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10 1 12 hours ago
i have lot of pigmentaion on face mainly on upper and outer part of cheeks and nose . iam 40 years old female with no other medical problem. i wish to know if i can use triglow cream as i have heard after stopping its use the problem returns. Please guide me to any other alternative. Farheen
12 1 12 hours ago
hi..my wife is using MelaGlow cream since last six months or so...as per her ,dis cream suits her skin & she is feeling very gud as compare to the other creams she has used in the past...can you pls advice if she can continue with it or is there any side effect of using it so long..awaiting
14 1 12 hours ago
hi.i am samane from iran.i have had a dark stain on my neck since i was 12,right now i m 20.after searching in internet i found out it s a skin disease named acanthosis nigricans,because after a few years some spots appeared on my armpits and recently on my chest between my breasts.i m 75 kg and...
15 1 19 hours ago
Basically i am fair in complexion. But from last two years, on side of eyes and below and above the lips it became so dark. I consulted a skin specialist and first 21 days I tried Konjivit cream.. But no change and after that i tried Lomela cream. Dark got vanished and my face was having same...
6 1 19 hours ago
hi,i m 22 yrs female,my face skin has appeared black since the initial of 2011.but my face skin was not black it should be mentioned here that for acne on my face i was treated by homeopathy doctor in 2009 though my acne has disappeared buy face skin turned into black and some red pimples like...
12 1 6 days ago
am 21 and very fat. i have my belly area only fat, wen consulted doctor he said its coz i have polycystic and irregilar periods. now the probs is my pubic area is very black and my inner thigs is also very black with black heads. i have tried many things but its not curable. am gonna get married...
16 1 Tue, 10 Jul 2018
I have dark pigmentation on my fingers under the nail area.I have it since childhood,nobody in my family has it.MY hands and face are much darker compared to the rest of my body,inspite of me not going out in the sun too much.Im.36 yrs old, 5 ft 4 inches and weigh 65 kg.Ive had two children 6yrs...
11 1 Tue, 10 Jul 2018
I am suffering from pigmentation for the past 7 years. I am suffering from occasional itching on my hands and back . I want to know how much time it will take to cure. I want the reason of what i should avoid eating to stop itching. To recover from it I want to know whic type of diet I should...
6 1 Tue, 10 Jul 2018
dear doc, am a 30 year old woman suffering from macular amyloidosis for last 12 years. a have pigmentation on my upper back outer areas of arms and legs. and the pigmentation seems to be spreading. what is the most effective way of treating this condition...i know there is no complete cure...but...
6 1 Tue, 10 Jul 2018
Hello Doctor, My skin is very dark near my butt and inner thighs compared to my rest of the body. my butt becomes dry most of the time. i could also see lot of dead skins on my butt and black marks on my waist. i think this dark mark on my waist is because of wearing tight pants. i apply...
8 1 Sat, 7 Jul 2018
my baby is 10 months old,he has really nice white and pink skin.its really soft and smooth.a few days ago i have noticed a circular light white patch on his cheek,its not dry,non flaky,no bump and no redness,just its light white colour is bothering me .also its just on 1 cheek but if i take his...
15 1 Mon, 2 Jul 2018
Hi I have dark pigmentation on my right side of my nose over the cheek and also over the right eyebrow since last four years .left side of the face over the cheek also little pigmentation is present.i used all lightening creams like Kojic acid,melalite,meladerm,trig low but in vain .can I use...
10 1 Tue, 26 Jun 2018
Namaste, This is Hemanth kumar from Bangalore, aged 38 . My problem is white patches have developed on my fingers, elbow, few on foot ,from small dot its spreading dont know what type of treatment to take , its spreading little fast . it started from last 3 to 4 months back, please help me out...
6 1 Tue, 26 Jun 2018
hi right now i am living in Angola. about 6 days ago, I first noticed some small patches on my facial skin. It is slight discoloration. am a bit scared. there is a little swelling like a mosquito bite first, then scaliness/roughness & then small patches. It is increasing. what do i do? any...
13 1 Fri, 18 May 2018
Hi Dr. my baby is 7 months old ( 2 months premature) the paeditracian said that the hypopigmented lesions were probably related to inflammation to dry skin, but a dermatologic said it was vitiligo, What tests should be done in order to know what caused it and what kind of teratment must her recived?
2 1 Sun, 6 May 2018
I am a PV patient using hydrea for the last 10 years. My blood counts are within normal range since 2015. Some dark paches appearing on my face and spreading very slowly . Doctor (hematologist) says these r due to hydrea which is being used for a decade, plz help me out before it is too late. Age...
6 1 Fri, 30 Mar 2018
hello sir, i am 24 year old girl... my upper lips skin become dark due to first time waxing ..it is damaged and readies and now black how can i get my normal skin tone of upper lips skin... my private doctor re-commanded to use kojiglow cream and vitamin c tablet but not changes occure... plz...
12 1 Tue, 27 Feb 2018
I have a dark patch appeared over the last week or two either side of the bridge of my nose, near the eyes. What causes this? Can I do anything about it? Is it dangerous? I have been taking a low dose of oestrogen for the last three or four weeks for dryness. Could this be the cause? I am 68
7 1 Fri, 2 Feb 2018
On my foot, well kind of above my foot but not on my leg, I ve had this skin rash for a long time. And it finally went away. But not I have this white, discolored spot. And it s surrounde by another brownish spot surrounding it. What could it be? Did I lose skin pigmentation?
12 1 Wed, 31 Jan 2018
My family and I were in Riviera Maya and my daughter started to get dark pigmentation areas on her hands and legs, We have been home for 5 days and I now am getting purple dots or spots of pigmentation on my inner thigh. What could this be? We had a terrible infestation of bugs at our resort!
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