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2 1 3 days ago
If depakote of dosage 500mg is used for more than a year for bipolar, would it result in hairloss or reduce hair density? My hair density has clearly decreased after this treatment. So is the hairloss naturally reversible after stopping the medicine intake?
2 1 3 days ago
Am currently struggling psychological.I have a condition that makes my skin smell like burnt rubber even after multiple showers a day.I always get people s reaction everytime when they get close to me.Most can t stand the smell.I can t seem to do anything in public.Please assist me,Am at a very...
2 1 3 days ago
Hi… I have a furuncle near my intimate part. It is really close to these parts it started as a pimple so I used an intimate cream but now there’s puss inside and it bigger than it used to be. The puss will some time come out but won’t deflate. What can I do please ?
2 1 3 days ago
Hi Sir, I am having melasma on my face. I used melasma cream for 1 month and the melasma disappeared. but now side effects are coming on my face like pimples continuously coming on my face and also melasma coming back. Please suggest to me what to do.
2 1 3 days ago
Hi, I am 30 now, and I have lipomas spread all over my body ..legs, thighs, and multiple locations...and all of size from few mm to 1 inch in radius. Please suggest how I can get rid of this, and advise why in medical world no one is concerned to find medicine for this condition...
2 1 3 days ago
Hello sir I am man 35 I have long hair Last three years i used to straight hair with chemical straights or herbal straights Now my hair i can not comb natyrallly or leave it naturally as always i need to make flat iron or hot blower Can u advice me natural products that male my hair easy comb or...
2 1 3 days ago
Hi dear, I have a question about psoriasis He is treated three times few months later then he start with psoriasis disease effect area are arm legs abdomen again he had itching and red rash Medicine Itraconazol 100mg BD Loratadine 10 mg OD Ketoconazole craem Multi vitamin OD Omeprazole 20 mg OD...
2 1 3 days ago
Hello, I used fucidin in the nose for a staphylococcus but after several days, I started to have rash in the face and mainly around the nose. I then stopped the fucudun. 4 months after, I still have rash in the face that come and disappear (it can be like a red line or a a red spot that...
2 1 Wed, 29 Nov 2023
Hi, I am suffering from severe hair loss, especially in the area of my hairline on left side I have started to develop bald patch.. I feel pain in this area, as if my hair has been pulled forcefully... on massaging this area of the scalp I feel the crunching sounds under the skin... I am a 33...
2 1 Tue, 21 Nov 2023
Hello so i used veet hair removal cream around my vagina and it got on of my lips down there it burned but i didn t wash off until 10 minutes then i washed it now its burning and seems like the area is getting bigger what do i do please help thank you
2 1 Thu, 2 Nov 2023
Hi I am planning for getting pregnant in coming months. Due to heavy hair fall i ve been advised from friends to take new New Follihair Tablet 30 S By ABBOTT. Can I start the same.pls advise. Please note I don t have any health challenges and no medical ground.
2 1 Thu, 2 Nov 2023
Hi I had melasma on my face and I put garlic on it for two hours after when I washed my face I burned with the garlic so my face was red at that time after a week i got dark mark on my face and now after one month I still have dark shit on my face I use aloe Vera gel but it doesn’t work please...
2 1 Tue, 31 Oct 2023
Question: Hi. I am seeing dark spots on my lips and I was prescribed hydrocortisone 2.5. But i am not sure how this cream will help to remove the dark spots. I am using vaseline and lip balm but none of its working. The dark spots are also inside my mouth and recurrent, they go and return. So far...
2 1 Thu, 26 Oct 2023
Hi , Am getting dark patches on my face suddenly..I just observed before a month a patch of black has been spreading over my face ..what could be the reason for this and can this be cured ? I have consulted skin doctor a day ,she asked me to use max rich moisturizer, moisturizer lotion and cuti...
2 1 Thu, 26 Oct 2023
Hi, I have a fungal infection on my finger nails from acrylics I have had it since January and got econaderm in March. I have not been using it consistently however the fungus has spread from one side of my finger to both sides. Should I consult another doctor for a different treatment type or...
2 1 Tue, 3 Oct 2023
I seem to have a recurring rash around my rectum/anus. I live in Mexico where there are scents added to the toilet paper, as well the season has changed and it is now quite hot and humid. I’m not sure if these may be caused but what can I do to treat this and stop it from coming back.
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
Whenever I eat drumstick I get some red raches and irritation in some part of my body’s skin. From childhood I’m eating drumstick but I have never got this kind of raches or allergy but for past 3 years I’m facing this problem. I would like to know the cause of my problem
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
Hi, so I use to have a little hole in my chest and there would be tissue from inside of my chest sticking out and it would hurt, it’s in between my breast so like on my chest, I don’t know what to do. I think it might have been boils but yeah, it’s red and sore and kinda bleeeding
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
Hi, I hab lipo a Little over six weeks ago and am not wearing the compression garnment since 6 weeks were over. I noticed an indented line where the top end of my garnment was, Right below my ribs and all across my belly. It has Not gotten any better over the Last 4 days. Will this Go away on its...
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
Hello Dr,I am 35 year old female.. I have used melacare regularly for nearly 2 month as recommended by parlour after 2 mnth my face became very it started paining while shaping eyebrow ...then afterward one of my friend recommended to stop using it...then I...
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