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11 1 19 hours ago
Last wednesday my 4yr old was sick with the 24hr flu bug and the past 3 days I noticed that he has pale to white stool and he says he feels sick but that is when I ask him to eat something and I was just assuming he didn t want to eat the rest of his food on his plate. He does look a little pale...
15 1 19 hours ago
My 5 yo had a T & A with tubes last Wednesday. The mon before we had routine pulmonologist appt and he heard a wheeze on exhale. Put him on orapred and told me to restart flovent. However 2 days after he had surgery and stayed overnight. They gave him his singulair and orapred from hosp pharm and...
11 1 19 hours ago
My seven year old son had an mri and it showed a small focal area of T1 hypointensity and T2 hyperintensity present within the white matter in the right frontal lobe. The signal abnormality measures approx 7x7x8 millimeters. No other parenchymal signal abnormalities are seen. What does this mean?
11 1 21 hours ago
Yes. Thank you. I have a 12 year old daughter with Vacterl Association. Many health issues...Post-op tetralogy of fallot, tethered cord, imperforate anus, ostomy, spina bifida, residual vsd, (repaired with experimental patch), and recently, large stent placed in left pulmonary artery as it was...
13 1 21 hours ago
My 15 month old daughter has developed a pimply rash that won t go away. It started over a month ago with just what looked like one large pimple amidst what looked like a simple rash. I applied Diprogenta (Betaethasone dipropionate Gentamicin sulfate) and although the rash disappeared overnight,...
11 1 22 hours ago
my daughter is now 6. but couple years ago went to doctors as where her hole is she had a bit sticking out the doctor said think bit skin which go away which did go so thought it gone but now she was sore and i looked she got bit coming out the hole. now not if that normal or not
11 1 4 days ago
10 wk old grand;daughter took bottle ar 9.40 last night. Kept screaming as if in really bad pain with tummy, had gripe water and calpol did not settle, She was violently sick and was unsettled because of tummy. We were not able to sit her down or lie her down only comfortable sat up. Finally took...
11 1 4 days ago
My 5 year old has little itchy dots from her waist to her neck .... most of the dots are clear but there are a few larger red dots with a dried clear fluid. I just noticed the dots a few hours ago and more kee appearing? any ideas on what they might be caused from?
11 1 4 days ago
Hi, my son is 5 years old and was diagnosed with asthma. He suffers from a severe cough througout the day and worse at night,he has wheezing and has white phlegm that he spits up once in a while. He was having green discharge from his nose not so much now but every once in a while. The chest...
11 1 4 days ago
I have a 4 year old who has several bowel movements a day...Most very loose stools, and sometimes just has mucus come out, she has suddenly been complaining that her left side hurts...She doesnt eat much and she always says she is thirsty...any ideas? i was thinking IBS?
11 1 5 days ago
Hello, Im concerned for my for my 12mo old nephew. Hes had a consistent cough for a few weeks now. At one point the docotors said he had pneumonia and just gave him antiboitics. At his last check up they said he didnt have it anymore but hes still coughing and cant catch his breath, weezing, lots...
11 1 5 days ago
My 4.5 yr old daughter had a cold recently, then she had a stomach ache, threw up 2 times the other day and stopped throwing up after that. This morning she woke up complaining about her legs hurting her and that she was very hungry. Then she fell back asleep even after she was out of bed....
7 1 6 days ago
Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? my son is 2 years i month old he is having light infection of typhoid fever. from dec 23 to dec 31 he had fever and after that 12 days he was normal. again now from jan 13 to today he is having fever every five hours he is having fever what is the...
11 1 Tue, 12 Feb 2019
my 11 yr old boy has developed mild fever and throatache today.his younger brother is just recovering from chickenpox. i amworried about his absence from school to have an impact upon his studies. how many days will it take to recover from this illness and when will it be safe to send him to school.
8 1 Tue, 12 Feb 2019
Hi, My 9 month old is running a fever, mainly at night of 101 to 102 for the past two weeks. We went to the Dr. last Monday and there is no sign of infection. She was very fussy and lethargic the following Friday, Saturday she was normal, Sunday she was lethargic and feverish again. Hardly no...
13 1 Mon, 11 Feb 2019
Hi. My six year old daughter has stomach pain and bad breath. She had this 3 times last year and just got over it last week. She now has it again. I have taken her to her Dr. everytime he says its Strep throat. I was just wondering if its normal to have it this offten. and Why does she keep...
13 1 Mon, 11 Feb 2019
My baby girl was born 2 mths premature, she was born Nov 14 2010. Her due date was estimated at January 19th 2011. She s at home now and her doctor said she s fine, but lately I notice her hands and legs shaking at the same time almost like ( twiching) .
12 1 Mon, 11 Feb 2019
Hello, We recently returned to India with 3 month old babies. They are currently feeding on Enfamil Premium-1. We are going to run out of Enfamil in a week. I would like answers for couple of questions: 1) Is a Formula equivalent similar to Enfamil available in Chennai. If so, what s the brand...
11 1 Mon, 11 Feb 2019
My son has been large since in utero. He is now 20 months, 35.5 inches long, 38.5 pounds and has a 20 head. I went to a new pediatrician yesterday to try to get speech therapy for him as he only says 2 words and just two weeks ago had ear tubes and can just now pass a hearing test. The new...
12 1 Mon, 11 Feb 2019
Hi, my 12 yr old started off with headach e and feeling unwell 5 days ago. She has fever which is worse in evening but lowers during the day. She has no energy has developed a dry cough which is worse at night and has red spots on her back, shoulders chest and neck
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