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Using our Ask a Doctor service, you can send your questions to a Doctor and the Doctor will reply within minutes. It's as if you are having an email exchange with your very own private Physician!
As soon as you post your question, a qualified Doctor will start answering it. The Doctor will provide you with the all the medical information you need, and will guide you as you choose a course of action - all from the comfort of your home or office. No more sitting in the waiting room for hours just to get some basic information from your doctor; no more self-diagnosis after reading pages and pages of confusing and contradictory information online. Ask the Doctor gives you the personalized health information you need to decide on the right treatment for YOU.

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Sometimes it seems almost impossible to get an appointment with a Cardiologist, Oncologist, Urologist, or any other highly qualified specialist. Even if you're able to meet with one, they're so overbooked that you may not even get enough time to have all your questions and concerns addressed.
With Ask a Specialist, you can send your question to, and get a reply from, a specialist, or even ask for a second opinion on a serious health matter. With specialists from more than 50 fields of medicine, whether you need a Neurologist, Hematologist, or Pediatrician, Ask a Specialist can help you.

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Recent Questions answered by doctors

doctor1 MD

Hi in october 2017 I had De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis issue, issue root cause: we had a shower in bathroom, shower handle which helps in changing the hot to cold and cold to hot is very short and very tight. Four months time frame I used to apply...

doctor1 MD

In USG I am having liver 155 cm as well as portal vein in blood flow is 17cm/sec, liver and pancreasis increased in echogenisity, In upper endoscopy result is prominent veins at oseophogous and in nstomach mild congestive gastropathy My actual...

doctor1 MD

Hey doctor, The last two days now I have had this sore and dry tongue for some reason that just randomly came on when I woke up in the morning. It feels like a cut in the middle but a bit further to the front. There are no visible signs of a cut...

doctor1 MD

ive been on steriods for 3 weeks 60mg ive droped down to 30mg now im having major brain fog and derealztion and tremors? what can i do till i dr i feel awful. they put me on them for high antibodies due to hashimoto and nerogloic systoms...

doctor1 MD

I took one tramadol at 3:00 am EST. If I don't take any more can I have a glass of wine at a birthday party at noon?