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6 1 5 hours ago
Hi Dr Samuel! Last week I paid a woman to have sex with me. I don t know her. I just met her online and I used condom with N9 but after I finished having sex with her I noticed some purplish spots under her arm. should I be worry about that. maybe she has Std or hiv. Should I go and get tested or...
7 1 6 hours ago
i am suffering from severe sunburns on my face and hands. Though I apply sunscreen while going out (SPF 50+) I still get sun burns. I am on treatment for curing sunburn. I was applying triglow cream mixed with a moisturizer during day time as well as night about 5 months back as a treatment for...
2 1 6 hours ago
I have Major hair loss. I have no thick hair.everyone can see my scalp.I had dandruff problem earlier.but I don t have it now. But I have no thick friend suggested me to use Folifast hair tincture for thick hair it good suggest me a good answer please
6 1 6 hours ago
I had a partial hysterectomy about 3 years ago and since then have experienced facial hair increasing as well as Body acne, actually it s around the mid-section, between the upper inside thighs and under the breast. I tried to find out what it was and was told by my primary that it was some kind...
2 1 8 hours ago
Hello Doctor I am 26 years old male. I am facing hair loss from 5-6 years I have tried different medications but I didn t got success to reduce hair loss, I also facing problem of dandruff and I wear cap is it causes hair loss? My hair s become very thin and area getting bald. Suggest some...
2 1 8 hours ago
hello I want to ask something please I have a big issue with my hair I lost almost 1/2 of my hair after undergoing an operation I saw a doctor here and he recommended nanoxidil for me for a life use which I don t want to and I read about it and found its harmful for pregnant women so I surely...
2 1 8 hours ago
Hi, i ve thyroid but it in control still i have hairfall i am taking keraglo eva and hair4u lotion at morning bioexidil serum in night after consulting doctor using from one month but now i am feeling itching n i felt same rashes on some area of my head so kindly help me do i need to continue or not
2 1 8 hours ago
I am losing lots of hair. I WAS raking 5000mg biotin but stopped since I heard to much can cause hair loss. I ve also recently had physical and waiting on the lab results. How else I can stop my hair from falling out.? I stopped taking my multi vitaminso too.
2 1 9 hours ago
Hi sir, I am having hairfall due to i am applying yogurt and lime juice before shampooing but it will control some times and some times not its seems to be severe hair fall. Bunch of hair i can see after bathing .so pls suggest any home remedy for hair fall due to heat
2 1 9 hours ago
I just had a hysterectomy and having problems with hair loss; I am 70 years old. Would you recommend horm one replacement or herbal supplements, progesterone cream or creams with natural estrogens. When I went through menopause I used on progesterone cream and soy protein. I am takin g thyroid...
2 1 9 hours ago
I am 28 years old male. I am suffering from hair fall from last 8 years. Hair have become very thin. Since last 1 year, I have dandruff also. I have used scalpe and protar K shampoo, I apply coconut oil 2 times a week. I tried onion juice also. Last month one dermatologist suggested Topisal 3%...
2 1 9 hours ago
Hello doctor, I am 25 years old and I am facing hair fall at maximum from root since a month. I am thinking of taking evion 400 vit E capsule, can I take it? Does it have any side effect or help in hair fall minimising? Also how is taken oral or external? Thank you
2 1 9 hours ago
Hi Doctor, I m a 20 year old woman suffering from severe hairfall (200-300 strands a day) On the doctor s reference, I performed tests for Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and iron, all of which I was found extremely deficient in. She has put me on the following medication Prosfer plus daily for 2 months...
2 1 9 hours ago
I am 20 years old male and i an loosing my hairs when i was in 9th class.At that time i have gone through typhoid for about 3 months my weight suddenly losses after tha i feel my hair density is going low day by day .so at very young age i start losing my hair what is the problem?
2 1 9 hours ago
Hi, I have been facing Hair fall issue since 6 years, and i noticed that crown areas is getting slightly bald. Hence, I have consulted a doctor 6 months ego where she suggested to use Tugain 5% Minoxid and VB7 Hiar tabs, i dont see any minor results as of now (applied tugain 1 time daily). After...
2 1 10 hours ago
Hi sir, First of all i would like to inform you that currently i am living in UAE and experiencing the lot of hair fall. Apart from this i am using tugain 5 solution instead of using it, i found results positive of growing hair but hair fall is still existing. Kindly advise me what can be the...
2 1 10 hours ago
Hi, Have a good day! I ve faced severe hair fall 1months ago. And I was prescribed spirulina at first and I had severe diarrhea, vomiting. So doctor changed my medicine and provided Zinc and vitamin B complex along with novophane lotion that is applied in the scalp. After severe hair fall I have...
2 1 10 hours ago
Hi. Iam 25 years old i have atwo years old kid ,i have asevere hair fall since few months ago ,hair falls every where ,my hair is very thin and weak it can be broken when i comb scalp begin to be free of hair in some area i made cbc last month and every thing is fine ..i consulted adoctor...
2 1 10 hours ago
Dear sir/mam My wife is having severe hairfall problem since last 5 months. The doctor prescribed her some multi vitamins that helped her but the problem started again as soon as the multivitamin course is over.Please advice what should we do. Should we start with some other multivitamin like...
2 1 10 hours ago
HI...I have been on several meds since stroke 1998 and medical retirement and disability...NOW my meds include warfarin and wellbutrin plus.My hair falling out fast....i used to have extremly thick hair and now its thin enough I am almost scared to wash and comb it because the brush/comb is full...
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