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1510 10 Tue, 13 Aug 2013
hi i am 36 now, suffering from knee pain for 8 years, now MRI report says its chondromalacia patellae any treatment
709 7 Fri, 10 May 2013
hello my mother is50yr old diagnosed with osteoarthritis yesterday and her doctor prescribed chymoral forte,naproxen,pantodac,rejoint tablets.will it be effective ? what do you suggest
1622 6 Sun, 27 Mar 2011
i am using a jogger to jog i dont get up in the morning....i have heard that jogger will cause knee pain ...when used on a longterm it true?
432 5 Tue, 15 May 2012
is my gouty arthritis concidered a lifelong disability since i have treated for over two years? thanks! XXX
1128 5 Fri, 28 Jun 2013
Which is a better drug to lessen the pain of rheumatoid arthritis? Movon P or Dolo 650?
191 5 Tue, 8 May 2012
I am having osteoarthrites in left knee ,in future will it effect the other knee.My age is 72 yrs.Will cycling and walking harm the left knee more?My height is 5ft 9 .weight 65 kgs. My father also suffered from arthrites.
251 5 Fri, 20 May 2011
My Mom is having severe pain in her knees since a long time, we have tried all the medicines for her, shall I go for the physiotherapy or homeopathic treatment for i, please help which one will be suitable & useful...Regards
606 5 Tue, 3 Sep 2013
I am having sever knee pain . I ve had rheumatic artheritis as a kid, the right knee at present. when I was 13 I was treated for it. I have had no issues for all these years but now it looks like the pain has come back and at times I get a small swelling on the left hand finger too. at time i...
577 5 Sun, 22 May 2011
I was doing skipping since i was teen. After that i left skipping since i was getting knee pain. Iam now 28 years married and i ahave 2 children. I want to do some exercises. I cannot go out for walking i donot have time for this. Iam planning to do skipping. Is it ok i will restart skipping again?
48 4 Sat, 10 Aug 2013
Dear Doctor, I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis about 15 years back and when I claim stairs I get pain in the knee joints and while doing yogic exercises, the knees wont be straight, (I am practising yogic exercises since 20 years) The problem has not worsened over the years. Will the problem...
4857 4 Wed, 13 Jul 2011
my mother is 72 yrs Her both knees are affected but for right knee doctor has asked for knee operation. Which amway medicine will suit her condition.. She is in pain and difficult to walk.. She takes painkiller when in pain Please advice.
201 4 Tue, 7 Jun 2011
I have pain in the left side of lumber.exray says c2,c3,c5,c6,l1,s1 are having less space.
248 4 Mon, 2 Jan 2012
Thank you. My boyfriend says he feels like someone is standing on his chest . Yes, he smokes. He is 57, and has Rheumatoid arthritis all over his body. He is 5 8 and weighs about 145 lbs. He has only one kidney .
246 4 Sat, 23 Apr 2011
Hi Docs, My Father is suffering from Osteoarthritis since last 6 months. His Age is 57 and he faces serious pain in his Knee joints and sometimes in his back. His height is 5 10 and his weight is 90 Kgs. He faces a lot of pain particularly in the mornings but in due course of the day the pain...
228 4 Tue, 2 Aug 2011
My joints in both wrists hurt like hell. I am a mom to a 5 week old baby. I am 29, turning 30y/o soon. My joints in my wrists hurt all day, especially when I wake up either from a nap or a longer rest. It hurts so bad, it feels like my hands are to fall off any second. I am too afraid to hold my...
233 4 Mon, 26 Sep 2011
94yrs old loss of appetite and can t walk on his own my grnd father is 94yrs old.he is having loss of appetite and can t walk on his own because of swollen feet and knee pain .can we have any remedy.
718 4 Fri, 1 Jul 2011
what are the causes for the knee pain at the age of 16?
451 4 Sun, 27 Feb 2011
I have been having a lot of problems/ pain with my right knee and leg. Last summer July of 2009 I was playing a soccer game and ran into another player with my big right toe. I heard a pop in my toe and figured I just banged my toe up pretty bad. So I continued to walk on my injured toe for about...
4 3 Thu, 8 Nov 2018
I have been having pain under my knee on the inside of my right leg since before June 2018. So far I have been giving a shot in the side of my knee for arthritis and most recently a shot for bursitis under and in front of my knee (two weeks ago tomorrow). Tomorrow I go back to the orthopedics to...
4 3 Mon, 18 Dec 2017
I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis(not rheumatoid). My thumb joints are bone against bone and give me pain. I m not seeking medication for pain. What other options are available to get some relief. I m only 58 years old and will need to use my hands for many years to come.
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