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2 1 6 hours ago
Hi Yesterday my daughter was hit with a 6.5 lb. medicine ball. In addition to being hit just above her eyes in the upper eyeglasses and forehead, the topa of her head hit the metal gate protecting the windows. She did not ice it until she got home two hours later. She felt fuzzy but reports she...
2 1 6 hours ago
My father is taking escitalopram, 10 mg. for 14 months. It was just increased a week or two ago to 20 mg. Does an increase take 5 weeks to take effect just like the initial startup? He is extremely depressed. He sleeps most of the day and night and lately is missing two of 3 meals a day. He lost...
2 1 7 hours ago
I fell on Sunday afternoon, hitting the top of my head on a door. It was a full-force blow and I wound up with a large goose egg on the top right side of my skull. It was very sore, but not bleeding, so I iced it and went on with life. Today, it s not hurting as much, so I did a brief palpation...
2 1 7 hours ago
I have severe boasts of nausea and diarrhea with bloating and pain. I m unable to eat and walking is a problem-my legs just won t work. These symptoms last for several days and then go away. However, my legs are still very weak and I am unable to walk up even small steps. I am a type 1 diabete...
2 1 11 hours ago
Hi. I have sudden onset (yesterday afternoon) pain (ache) from right shoulder down to right smallest finger, strongest in shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Soaked in Epsom salts last evening, taken a couple of Tylenol and used Bengay ointment, with minimal relief. Am 67 yo female, very active, no...
2 1 11 hours ago
I m a 54-year-old female presenting with symptoms of nerve tingling and cramping in my hands and feet, causing them to freeze in an awkward and painful position. The symptoms have intensified in the past month. A few days ago, I finished a series of facet injections in both my lumbar (L4-L5) and...
2 1 11 hours ago
Hello! Well,for two days now, I wake up and the room is spinning. After blinking, it disappears. But today, I woke up two times and the room is spinning. Again, after blinking, it disappears. But somehow, I feel lightheaded and ready to throw up. I make sure that I sleep well but for many days...
2 1 11 hours ago
best treatment for trigeminal neuralgia, in a very bad case of it right now, went for about two months and for about three weeks it is firing and for four days it is unbearable, I do take gabapentin and have increased it a bit but wow now sleeping sitting up and trying not to move
2 1 11 hours ago
I know somebody who has lost his hearing in his right ear all at once for no reason causing his balance to be off the doctors that he saw aren’t quite sure what has caused this . He is currently getting some testing also taking part of physical therapy once a week to rectify his gate does anybody...
2 1 11 hours ago
I have spinal synopsis (narrowing of the spinal cord) and thus I have neuropathy in my feet. I take 100 mg of the medication lyrica 3 times a day. My feet are always cold and numb. Is there anything else I should be doing. I have a doctors appointment within the next few weeks. I am 73 years of...
2 1 13 hours ago
My allergist had told me that my blood test resulted that there is something wrong with a vein in my head, not sure what that means. He also suggested that I get a biopsy to get it checked, so my question is what kind of biopsy am I going to have to get? And what exaclty could be wrong with the...
2 1 13 hours ago
My Dr, wants to do a fusion of my bottom 3 vertebra L5 4 3, those 3 are curved, I have had laminectomies on 4 and 5 previously. I am 58 years old and work in construction. I am concerned I will have loss of motion that will preclude me from working and maybe I should hold off until pain is...
2 1 13 hours ago
Hi, I have earache in my left ear and pain going down the left side of my neck and back of shoulder blade. This started last night but has continued this morning. Painkillers help and I do not have a fever. I have also been taking tamoxifen for the past 3 years. Could ths be muscular?
2 1 13 hours ago
I have a cyst on my head that looks really weird. It has a hard, rough tip to it. I was scheduled to have it removed but earlier i felt something wet on my head and when i touched it there was some blood on my hands from my cyst and now it s just barely hanging to a piece of skin on my scalp. My...
2 1 13 hours ago
I am suffering from peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy for treatment of multiple myeloma. I have quit taking the prescribed drugs because of the destructive effects on my body...reduced strength, almost no endurance, limiting mobility. Quality of life is more important than dealing with...
2 1 13 hours ago
i have a reoccurring every 1 to 3 seconds a shooting electrical pain that started yesterday evening approx. 7:30 pm in the Lambdoid sutre in that proximity of my skull. Also, noticed that the right upper area of my right ear had phantom nerve endings tender sensation. Should I visit make an...
2 1 13 hours ago
Hello, I have neck ack which causes headack and being dizzy due to muscle stress in neck, I visited a neurologist and he gave me Celebrex 200mg 2x1, mydocalm 2x1 and triptizol 1x1 all for one month, now after one month passed he said as you reacted good to these medicines you should take Celebrex...
2 1 1 day ago
Hi. Tonight, while watching a movie in a theater, I had a sudden episode of tunnel vision, inability to focus, and the feeling like I was going to faint and vomit. I quickly left the theater to find the bathroom, but was unsteady and swerving, bumping into things and not being able to see...
2 1 1 day ago
For a few months I’ve been experiencing the feeling of something wriggling in my head/brain like a worm sometimes it hurts but since it started I’ve had nothing but dizziness and waking up and feeling sick all day I wondered if you could help me figure out what it could be
2 1 1 day ago
I have MS and have been falling alot lately even while using assistive devices i.e. cane, walker. Today i was going from a store to my car using a cart for stability and the cart moved forward before me and i fell backwards slamming my head on the blacktop. Some people helped me up and I just had...
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