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12 1 24 hours ago
hiiii,,, i am parveen kaushik, iiving in dubai from last 2.5 years, basically from INDIA i am fully vegaterian... my hairs start falling from last 6 months rapidly... earlier i was having good hairs but now almost 70 percent hairs has been lost & dandruff too. pls recommend some good things to...
14 1 1 day ago
I am ( 23 years old ) suffering from severe hair loss , and my colour of hair is turning white ... dermatologist has prescribed me 1) KERAGLO MEN 2) CURLZVIT TABLETS .... will it cure this problem , have any side-effects with related to HEART OR SEX- LIFE( SEXUAL PROBLEM ) will accur ????
15 1 1 day ago
hi doc....i am keira... i am losing my hairs continuously from one year from their roots....and i hav dandruf too....i had drandruf earlier also...but it never led to loss of hairs ....and there is lot of ITCHING in my hair..just too never goes....only 40% of my hairs are left...i had...
63 1 1 day ago
I have been experiencing this type of hair loss for 9 months now. Blood tests for Iron deficiency and thyroid are normal. I have undergone treatment from a dermatologist which included monthly visits for Kenalog injections and use Clobetesal nightly. I did not have an appointment this month as...
12 1 1 day ago
Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query here... This is a difficut case, I have gradually been losing hair on the left and right side of my head at the hairline. I don t know if it will have any relationship, but I also have devoped some type of red rash on the...
12 1 1 day ago
Hi Doctor, I fell ill 2 months back with Dengue fever, and was under medication for a week. From last couple of weeks im losing more hair, it became very thin. Im washing hair every 3 days once, only to lose so many hairs. what I should do. is Dengue a problem ?
9 1 1 day ago
I s prescribed to take antibiotic, vitamins and dietary supplements for my acne problem. After somedays I noticed that my hair is falling severely and even I an unable to comb my hair. Is it because of my medicines? I ve stopped taking medicines now. What should I do? Mahi-19, Dhaka
6 1 1 day ago
Hi ,I face a seviour hairfall due to which i have lost my lot of hairs from forehead.Can i regain my lost hair or this is first step of being blad?due to hairfall even i lost my hair volume.I want to regain my lost hairs,please help me out.reply me this email id ( YYYY@YYYY )
6 1 1 day ago
Yes, I suffer from severe migraines almost everyday and so does multiple immediate family members. We have with this our whole lives. But I have recently started having severe hair loss...clumps of hair multiple times a day. Could this have anything to do with my migraines ?
6 1 1 day ago
Hello sir, My self Ramesh I am 27 yrs., old working in call centre in Night shift recently i notice 20-30 hairs losing my pillow while I am combing 10 hairs standing I am scaring about it I consulted a doctor he recomended ketostar soap for dandruff and hair fall stops? so what is cause my hair...
6 1 1 day ago
I stopped bcp 3months ago after taking it for 30 years...I am 52...2 months after stopping I experienced extreme hair loss...I have lost half my hair. Is this due to hormonal changes? What can I do? All blood tests normal apart from lack vitamin D which I am now taking as a supplement.
8 1 1 day ago
I am suffering from severe hair fall from past 2 months. I want to know the side effects of Mintop 10. Is there any herbal medicine available in India which helps to stop hair fall as well as promotes new hair? I have heard about Seagal Solution s Saw Palmetto. I want to use a product which has...
6 1 1 day ago
i am a engineering student of 2nd yr , now leaving in kolkata for study...,after 1 year of college...suffering from hair fall badly. though my family dont have any haridity of bladness. and my hairs are curly in was thick and deep 6 months ago, but continiously falling. what...
53 1 1 day ago
Hi. I have this wierd problem with me. I am 23 now and i still dont grow beard and mustache i know it may sound a wierd question but ita pretty embarasing for me now. I have a little patchy beard on the chin and a little on bottom of cheeks. So I bought minoxin 5% spray, as my friend recomended...
8 1 2 days ago
I am a 23 year old boy. I started losing my hair from 17 years but Didn t concerned much at that time because I was anemic at around the age of 15. But in last couple of years I am losing my hair significantly like 30-40 hairs every day i comb. I am on NO medication.
7 1 2 days ago
Im 17 years old i had an abortion last year and was taking contraceptive pills also after 3 or 4 months later my hair started To fall and its been a year now im having hair fall In huge amounts my periods aren t normal first 2 days of periods the flow is normal and after that there are few blood...
12 1 2 days ago
I have straightened my hair 3month ago ,from last 1month my hair is falling soo much ,I think half of my hair have been reduced ,I hv tried hot oil massage Bt still I have same problem ,day by day my hair is becoming too much thin .How can I control my hairfall ND get back my old hair
15 2 2 days ago
Hi. I m 32 years female. Getting severe hair fall, specially while applying oil. I hav lost most hair from d front. I m not yet married so getting worried more..i already did all d tests n everything is normal. Whn I go with medicines it goes well but whn I stop it, it started agn. So I stop...
28 1 2 days ago
8 2 2 days ago
Hi Dr. I am having a gradual hair fall at the center of my head and a small patch(1 cm x 1 cm) where sculp can be seen in the left side of my head. Pls provide me the solution for this problem as well as ur contact details as I stay in Bathinda itself.
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