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6 1 11 hours ago
Iam a paralysed person,leftside taking homeopathic medicine I am not getting proper movement & strenght in y hand.I do all my ork,Office house work,marketing etc. How motor nerve will start fuctioning so that I get myself cured.Workship,Work Exercise ig going on from last 3 years
6 1 11 hours ago
I have numbness in my lips, tongue and slightly in my hands and feet. I have nausea and weakness. My doctor had me do a 3 hour glucose test and determined I am hypoglycemic. When I feel this way and check my blood sugar it is in a safe range. My problem is I have these symptoms from low 100 s at...
6 1 16 hours ago
Hi. I am a 43yr old female. I went in to an urgent care center 3 days ago after experiencing some really bad dizzy spells and headache. I have also been having problems with my ears. They did flush out my ears because of wax build up. They did an ekg because I do have high blood pressure. I am...
6 1 1 day ago dad age : 52 yrs old had a episode of fever and collapsed with low bp of 80\60 at that time his eyes rolled up is that a seizure ? investigations CT scan - a tiny calcified granuloma in occipital lobe was present what might be the diagnosis? 3.past history : he had chicken pox during 40...
7 1 6 days ago
ii just wanted to know if there is anything to worry about with the recent symptoms i have been having. Fatigue, dizzy spells, nausea and headaches. These dizzy, light headedness is getting more frequent and severre. I will feel fine then all of a sudden i will be so light headed and dizzy i...
6 1 6 days ago
HI I am experiencing severe grinding noise which seems o emulate from the base of my skull when I turn my head, Although this is not painfull, I have lots of tension in this area and around my right sholder. I am an active 38 year old female, 5ft 3in and just under 10 stone.
9 1 6 days ago
My wife is diagnosed as suffering from Cerebellar Ataxia for the past eight months. No improvement in her since that time. She is bed-ridden and practically has no control on movement of any organ of the body. Doctors have got all possible tests done including genetic study for SCA which has no...
6 1 6 days ago
hello sir i need some help i m a patient of paraplegia means i m sufferd from SPINAL CORD INJURY and after 1 and half year i have a lots of improvement i can feel my urination process easily and i can move my upper leg muscles easily is there any hope to walk again
6 1 6 days ago
just wondering what s wrong. been having trouble with right shoulder. numbness in right buttoks leg pain and now sharp stabbing pains in my right temple. also sharp stabbing pains right side below rib. tired of going to the dr s and getting stuff for inflamation & muscle relaxers. i tell them...
6 1 6 days ago
Hello Dr. Herrick my question is from you. My mother has problem in her neck i.e cervical vertebrae Dr said she has cervical problem.she is taking medicine but still she feel very pain in shoulder muscles and even feels Dizzy suggest me something that what should b done.
8 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
6 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
I am 55 and have depression and anxiety symptoms. Also had a spinal fusion C5/6 last Feb for spondylosis. Was referred to PT for treatment to relive remaining numbness but he suggested seeing neurologist. Saw a neurologist who was dismissive of my problems which are trouble swallowing, poor...
9 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
Back and leg/foot problems; X ray and MRI reviewed by doctors: Seemingly not too severe damage to T 12 / L 1 in spinal column (due to a mild fall onto her left hip) has approximately 75% interfered with apparent brain access to legs and feet. Result continues to be extreme leg weakness, i.e. 75%...
5 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
i aym a bipolar II with coexisting conditions that include tardive dyskinesia, anxiety/panic, and am treatment resistant. my hospital s psych doc has me on a supplemental regimen of vitamins, fish oil, etc. am also trying out different portions of complex carbs and protein. currently have mixed...
7 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
My husband is 3 months post op Thyroid Cancer. Thyroid was removed as well as 6 metastatic nodes. 148 mc Radioactive Iodine was given & I131 scan showed only residual tissue. He currently takes his synthroid 150 mg. But it has been ineffective. 6 weeks ago he had an onset of pain in tailbone....
7 1 Mon, 3 Dec 2018
Hi Doctor, I have an arachnoid cyst. During the year 1999 I got some symptoms like dizzy and vomit. Neurologist said, there is a small water molecule in brain which called as arachnoid cyst and it is been there since I born. So had valparin200mg tablet for 5 years then I quit that as per doctors...
6 1 Mon, 3 Dec 2018
tired of getting different answers from different dr for the last 2-3 months I haven t been able to move me neck without it shooting pains burning & then have a dull achy pain for awhile. from my neck down my spine over to my right shoulder I can t use it all the pain is unbarbly. my dr has done...
6 1 Mon, 3 Dec 2018
Can a person (woman - age 32) having lower back injury i.e. reduced space in lumbo-sacral (between LV5-S1) do skipping exercises for weight reduction. So it may not aggravate the problem rather stabalize back and strengthen it. Hope to receive a response soon. Thanks and Regards
8 1 Mon, 3 Dec 2018
when i am in heavy sleep i feel loss of sensation in my lower part of legs nd some fingers of my arm as my head is pulling all the blood to it.i get up ffrom my sleep suddenly nd slowly the limbs become taking pregabanyl nd methylcobalamin capsules ok for it?
6 1 Mon, 3 Dec 2018
Hi, & hello me showkat ahmad physio. I have a patient she had done back surgery now a days she is coming for physiotherapy . She had operated few mnts. Before , now she have stiches marks she needs any ointment which clear those marks , can u precribe any ointment plz. Thank you
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