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16 1 17 hours ago
my 3 yr old had surgery for a blockage in his penis which went fine but now he complains and crys some times when he get an erection.should he be getting erections at this age? it happens mainly when he sleeping an wakes him up with pain i apply ice.
6 1 17 hours ago
Hi my 4 yr old son has staph on his bottom eyelid. It has been spread through our family and we have dealt with this for a few yrs. We take tumeric wich has gotten rid of until now. We had gotten off of it because it took care of the problem. We got back on it and brought the staph to a head and...
6 1 17 hours ago
hi docs, my daughter, 1.5 year old, had a fever. 38-39 C. but it fever up and down every 3 hours. and the fever are in palms, metatarsal, head, and neck. her arms and legs are not. She looks so pale and fussy. what should I do? she doesn t want to eat and drink not much. thanks.
7 1 17 hours ago
My son (3 years old) and I went to the beach twice this weekend and now he is vomiting, warm (not a high temp.), and achy. I m not sure if it is heat exhaustion, but this happened last summer when we went to the beach he had vomiting, high temp., and diarrhea. It also happens if he is outside for...
7 1 17 hours ago
Namste Dr. My 5 month old baby passes stool too much may be around 15-20 times in a day and if i consider yellow watery discharge then uncountable. What is the problem and she is having this tendency from her birth. I consult my Dr. and he said that some infants take time to set their stomach,...
6 1 17 hours ago
my son was born 6th may and started looking bit yellowish after 4th day. Consulted peditrician and was told he will fine after 7th days and did a series of bilobiran tests. Where the values started coming down. Now after one month he is again started showing signsof yellowish. What could be the...
11 1 17 hours ago
My son will be eleven this month. recently i started paying more attention to him as he is not bathing properly when he spend time with me on week ends. When I told him to wash his penis most he do not and I have to send him to the bathrooms up to 3 times. he said his penis is tender. when I...
11 1 17 hours ago
My 4 year old son s is uncircumcised and there is a piece of skin that is stuck to the head of the penis. When he tries to pull the skin back to clean it and to pee it will not pull back because of the skin attached to the head-it is not that the skin is too tight, but stuck! what needs to be done?
6 1 17 hours ago
my baby is 8months old. he is having dysentry since past 2months. have tried all oral medicines. now have started injections wich are to be given twice a day for total 5days ie. 10 injections wich is antibiotic. still he passes motion 5-6 times and it is very foul smell with lots of mucus and its...
6 1 17 hours ago
hi.. my baby is 3 months old and is nt passing stool since last 5 days... but is passing lot of smelling wind... otherwise she is a very happy but but since 2 days she is nt sleeping well.. seems upset tummmy is the problem... can u help???...
6 1 17 hours ago
My daughter is 10 months old and she was diagonosed with Hydrocephalus when she was 2 months old. She had a Shunt put in from her brain to her stomach. She has been doing great since then. My question is.... recently she keeps on itching her head. Ususally it is right at the shunt or back of her...
6 1 17 hours ago
Hi, I m really worried about my 10-yr old son. I noticed last night that dark spot-like discolorations are on his stomach up to his chest, about a third of a finger in size each. He also has some on his arms and armpits. What could these be?...
6 1 17 hours ago
my son is now around 6 month and he sufferd proplems in his birth and this is the report of MRI when he was 3 month: premature cerebral degenerative changes with subvolumic state and alterd deep white matter signals suggestive of regionaly arrested / or defective myelination representing...
6 1 17 hours ago
My son was diagnosed with a throat infection and herpes rash has been given antibiotics 3 days ago but is getting worse I think he s shouting it s sore and is covered head to toe he hasn t been eating coz it s in his mouth should I go to a&e? I m worried!
7 1 17 hours ago
my 10 year old son woke up this morning with headache. I gave him some motrin. At 12:15 p.m. today he said he was cold i check for a fever it was 99.2. I gave him some motrin. at 1:45 it went up to 101.4. I gave him some gatorade and a cold towel on his head. At 2:45 it was 102.6. instead of...
8 1 17 hours ago
my son aged 8 yrs .was detected with bile salts and pigments in urine, on 16 apr bil uribin was 3.2 sgot and sgpt 33 and 46. on 23rd apr bilurubin was 0.8 and sgot and sgpt 38 and 39. on 6th may bil was 0.7 and sgot and sgpt was 23 and 17. i want to know that he actually had jaundice. he use to...
11 1 2 days ago
Hello Doc This is for my 6 1/2 yr son . His SGPT is 21.4 and s bilirubin total is 1.5 and direct is 0.6 and indirect is 1.9 . He was diagnosed for jaundice 2 months back . IS there still problems??? Pls let me know Thank you - regards- Gajanan Barve
11 1 2 days ago
is it safe to give Ofloxacin + Metronidazole Suspension to an 18 moths old baby. We have given it to our daughter. she has been suffering from loose motions and fever for the past three days and has not been taking any food except mik and that to in little quantity. She is crying a lot and...
11 1 2 days ago
my 5.5 mnths old baby s stool routine report shows 6-8 pus cells / it to worry abt and wat is the cause.we are giving him vizilac thrice a day and ofloxacin twice a day .vizilac since 7 days and ofloxacin since 4 days. he is passing greenish stool which is sometimes loose ,6-8 times a day...
11 1 2 days ago
Hi we have an 8 week old son who spent two nights in a hospital due to breathing problems he was diognosed with a floopy larynx. At his 8 week check the doctor said he has an enlarged liver and this morning i noticed the base of his thumb nails were turning purple. what can this be? do you think...
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