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6 1 2 days ago
I have a 6 year old girl with a severe allergy to pollen and also dust mites. She also has asthma, mostly induced by allergies or virus. Since being diagnosed last year and beginning daily asthma meds she has gained 14 pounds but has grown less than an inch. Blood tests show no endocrine/hormonal...
11 1 2 days ago
Hello Doctor, I had cold cough,for that doctor prescribed me Grand clav and Grilllinctus cough syrup,after that cough persists so Telekast-l for 15 days,but if i stop medicine cough starts and again started Telekast-l it is ok so how long i should take and is it safe for long use Thanks, Jagjit...
6 1 2 days ago
I have had a clicking noise in my left ear which was diagnosed as a malfunctioning eustachean tube. The first ENT seemed disinterested, gave me a script ofr fluticasone and referred me to a tinnitis clinic. He told me the spray should only be used short-term. The problem reurned much worse and...
6 1 2 days ago
i am 34.i took sysron n 3 tablets daily for 8 days to delay my period while on vacation last month..after discontinuing i got withdrawal bleeding...this month i haven t got my period is 5 days up...i always have very regular periods dot 28 advice...
8 1 2 days ago
I have been taking ic metradozinole for 6 days. About the third day I developed a blister on my lip, hot all over my body, dizzy, and somtimes I feel like my liver hurts. I know that these side effects are mentioned. It took me a little while to relize the blister was from the medicine. Why would...
6 1 2 days ago
Hello Doctor, My mother is of 56 years old and having BP - 130/80 and he used AMLONG-A for almost 3 years later suggested to use TELVI H due to Pedal swelling. Could you please suggest will there be any side effects with TELVI-H ? Thanks, Ramesh.
8 1 2 days ago
I had unprotected sex with my girlfrnd on 15th oct.. i had given her unwanted 72, aftr tht she had little abdominal pain nd secration of colorless fluid. her period is due today 20th oct bt now she hve no pain or secration.. wht to do in such situation?
7 1 2 days ago
hi my wife is 35 years old she had a gum infection and her dentist prescribed her amoxcyllin capsules 500 mg one capsule 3 times daily she was taking these for three days and later her dentist prescribed her metrogyl 200mg to take three times a day. Since then she has been taking metrogyl she has...
8 1 2 days ago
Explain me the side effects of montair LC tablet. I am suffering from Wheezing and the doctor advised me to take this tablet for 4 weeks continuously. Now 4 weeks are over and i was not able to consult the doctor after 4 weeks. If am not taking the tablet for one day immediately the next day...
12 1 4 days ago
Hi Doc, I am undergoing my second IVF (FET) after the first failed. Same as in the last cycle, i am getting 38-39 degree celcius fever from the day I start taking susten 200mg injection. Is this normal? I have my transfer scheduled for this friday but have been running a temperature since...
7 1 4 days ago
my age is 55 i got mild pain in my heart dr. priscribed revelol 25, ecosprin Av 75, happi 20 mg my blood resut ESR 30,LYMPHOSITES 41,CHOLESTROL-SERUM-PLOSMA 41 LDL-136 HDL-41 TMT-1.030 is it any heart diesies? dr gave tab for 6 months any side effect pl. tell me
6 1 4 days ago
Yes, my son has been taking Vyvanse in 40 mg for several months. We noticed with the help of his teacher that it seemed to not be working as before. We went to his doctor and she increased it to 50 mg. He took his first 50 on friday of this past week. Then he took another one on Saturday and...
7 1 4 days ago
Hi, I have been using proactive for quite some time now.It seem s to be working but, it s taking it s toll.I am looking for something fast and active.I have recently been prescribed with sofrodex and was wondering what the affects are and how good it is at fast results? *Does continuous use for...
6 1 4 days ago
My 10 month old is suffering from cold and cough. He is having a breathing problem because of cough. He is on nebulization for last 2-3 days. 1 ml of Duolin respules + 1 ml budecort respules + 4 ml of glucose. Is there any side effect of this? Is it symptoms of asthma?
6 1 4 days ago
Hi, I ve been on the petogen injection since june 2006,last year i ve been experiencing bleeding for 2 week then it disapeared and about 3 weeks ago the bleeding started again and i have decided that im not going to go on the petogen again.hoe long does it take for the petogen injection to get...
112 1 4 days ago
Dr. I started taking ISTAVEL 100 mg. (Sitagliptin Phosphate) a couple weeks back. Before that I have been taking Metformin1000.The sugar level reading before and after administering Sitagliptin is as follows: Before After FBS 141 108 PPBS 204 118 Now I am advised to continue with this medicine....
8 1 4 days ago
My husband age 63 is a patient of COPD for last 12 years.My Doctor has prescribed Deviry 10 (1-1-2). My office Doctor says it is prescribed to ladies. I want clarification on this.recently he has been prescribed Bozetan 62..5 (1-0-0). After that tablet patient s activities have slowed down. Does...
7 1 5 days ago
Hey doct,i did a test 7 yrs ago, i was told im hiv postive. and ever since then i ve not been on drugs. now im planning of taking diet pils like HERBALIFE, AND HODIERUSH. is it safe for me. i base in malaysia i m kind of scared of going to any clink for treatment. i was told is only thailand that...
6 1 5 days ago
My daughter is 14 years old. She got periods at the age of 11 years, but irregular that too if started not getting stopped even after one month. Now I have consulted doctor, he has suggested Regestrone 5 mg twice a day. Any side effects, will it get normalised.
6 1 5 days ago
I am 37 years old, type 2 diabetes patient for past Eight years. My sugar level has been controlled by the medicine Gemer-2 ( glimepiride 2mg and metformin 500mg ). I weigh 61 kg and I am 5 feet and 4 inches.Last 5 years i am using Azulix 1 mg.I have been adviced to take Gemer2 .i worried about...
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