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7 1 2 days ago
My 85 year old healthy grandmother went to the hospital for a check-up yesterday and they said she had a little high blood pressure. She had it read when she first showed up for the check-up and it was high but then after being at the hospital for a little while it dropped 20 points. My Grandma...
11 1 2 days ago
dear doc I had high tryglycerides 340 and high bp 110 /190 and totalcholesterol 260 I was blood tested and I am under medication stil I have the heaviness in chest with a light headache its 8 days now iam on medicine.Coul I have hypothyroidism also?
11 1 2 days ago
I had chemo 2 years ago Cytoxin/Taxotere for breast cancer and am currently on Tamoxifen, Toprol 100mg,TriamtereneHCTZ 37.25mg. I was taking Lortab 7.25-500mg but that was currently changed to Lortab 7.5-325mg. Last night was the first time taking the new pills, and I keep get this fluttering...
11 1 2 days ago
I have SVT but my episodes are typically few and short lived. For the past two weeks my heart rate has been fairly consistently over 100 and also raises/drops quickly. (114-90-110...) I have been tired, short of breath and unable to lower my heart rate by myself and make it last for more than a...
8 1 3 days ago
Hello doctor my father is having diabetics past 25 years and we gone for angiogram test.Doctor says that three valves blocked.LAD 75-90% and RCA 50-75% .Further we went for myocardial perfusion scan.That report shows evidence of viable myocardium in major part of infarct zone.(LAD VASCULAR...
12 1 3 days ago
I have been experiencing pain on my left rib for three years now and i just turned twenty.recently its been worse mostly when its painful its due to the change in weather.if its cold chilly etc it swollens up you can actually see it popping out of my skin.it literally shows.its on my left just...
10 1 4 days ago
Hey Doctor Mintz I currently take losartan 50mg per day for high blood pressure . My blood pressure usually runs about 145 over 88 while on losartan. I am 58 years old white male. Here is my question: I had a upper repitory infection 2 weeks ago went on a Zpac of anitibiotics for 6 days and it...
13 1 4 days ago
My husband went for a stress test and the Dr. phoned back said there was a shadow behind his heart. His blood pressure has been running a little higher then usual, he has three stents now but has never had a heart attach, Dr said he might have to have a cath later and is sending him new...
11 1 4 days ago
I am an 18 year old girl and last night after drinking my heart was beating super hard and fast. After 30 minutes my pulse was measures around 105, but by then it felt slow and comfortable compared to how painful it was in the beginning. This is the second time in the last 6 months this has...
2 1 4 days ago
My 25 year son who was in perfect health was just diagnosed with Myocardial Bridge. The report reads the midportion of the LAD courses within the myocardium of the anterior left ventricular wall, approximately 1-2 mm deep with relative moderate narrowing of this intramuscular portion relative to...
2 1 4 days ago
Hello, I have had a repaired ascending aortic aneurism, and 1 stent. My cardio doc says my bicuspid heart valve will need to be replaced in maybe 7 to 10 years. I take BP medicine only. I am 58 year old male smoker. I was just sitting the other day when I felt a thump in my chest , my heart rate...
8 1 4 days ago
complicated circumstance. 52 year old quadriplegic. already has MVP with regurgitation, has to have cardiac clearance for non-cardiac surgery; stress test came back small inferolateral and lateral wall reversible defect noted, not fixed defect noted, normal LV function, the probability of flow...
7 1 4 days ago
sir my wife ijured from bullet her heart tube break .now her condition is not good .she is in bad condition .but her mother want her surgery from american doctors.but here doctors saying she need emergency surgery.sir give me your suggetion.here doctor we cant wait for other day other wise we...
11 1 4 days ago
I just checked my bp and it was said to be 110/40. Is this a dangerous level? Sometimes when I get nervous or worried thoughts I have this kind of involuntary palpitation around the middle of my chest. I hardly have any pains though.What should I do?
11 1 4 days ago
I am taking prolomet xl25 since past 4 months. This has been prescribed by cardiologist for HT. I face missing beats especially when (a) I have had a very tiring day and (b) I move from one position lying down to up right position and (c) When I am stressed. It is not a regular occurance but...
21 1 4 days ago
I have a question. if someone were having a very strange sensation in their chest, behind the sternum where the heart would be....the sensation feels like blood gushing through. it s just to weird to describe very well. no pain. no shortness of breath, no lightheadedness.... but the beat of the...
11 1 4 days ago
I have had two severe chest pain and it seemed the heart would burst in my chest. Doctors here in Mo tested me with nuclear stress test and the heart showed good . Could colon have anything to effect the heart, I have lost a good deal of weight and perhaps could I be low in Potassium ? In 2003 I...
2 1 4 days ago
Hi, my husband had a leaky heart valve and had to have open heart surgery, his farther has just been diagnosed as having an enlarged heart. My Son is now worrying because when he exercises he gets a pain in his chest, could any of the conditions above be hereditary, my son is now worrying. Thank you
12 1 4 days ago
i ate some solid white tuna from a can and about 5-10mins later i got severe chest pains in the center of my chest. i could also feel it in my back. it wasnt constant, sorta came in waves and lasted about 45mins. everytime a wave came it hurt less and less. any idea what it was?
7 1 4 days ago
My daughter 34 had injections today in her back. Her blood pressure before the injections was 175 over 147. She is on medication 20 mg. not sure what the name is for a month now but bp still very high. After 4 more readings and after the shots it came down to 142 over 120. What causes this in...
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