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2 1 12 hours ago
hi i am 51 years old female.i am suffering from itching all over my body with redness. sometimes it is so unbearable that my skin tears and blood oozes out due to severe scratching . there is no particular time when the itching starts . and there is no particular area in my body where the itching...
3 1 13 hours ago
y boyfriend has these hickey like marks on his body. I noticed them after a big work out like 4 months ago. They have gotten bigger and spread all over his body. Mainly on his back and stomach. They don’t itch or hurt. He didn’t even know he had them tell I pointed them out. They are under the...
2 1 16 hours ago
I have skin pimples that are irritated from going to the gym. If I leave them lone they dry and leave a patchy scab. If I pick one the inside is a hard white head and it hurts. The healing after that is slow and painful but resolves with zit creams. What is this
2 1 16 hours ago
Is it normal to have acne on face, chest, and back after having an endometrial ablation? The procedure was done six weeks ago and I keep having breakouts. Also, how would an ablation cause this? The doctor said it would not mess with my hormones. Thanks.
2 1 16 hours ago
Hi, I m a 18 year old student that has been studying in a hostel for almost one year. Just recently I started losing Lots of hair and Scalp is already visible. My hair line has receded abnormally for a guy my age. There are quite of possible reason of why this has happened 1. the water of city in...
2 1 16 hours ago
Goodmorning Dr. I have a problem with my lips. They turned red and and they dry all the time. i dont know why. I dont drink alcohol and i dont smoke. I have never taken alcohol in my life and I have also never tastes cigarette in my life. Dr. Could please help me to find a solution to this...
4 1 17 hours ago
have rather sever jock itch but a rather progedious (sp) aphro south of the border so i bought a couple packs of bic razors an did o couriosy shave job in the shower and felt a bit dizzy a laid down a scant half hour later i could barely get up and was in severe pain so i put more over counter...
3 1 17 hours ago
Hello sir/mam I m Dibyaranjan , before 6 year my spinalcode surgery was occurred. Before the surgery I noticed my serious hair fall during the R-vines 600, parfit (cap) taken.. and till now I have suffering on that please sir give a solution for that Thank you
2 1 18 hours ago
I am having some sort of allergic reaction that only shows up on my face. I have red rings around my eyes which are ver dry and somewhat scaly, the rest of my face is getting a rash or hives with little raised bumps. It gets better and then comes back in full force.
2 1 18 hours ago
I have big red places on my arms and legs they realy itch.i have to take iron infusion .i notice it after I have fussing they it also takes a long tim to leave my skin it seems like its under my skin I do have annermierfor about 4 years of and on.could this the iron infusion.
2 1 18 hours ago
I ve got a red area on the bridge of my nose that is not going away. It s not painful, but I can feel sensitivity when I rub it. It s been there for a couple of months. It seems to get better, but then it ll be redder at times. Curious if it s something to be concerned with. Thanks
2 1 19 hours ago
Hi doctor i constantly used to break the pimples on my face it eventually turned into a wound and then to a black mark. Now my face is full of this black mark and i also have date with my girlfriend at the end of this month. I dont wanna see her looking like this. Plase tell me what to do
2 1 19 hours ago
I have an infected toe with an open wound... I also have type 2 diabetes. The doctor has me putting mupirocin cream in the wound every 12 hours. Now the toe is peeling and my foot getting very red and a little swollen. Could this be an reaction to the meds.
2 1 19 hours ago
Hi I put a whole bottle of tea tree oil pharmisitical grade pure extract on my hair and I don t know what to do to get it out it has ran all over my face and body when I showered several times to get it out it is burning it ran down my face and my lips are burning I don t know what to do I have...
3 1 1 day ago
Hi! My husband has large dark red painful rashes developing on his skin,( chest, back, groin,and sometimes lower legs) whenever he has been outside for any length of time. He has had this develop each year in the spring and summer for the last 3 years. He has had this come on quite severely over...
2 1 1 day ago
I was an alcoholic for many years but have since changed my lifestyle for the better but past abuse has left me with a purple nose.. I take 2000 mg milk thistle and also take echinacea and turmeric .. I just want this nightmare to be over.. what can I do?
2 1 1 day ago
My 24 year old daughter keeps having repetative lip swellings, just randomly. Sometimes upper lip...sometimes lower lip....sometimes both and it looks bad. It tingles as it swells. It takes a long time to go down. We almost went to the emergency room but didn t have the money and waited ....
2 1 1 day ago
my 91 year old mother has shingles on her stomach and back for 9 days now. I used the mupirocin ointment for 5 days and has kept covered. The blisters were huge and became one very big one in some spots.Some of the blisters have broken. I put the mupirocin ointment on the broken ones only. should...
2 1 1 day ago
I stupidly soaked my foot in bleach and have a fairly serious burn on the top of my foot. Cleaned with soap and water, applied A&D ointment, applied a non-stick bandage and gauze then wrapped with tape. Been doing this for 3 days but not seeing much improvement and the pain is worsening. HELP...
2 1 1 day ago
I have an open cyst and draining constantly, but hanging. I just want someone to cut it off, my dr is an idiot. Will the er do this,im sick of it,I have had it over 10 years but now is open ..
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