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11 1 2 days ago
Hi i m 8 months pregnant lady hving minor asthma whch has worsen nw n cough z another problem along wid doctor prescribed alivo500mg for 5 day, foracot 200 2 puffs twice daily, alparax0.25mg for 5 days n ascoril cough syrup for 7 days.i just wanted to know if dese r safe for me n baby in...
6 1 2 days ago
Hai,i am suffer from irregular periods,doctor told,i am having pcos,last 1 yr i had meprate for periodsnow i noticed,some white small hairs on my face.this is side effect of meprate?and i want to get rid of irregular periods,plz help me..ifeel very bad about this..
6 1 2 days ago
I m taking terbinafine and I want to know why I shouldn t drink coffee? I d like to continue coffee, though I understand terbinafine might increase the jitteriness factor (so I will drink less), but I want to know if coffee restricts the effectiveness of the terbinafine? Thank you! Johnny
42 1 3 days ago
Hi I m vaibhav (fitness rehab trainer ) What is effect and side effect of this medicine and injection that i mention below. 1) venaject 75 ( thaiger pharma ) 2) ventolane 40 ( thaiger pharma ) 3) finexal 100 trenbolone acetate 4) t maxx 400 5) t3 cytomel
7 1 3 days ago
Hi I have bought Evion 600mg Capsules for my skin as it consists of Vitamin E, which is heard is good for skin. As my skin looks dull and dry and have blemishes and is exposed to sun a lot. Please advice on how do i use this capsule and what is the right amount to use on skin and also what is the...
7 1 3 days ago
I am having Central Nervous System side effects after taking 500mg of valacyclovir hydrochloride for 60 days. I have stopped taking 72 hours ago. The side effect have not gone away yet. Are there any chelators that help get valacyclovir hydrochloride out of the nervous system and body?
12 1 3 days ago
Hi! My name is Voula, I am 23 yyears old and I have PCOS. My doctor told me to start taking the pill because I had very infrequent menstruation cycle. That was 5 years ago. So after 5 years of non-stop taking the pill, I decided to stop it on my own. I wasn t feeling very well, i had gained...
6 1 4 days ago
I have been diagnosed with Diveticular Disease and also a weak spinchter muscle due to having 3 children.Iam a fit and active person of 64 and i have been suffering with constipation and then when i do have a BM i feel i have not been enough.Then my horrors begin,i can be walking or exercising...
6 1 4 days ago
hi i m 17 years old now,when i was 10-11 years old i met with an accident on my head that time nothing happened but after 3 months i suffered from a severe headache then i consulted to a doctor he gave me a medicine named epilex i think that medicine affect my growth alot is it be possible ?
7 1 4 days ago
I am not diagnose as asthmas yet, but my doctor advices me to try symbicort for my long testiness and feeling like asthmas. Can you tell me if I would start Symbicort I would do any de midge to my body lungs? For over two weeks I am taking ventolin and flovent and still feel not right- tide and...
6 1 4 days ago
I have been taking the microgynon pill for about 8 years now. I normally take my last pill on a Sunday evening and then start my period sometime on the following Thursday. This month I took my last pill on Sunday just after midday and I have started today (Wednesday) can the time of day that I...
6 1 4 days ago
Hi Iam taking S zatenlo since last one year and before six month I stoped . I got again depression and doctor advised me to start again. I have put some weight as well. I have lost sex desire as well .my age is 45 years. Please advise how long I should take this medicine .
6 1 4 days ago
What is the normal dosage for the Hydocodone APAP 5-325? When my husband had surgery two years ago, they told him to take one pill every 4-6 hours; today when he received them for a badly swollen rib and extreme pain, the directons say every 12 hours. The affect has already worn off and it s been...
5 1 4 days ago
I have been using prescribed fentanyl, allowed to use one 100mcg/h, =16.6mg of fentanyl per day. I have used them buccaly instead of wearing them. I have done the conversions, and it equals about 1500 mg of morphine per day. I have been at this dose for the last 3000 days. I m in deep water and i...
7 1 4 days ago
My wife, 82 years old, was put on Midodrine 10MG about 3 months ago to raise her blood pressure. At first, 2 times a day and then increased to 3 times after 1 month. Then back to 2 per day because the increase seemed to be negative for her. She now is just exhausted all of the time, never with...
15 1 4 days ago
Hi, having a problem on going down on my meds. My old doctor has left and had to find another Doctor for my Chronic pain before and after surgery was performed with a bone harvest. All of my cervical have some sort of problems. Now this doctor is taking me down on both my meds at once. Having a...
11 1 4 days ago
we have been giving 0.5 mg Restyl to my mom who is a patient of Grade IV Gliobastom. Recently due to lack of sleep for almost a week, the doctor asked me to increase the dose of Restyl. I find her very sloppy and in a drowsy state. Is ti because of the increased dosage. pls respond
7 1 4 days ago
Just wondering...... I use the 10mg dose of cialis at this time. Thinking about the daily dose? Would I still need an extra tablet before sex? In the reviews I have read that seems the case. Why take every day if that is true? Thank You for your time.
6 1 4 days ago
Hello! I know what i m about to say may seem inresponsible on my part, and i applogize in advance. Last night, approximently 17 hours ago, I smoke roughly 150mg of methamphetamines. I didn t experience any abnormal side effects at the time. But about 7 hours ago, 10 hours after i used the drug, i...
21 1 5 days ago
using xarelto may i use alternative supplements ie, milk thistle, nac, probiotic, alpha lopoic acid, magnesium, multi vitamin fish oil etc and having several spinal surgeries the last one 20 jan 14 going thru stomach to reach spinal disk any problems for me with this drug as i have read about that
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