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2 1 Mon, 1 Aug 2022
Hello, I had a boyfriend before sometimes we made love but not sex. But one day I did not understand how it happened but he entered his penis to my ass not all but little of his penis for 3 or 4 minutes. I am worried a lot about disease. I want to sure I don t have any disease. Can you help me?
2 1 Mon, 1 Aug 2022
okay hi , I had a period last in August but didn’t come on my cycle nun in September and I haven’t had sex in September at all but I did have sex September 29th & he didn’t nut in me or anything but after sex I was bleeding and seen like clear stuff came out but I still haven’t came on my period...
2 1 Mon, 1 Aug 2022
Hello, I have a question. I will be getting married soon, and my future wife and I are discussing varying sex options. We were wondering about anal sex. Is there a safe way to have anal sex without a condom. She will be on birth control, so thats not a worry, and both of us dont have STD/STI s...
8 1 Wed, 16 Oct 2019
1 )R u in XXXX Hospital. 2 ) Low hemoglobin11.0 - does it result in High BP 3 ) My age 75 am diabetic since 25 years. 4 ) How serious is gynecomastia. 5 ) How to get rid of it. 6 ) My Doctor has examined and say s nothing to worry but I am worried. 7 ) My ht 5 2 & wt 60kg
2 1 Fri, 6 Sep 2019
I have recently been getting a non itchy rash on my chest and stomach after sex, I’m not sure if it’s an allergic reaction to my partner or potentially sperm? It’s not itchy and doesn’t bother anything except for being quite red with no feel. It disappears after 30-45 min should I be concerned?
2 1 Mon, 8 Jul 2019
Hi I had sex for the last two days and we both used protection and all but we had a lot of masturbation and rough sex, after that my cherry popped , the next day I discovered that I had brown spotting and the next day I had clear spotting which was watery am I pregnant or is that normal from...
2 1 Mon, 24 Jun 2019
I have regular unprotected sex with my husband, for the past week I ve had a sharp pain in the left side of my lower abdomen (maybe ovaries or cervix?) every time there is penetration, especially deeper penetration. Other than that, I m completely healthy seeming, no other symptoms. Any...
3 2 Fri, 14 Jun 2019
I keep bleeding after sex and two weeks ago I got a pelvic exam done and she gave me some pills in case I had an infection and i waited two weeks to have sex and she said they will only call me if the test is positive for gonneria and chlamydia and they didnt but I am still bleeding
2 1 Tue, 11 Jun 2019
Im age 27 and i have premature ejaculation. Ive tried many techniques and none work. I got blood drawn and everything checked out. Im in need of help. I cannot last very long and small erection! What should I do? Or what can cause th8s problem? It has gone on for most of my sex life
2 1 Tue, 11 Jun 2019
Hi. I am 25 years old. I have this problem of not being able to last. I feel I ejaculate too early. I do not have any disease like high BP or diabetes. My weight is about 70 kg. This problem is bothering me a lot. Please help.I also think my T level is low as my muscle growth is less and have...
2 1 Tue, 11 Jun 2019
Thank you to whomever answers my question but my girlfriend has genital herpes so we perform safe sex. My question though is not about sexual intercorse but after “fingering” her, am i able to ingest or even just taste her discharge or will that still transfer the virus to myself? we’ve been...
2 1 Tue, 11 Jun 2019
My female partner has received the first of four A&C chemotherapy infusions (to be received every two weeks). We ve been told that I should be careful to avoid contact with body fluids (cleaning up vomitus, urine, diarrhea, blood, ...), which makes me wonder: Are the chemicals in her body so...
2 1 Mon, 10 Jun 2019
Hello, yesterday me and my partner tried using a butt plug for the first time it hurt so we took it out and didn t use it again. Today I went to the toilet and there was blood on the tissue and in the toilet bowl. Is that normal? Does it just need to heal or do I need to see a doctor?
2 1 Mon, 10 Jun 2019
Hi long story short I ve had unprotected sex with many girls. I ve had hsv 1 before having sex for the first time, this is the first time I gave it to someone on there genitals. I had no idea I could do that because I only have a cold sore once every 3 years and I had one at the time. After I was...
2 1 Thu, 20 Dec 2018
Hi, I am 26 years old..Going to be married very soon...having fear of intercouse as my vaginal opening is very small Please suggest me any jel and medicine tht can reduce the pain so that we will have pleasurable first night. Please help
2 1 Thu, 20 Dec 2018
I had 2 neck surgeries 3 years ago and was in alot of pain. My husband and I pretty much had no sex life. Now we have been trying however it feels like. I am a virgin again and it is painful. Is this possible and how can we get through this relatively pain free?
2 1 Thu, 20 Dec 2018
Hi I had sex this weekend with someone from my past .He is very large and I don t remember it being a problem before. He could only get so far inside me and then it hurt me pretty bad! We tried lubricant and still same . I can t imagine the problem? Help!
2 1 Thu, 20 Dec 2018
I am having pain during sex. It is basically like a burning sensation and it feels really tight. And once a while it bleeds after sex and hurts really bad. What shall I do to reduce the pain? I haven t had periods for last 2 months and I have nexplanon for my birth control.
2 1 Thu, 20 Dec 2018
Hi doctor. I m Ash,28 year old,recently got married ,l m having pin and feeling of obstruction while entering the penis into my vagina . Only a small part of penis can be inserted and further insertion is being prevented by some obstruction along with pain ..I feel that it s due to the presence...
2 1 Thu, 20 Dec 2018
Hi, I can t do intercourse with my partener. When ever I try to insert my penis she suffers immense pain did enough forplay and tried nearly 10 times in completely peaceful place. Once wen I fingered with two fingers she ha bleed. Please recommend any cream for making her vagina painless for our...
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