection. Will it be helpful in ovulation and rupturing of egg? Diagnosed with bilateral fibroadenosis, have enlarged and painful breasts. Had surgery for uterus removal. What is the cause and treatment for this condition? Child absolutely normal, had seizures as an infant due to incorrect dosage, EEG reports normal, dosage of Tegrital tapered and finally stopped. Was treatment appropriate? Want to conceive, irregular period, spermcell small Pain in muscle, hand, joint,heart burn, weight loss. Had unprotected sex. Symptoms of HIV? Why have I lost the sense of taste? Patch on areola, itchy, breast ultra sound and a breast cytology reports normal Sudden onset of throat irritation, body ache, headache, fever with chills. Is it flu? Raised and itchy spots, taken lyme vaccine Had MRI, increasing left paracentral disc protrusion causing mild canal stenosis, hypertrophy with mild biforminal stenosis, diabetic Pregnant, Ultrasound showing yolk sac with GS , but no heart beats, Tablet Naturogest 200 mg. Is it safe? Is it normal to have pain and lump on the area with series of injections ? Persistent cough, cough with green, white chunks, red spots and inflamed knob near soft palate, had laryngitis. Cause? High SGPT/SGOT, non drinker, non smoker, not taking junk food, ursocol 300 and liv-52 ds, diet? Growth of extra flesh in inner thigh, overweight, sweet heavily, burns, difficulty in walking R-cinex 600 after food Headache and eye twitch after exercising Swollen, red, sore bruise on arm after injection. Is it an infection, abscess, treatment? Sharp, itchy sensation all over body, no goosebumps or prickly heat. Treatment? Hiatal hernia. Diarrhoea after consuming food. Taking Dexilant, Aciphex. How to get relief? Severe cough with mucus, yellow tongue, chest, stomach pain after having tobacco pie Sharp pain shoot up and down, heavy breathing, panic attacks, lot of stress, depression, anaemia, cold finger tips and toes, loss of energy Chest pain, shoulder blade pain, nipple pain, over weight, pre diabetic, ramsay hunt syndrome Urine infection, fever, less urine output. Taking unimax, monocef, citro soda. KFT test done. Treatment for infection? Had MRI, L5-S1 disc shows dessicative changes, posterior annular tear, effacing the anterior epidural fat, narrowing the left L5-S1 neural foramina Large dent on the lateral side of the scapula, same side of surgery post glenoid labrum repair. Is it worrisome? Child started bleeding after getting upset and angry during argument. Should be concerned about BP? No history of nosebleeds Chronic chest pain, radiating to back, numbness in arm. EKG, ECG abnormal. Do I need to see a cardiologist? Had unprotected sex. Having period cramps and sore legs. Yellow discharge from nipples. Is this normal? Can I undergo endoscopic sinus treatment for curing sinus and nose block problem ? Food stuck in esophagus. Having pain just below the start of the Sternum. What should be done? Irregular periods. Done Ultrasound. What does the reports suggests, treatment? Numbness, swelling, throbbing, loss of motion at the screw insertion site of the ankle. Charcot ankle? Uncomfortable on feeling heart thumping in chest. Dizziness, muscle pains. History of heart problems. Concerned? Swelling, painful, bluish left hand after a fall. X-ray done. Treatment? Lymphocytic colitis with stabbing abdominal pain, chills, low grade fever, night sweats. Will it subside? What much time does HPV take to get detected through tests ? Pain in lung, back, shoulder, hurts to breathe. Cause of the pain? What is the cause and remedy for persistent headache with vomiting sensation ? 70 years old, stress, hot flashes, tingling sensation, chills, lack of sleep. On Celexa medication. Heart problem? Crohn's disease, back pain, burning and paining bellend, taken antibiotics. Kidney infection? What is the effects of adrenaline on weight? Pregnant, bleeding, retroplacental seen. Is this normal? Hear sound in left ear continuosly Stool test done for 2.5 year child. What does the reports says? Have fungal infection in leg. Appeared circular marks. Took antibiotic and clocip. What to do? Pregnant, stabbing pain in stomach Itching in the anus and piles problem Child started vomiting after travelling, getting stomach ache. Given colimex. Is it correct? Advice? Acute hair fall and pimples on face, oily skin, took thyronorm 100, now taking daine35, irregular periods. Cure? Hair fall after child birth, using hair colour. Treatment? What should be the dosage for unwanted 72 and what are its side effects ? What is the remedy for recurring tonsillitis post intake of sour things and what are the advantages of tonsillectomy ? Finished 8 rounds of chemotherapy, 36 treatments of radiation, taking herceptin, heart function dropped. Will it be cured? Septoplasty, using saline dips, antibiotics, smoking Throat hurts while smoking, nasty cough, raspy voice, cause? Daphne pills, no periods, loose bowl movement, bleeding. Side effect of pills? Skin on hand scratched. Can apply nadoxin cream? Cold sores, pain in jaws, ear jammed, taking famciclovir, paracetamol, anthrax and acyclovir Sunstroke and epileptic attacks Decreased kidney function, high BP, IGA nephropathy. MRI done, occult blood in blood test. Does dye from MRIs cause problems? Scar marks on face, turns purple in cold, plastic surgery? Greasy thick yellowish residue between scrotum, inner thigh. What could be the reason? Cough, cold, given ventolin inhaler. Wheezy bronchitis or bronchiolitis? Wavy shin with bumps and intense pain post regular track running. How can I fix it? Effects of overdose of crocin with low Hg count Fever, cold, body ache, sore throat, test negative, taking penicillin 500, swollen gums Asthmatic, upper respiratory infection, taking pulmicort suspension, prelone syrup, having cough. Suggestion? Sore throat, headache, fever, body pain, taken antibiotic Grade 2 sprained ankle, no breaks or fractures in x ray reports, sore, pain inside ankle Left kidney not functioning, food poisoning. CT scan done. Birth defect? Regular period, dark brown and red spotting starts, test negative, pregnant? Swollen lymph nodes and worried about getting infected by HIV Heavy hair fall. Is it onset of MPB 84 years old, minor foot surgery done, mumbling, mimicking, speaking nonsense. Treatment for poor mental health? C7 nerve infringement. Suspected to be more than general muscle pull. X-ray done. What could it be? Travelling, abdomen pain, pain getting worse, mood swings. What could be the reason? Periodic feeling of flutters under rib cage, sharp pains on deep breathing, yawning. Causes? Recurring dejavu episodes, head pressure, nausea. MRI, EEG done. How to get relief? Had periods after having sex. Taking pills. Could it be pregnancy or miscarriage or yeast infection? COPD, a lot of phlegm struck in throat area, viral infection, antibiotic Toothache, fever, sore throat, cold, conjunctivitis, sticky blurred eyes, headache. Taken Ibuprofen, Cocodemal, painkillers. Relief measures? Bartholin's cyst, swollen, pain, fever Right ankle injury, swelling Have hypothyroidism. Exercising regularly. Facing difficulty to stop smoking. Concerned Dizziness, heart pounding, sweating, chest pain. Family history of heart problems. Should I go to the doctor? Having shakes, headaches, illness, lethargy. What could it be? Unprotected sex, tender breast, Shooting pains in vagina, thick whitish discharge after intercourse Mid teens, diagnosed with low BMI. Have healthy diet, excessive hunger. Is it normal for my age? Pain while ejaculating, BPH, normal urine test for prostatitis, hard to pass urine, on and off pain in testicles Lumps on leg, armpit, pains. Is this related to Diabetes? Itchy hives on shoulders, spreading over face, eyes and lips Head injury, got five sticthes, getting headache and vomiting. Why is this happening? PCOD, missed period, abdomen pain, fatigue. Is it ovarian cancer? Red rash in the buttocks, no blisters, lotrimin ultra cream the solution ? Chest tightness, need to focus on breathing,smoking since several years, stress, panic attacks, heart palpitations. Is this problem anxiety related? Hysterectomy, no pain, cough, low fever, shortness of breath, feels tired Sore bumps on feet Snorted 40 - 70 mg of MDPV, itching and red bumps on chest and neck, nasal congestion , swollen tongue, rosy cheeks Rashes on neck, shoulders, chest and sides, no itching, taking benadryl Taking protonix, became ethargic and irritable, taking nexium, esophagus burns, slow gallbladder shown in scan. suggestion? Cough, taken antibiotic, continued coughing, feeling tired, high heart rate Headache and swollen eyes,tongue abcess Burning sensation while urination after swimming in beach, ordor, no vaginal check, no UTI. Vinegar sitz bath? Small line appeared under skin and top of ribcage, pain Pregnant, contraction and pain in back of vagina, hemroids Infantigo, amoxicillin and predizone, hives and itching, rashes all over body Had kidney and pancreas transplant, gained weight. How to lose weight? How long does it take to completely recover from fusion related incision ? Perimenopause, dark brown/black discharge with a little red while wiping, no cramps Unprotected sex, regular little bleeding with stopping of bleeding. Can it be pregnancy, can impalantation cause cramps? Behcet s Disease, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, stomach ulcers, blurred vision Kidney issues, blood in urine. Scheduled CT scan. Feeling tired, low BP. Whats the cause? Chest pain, back pain, below collar bone pain Headache, sinus congestion, tried nasal sprays and OTC medication. Cause and cure? Having cold, cough, stuffy nose, headaches, bloody noses and fever. Any suggestion? Endometrial cyst, proliferative, taken lupride injection, possibility for pregnancy Tooth abscess, pain, swollen Severe Stomach Cramps, back pain, blood, no gallbladder Problem of ingrown hairs in pubic area after waxing, a pus with an unpleasant odor. Antibiotics needed? Lump on jaw, no pain Constant discomfort and pressure in the spinal area. Had spinal tap before a decade. What could be the cause and remedy? Whooping cough, pain throat and lungs, difficult to breathe, fluid in ear Missed periods, pregnancy test negative, sore breast, feels tired, headache, feels dizzy. Pregnant? Heavy periods with blood clots, continuous, blood turns from brown to red. Causes for abnormal period cycles? Should I be worried about the blood coming from the popped pimple at the back after a mole was removed as I am having connective tissue disorder ? Thickened endometrium, period came after taking sysron, taking femilon, lower abdominal pain, feels drowsy. Should continue femilon? Herniated thoracic discs, neuropathic pain, anterolisthesis, retrolisthesis problem Pulmonary tuberculosis, pain in uterus, irregular period, uterus affected with tuberculosis How can one get rid of severe vomiting tendency ? Ringing in head, crinkling sound in ear on swallowing, MRI indicated mastoiditis. Efficacy of oral treatment? MEdication for weight gain Syringoma since 8 years,large numbers,homeopathy or ayurveda or surgery? Stomach pains, tightening throat, food comes up throats, less frequent bowel movements Do painful bumps in the vagina indicate STD ? Pregnant. Scan test done. Is there any complication in normal delivery? Suffered a stroke, prescribed clopedogrel, losartan. Can I take it with Deanxit? Pregnant, misshapen baby, fluid low, diabetes, high blood pressure. Genetic? Persistent cold, no running nose, normal vitamin B12, D, folic acid levels, diagnosed as allergy. On multivitamins, no improvement with levocetrizine, Romilast L. Cause? Delayed periods, sore breasts, mild cramps, fatigue. Negative pregnancy test, HCG test. Causes for symptoms? Non malignant tumor,very sick,tired,hydrocephalus Red rashes on inner thigh, itches and burns, jock itch Bad headache, disturbed sleep followed by mini seizures with episode of face twitching, leg tremors, diagnosed as migraine. Is it right? Can Normet suspension given to 3-4 year old kid? Had transvaginal scan, fundal polyp seen. Suggested for saline infusion sonography. Not able to diagnosed as endometrial polyp or polypoidal endometrium Loose motion, bilclav duo, nor metrogyl. Diet and medicine? Was wait for few hours, gets black spots between legs, infection is spreading, itching and burning. Treatment? Uric acid problem, swelling and pain in ankle, difficulty in walking. Taking Zyloric, microbid, plenty water but in vain. Permanent cure? Penis skin is not peeled off, Circumcision surgery, best doctor and cost Wrist and arm pain, swollen veins, recurring infections, intense back pain, had bladder sling. Taking Microdantin. What could be wrong? Missed periods, prescribed Modus. Will it terminate pregnancy if I have conceived? Delayed periods, lower abdomen pain, white discharge, pregnancy test negative 58 year old facing erection problems. Suggestions on vitamin supplements Fever, sore painful throat, mucus covered mouth, vomiting. What could be the reason? Inability to grip with right thumb. What is the recommended treatment? Pregnant, mild fever, hepatitis B, Pain and breathlessness. Has Metastatic Squamous carcinoma in cervix, on chemo, had blood transfusion. Why ? Infant having diarrhoea. Is it safe to give pacifier at this age? Doubtful about pregnancy after taking Contraceptives and withdrawal bleeding What should I do for a follicle to achieve maturity ? Pregnant, taken wysolone and methycobol, urinary tract infection, taken dompan and O2H. Is there any effect of medicine on baby? Two miscarriages,on duphaston 10 mg medication in 3rd pregnancy,is this medication safe? Had an angiogram. Chest tightness. Why did lips get blue? Bruises in hand? Weight gain and menstrual problem, dark marks on face, taking evion 400. How to reduce weight? Irregular periods, slight bleeding, premolut nor, safe to have sex while taking premolut nor Thick, milky white discharge with dryness over vagina, sexually active. What are its causes? Ear infection, clear discharge, head swelling, neck turning bluish. Do I need to go to the ER? Problem of low platelet count Hydronephrosis, DJ salant in both of my kidneys, kidney pain, discomfort in bladder Diabetic, having lumps on face and body. No relief with medications. Changed night insulin. Solution? Depression, had taken Serta N Risdone, want to continue it. Is it safe during pregnancy? Pcos, deviry tab, missing periods. Chances to get pregnant? Mild hypertension, ECG, Basal ECG, treadmill showed ST-T changes, prescribed Natrilix SR. Suggestions? Viral infection, taken antibiotic, throat infection not cured, possibility for liposuction operation Lump under the armpits Vomits after taking food or cerelac Recurring formation of pus on the leg that dries up and causes peeling on skin, stomach fullness even with little food. Had fistula operation. What could be wrong? Suffering from fever since one year. Blood and urine tests normal. Difficulty breathing, muscle stiffness, low energy level, burning sensation in body, less urine, abdominal pain. Cure? PCOS, irregular periods, negative home ovulation test for first 2 weeks, advised duphaston. Should I wait? Muscle pain and loss of senses in left leg,acute and chronic neurogenic denervation in both legs Slow follicle growth, irregular cycle,taken all hormone tests for fertility. Does long cycle mean bad quality egg? Tooth staining due to medications Had unprotected sex, started bleeding, not having sexually transmitted infection. Could it be pregnancy? Cervical region shows nabothian cysts in ultrasound of uterus What is the cause of blood in urine of an obese on medications for high BP and cholesterol ? Quivering in chest, heart racing. Often have palpitations. Suggestions? Acid reflux, variation of bowel movement, had barium test, weight loss, added fibre to diet with cereal and juices. Cancer? Sudden hearing loss, not responded to steriod medication or shots, pain in hand radiating to shoulder. Is related to pinched nerve? Hit on back, hurts and feels weak, family history of back problem Delayed periods, had unprotected sex, skipped duphaston due to fever. Taken PCOS treatment, have regular periods. Cause of delay? Chest pain,left side of chest under arm and under heart area,pain through arms Yellow discharge during pregnancy. USG done. What could be the reason? Total Count: 38 Mill/ml Sperm per Ejaculate: 76 Mill Percentage Motile Sperm: 53% Rapid linear Progression, sperm report analysis Severe abdominal pain after medications Large bump on lower back. Sudden loss of appetite and weight. Can it be a cyst, concerned? Having synovial chondromatrosis. Had arthroscopy done. Groin area pulls. Take radiation? Nose pores filled with puss, noticeable, skin color darker Itchy rashes over face and arms, face and eye swollen, taking allegra-180 mg. Suggestion Little bumps on middle and tip of tongue, slits, skin sticking up. What could it be? Gastroparesis, constipation. Can take china green dieter tea as laxative? Fluttering in heart, irregular heat beat, diabetic, stress and caffeine Dry skin in belly button, brown patches, no smell, redness What is the cause of severe muscle and joint pain, swelling in the hands and recurring chest rash in an aged ? What is the cause of lower abdominal pain after masturbation ? How can one get over the side effects of Krimpson 35 prescribed for hormonal imbalance ? Asthma,cold and cough in a child Pressure in right eye, laser treatment for left eye, safe to place lens in right eye ? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Is it safe to take adderall xr? Stool test done, chronic nonspecific ileitis, no evidence of granuloma. Is it ulcerative colitis or just an internal piles? Multiple dog bite marks on body, swelling, redness and some oozing from the wound, numb to touch, scar tissue, dent formed on same spots, hard bumps Pregnant, urine sample showed blood, ketones, protein, leukocytes, advised retesting with another sample. Serious? What is the cause of burning urination during pregnancy ? Hit head on edge of door, small cut and bleed, taken pain killers, headache. Medicine? TB in the womb, on medicines, planning for IVF. Will it be successful? What is the suggested treatment for minor stroke of paralysis Painfull wounded big boil between the hips Constant pain in right flank radiating to back and shoulder, constipation or loose green stools, loss of appetite. Treatment required? Surgical abortion, no bleeding post operation. Scan normal. Causes for extreme back pain? How can I stop forgetting things in my daily routine ? Heart valves replaced. Decreased urination, urea level increased. How to reduce and control? What is the remedy for recurring neuralgic pain in the arm and chest of a diabetic with seizures ? What does chocolate cyst in the ultrasound of one with irregular periods indicate ? Bumpy rash on the eyelid, switched over the solution of contact lens containing polyquaternium 1. Cause? ... Will lumbar discectomy prove beneficial to one having foot weakness due to bilateral peripheral neuritis in the limbs ? Pricking hands and feet, heaviness in ribs, muscle twitching, eye floaters , taking b12 deficiency injections, epilepsy medicines, painkillers How are cysts on the placenta treated ? Is excessive sneezing a side effect of aderall? Clitoral pain, occasional pelvic pain, normal Cystoscopy. Is it a nerve trapped or Pudendal? Will intake of hormonal tablets cause breast cancer ? Acne, hirutism, diagnosed with PCOS, yamini medication safe ? How can one with herpes simplex contain the intense facial pain with jamming in the jaws and ears ? Can I get information on ovarian disease symptoms and medicine side effects ? What could be the reason for pain around the ears and jaws which turns into a headache and also pressure is felt in ears when not aching ? What is the cause of pain below the toe on walking and standing ? What could be the cause of decrease in blood sugar level ? How can I treat a pimple on my chest? Resting head against hands, mouth against knuckles, swollen upper lip treatment Pain in ovary area. Done D&C. What is this pain? Aching hips and stiff neck Knee injury while twisting knee on cement, sharp pain, unable to squat. Serious condition? Raised bilirubin with difficulty in walking and feeling exhausted What could be the mass in the pelvic area causing pain and mild fever in one post menopause ? Pregnant, have two skin tags inside the vaginal opening. Normal? Blood test done, high RDW, low MCHC, low neutrophils, high lymphs. Anaemia? Child split her nails in half after her foot caught between while shutting door. Toe red and swollen. Gave motrin and applied neosporin. Any other medication required? How can I remove itching and small pimples on my face which appeared after stopping applying betnovate ? Body temperature changed, quit smoking, going to have menopause. Reason? Pain in right lumbar, pain while bending, pinched nerve Abdominal pain on middle left side, menstrual pain. Abdomen ultrasound done. What does the reports indicate? Thrush looking discharge, redness on genitals, itchy and sore Tiny purple spot on face. Is it mole? Skin turning black due to exposure to sun,pimples Tubal blocks after miscarriage, husband have low sperm count, high thyroid level, should go for IVF Want to lose weight. How safe is Vaser lipo? Wrinkled, cracked, dry, itchy penis, STD test negative, no relief by monistat oxistat and clotrimazol. Advice? 37 weeks pregnant, pain from head to spine, night sweats, loss of appetite, no discharge, painful foetal movements Persisting hard lump with moderate pain on the tibia post a bang, no pain on standing. Is X-ray required? Is there any home remedy to stop frequent loose motions in an infant ? Salty and stinging tongue and throat, brown tongue, no sinus or fever, dry cough What is the cause and remedy for sharp pain and twitching in the knee post a fall ? Lump on leg, filled with pus. Cancer or tumour? Knot behind ear, swollen, puss comes out, headache, nausea Vitiligo, depression, thyroid problem. Treatment? Thyroidectomy, sweating, past menopause Which medication should be taken to reduce dizziness and to clear wax build up ? What are the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome? Itching on forearms, bleed while scratching, flare up in warm environment How can I flush drugs from my body? Stage 4 colon cancer, bowl gets twisted, vomits, hole in stomach Small pimple with white head on penis glans , blood in semen, irritation on touching, feeling of stone inside. Treatment? Calcification in right central pelvis,involuted uterine fibroid,sciatic nerve,spinal stenosis,constant pain Acute sporadic upper left abdominal pain, back pain, shoulder pain, feels hot, sweaty, nausea, popping sensation in left side, constipation Random red bump on waist, pain, no itching Chronic low back pain, dysfunctional si joint, torn achilles tendon What do black spots on kidney in a KUB test mean? Taken levonelle pill. Feels weak, breast getting bigger. Could i be pregnant? Infected toe,staphylococcus aureus, strep test positive, staph and strep related ? Intense pain due to tear on the anus post removal of fissure, internal hemorrhoid, no relief with medicines. Quick remedy? Oral HIV test result MRI done. What does the report indicate, recommended treatment? Continuous chest pain radiating to shoulder and arm, fatigue, lightheadedness, breathlessness during conversation, rapid heart beats. Normal X-ray, ECHO, abnormal ECG. What is the cause? Aortic valve replacement, ascending Artery anyerism, placement of a permanent pacemaker. Allergy to heparin. Normal? What could be the cause of burning and hot eyes ? Weird smell in nose like electrical burn Darkening of Skin around eyes and forehead after taking HCQS tabs for lupus Lump on ear and jaw line, noticed moveable, non painfull lump on neck. History is hashimoto disease. Cancer? Swollen veins at the back of throat, numbness in lips, cause Toenail fell off, thick and lumpy nail growth. Will it grow normal? Addiction of eating raw rice causing problem in gall bladder, X-ray shows crystals in gall bladder. Solution? What type of exercises are recommended for one with left ventricular hypertrophy, retinal hemorrhages and mild polyuria ? Is a protruding lump on the stomach a hernia? Not getting pregnant, test reports normal, IUI failed Hit on thigh, swelling, used heating pad, again hit the same place. Cure? What is causes nose bleeds? What could be the reason for recurrent sore throat? Severe throat pain and tiredness. No relief with medication. Can have Levoday while breastfeeding? SGOT, SGPT, cholesterol, moderate drinker, suffer from jaundice, fatty liver, chronic acidity, taken gelusil and ranitidine. Exercise? Severe one-sided headache, facial pain centered around the nasal bridge post accident. CT scan revealed severe sinus. Is it a result of trauma from the automobile accident? Possibility of being pregnant after 8 weeks of abortion How do I stop getting boils due to periods? Foreskin not moving back. Will there be any problem during intercourse? Is circumcision required? Fever not showing up. Face burning. Having running nose and loss of appetite. Tests all normal. Advice? Feeling weak, vomiting. Taken ventolin injection and antibiotics. Getting pimples on skin. Returns after stopping medicine Had bronchitis. Coughing fits, high temperature. Why sweating? What can help? Why have I lost erection in my penis? Green diarrhea, good health and growth, no fever, no vomiting, Extra heart beat, ECG showed ventricular ectopy, advised holder monitor. Is surgery required? Vaginal infection, ultrasound report normal, chromium injection, duphaston, delayed periods, pregnancy test negative Bicornuate uterus, continuous severe abdominal pain. Will I have complications in pregnancy? What are the chances of contracting HIV by having sex with used condom ? Trouble in sleeping, hears loud sounds, starts fading in and out,stops after opening eye, gets louder when ignored Unprotected sex, taken pills, pregnant? Lump on neck, taken antibiotic, had CT scan and FNAC, pus in the gland, don't want a surgery. Will drinking lot of water, exercise help? Cough, chest congestion, sinus, numbness in ear canal, levofloxacin, fluticasone propionate How can I get relief from chest pain and sore back which happens after doing exercises ? Dark circles around eyes and nose post use of chemical cosmetic cream for acne, have tried home remedies, no improvement. Advice? Severe pain in one leg, difficulty in bending post slip disc surgery. No relief with medicines. What can be done? Difficulty in conceiving, positive TB PCR. Had a miscarriage earlier with negative TB PCR test. Chances of developing TB after miscarriage? Undergoing treatment for Non-hodgkins lymphoma, underwent chemotherapy. Urination burns. Suggest medication? Shortness of breath, burning sensation in throat, indigestion. Taking PPI drugs. Endoscopy shows mild fundal gastritis. Treatment options? Child having fever, foul smelling loose motions, loss of appetite, taken crocin, sinarest. Other medicines required? Degenerative akinetic rigid syndrome, olivopontocerebellar atrophy, on bed with urine bag and PEG feeding tube, moved to homeopathic treatment, slow recovery What should I do for itchy nodules in my scrotum? What are the new advancements in medical science to permanently cure vitiligo ? Can uptake of more potassium damage my system? Fingers and hand hurts, no swelling, x-ray report normal, having pain. Treatment? Weakness, loss of muscles in leg, black crusty spots on calves, loss of weight post chemo and radiotherapy for lung cancer. Cause of black marks? Unbearable cramps in tummy after taking abortion pill, adviced to take DVN plus Low self confidence, anxiety, panic attacks. Bleeding like period, menopausal. Trying alkaline. Next? Can fatigue be caused due to hysterectomy ? What measures should an obese take to get rid of tingling in thighs and palms ? Can I get more knowledge on symptoms of perforated colon ? Took vyvanse. Nauseated, vomiting, dizzy, mild hallucinations. Why weak? What treatment should be taken for elevated TSH and scanty periods ? Having prolactinoma and missed period. Had miscarriage. Taken cabergiline. Increased prolactin level. Treatment? Microynon pills, irregular periods, sexual intercourse, ejaculated outside vagina, on 7 days break, no periods, pregnant ? Home remedies to overcome the side effects of over masturbation Congenital left hip since birth Had implanon removal due to breakout on skin, depression, on tetralysal, microlite. Chances of getting clear skin? Continuous hissing sound on the back of the neck, no other associated symptoms. Is it serious? Body rashes while suffering from pityroasis rosea What is the cause of having soft stools with liquid ? Breast cancer, treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, re-occurrence of tumour, ayurvedic treatment ? Headache, around left ear and eye, upper left back part of the neck, vomit Obese,bunch of blisters under stomach fold Swollen vagina with extreme itching in Urinary tract infection What are the risks involved in pregnancy having an enlarged liver ? How can one in the second trimester avoid nausea and diarrhoea after eating ? Lump near anus, blood and pus comes out, taken sitz baths and keeps gause bandage changing. Advice and treatment? Cardiac patient, have intermittent cardiac and ent problems, had bypass surgery, on etirest and nexito plus. Are both medicines necessary? Persisting severe pain right behind breast bone, on triple therapy for h pylori infection, taken solpadene soluble. Remedy? Retrograde ejaculation,penis never erect Hurting shoulder and chest after deep breath,history of surgery on the rotter cuff What should be done to cure haemorroids ? Semen test done. Looking for suggestion Left side back pain under ribs since 15 months Severe lower back, butt, leg pain specifically on the opposite side of kidney tube. Have a catheter inside post bladder surgery. Cause of pain? Trying for second baby, normal HSG, normal prolactin, normal PCT, normal TSH, letsi, fertomoid 50, IUI Ligament damage in accident. Pain, muscle spasms. On Nsaid Nabumetone. No relief. Pain relief treatment? Stiff, sore tailbone post fall, pain on bending, sitting, lying, heavy menstrual flow than usual, has rheumatoid arthritis. Chances of internal injury? Missed periods, negative pregnancy test. Had taken I-pill, Regesterone for inducing periods. Is it hormonal imbalance or pregnancy? What is the cause of pain and tingling feeling in the lower abdominal area ? Small itchy colorless blisters on legs,back,under arms Intercourse, postinor 2, delayed periods, pregnancy test negative Persisting intense pain post burst compression fracture of L1, uses tlso brace, taking morphine, endones, physiotherapy, X-ray showed almost healed. Normal? Vagina infection, swollen, itchy, white watery discharge What is the cause of delayed periods post intake of I-pill ? 29 years old, husband suffering from azoospermia, short menstrual cycles for one day. Will this effect IVF? Can I take Zenflox uti to lower the rbc in urine ? Is forgetfulness a symptom of memory disorder? Swollen tonsils with dark red veins, viral infection, stuffy nose Why am I not getting periods after intake of duphaston to regularize cycle ? Do thyroid medicines affect semen production ? Sneezing, sore throat, severe cough, side effects of mouth wash ? By which medication I can get rid of warts without leaving scars on my face ? Missed birth control pill,had sex How much should I drink alcohol as I feel lightheaded and very hard to focus after that ? How can we treat tetania due to renal failure caused by number of chemotherapies earlier ? Is it possible to gain 6 kg in a month ? What is the cause and remedy for frequent stabbing chest pain that worsens on inhalation ? Chronic pain in right leg, pain from buttocks to legs, on painkillers, suggestions ? Which medication should I take to reduce Systolic BP and Creatinine ? What is the cause of swelling on the gums and face with stiffness on the bottom cheek post popping a temp crown ? White patches around neck, sweating, marks spreading, applying zole-f. Treatment? Is it advisable for an IBS patient to take droxyl clav for relieving tooth pain ? Red, swollen welts at the tip of tail bone, itchy. Treatment? Brown discharge from vagina,lower abdominal pain after unprotected sex after D&C Peripheral vascular disease, taking Warfarin, painful to stand What does weakness, breathing difficulty, increased urination nd weight gain with controlled hyperthyroidism indicate ? Urine tract infection in 3 month old,urine sticky What is the cause of severe constipation with cramping, nausea and bloating post delivery ? Acute delirium post femur bone surgery, heart patient, anti epileptic drugs, diabetic, hypertension, delirium post surgery, chest congestion. Can take nebuliser? Lanzap tablets, food pipe cancer, gas and stomach troubles, side effect of medication ? Stomach cancer, epilepsy patient, coughing and nausea post eating, on chloraseptic, suggestions ? Pimple scars, mosquito bites, microdermabrasion, retino creams What is the cause of sore on the upper palate that swells after eating ? What is the cause of large red spots on both the sides of body in one having ringworm infestation on the neck ? What is the cause of persistent black patch on the knuckles post delivery ? Baldness,constant hair fall since 8 years How can I get rid of headache post intake of Sazo ? Can any online doctor advise me on the liver functioning test report ? What is the cause of painful small, flat, purplish marks on the back and arm ? What could be the cause of dizziness, headache post a bad hit on the head ? What is the cause of giddiness in one with high BP ? Half pink and white nail nail discoloration, is it renal disease? What is the cause of flesh colored bump inside of throat ? Dry heaves after a sluggish bowel movement causing a sick feeling. Reason? Pain after open inguinal hernia repair procedure,removed tape across incision is it normal to have swelling post intake Flucloxacillin ? Yellowish loose stools with red flakes immediately after meals with pinching pain in stomach. Should I be concerned? Unprotected intercourse, on dronis-30, negative pregnancy test. After how many days of sex should one take pregnancy test? Lump on buttocks, muscle tear from anus, surgery Circumcision using shang ring, ring has moved towards tip, severe irritation. Can I pull it off or wait? Lichen planus,pain and irritation eating spicy food,white marks under tongue Yellow seamen, had gas problem, taken medicine. Suggestion? What is the remedy for pimple on the bottom of the breast that has a smelly discharge ? Infant having frequent scabs on the ear, doesn't have a habit of scratching. Cause? Why and how did my blood sugar levels stabilize post dengue ? Fainted twice,ECG and CT scan reports came normal.what can be this ? Stung by scorpion, low immunity, prevention of shingles ? Frequent urge to urinate, on clonazepam, effexor, levothyroxin for depression and anxiety. What is the cause? Henoch Purpura, treatment stopped. What is life expectancy? Swollen, blotchy and hot knee, foot tingles Painful rashes under armpits, foul smell, ooze moisture when wet, crack when dry White line on arms, is laser treatment permanent? Pregnant, blurred vision, headache, migraines, ear hurts, head feels heavy Dry and rough facial skin, borderline anemic, taking vitamin A rich food, iron supplements. Suggestion? Pregnant, prescribed levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. Will it affect the baby? Heart stroke. Low BP. UTI caused high fever. Tumor removed. Normal? High blood pressure, mass on armpit, weight gained. Treatment? Spotting, positive pregnancy test, ultrasound showed gestational sac without fetus. What could be the cause? Swollen right hand, fingers, stiff left hand. Diagnosed with Carpal tunnel syndrome. Taken Naproxyn. Treatment? Problem while masturbation Diagnosed with pneumonia and presence of dry cough and fever Lower abdominal and pelvis pain and fluffy mucous in the stools Sharp pain one of the feet on jumping, difficulty in walking, vein popping out of the foot. Remedy? Neck pain after sleeping wrong, fainted, lump on neck Frequent pink, itchy vaginal discharge and uti. Solution? Iron deficiency anemia, mitral valve prolapse, dilated cardiomyopathy, taking carvedilol 6.25mg, not having high blood pressure Tiny white spots on nipple below the skin Pain in gums and teeth, swollen and irritated tongue, difficult to swallow, had fever. Tooth abscess? Stinging sensation in the toe at the osteotomy site, no relief with steroid injection. Had bunionectomy with toe osteotomy. Will it subside gradually? Fluid filled bubble on right side of anus, cause ? Nausea and vomitting Had borderline hiv+ test result. Suffered symptoms of HIV, diarrhoea, flu. Having a metallic taste in mouth, rashes, watery discharge from anus and weight loss. What is happening to me? Had sex before periods. Stomach getting bigger, nausea feeling. Any chance of pregnancy? Blocked nose, watering left eye, lack of taste, on Zyrtec daily Abdominal pain, dehydration, blood test normal, taking Bentyl for pain. Treatment? Right shin swollen,numb,black and blue under knee after getting hurt from sidewalk Polycystic ovarian disease patient,menstrual period not regular,trying for pregnancy Implanon got removed due to side effects, felt depressed and skin break out. Will medicines help? Aggressive and habitual of autocracy child, gets violent. Suggestion? Extreme burning in feet, palm. Negative results for Tridot post HIV window period post exposure. Any other test required? Infection and oral thrust with diabetes Constant heartburn,pH test done Medical abortion, used cytotec, 3 times and twice vaginally, only spotting and cramps, miscarriage unsuccessful Red, itchy rash on testicles, skin dry, applied anti-itch cream. Cure? Herniated disc after back injury. Tried acupuncture and steroid injections of little help. Had UTI. What next? UTI returned even after taking antibiotics. Can we take Jalapenos, will it worsen UTI? Toddler with slight fever and rashes, itching, elbow swollen rash, amoxicillin Sticky skin syndrome, film on face, scalp, eyes, white coating on tongue, thick saliva, tired, achy flu, obstructed bile duct, constant pain Flab on tummy, double chin, do not like exercising. Can I use sauna belt? Black spot on penis, pimple and bruised on penis, trauma, had protected sex
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