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7 1 5 hours ago
i am suffering from allergic reaction which starts from after endling summer and at the start of rainy season and it is of red red patches and hives on skin which appear after change in climate means when i go in cold it arises and itching so much from head to feet entire body and it is continous...
8 1 5 hours ago
I m recovering from herpeangina and my body is still covered in a raised rash. I received 125mg of solumedrol IV on Sunday and have been taking the prescribed steroid pack since then. I m on day 3. Since I still have so much rash does it mean the virus is still active in my body? The mouth sores...
8 1 5 hours ago
Wow, I didn t expect a live doctor. Thank you. I have a large blister on the ball of my foot, about the size of a quarter or larger. It is a friction blister and it was rubbed until the skin was barely hanging there. I cut the skin off. I am concerned about infection, though it looks clean. Just...
7 1 5 hours ago
I have the sensation of pitching and itching all over my body, also I fell crawling . It affect also in my private area, I haven t had sex in 5 yrs so I know that much. It get worse after after and at night time. My doctor gave a cream but don t work I still scratch at nite night. I drink...
7 1 5 hours ago
I am a 58 year old male, I developed what I thought was a boil on my rear end, but it went away quickly and now one has developed on my lower stomach and one underneath one armpit. Recently I had a minor surgery and spent one night in the hospital and am a little concerned I may have picked up...
6 1 6 hours ago
8 1 6 hours ago
I had sex with a condom and after that the next day I had cracked dry skin under the shaft of my penis I moisturized it and it went away after a day or two but now after I wash I get peeling skin under the shaft of my penis I can literally drag my nails across it and it comes off. It is not red I...
7 1 6 hours ago
Hi i have a condition body itching something like goosebumps appear nd disapper all of a sudden and they painful the doctor told me its allergic i was injected with diprofos and given fetex tablet. I felt ok by then bt i finish the tablet the condition is coming nt that severe like b4. Bt am...
8 1 6 hours ago
i have white spots on my legs after tanning. They appeared after I got a ton of bug bites 2 years ago they have gotten smaller over the years and few more have appeared. Are these from the bites or because of tanning? Also when I spray tan the spots appear as well.
7 1 6 hours ago
I have a pretty big bruise on my lower right back it has been there for about 3 weeks.i am 30 and when i was 20 i got into a bad accident and got L5 & S1 herneated discs and 4 pinched nerves around the disc.i also have a bulged disc in my neck.i had broke a bone in my foot and got a screw put in...
7 1 6 hours ago
My son has had a surgery for PNS in March 2012. It seems a recurrence of this has come up and he feels very uncomfortable. I do the shaving and removal of hair once every two weeks. Is there a better treatment and solution to have him come out of this on a permanent basis. My email is YYYY@YYYY ....
7 1 6 hours ago
Hi, my question is about my younger brother who has developed intense black spots on his face. They look like an allergy reaction, says he got them after being bitten by a bed bug. We have not found any solution to his problem, he has not seen a skin specialist either and the general practitioner...
7 1 6 hours ago
i hv a very rough skin,,,,,n my skin nt look a normal or healthy skin,,,,prblm wth the combination of beard n face,,,come 2 the point,,whn m leave the beard for a weak,,n then shave,,, my face turn into a clean n bright skin...n after 2 day,,,it turned on a dull skin n lk like even m not wash...
7 1 6 hours ago
Two weeks ago I noticed a small popped blister on my inner thigh. It had no top, it was just red with dead skin around it. A couple of days later, I noticed a couple more of them ( all on my inner upper thighs) they were all pretty small except for one, it was quite large. They were very sore and...
7 1 6 hours ago
I would like help with median mail dystrophy, I have had this problem most of my life, I am 43. I can not bend my thumbs any more, and the skin around my thumbs splits and bleeds, sometimes, it is very sore and an embarrassment to me when people notice my misshaped nails
7 1 3 days ago
I had protected sex, roughly 3 weeks ago and don t think I have genital warts, but my area has been itching for a few weeks and there is only one first I thought it was an ingrown hair as I shave down there but today I scratched it and it was bleeding. Any advice?
7 1 3 days ago
Hi, my big toe has 2 little bruises underneath my skin and just recently started scabbing. That toe (only that toe) has become very itchy every night and has become very dry. Could this be from when I bumped my toe (a few months back?) I did lose half of my toe nail. it s fully grown back now.
7 1 3 days ago
hi , have high prolacin level that cause acne on chin,jaw ,taken cabergoline for 4 months ,how long to have this medicine? it was 32 when i strted medicne,then lowered at 23,after that i had gone through personl problem n too much stressed ,then it was50,although dr. has doubled my dose as 1...
10 1 3 days ago
Weel, my toes on my ight foot are itchy and swollen. Can t bare the itchyness. Last year I was diagnose with cellulitis in the same foot on my foot but not my toes, upper side of my foot. Was in in strong AB intravenous and pill. Took me a month to heal the swelling
7 1 3 days ago
Hello sir , I am a 40 yrs. old lady . I have pimples since I was 15 . I had consulted a dermatologist 2 years ago . He recommended pimple medicine as well as pigmentation medicine(metasone plus and melaglow) which I used since then . Now I have get rid of pimples but pigmentation patches are...
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