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6 1 1 day ago
I am a 73 yr old man, 62 kilos with high blood pressure for these last 20 yrs but it is successfully being treated. I do sports, don t smoke and drink daily a small glass of wine. My mom died at 93 due to leucemia and father at 88 due to a massive stroke (his family was prone to strokes). I just...
2 1 1 day ago
I need a real neurologists opinion. As bizarre as it sounds for around 6 months I haven t felt feel fully awake and alert. When I m walking around it feels like I m in some foreign foggy dream. It s a drowsy/groggy/drugged feeling. It affects my focus big time. It s very uncomfortable. * After...
6 1 Tue, 18 Jun 2019
I was diagnosed with MS in 1995. I have been on the ABC drugs. They caused depression, so I was put on Tysabri. I was taken off Tysabri due to + JCVirus- I don t remember the numbers. I have had increasing left sided headaches, difficulty speaking- I have long pauses in sentences, mix up word,...
8 1 Tue, 18 Jun 2019
my 7 year old has adhd he follows a neurologist and we recently increased his vyvannse to 30 mg he is also on intuniv 3 mg his vyvanse was increased from 20 to 30 4days ago tues eve we experianced him in a mania state it was very upsetting we stayed up with him till 3 am when he finally fell...
6 1 Tue, 18 Jun 2019
I have frequent pins and needles in hands when lying down. But not usually in the arm i am sleeping on...but in the arm that i am NOT resting on. Also when i sleep on stomach with arm in waving position: er, abd, neutral wrist, elbow 90 deg. I have NO neck pain or probs i know of. I have bilat...
6 1 Tue, 18 Jun 2019
I had a.... really weird experience last night. I think I might have reacted to my medicine or something. Either that or I fainted while trying to sleep [I have fainted before and it disoriented me to the point that I didn t feel right for days]. I was disoriented and everything in the room was...
6 1 Mon, 17 Jun 2019
My daughter is 25, has had chronic neck pain for years, underwent botox, nerve blocks and had the nerves burned in neck... pain there is back after only three months. THis past Oct. she became manic for about 2 weeks and I had her put in a psch ward or 10 days. She was diagnosed bipolar and given...
6 1 Mon, 17 Jun 2019
hi my name is kristy and im 27 i been diagnose with klippel feil about a year in a half ago they said i had it since i was 18 but now it got severely bad im in stage two for nerves in my spine and body and also my neck bone and spine bone im at a lost all i have is therapie and pain killers is...
6 1 Mon, 17 Jun 2019
I had a car accident feb. 2 this year and initially had head fuzzyness, discomfort in my neck and pain at base of my skull. I also slammed my hand on steering wheel. The front of my car t-boned a car that failed to stop at a stop sign. My car is damaged considerably. I did not hit my head or lose...
6 1 Mon, 17 Jun 2019
I have a complicated 7 year history of low back pain with radicular symptoms after prolapsing 2 discs at L4/ L5 when moving house and then L5/ S1 18 months ago. The subsequent CT (can t have MRI due to SCS) apparently showed no nerve impingement or stenosis. 11 weeks ago I had surgery to implant...
6 1 Mon, 17 Jun 2019
sir i am taking riscalm ls at night daily 1 tablet for fast 12 years now i am using left hand more than right hand so i consulted doctor now he priscribed amantrel 100mg and parkin 2mg after taking this after 4 months now my right hand and right leg is become weak i cant move as left side so now...
6 1 Mon, 17 Jun 2019
I was lying in bed and when I moved to get up, my left locked up completely. I couldn t bend my knee or walk on it for a while. Taking small steps and walking (hopping) around for about 10 minutes, it finally went back to normal, but it frightened me very much. Do you know what could have caused...
6 1 Mon, 17 Jun 2019
I Reba sen (Female) Age 75.Falling down during walking. Docters advice. Lumber Punchered. Water in brain.Docter operated for shunt on 15th September 2011. Physiotherapy. Improving in waking.After 20 days suddenly lost balance and fell down, got injury on head. After CT scan a blood film...
2 1 Mon, 17 Jun 2019
Hello, this is XXXX I am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and I have been prescribed for Saaz DS 1000 twice daily. Now my pain is in control. Should I continue taking Saaz or stop it. And should I go for homeopathy treatment? Because I am concerned about the effect Saaz would do if I have to...
6 1 Fri, 14 Jun 2019
My son was taken to the ER yesterday because he lost the sensation of feeling temperature or pain in his right arm and most of the right side of his body. I am waiting for him to meet with a neurologist, but I am concerned with how to help him cope with it until we know what is causing it and if...
15 1 Fri, 14 Jun 2019
Hello, I have always had a huge indent in the top of my head, what is commonly known as a double crown and used to tease my Mom and ask her if she dropped me on my head when I was a baby! I am now 45 years old, relatively healthy, drink in moderation, gave up smoking about 12 years ago, follow a...
11 3 Fri, 14 Jun 2019
Najma 72 years old weight 70 kg she is EPILEPSY patient from 6 years Hypertensive from 10 years Diabetic 20 years but diet control no medicine from 5 years Urinary track infection oftenly AF 2 years back cause low potassium and some time hyponatrimia Medicine she is taking are EPIVAL 500 1.5 + 1...
8 1 Fri, 14 Jun 2019
Sir, I am a Chartered Accountant from M.P. My wife Shraddha is patient of Bipolar Disorder. • 28 year old female • Known case of Bipolar disorder under treatment • After death of father Complaints of: flight of ideas, get distracted to odd things, vauge singing, loud music, seeing people/colour,...
6 1 Fri, 14 Jun 2019
In May 2008 i was sitting at my desk on the phone with a customer when my left arm began to ache/tingle/going numb, my left jaw felt tight and numb to where it was hard to form my words, I had a warm, flowing, prickly feeling in the left side of my head, and felt like I was going to pass out or...
6 1 Fri, 14 Jun 2019
Hi, I was recently having a conversation with my dad about politics and I randomly had trouble trying to figure out what word I was trying to say. I didn t really think of it, but I continued talking and it happened again and I couldn t say the word I was thinking of. I had an MRI about 5 months...
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