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8 1 8 hours ago
I can feel my blood pressure rising and it feels like all the blood is rushing to my head. I can t even hear because the pounding is so loud. I feel sick about 25% of the day because of this. I m also having some bloody discharge and cramping. Is that related? Should I get BP medicine?
8 1 8 hours ago
I think I have orthostatic hypotension but I am not sure. When I stand up I get the normal dizziness but my vision also fades to black for a few seconds. Sometimes I get tunnel vision. I am a runner so I thought it could be having a runner s pulse, but no one on my team experiences vision loss or...
14 1 8 hours ago
My Father is a 49 year old man that has a dephibulator for 5 years now. This past Sunday he devoloped pnuemonia the doctors gave my father doubtamine to give his heart an extra squeeze that has resulted to kidney failure now today thursday the doctors come to me and say he has ARDS he is already...
12 1 1 day ago
My dad has had two quadrupole bypass his last arteries is 80 percent blocked. The last heart calf he had put in he had a stroke on the table, he has no more arteries to take from. What are his options, are their any surgeries that the doctor can take arteries form some one else or a animal or...
7 1 1 day ago
sir please help me i am only 21 and i think that i am a heart patient which cant be true because my doctor had done aal the test which result that i dont hav a heart problem but daily mostly at night i feel that m a heart patient and i feel so low plss help me
11 1 1 day ago
What is the chance for survival for a person undergoing off-pump redo CABG to the one artery (LAD) left to be bypassed? Left ventricular function around 50% Hypertension, Hypothyroid problems, diabetes from medication Had CABG 4 years ago and now LAD is the only artery that can be operated on and...
6 1 1 day ago
hello doctor I am a 54 year male 5.7 weigh 174 pound and recently I went to the hospital because I had shortness of breath ,what I felt was that my throat was getting tight and Icould not breath easy,in the hospital they could not find anything wrong and they diagnosis was that I had a panic...
11 1 2 days ago
my father has a hypertension since 10 years &started amlodipine since 8 years before month ago he feels severe headache and his physician gave him cinazine and aspirin ,he is 62 yrs oll smoker ,aweek ago ,aperipheral edema in his legs I just want to know if there is any containdication especially...
11 1 2 days ago
Hello Dr. Recent days I am feeling that during early mornings some days, my heart beat goes little high and due to that i feel any of the body part ( hand, or leg ) vibrating kind of sense. After i feel such changes, i wake up immediately and as soon as I sat on the bed, the heart beat becomes...
11 1 2 days ago
I was suppose to have a stress test because my heart delays pumping blood back when in a resting stage..I never went for it I had my blood pressure taken yesterday in a doctors office it was 120 over 94 does this mean it s getting worse as the bottom number is getting higher...
7 1 2 days ago
Hi,i m now 21 year old Buddhist monk from Myanmar. Whenever I am checked my pressure condition, my pressure is under 100 (High) and under 65 (low), breathe is normal (71). Why am i not like other whose blood pressure is above 100 (high) and above 75 (low)?
8 1 2 days ago
Hi my twin brother had a test on his heart done and was told he had 2 black spots. He has to have another cath done and the cardiologist seem to be really concerned about the spots. What might they be or how can I look up info on this? Also with us being twins should I be checked? I have MVP with...
13 1 2 days ago
I am 31 years old, having BP 140/83 , and total cholestrol 6.98 mmol/l,Atherogenic index 4.25,LDL cholestrol 4.68 mmol/l,Alanine transferase 76.1 U/L.My problem is sometimes i am getting a feeling of fainting / feeing of imbalance and till now i havent start any medications yet .My father died at...
12 1 2 days ago
My heart is beating very fast, pulse rate 108 bpm, I have had this for a while now - the Dr had me on a Cardio watch to monitor my heartbeat and the results were high and varied from 108 to 126, my Dr therefore suggested that I visit a Cardiologist for an Echo Cardiogram but due to an error on...
7 1 3 days ago
Yes, i was just wondering if say your born with a heart murmur (i think my mom said i was born with 2 but they closed up.I was wondering can this you athleticaly in the future?Ive noticed that sumtimes my chest will hurt really bad after some work outs to the point i have to sit down and relax...
11 1 3 days ago
my father just gone thru byepass surg. has been advised a fistfull of medicines for god knows how long. The list is 1. clavix 2 storvas 3. pan 40 4. urimax 5. serta 6. lasilactone 6. taxim. I want to know how long he will need them and which are really required as at 74 he is very reluctant to...
11 1 3 days ago
I have chest pain daily usually after i eat...it s in left side of chest in my back in my arms. and i also feel pressure when i press down on the mouth of my stomach below my rib line. I had extensive test about two years ago which icluded ekg s and even a camera in my heart...Cholesterol is...
6 1 3 days ago
Iam 57 years old male ihad heart attack in 1992 iwas treated at cmc veloore at that time from then onwords inever felt any pain shortness of breath an symptoms associated with heart attack iam a airconditioning tecnician worked in temprature up to 52centrigrade in Arabian Gulf but after stoping...
13 1 3 days ago
hi...i am somak from mumbai... my father has been suggested to undergo angiography and angioplasty while his treatment for NHL. i have the following queries 1. how costly is the procedure in totality? 2. is it safe for a cancer patient to undergo this procedure??
7 1 3 days ago
I am having chest pain/pressure on the left side, right side headachein back head,acid reflx,& nervousness.I also feel very fatigued,lightheaded, nd the pain goes from the upper left side of my left breast to the right side of that left breast.I am really scared.I did end up in ER a couple of...
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