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Using our Ask a Doctor service, you can send your questions to a Doctor and the Doctor will reply within minutes. It's as if you are having an email exchange with your very own private Physician!
As soon as you post your question, a qualified Doctor will start answering it. The Doctor will provide you with the all the medical information you need, and will guide you as you choose a course of action - all from the comfort of your home or office. No more sitting in the waiting room for hours just to get some basic information from your doctor; no more self-diagnosis after reading pages and pages of confusing and contradictory information online. Ask the Doctor gives you the personalized health information you need to decide on the right treatment for YOU.

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Sometimes it seems almost impossible to get an appointment with a Cardiologist, Oncologist, Urologist, or any other highly qualified specialist. Even if you're able to meet with one, they're so overbooked that you may not even get enough time to have all your questions and concerns addressed.
With Ask a Specialist, you can send your question to, and get a reply from, a specialist, or even ask for a second opinion on a serious health matter. With specialists from more than 50 fields of medicine, whether you need a Neurologist, Hematologist, or Pediatrician, Ask a Specialist can help you.

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Recent Questions answered by doctors

doctor1 MD

I broke my ankle in September - it was a bad break with all three bones being broken. I had surgery and didn't have any pain. I have broken my other ankle twice and have had no pain. My right ankle is extremely painful now. I am walking with a...

doctor1 MD

I swallowed a vaginal pesos art by mistake..I tried to vomit it out.pessary. Pls write

doctor1 MD

Hi, I was going through my stretching routine prior to my morning jog. I have a leg stretching machine in which you sit in the machine and turn a wheel that push your legs apart. Engaging in this exercise I fear I hyperextended my knee. I feel...

doctor1 MD

Im 42 year old male. I used to have really bad nasal symptoms during mountain cedar pollen season as a teen and into my 20's. I noticed as I got older that my symptoms seemed to change during this pollen season. Now my nose doesn't run at all but...

doctor1 MD

Low energy. tired, no appetite, sad. I have spinal stenosis and had surgery 8 weeks ago to implant a cord stimulator that does not appear to be helping the pain. Been in a sad mood the last 4 weeks as a result of the surgery not working. Any...