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14 1 6 hours ago
Hi there, my 11 week old baby keeps going to the right side all the time for exsample when i put him in his baby bouncer his head drops to the right side he wont sit up in there straight also when he has a poo this is always on the right side off his nappy his never in the middle is this normal?...
11 1 6 hours ago
My daughter is 1 month and 4 days old. I am a new mother. She has never really been one to spit up alot, but for the past 3 days she spits up quite often. She can be laying in her bed sleeping and she will just spit up. She is also fussyier than normal She doesn t have a fever. We had to switch...
11 1 6 hours ago
I am a nurse taking care of a 1 year old boy, (diagnosis is sketchy) possible cross between Rett s syndrome and Angelman s . He has been throwing up for sometime. Only drinks formula for now due to vomiting. He has had lots of congestion in his esophagus on 2 occasions. Both times chest X-rays...
13 1 1 day ago
hi my baby is 5 months and 3 weeks...she is been pooping a lot since yday....yday morning it was hard n dark if she was constipated but had no problem passing it except had to push lil harder....then as day went by the poop became pastelike n then a lil runny and yellow in color....i...
11 1 1 day ago
my 1 yr old son has been vomiting off and on all day. I put him to bed like normal he then woke up 2 hours later screaming. I went to his room and he was standibg in his crib. I picked him up and craddled him to get him back to sleep and he pucked a little over a cup of vomit. i cleaned him up...
14 1 1 day ago
just out of curiosity..I have a 22 month old with Trisomy 21. He had an EA/TEF . He was never diagnosed with Vacteryl but has four of the signs. He has a 7 mm asd with significant left to right shunting, syndactly of his last two toes on each foot, tracheoesphageal fistula , and esophageal...
11 1 1 day ago
Hi. We have a baby Girl and she is 6 months old and she is our first. We have been weaning for about 2 months, and every thing is going great, but we have tried to up the consistency of the food and she has started to gag, and be very sick. We are very concerned, and would love some help.
11 1 1 day ago
10 yr old boy feeling guidness ct,eeg taken,in eeg is showning eeg abnormal.went to nurologist he has given valance for 30 days and if the problem is there even after that he has told to come back,but for the past 10 days in the morning at 7.00 am he is feeling gudiness what could be the reason?
7 1 1 day ago
Hello, im 14 yrs old, and since i came back from holiday i was like very ill and after being ill all these days my vision annoys me like it starts to blurr in times alot,and also i have asthma so i think my asthma has worsened kinda iswell but i use my pumps and today i feel like vomiting so in...
11 1 1 day ago
My son is 3 years old, will be 4 in January. He has had medical problems his whole life, was very delayed and still is to a certain extent, He has very severe asthma and has been hospitalized many times for asthma exaserbation... His pulminologist did a bllod allery test in September2010 and his...
11 1 1 day ago
my baby girl has a slight swelling on her right side of the groin which appear slightly bigger than the other side. it does not appear painful to touch and there is nothing hard underneath. is this just baby fat? doctor recommended ultrasound. should we be worried and what could this mean?
7 1 1 day ago
I have a 9 yr old son who has hurt his left knee playing football. The pain comes and goes, but has really been bad these last couple of days. Ice and Ibuprofen don t seem to do much. I do have a doctor s appt scheduled on Friday, but just curious as to what may be wrong. Can kids tear things...
12 1 1 day ago
hi, my name is priscilla and i have a 2 yr old her grandmother just called and sent me a picture of my daughters panties with blood it looks more like loose stool with blood spots but she is telling me no its more like when a girl has her period im really worried my child is being sexually molested
11 1 1 day ago
my 75 days old grand daughter is having loose motion for the past one week. The motion is loose, watery and yellow and white particles like curd are seen in the motion and motion is done two or three times in a day. She is given breast milk and baby food Similac. The child is quite healthy and no...
11 1 1 day ago
Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query here... I hav an 8yr old girl who hasnt been well for over5weeks now she has had two courses of anitboitics she seems to be suffering from tummy pains stiffness of limbs tempure and a genril low feeling any ideals
7 1 1 day ago
Hello Doctor, My son 4 months old Boy effected with Unprovoked seizure for thrice. Day1--its been 2 episodes with 3 hours gap & on the 3 day 1 episode. Doctor suggested us to go ahead with gardinal 20 mg. Reports are normal. We are worried when it will occur & what are the preventive measures to...
11 1 1 day ago
My 5 month old son started getting a rash on his neck about 2 weeks ago, only a few spots evident but over the last 2 weeks, its spread all over the neck and under his arms. Its ike spots that look quite sore , they re raised but dont appear to offer hm discomfort.
11 1 1 day ago
Hi, my daughter who is 1 yr and 9 months cries while passing stools. she had this problem 2 months back. we did her sonography and barium test but everything was normal. she was ok for 1 month but she has developed the same condition again.the paediatrician has suggested evict and cremaffin. but...
11 1 1 day ago
Hello My two year old kid is having fever since last three days. Doctor told to give MeftalP for two days , but as the fever did not come on second day, i stopped giving it. Should i give this medicine as per prescription for two days even the fever has not come again?As the fever has again came...
11 1 1 day ago
a friend of mine has a 1 year old toddler and he has red bumps on his legs along with swelling of his feet and bruising on his feet and legs...she said he was sleeping a lot so she had to wake him up and he is also running a fever with all the symptoms i have described can you please help me...
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