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5 1 9 hours ago
Myself Dr.Geeta (anaesthesiologist) suffering from SLE since Dec12. Presentation was bilateral pleural effusion.Recurrent bilateral tapping(10 times)(1500 ml each)done. Already taken Endoxan Inj. 6 cycle,Inj methotraxate &tab Wysolone since dec12. Bilat. Hip AVN detected in Dec13.Wysolon...
9 1 10 hours ago
Good day Doc, A friend gave me numerous tablets of Silver Centrum Vitamins with expiration on Sept. 2014. This i plan to give to my parents who aged 65. However, when I took a closer look of the vitamins, there were many brown spots/ dots on the surface. I bought from the drugstore a sample of...
6 1 11 hours ago
I take Venlafaxine (300mg), Atenolol (50mg), and Mobic (15mg) daily. I have been taking the Venlafaxine and Atenolol for months, and the Mobic for 2 weeks. I notice no interaction problems, but says that Venlafaxine and Mobic can cause upper GI bleeding and Atenol and Mobic cause...
10 1 1 day ago
I have been experiencing thick, bubbly, sticky saliva for many months now - following about two years of using hydrogen peroxide for a mouthwash. I ve seen two dentists and two oral surgeons; surgeons tested my salivary glands and concluded my saliva was normal. They could not diagnose my...
2 1 2 days ago
My friend took Meclizine 25 mg for Vertigo and she has a slightly swollen tongue and slurred speech. She fell into a very deep sleep after taking it. She is awake now but is very sleepy and tongue swelling seems to be getting better and speech is improved.. What should we do? Thank you.
5 1 2 days ago
after 10 years of gross hematuria, flank pain, and surgery to remove a tumor wrapped around my ureter, I have been diagnosed with alport syndrome. The flank pain is constant, I take 6 advil every 4 hours and that really doesn t help. Anything I can take that is not a narcotic?
5 1 2 days ago
what is typical dosage and dosing of Valproate for male with autism, weight 160 pounds. He had extreme reactions 4 years ago (extreme incidents of aggression; gorggy, lethargic, dazed look at other times) when dosage increased from 500 mg to 750 mg. Now being considered again.
12 1 4 days ago
My father recently had Q fever and in the aftermath was given Minax. He has experienced symptoms which may be due to side effects of this drug, including a skin rash and disturbed sleep with hallucinatory type dreams, and extreme anxiousness, depression with increased fears for his mental health....
5 1 4 days ago
I recently had my birth control taking out witch was the nexplanon it was brought to my attention that when they remove it, it was broken in half inside my arm they didn t know how long it could have been broken my question is can it cause health problem since it was broken ?
2 1 4 days ago
My wife is taking azithromycin 250mg and lizezolid 600mg for the last 3 months and is losing a very large amount of hair. She 78 years old and always had a full head of hair. Can these meds cause hair loss. Her Drs are 300 miles away and she has been unable to reach them by phone.
12 1 4 days ago
I am a 55 year old female..I am 16years post menopausal....I recently had a Dexa scan done and was told that the score was -2.5 (five years ago it was -2.4). I was advised to take Fosamax ...after reading about the side effects..I became concerned because I have already lost two back molars due...
7 1 5 days ago
been taking wellbeut for months. feel gittery, my ears started feeling stopped up and I get dizzy. My head feels like it is not on my body and real light headed. Started having a funny sensation when I turned my head while looking down. My ears would feel like they were stopping up and a...
2 1 5 days ago
I am taking ecosprin 150/20 a.v. my age is 44. I got brain stroke 3 months back. I am fine now. Doctor told me to take this tablet life time. But taking ecosprin life time does have side effect. Along with this doctor recommended 1) glyciphage sr and 2) stamlo 2.5 Please advise
5 1 5 days ago
i had filled my last script of 80 mgs a day of methadone on aug 7 on a 30 day script stretched it for 37 days to ween myself down and now 11 days later still in withdrawl do you recomend subutex or suboxone.I am done with methadone, if i was to start tomorrow on one or the other
11 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
My daughter suffered heat exhaustion a couple of weeks ago, she was pale unable to walk and passed out. we went back to dr yesterday for follow up and he has run blood work we are waiting for results. Tonight she ran another XC meet 5K and came across pale face and blue lips and she felt like...
5 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
hi, doc i m using convoy since last 3 days , on first day i didnot have any problem, on 2nd day i felt slight irritation and itching and on 3rd day that increased more but bearable my question is should i continue this medicine my gynae has given me 3 more tablets
7 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
Since switching to SweetLeaf Stevia My husband and I are both suffering from severe gas. Is this normal? Will it subside. Neither of us has had this problem prior to using the Sweetleaf. I stopped the Truvia and it s noname brand equal a couple of weeks ago due to the other additives in them. I...
5 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
yes, I recently had a medical procedure on 6.12.14 and needed to take one misoprostol 200 mcg and one iburofen 800 mg at 11 pm on 6/11/14. The following morning 6/12/14, I had to take: one diazepam 10 mg; one misoprostol 200 mcg; one hydrocodone/aceaminophen 5-325; one iburofen 800 mg and will...
12 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
I will be 54 next month. My health seems fine, had blood work done complete & all good. I run a lot, try to sty in shape, last 2 years taking vyvanse - dropped ot to 50 mg per day. Also injecting 200 mg of testosterone per week. Wanted to know if someone at my age can do that for say 20 years?
15 1 Tue, 4 Dec 2018
Hi I have got early stages of PCOD as I had not got my periods for 2 months. The doctor suggested derivery tablet for 5 days and then I did get my periods on the 13/08/2014 . But now to regularise my menses she suggested to have modus tablet for 10 days from the 28/08/2014 and to start D3 Myo for...
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