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11 1 2 days ago
my father had a brain stroke in 2008 and after that he unable to speak as before .I have visited so many doctor but no improvement yet please help how can my father got cure.His age 65.Had bypass surgery in 2006 and historically a diabetic patient. There is any opportunity other than speech...
7 1 2 days ago
i get bad catarrh when i get a cold (like right now) and i cant sleep because when i dose over and i relax i cant breathe and i wretch. its horrible. I can put up with it during the day but as soon as i try to sleep i end up in the bathroom all night, therefore exhausted for the next day. i can t...
11 1 2 days ago
Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query here...i have barretts esophagus the stuck feeling i get only happens when eating healthy foods...i dont get any promblem eating a greasy fry up or chips? help please im taking omeprazole thankyou
6 1 4 days ago
Hi, I have had a dry cough and a sensitive feeling on my skin for the last 3 days. It has not been getting better nor worse. My throat doesn t hurt and the sensitivity, slightly achy and uncomfortable feeling on my skin is most prominent on my back. I don t feel 100% but not super ill either. Is...
11 1 5 days ago
My throat feels like it has a lump in it and it hurts when I swallow and when I eat I taste cold, I have been sweating in my sleep and i had a really high temperature yesterday. I blew my nose today and there was blood in my mucus. I also have like a really bad headache when i stand up it feels...
7 1 5 days ago
Hi sir, am facing a problem to sleep. I dont get sleep much soundly during nights and it takes for me hours to get into sleep once am on bed. Most of the times i wake up during midnights and feel difficult to sleep again. Can you please help me out in this regard?
9 1 5 days ago
Hi I have been looking in right side of nose and feel a barrier there compared to left side of nose, my nose is partially blocked and have had this for a few months with continued sores or cold sores which resulted in a hospital stay for five days on a drip as I developed a staph infection, i can...
7 1 5 days ago
I have recently just started to have cold like symptoms and it s the 3rd day I. And my cough has got progressively worse and I have put Vicks on my chest taken penicillin 500mg 2 in the morning and two at night, I m also vomiting and can t eat without bringing back up and I haven t been able to...
11 1 5 days ago
My daughter,22 years old,has been diagnosed as having moderate S/N Hearing loss on right ear with 55db hearing only,on audio test.Tympanogram was taken on left ear only,which showed ok with 20db.What can be her problem?Can her hearing on Rt.ear be brought to 30db?If so what is required?Thanks
11 1 Fri, 8 Jan 2021
About 2 years ago I had and still have mucas come out frequently but no pain or burning in my chest; the untibiotics priscribed by the doctor did not heal. Lately, a bit coughin entered the fray so to speak. The strange thing is that most of those symptoms are not that noticeable when I am up and...
11 1 Fri, 8 Jan 2021
Mild Fever I am a 39 yrs old man about 2 weeks before I had cough cold and mild fever(98.5-100)after taking cough syrup and mox 500(10 tab), cough and cold was releived but I was not feeling fresh as dry cough and cold persisted. I also had acute pain inside the ear upto temple. I am also having...
11 1 Fri, 8 Jan 2021
Can painting a room cause nose pain? It s 5 a.m and I can t sleep because my face hurts soo much. We just painted a room and after I finished my nose started hurting. I had a runny nose for about 30 minutes and it went away but the nose pain is still here along with a headache. Could this be...
13 1 Fri, 8 Jan 2021
hi doctor i have a middle ear infection. i have suffered from these for years and have been getting treatment for them however they always seem to come back worse. i suffered from clue ear when i was younger but dont think it is anything to do with that because it is only in the last few years. i...
11 1 Thu, 7 Jan 2021
Hi Doctor, About a week ago, while eating a meal, a sharp piece of food pierced the soft tissue in the roof of my mouth! There was an immediate swelling which was full of blood, this dispersed and my mouth filled with blood. Up until yesterday I d been treating this laceration myself, although I...
11 1 Thu, 7 Jan 2021
For almost a week now i have been feeling tired all the time. My throat feels funny, It doesn t hurt it just doesn t feel normal. I had my tonsils taken out about 6 years ago and haven t had any sore sore throats since. The worst part is I ve had a horrible headache for 3 days now that won t go...
11 1 Thu, 7 Jan 2021
I was diagnosed with pneumonitis and took medication for 10 days and then after two days of finishing my medcation i was diagnosed with sore throat.Now i am taking z-pak. Its been 5 days now.. i was having severe pain in my throat But after taking medication i am feeling much better,but still...
11 1 Thu, 7 Jan 2021
I went for a run today, I usually exercise 5 days a week...I ate the usual breakfast, and as soon as I came home I had shrimp and whole wheat crackers. About an hour and a half later, I was doing a client s hair, and I was suddenly dizzy, shaking and sweating...and now I have felt tired and weak...
8 1 Thu, 7 Jan 2021
when i gave my child neurofen a few months ago i discovered that her nose bleed every time last week when she was sick i gave her calpol plus paralink suppositories this made her nose bleed could she be alergic 2 some ingredient in these medicines she is also on an antibiotic paradox
11 1 Thu, 7 Jan 2021
Hi, My baby is 2 weeks old. He is getting disturbed in sleep because of sputum in his throat. Sometimes, he is sleeping good but sometimes, something in throat is disturbing him and i can hear the sound in his throat. can you please suggest me, waht should i do?
11 1 Thu, 7 Jan 2021
my son has a large white spot on the left side of his throat accompanied by redness, and major ear pain. We tried to treat at home, but didn t get better. Took him to be seen and they did a quick strep test which came back neg. but told him something is growing back there. He has been on the...
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