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12 1 22 hours ago
Hi, I currently have a pilonidal cyst that I have been having drained, checked on and packed with gauze. Everything seems to be going along, slowly albeit. I am taking a strong antibiotic called levaquin and it is causing some diarrheal and vomiting. My question is I smoke marijuana occasionally...
7 1 22 hours ago
Recently I purchased acnefree for sensitive skin. When I first put it on a noticed a slight burning sensation. I put makeup over it and went to work. By 6pm my face was super itchy, I took the makeup off with a scrubby face wash and left it alone. When I woke up I had red bumps all along the...
3 1 22 hours ago
I received a sting from a big body wasp on the low part of my calve on my left leg Im not aleige to wasp or bees but it really hurts & my leg has swollen slightly. AFTER THE string I washed the sight with alcholThere is no fever but it is very painful What should I do ?
4 1 4 days ago
My name is faheem and iam 21male when i wake up from sleep my mouth will be filled with thick bad smelled saliva iam suffering this from approx 5 years. due to head ache for approx 3 years i gone to a doctor and diagnosed with maxillary sunusitis due to deviation in nasal septum and he prescribed...
6 1 5 days ago
I sometimes get itchy rasiedbumps after scratching. They come in the middle of my head. I left it alone a few weeks and felt irritating scab. Today scab was less raised and I pulled it off. It feels fine but I noticed this little whiteish crust had a spot that looked like an ant or bug. could...
6 1 5 days ago
This is very strange situation to me. In the center top of my head/scalp is extremely wet with oil like grease. My hair and scalp is very healthy / bouncy and now suddenly this occurred. Tell me the cause and cure. I did shampoo lot of times but seems the grease is continuously excreting from y...
57 1 5 days ago
The skin on my labia is rough and shows small, close together light bumps. The bumpy area goes from just outside of my inner vaginal lips to a bit inside of my vagina. It s been this way for a few years, starting as only a small string of little dots on the labia. It started at a time when I was...
6 1 5 days ago
My pernium line has swolen and sticks out because I keep itching it everywhere is itchy it s very bad between there and the anus and I also have small wart like lumps inside my anus which may be causing the problem I sweat a lot so that might be constantly causing the irritation. Please advise
5 1 6 days ago
I had allergic reaction a month ago to repel bug spray, went to dr got cortisone shot and pills, now after a month the rash is back same places but this time I have it on my face and chest, have not used any bug spray, changed anything or ate anything for this to happen again, is it possible for...
2 1 Fri, 15 Mar 2019
I am suffering from sebopsoriasis. Doctor has prescribed me Zocon-dt 50 per day for 15 days, Vitamin A and Folitrax 7.5 once in a week for 6 weeks, in addition with Ionax-T lotion. For the last one week, i am using the medicine with NO change. 1. When it will start improving? 2. Is sebopsoriasis...
6 1 Fri, 15 Mar 2019
I have episodes of crawling itchy skin with pimple like eruptions that get better but then resurface. At night I get the feeling somethings crawling on me even on my face and in my mouth, I usually wear long sleeves and pants and socks to bed to be able to sleep. Bathing and changing clothes and...
2 1 Thu, 14 Mar 2019
Hello I have raised oval sized bumps this isn t the first time I got them...the first time it was on my arm (it was two big itchy hard lumps) , now I have a red itchy rashes on my chin and the itchy hard bump has moved to my thumb . Do you know what it making me get these red hard itchy raised...
6 1 Thu, 14 Mar 2019
I have small itchy red bumps at the base of my hairs on my body. It also seems to be spreading a little. I am very hygienic so I m not sure why I have these. There s no pain or anything the just itch. Feels like the poison ivy kind of itch. Any ideas?
6 1 Wed, 13 Mar 2019
yes, my 8 year old nephew bruised his shin today, near the top of the ankle. at first, the skin didn t break, but it liked like a puncture, there was no bleeding. the wound was cleaned and bandaged. after bath time tonight the band aid is saturated with blood. should he see a doctor?
6 1 Wed, 13 Mar 2019
I have continuing under arm rash that improves for short period of time then will return despite changing detergents, deoderants and using OTC and prescription options. Have recently (in the last week), begun having similar rashes to both areolas (one worse than other) and to small areas of upper...
6 1 Tue, 12 Mar 2019
Hi, My husband is 46 years old, he has blisters and oozing sores mostly on his hands, also his feet, chest, legs. They are painful and have a red streak connecting two sores, if he mashes one end of a sore, infection will exit the sore connected by the red line. No vomiting. No fever. Wrists and...
6 1 Tue, 12 Mar 2019
Hi my girl age 2 had 3 tiny spots on her upper check whenI say tiny they were so small on Thursday an on Friday after playgroup it has oozed an hair was stuck to it an caused to take the head of them by easing the hair of them.. now she a biggish circle that looks like a blister an skin pealing...
6 1 Tue, 12 Mar 2019
Hi Doctor, my son is African and almost two ... I fear ive lost hope all together . his skin is causing him discomfort and is very dry and patchy ..please help me. ive tried everything . my moms sister did rub her face on him affected with a virus and pus on the outter layer of her face im not...
6 1 Tue, 12 Mar 2019
Hi. I have a rash like under my armpit that is very red and ichy. there is also 4 boles under there to that broke. what can i use to get rede of it. I went to my doctor and she said it is like a yeast infection but the powder she said use is not getting read of it. what should i do.
8 1 Thu, 7 Mar 2019
I have had neuropathy for a few years now. My feet are red and swollen and hurt like hell. Recently i have noticed my skin is tan. haven t seen any sun at all this year. Normally im pretty white until i get a month in the sun. Its all over my body. My face, arms, legs, Its like i ve been tanning...
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