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6 1 2 days ago
Since I ve been taking Topamax I am always tired and have had a lot of acne . Is that normal? I am 36 yrs old and I never had acne as a kid. It seems like when I back off on the meds I get less acne. I hear a lot of of bad stuff about this medicine and I am concerned about my long term memory. I...
8 1 2 days ago
I have frequent skipped heartbeats ( like a missed beat). My doctor put me on to Purbloka. How much of the 10mg tablets can I take. I normally only take one and it works but last night I don t know why but my heart was bubbly, fluttery and missing a beat. I took one, slight improvement, took...
7 1 2 days ago
My name is Mr.Deen age 63,take tablets Morning ZORYL m1, amlong 5, and clopilet each one tablet also night after dinner Zoryl 1, Amlong, Clopilet & cobodex each one asper the Dr s advice since may 2013. Last one month my left hand & Back side very paid. Day time ok, Night time toomuch? what can i...
7 1 2 days ago
I am 16 and have the shakes as well as a heavy stomach tonight. I started taking antidepressants earlier this month after being off them for two months, and experienced side effects like vomiting, loss of appetite, and sweating. My body seems to have adapted to the pills again, but now I have...
2 1 2 days ago
From researching the internet, I feel I have vulvo vaginal pruritis. Spelling may be wrong.. Also, I feel the condition may be a side effect of taking a statin. The condition started about 4 months after I started taking atorvastatin. I thought it was a UTI and my GP prescribed some things but...
9 1 2 days ago
Is there any adverse effect ofDytor, if it is used for a lonf time. By-pass serjury was done upon me in thenyear 2000 and since then my doctor prescribing Dytor 15 and now Dytor-10 and I am consuming the same since then. I worried about it. Please advice me for this.
2 1 2 days ago
I take fioricet occasionally for migraines and have taken it for many years, lately I am experiencing leg and foot pain when I take it ( both legs and feet) my dr retired and I see his replacement he does not feel this can be a side effect of this medication, can this be a side effect and should...
2 1 2 days ago
My husband has a heart condition and has had several bouts of pneumonia when he gets a cold. He has one now and he’s been taking OTC meds but his cough is getting worse. I laid my head on his back a few minutes ago and I could hear rattling on his left side (none on the right). Should we go to...
8 1 2 days ago
Hello my name is santhoshi and I am from Hyderabad . My mom is suffering from migriane from last 4 years and doc had suggested to use ecosprin gold 500 mg in the morning and one Sibelium 10mg at the bed time . But from last three days she started getting knee pain n weeknees in entire body...
2 1 2 days ago
Hi, I have been paining from my bottom of my tummy many months and before two weeks of coming my period every month I have pain like I sometimes iam getting absent from my job therefore I went to specialist and she gave me first magnizyom but it didn t work she gave me to start using vessane...
6 1 2 days ago
I was taking 50mg Zoloft for two days, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I stopped taking it because I was feeling bad taking it. my counselor told me to stop taking it so I stopped. Friday I felt fine but last night I felt like I was going to pass out so I sat down ate something and drank...
2 1 2 days ago
i noticed that my husbands prescription is a little different from what he has been taking. He had been taking Carbdopa 50 - Levodopa 200. The bottle we got a few days ago shows Carb 50/Entacapone 200 / Levodopa 200. What exactly is entacapone. He seems to be much more sleepy than on the previous...
2 1 2 days ago
I take spirolactone 50 mg per day,corvidilol 12.5 mg per day losartan 100mg per day and dofetilide 1000 mg per day. I have right hip and thigh pain and get angry at the drop of a hat.which drug or combonation causes it? Also all the other side effects
6 1 3 days ago
Yes, I d like an answer to the following question. I take two pills a day of vistaril. a, twelve hours apart and it helps with my sleeping and anxiety BUT I might possibly experiencing dry eye with it. I have macular degeneration in one eye and it has been quiet since I was 57 years old. My right...
7 1 3 days ago
I am on hcqs200mg,steroids5mg and suffering frm Sle (From past 8yr).my skib over forehead and on upper lips as wellas corner of mouth is becoming dark along with sever hair loss from past 6 month(hv biotin tab for hair loss since 4mnths but no reslt).plz reply the treatment.
20 1 3 days ago
In January I began taking trinessa birth control. Several months later, I noticed that bruising on my legs were beginning to develop. I stopped the birth control and went to see my gynecologist and dermatologist. The gyn told me to stop the birth control and she took my blood levels. My blood...
8 1 3 days ago
Hello doc I am taking dronis 20 ..its the 2nd month now ,I am taking this for hairsutism but I don t have pcos or anything raised ..from the last 2,3 days I am having a little vaginal discharge and urinal urgency and little abdomeb pain so I have stopped it today..please guide me what is the problem
5 1 4 days ago
I started taking EMSAM 6mg and Vyvance 120mg 1xdaily about 18 months ago. I have since developed a compulsive need to pull or twist my hair. This has now lead to obvious hair breakage and thinness in a particular area. From reading, I gather the most likely reason is the Vyvance. I would like to...
6 1 4 days ago
I have been off the nur isterate injection for about month now. The problem is that i have developed really sensitive breasts about 2 weeks after my next injection would have been due, also i have really bad lower back pain that is not going away. It started about the same time as the ssensitive...
6 1 4 days ago
hello sir; hope you are very well; i tried to ask the question through the proper website but the service has slowed down; it takes long time for transaction to be registerd. Sir, i have reduced mirtaz from 15 mg to 7.5 mg -- 3 day today and 2 more days to go; and to stop it ; as suggested by...
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