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7 1 2 days ago
I took a big impact to my shin bone, around 2 inches below my knee, slightly to the left side of it, at first it was bruised and swollen and painful, but i just got on with the game, limping around. many weeks have passed, and now my shin bone feels numb, and i still have a very very tender spot...
6 1 2 days ago
My boyfriend just had his testosterone level was 59. He is 41 yrs old and has been having erectile problems, lack of energy, and has complained of dizzy spells, like he was getting ready to pass out...I m really worried about the dizzy spells...what could be the cause?
6 1 3 days ago
I always have inching and scratching in the brain for more than one year now and it s effecting my daily life, I don t walk under the sun and also I don t tale lectures in the afternoon because the pain is too much, Please I want to know the problem likewise the solution. Thanks in advance.
6 1 3 days ago
I was in a car accident a week ago. I overslept nd missed work today (slept 18 hrs) woke up feeling still sleepy and tired and with a metallic taste in my mouth. is that a sign of a concussion? my head hurts all the time but doctors at er didnt think i should be checked for a concussion
6 1 3 days ago
they had her up walking within 15 hours. Her heart stop and they had to revive her she is now in a coma. the doctor said she did not have a stroke, heart A. or blood clots What is going on?, my cousin had a tripple bypass about a week ago. She went through fine.What brought on the coma?
6 1 3 days ago
Hi am 37 years male having pain in top of my head from laidt ten dsys have done ct scan and mri of brain which are absolutely normal . Am also feeling weak felling and feel unstesdy walking although i walk straight and walk three km daily. I feel head pain on top of head and not really a...
7 1 3 days ago
my name is Joe im 29 yrs old for the past year and a half I have been feeling lightheaded it goes n comes. I ve taken MRI, blood work, everything comes out normal i get it for about a week and then it goes away for about a month. sometimes its hard to explain.
6 1 3 days ago
13yr.male had head injury 3.6.12. Glasgow scale 4. MRI capilary haemorhages frontal and parietal lobes of brain. Now recovered and doing well, he is on eptoin and therefore feeling very drowsy. NO HISTORY OF CONVULSIONS. hOW LONG SHOULD EPTOIN CONTINUE?
6 1 3 days ago
Hello, My mother has dementia and is already established in a proper care home, what I would like to ask is this, would it be detremental to her well being if she was moved 100 miles to another home just because a family member wanted her to be nearer ti them ??
6 1 3 days ago
I have been having pain in the back of my head by my neck and goes all down to the middle of my back. Also my neck is stiff, my head is heavy. I have experienced dizziness, memory loss and pains and numbness in my arms. I have trouble sleeping and have muscle weekness. I also about a month ago...
9 1 3 days ago
Hi! My name is Angie and I m a 30 year old single mom of 3 kids. I was in a car accident about 6 years ago where I sprained my neck and my shoulder. While that injury is not terrible, the accident as well as events following have created a lot of problems for me. I was diagnosed with 2 bulging...
6 1 4 days ago
50 year old male with no known illnesses suddenly felt faint, dizzy then blacked out while driving thereby hitting an illegally parked car as he attempted to go to the side of the road. What may have caused this? Is this a medical emergency at that time?
6 1 4 days ago
I am having a fluttering sensation in the top, center portion of my head and having excessive fluid retention. I take a fluid pill daily and cymbalta. I have a family history of diabetes and am a borderline diabetic. I also have symptoms of ADHD (this has been diagnosed by physician.)
6 1 4 days ago
Hi my son suffers from epilepsy, he was taken off 800mg of epilim chrono as we were told his seizures would proberbly go away once he reaches puberty, the problem is his seizures have returned but he refuses to go back on the medication as it made him very tired and put on weight.
6 1 5 days ago
hi how r u i would like to ask u that i had disk prolabes from 4 years but this year becam more pain and i cant walk as normally my disk between 2-3L and 3-4 and 4-5L i lost my wieght have regular sport take care of my self but still the problem, sorry i am female my age 34 years old maaried with...
6 1 5 days ago
My vision keeps going fuzzy and then my sight goes completely black for about 10 seconds, whilst this is happening I loose my balance and go dizzy. This has been happening for about a year now, when it first started I fainted whilst this was taking place. I visited my local doctor and had a blood...
6 1 Fri, 8 Feb 2019
I had a MRI and have been in so much pain in my neck lower back also my right keeps going numb. the MRI said that i a degree of disc desiccattion,and cervical straightening of the cervical lordotic curve. please tell me more about this and how is it treated cause the pain is BAD.
6 1 Fri, 8 Feb 2019
I am a 48 year old woman who is taking 5 mg Zyprexa(olanzapine), 50 mg nozanan, 5 mg zopiclone, 300 mg effexor time release, as well as blood pressure pills and cholesterol pills. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and bipolar . Is it safe for me to take Champix? My...
6 1 Fri, 8 Feb 2019
Hi, I have an under active thyroid and take 100 mg daily. Presently I am getting dizzy spell light headed, thirsty, soreness around inside of lips.... feling tired alot also even though getting decent sleep... have tree children 6 4 and 14 months. wondering should i be concerned or will symptoms...
10 1 Thu, 7 Feb 2019
I recently had a strep b uti followed by a nasty cold a week later which had since cleared up. However, I am now feeling brain fog, dizziness, and a weird weak shaky feeling. Are these new symptoms related to the cold even though it seems to be gone? ra
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