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9 1 Sat, 16 Jan 2021
Im 21 yrs old male. Have hair loss and when in consulted a doctor . They prescribed neutriderm, curlz vit, elution shampoo.. But I find many sidefeects of neutriderm and there is a product named segal solutions which is natural and has no side effects.. What do u suggest? Segal or neutriderm??
6 1 Fri, 17 Apr 2020
I m a fair skinned red head and over last year have been very sick, was in Hospital for GI bleed after having exploratory lap for recurrent cervical cancer, and wt loss from 135 to now wt 108, Dr. said everthing fine and that my body went thru a likely immune response after surgery because wbc s...
159 1 Mon, 30 Sep 2019
hi i am a 27 year old healthy male suffering from hair loss and hair thinning problem. I was prescribed R89 by a doctor (20 drops thrice a day). However the chemist also suggested me to take Weisbaden 200 (5 drops daily) along with R 89 as supplement to it. what should i do. Also is there any...
14 1 Wed, 11 Sep 2019
I have been on Topomax for about 1 year. In July my hair started falling out. In August my Neurologist reduced my dosage from 50mg to 25mg. After two months my hair was still falling out, somewhat less. I stopped taking Topomax six days ago. I have had a headache for the past four days. Is this a...
12 1 Fri, 16 Aug 2019
My hair has been falling out. My feet turn purple it doesn t matter whether I am standing or sitting. I also have been having heaviness in my chest, along with chest pain for about two weeks now.. What may be the cause?? My hair has been falling out, my feet turn blue/purple no matter if I am...
17 1 Fri, 16 Aug 2019
Dear consultant, My name is Nana-Oye Koranteng and I am enquiring about hair-pulling and tricophagia. I have had this disease since I was about three years old and I am now 32 years old. I am from Ghana in the West of Africa, I am 5 6 inches and about 62kg. I have no details of hair-pulling in my...
35 1 Mon, 12 Aug 2019
i am having high blood pressure and one kidney, due to high blood pressure my creatinine was high and it effected my first kidney, now the blood pressure is under control by having AMOLOTYDINE, any way my age is 65 and when ever i comb my hair a huge amount of it start falling, my friend went to...
6 1 Wed, 7 Aug 2019
sir my daughter aged 10 years taking valparin chrono 200 twice a day from two seizures from two years.but now she is complainting of abdomen pain and her sgot level is also high.what is the reason?and do we have continue the medicine lifelong?
46 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
I am 36 years old female. I was taking hair falling treatment from india. Now I am in USA. When my medicine got over my hair starts falling. I have done all tests. I am not sure but I think doctor was some hormonal imbalance. Tell me somthing that I can get in USA. I am planning for baby also so...
8 2 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
hello doctor me 17 year old girl .i am having hair loss for 2 years and its not stopping.i ad my hormonal test nd everything normal.i have pain in my scalp can t have a ponytail scalp gets oily after one or 2 day of washing but hair ir very dry nd thin.i am on a good diet wat should...
14 2 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
helllo doctor..regarding transplantation ..iam 26 years old , i have started my hair loose last 3 i would like to go for question is i have some reamin hairs it will be shaved before the surgery ?????????.... how long will take for the surgery ????? how long will...
14 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
I am a nurse educator at a cancer center, and have a patient who is receiving Folfox. Although she has not lost her hair, it has thinned. She did ask about using a hair dye, and we advised against it. What about a color rinse. Would this still be considered in the same category, and cause undo...
13 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
I would greatly appreciate an opinion from a doctor. I m a 19 old male that is experiencing transient hair thinning, but mostly in the frontal portion of my scalp. For short periods of time, the quality of my hair changes drastically. My hair sometimes looks terrible in the morning and then a...
2 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
Dear Doctor, I have a problem with my hair which started recently. I went for an Ayurveda treatment program for 1 week in Thailand. The treatment involved applying an oil mix to the hair/scalp. The oil mix was made of the following oils: Bergamot, Coconut, Grapeseed, Wheatgerm, Lavender,...
2 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
I’m 21 years old. I have just recently been noticing thinning of my hair. I have never cut it, nor do I plan to. I have always had decently long hair, definitely hitting below my butt. Now it is barely at the end of my back. I don’t know what the cause may be. I’m young, the only thing that I can...
2 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
Hi doctor,Am stated using BTN ultra biotin 10mg for my hair problem.Am lossing my hair very fastly from front side.I don t have genetic problem.But am using Blackrose Dye more than 5years for white hair. How can i stop hair loss and gain my hair again? Suggest pls.
18 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
Dear sir i have Androgenic alopecia problem my doctor gices me omnacrotin 20 then omnacrotin-10 for three month three types of lotion shaltop-1 , folifast & topisal- also give me flly hair tablet but result is not flond in any case , my baby is 10 months she is feeding. but no result in hair loss...
14 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
I am a 24 yr old mother of 3 healthy children . in the past 4 months i have started to loose my hair i have nickel sized bald spotts on my scalp . the past two months i have had an irregular period (only spotting) i went to the hospital cause of cramping pain in my side when i was should of had...
9 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
Dear doctor my name is neda I have a sister. She is 23 years old. She has hair growthing problem on her head since 15 years. In first years of her life, her hairs were dense but suddenly they began to downfall as the skin of her head can be seemed. This matter is in between her brow and top of...
9 1 Wed, 31 Jul 2019
my age is 25 (female), from Bangladesh. For the last few months I am suffering from hair loss problem. I am very frustrated regarding this. From my childhood I never had voluminous hair but the increased loss rate is making me concern. I understand hairfall is normal and it happens to every one....
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