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2 1 Fri, 1 Jun 2018
I was putt-putt golfing today, HHi SC. I bent down and my left eye crossed ,I got disoriented for 10 seconds ,dizzy and stumbled. I sat in the sun for 10 minutes and my eye strawberries tightened out and about 45 mins later I felt okay. Are these symptoms of a heat stroke?
2 1 Fri, 1 Jun 2018
If river water is contaminated with E. coli (probably cows in the river and a feed lot close enough to river for the runoff to reach it ) and that water is used to water your garden how much risk is there. Also I use a sprinkler that is pretty misty , vapors in the air. Can myself or animals be...
2 1 Thu, 31 May 2018
I was planted a fern, I cut it in half and there were a lot of ants and immediately I felt stinging on my hands and firearms. And as I continued my planting, felt a bit on my neck, ankle. Ithat was over a week ago. I now started having very sore hard and puss filled bumps on my hands fingers neck...
2 1 Mon, 28 May 2018
Hi.. we have a skunk(s)? under our house and animal control can not get out here until Monday. It has sprayed and the smell has come up through the vents in my floor. We shut and covered the vents and aired out the house, however it still lingers and it could happen again. I am worried about my...
3 2 Mon, 21 May 2018
Hello, I have a very dry throat, slight metallic taste in mouth. Occasionally sense that I am breathing thru smoke. These issues have been with me for about 2 months. I ve been doing a lot of oil painting on canvas using cadmiums paints and turpentine. Have also added zyrtec to deal w/ spring...
2 1 Sat, 19 May 2018
My 15 daughter said her felt like it was on fire and she feels like vomiting. She has been exposed to black mold while living in a rented home with my ex. She also catches everything easily and it takes longer for her to kick it. Does any have an ideas what could be going on with her?
2 1 Fri, 11 May 2018
Someone who has special needs moved into an apartment where they had used easy off oven cleaner to clean the oven, they did not wipe the oven clean afterwards, and the person has been cooking in the oven for months with the cleaner in it, they just thought the oven was dirty, and finally asked...
3 2 Tue, 8 May 2018
I had a job working withvaccum pumps, repairing , rebuilding them in a chemistry labs at a chemistry building. I have had mercury run out on my hands, arms,clothing. This was back in 1989, 1990. I have problems with weakness and several health problems. Could these problems have come from this job
2 1 Sat, 5 May 2018
My children put a small plastic bowl in the oven and I didn’t realise it was in there and bout 15 mins later could smell something so went in and it had melted a bit and had a couple of black patches on it and I scraped it out and in the process inhaled and felt like I had swallowed it and it...
2 1 Fri, 4 May 2018
I drank around 40 ml of phenol (toilet cleaner) yesterday around 5:45 A.M, within 15 mints I took a glass of water in which salt was diluted to induce vomiting, I vomit and took another glass which further induce vomiting, I was having sore throat, burning in throat, after that at 8 AM I took...
2 1 Thu, 15 Mar 2018
i m 53 yrs, I ve been doing construction on very large jobs, large casinos, super markets,malls and so on. On and off for yrs, times I/we would walk on a job where there would be (sometimes) up to 3-5 ft of smoke stuck under the Roof Decks, 10, 20 , 40 ft in the air i/we would get on some Gas...
2 1 Thu, 15 Mar 2018
My husband is working in our small garage at least 8 hours a day, with no ventilation and smoking as well. By the end of the day he stinks so bad I can’t stand to be near him! He is 73 years old with many health issues. What damage can this do to his lungs n other parts of his body?
2 1 Tue, 27 Feb 2018
HI I work in very Hot places / like attics of residential Homes / my ? is ... i never used to till recently & iam now 61 yy / but I get dizzy & almost pass out this ensense heat / 120 -140 + f .... this is something new to me / it s all of a sudden last few months / I ve been working in these hot...
2 1 Tue, 26 Dec 2017
Hi Dr. Rynne, last summer I had weed killer accidentally sprayed on my bare legs. I am having gastric problems, insomnia and severe pain throughout my body. Is there any treatment that I could seek for this type of poisoning after a year has gone by.
2 1 Tue, 5 Dec 2017
my doc prescribed amitriptyline hcl for pain when my bladder is full pain subsides gradually after I empty it.I dont think it is appropiate for this condition as im happy and definately not depressed etcI had external beam radiation 10 years ago and I think it is from that
3 2 Thu, 23 Nov 2017
What are signs of radiation poisoning, or radiation sickness?
2 1 Wed, 20 Sep 2017
I have been treated for a sinus infection and when I went in to see the Dr. I had told them that I was exposed to petroleum distillates at work and had been for like 3 years on the daily. I was building fuel pumps for utility vehicles at work. A co worker informed me that she had done the job...
2 1 Wed, 6 Sep 2017
I was reheating a takeout meal in a Teflon pan and the water in the pan boiled out and it started to smoke. I didn t catch it right away as I was helping a customer where I work. When I did turn the pan off and check the meal, it wasn t burnt so I ate a few bites. Could the smoke be toxic? I had...
2 1 Mon, 28 Aug 2017
ok, for about 6 weeks my bedroom had water damage and i had it all repaired and the awful mold taken out of the walls and ceilings and carpets,, but that was like 3 months ago and I ve always had allergies and had pollip surgeries,,but I ve been soooo dang tiried, all the time,, now for the past...
2 1 Wed, 9 Aug 2017
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