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2 1 Sat, 17 Nov 2018
Sir. MY name is Vijendra singh Gehlot .I am 50 years . I had kidney transplant before 5 years but from 1 year I am suffering from.loose.motion and continue weight lose and weakness.I am also suffering from hydrocil with harnia .My present creatine is 2.2.I take tacrograph 1 mg OD,MFT 360 mg OD...
2 1 Thu, 8 Nov 2018
My 21 year old son is complaining of back pain near or at his kidneys, esp the left side. Hands and feet are swollen enough that gloves and shoes no longer fit correctly. He has waves of dizziness, constipation, cold flashes, gets very weak at times without exertion, and is constantly fatigued....
2 1 Thu, 8 Nov 2018
Hello. I would like to ask regarding the case of my husband. He underwent medical examination for his work. On his ultrasound result there is consideration of nephrolithiasis on his right kidney. And CT stonogram is suggested. Do we need to go first to a nephrologist or go on with CT stonogram?...
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
Both kidneys move well with respiration and have normal shape, size and have increased cortical echoes. Cortico - nedullary differentiation are well made out. No evidence of calculus or hydronephrosis. Impression : increased cortical echogenicity in bilateral kidneys. Significant postvoid residue
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
I was Dx with 14 kidneys on both of my kidneys 13 of them are 2mm and 1mm then I have one is 4mm and the other is 7mm dr says I need no surgery since they are not Up struck in urine passing but I have so much pain in back and sides dr says I should not have any pain with them the urologist gave...
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
means the part of kidney draining urine to ureter(connecting tube between kidney and urinary bladder)is may be a temporary dilation or due to some obstruction of urine flow. ।समस्या को हिंदी मे समझाये
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
Lately, I have had an issue of having to urinate more often than usual. Until recently, I would go in the morning when I got up, at night before bed, and maybe once during the day. But now I feel the urge many times during the day. I don t have any problem when I go, no burning or pain, and...
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
I recently was treated for a kidney infection and a week later had to have two uric acid kidney stones removed. I was put on Potassium Citrate and Flomax after the surgery and found that one or both of them made me ill. I have stopped both medications but my doctor call me today to tell me that...
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
hi can I swim with a kidney stent in? It is not string one...I have a kidney stone in my collecting system and was placed in until it can be removed by laser... Also can I lift weights and do stomache crunches? It’s has been in place for 5,weeks. Thank you Sorry gave wrong email Lorrain YYYY@YYYY
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
My last check up showed stage 3 kidney disease but my Dr didn t seem concerned . I asked if I should be doing something like diet and exercise and he said no. But he ordered blood tests every 2 weeks since April because my Creatin was High 1.5. Each time the results were in he said it was better...
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
Hi I was just released from the hospital yesterday and I had a stint put in due to a kidney stone . Next week I got to get it blasted but now my feet ankels and hands are swollen I m not sure what to do
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
Hi Doctor, In my recent report, it shows cortical echoes are increased. Both kidneys are normal and differentiation present in cortisol medulla. Pelvicalyceal system is not dilated and no calculi. Please advice on this report. If there is any treatment to be taken.
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
Recently I have 4.5 mm kidney stone and one day full pain after consulting a doctor he given medicines Tamsukem plus tablets and duo-cytra syrup. Now I don t have any pain but some times when I m passing urine some wat of pain actually not pain that some wat of heat I think so. I observed before...
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
Hi ,I have a small echo genie focus in mid pole of my left kidney at about 0.3 cm with no posterior shadowing in ultrasound. . In addition to that an ill defined hypoechoic area in upper pole of my left kidney with no vascularity . Although this area was not well visualised . There is an ectatic...
2 1 Fri, 2 Nov 2018
Both CT AND Ultrasound shows a dumbbell-shaped hypodense lesion within the mid right kidney with Houndsfield units measuring 36 and overall dimensions measuring 2.5 x 1.5cm. No vascularity. Normal blood flow to the right kidney. No additional renal lesions present. What do you think I should be...
12 1 Tue, 30 Oct 2018
My name is Brenda, 5 7 180 lbs. I was diagnosed in 2004. Presented with only the left ear affected. Blood Work sent to Mayo Clinic, confirmed Anti Collagen II. In 2006 had some nasal issues from RP nothing since. I have had microscopic hematuria since 1999 ranging from 2+ to 6+, about 20...
2 1 Tue, 30 Oct 2018
I was just told I have kidney stones. I have been having pains in the abdomen areas and also been having shortness of breath and my chest tightens up when doing physical activities and stress related. I have had tests on my lungs and heart and they came out fine. Could the kidney stones be...
2 1 Tue, 30 Oct 2018
Mrs. Smith is a 46 year old woman who has a history of hypertension and obesity. She has recently been feeling extremely fatigued and has noticed edema in her feet and lower legs. She also reports shortness of breath and abdominal pain. She says she has not been sleeping and is suffering from...
2 1 Tue, 30 Oct 2018
About 2 glasses of bright red blood passed on urination after fall hitting right side of back below ribs. Pain constant and severe in area of impact, and frequent passage of blood since fall. What could cause this? is it kidney injury, and if so what are the chances of the kidney regaining its...
2 1 Tue, 30 Oct 2018
Hello Dr Rynne I am currently in the throes of pain from kidney stones . I went to theER last week where they did act scan ..eventually the pain was relieved and I went home,made an appointment with the Urologist. That doesn’t happen until feb 9. We never did find anything that had passed.. now...
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