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3 1 17 hours ago
In May of 2014, I moved in to a duplex. The previous renters had been evicted for drugs and the place was wrecked. That summer, four fillings fell out. In October, I became sick with breathing problems that I first thought to be bronchitis, but it got worse and worse. After two ER visits and...
4 2 1 day ago
Can a blood test for allergies be wrong or is there other possible explications for my worsening sensativity to nuts? I used to be able to eat nuts regularly and LOVE them but in the last 3 years I have steadily had an issue with them. I had a blood test from allergist a year ago that said I was...
2 1 2 days ago
Hello, my sister ate a piece of salmon and her lips became very swollen yesterday I have been given her benadryl and swelling has come down substantially but not all of the swelling is gone , it has not hindered her breathing in any way what can I do beside water to flush out her system?
2 1 2 days ago
The other day I was treated in the ER for my first ever shrimp allergic reaction. (And first allergic reaction to anything). I experienced breathing problems, chest tightness, slight nausea, labored breathing, low blood pressure, etc. but did NOT get hives. Do hives always need to be present for...
2 1 2 days ago
I am severely allergic to latex. have not been around it. But for 2 months I have had a Mylan Estradiol Transdermal System, USP (Twice weekly) patch... sensitive skin, odd break brake out, I want to know if there is Latex of any amount in this patch..
3 1 Thu, 9 Aug 2018
I have asthma, which is controlled. I have had cold, flu-like symptoms for the past few days with lots of wheezing, nasal discharge, cold chills and intermittent sweating episodes. I gave myself an albuterol breathing machine treatment with my nebulizer but I still feel my lungs are full with...
3 1 Thu, 9 Aug 2018
Started with small type hives. Then runny Nose cough & itchy eyes.. it still seems to be progessing. Even after taking just about all types of over the counter allergy . EVERYTHING. Benadryl, Allerest ,Allegra and about 4 other off brand types, Flonase and a Nasel Rinse because of the pressure. I...
2 1 Tue, 7 Aug 2018
Hi, I am Supriya. I am suffering from Asthama frmo past 6-7 years. Now i am only taking inhealer Duolin 2 puff daily. but past 3-4 days I am not able to walk for 5-6 min also and getting tired soon. If I walk i feel restless or not able to breath proeprly
2 1 Tue, 7 Aug 2018
Hello doctor, I hope you can help. I have been suffering with ezcema on my neck for the last few months and a few weeks ago it spread to be forehead and became infected. I was put on antibioitics and steroid creams. My neck is no longer in a rash formation nor is it itchy but it is still visably...
2 1 Tue, 7 Aug 2018
My daughter usually has an epipen junior but they have all expired. Because our insurance doesn t pay for prescriptions, we asked her doctor to write a prescription for a generic epinephrine pen. After picking up her prescription, we noticed the dose is 0.3mg and the packaging says for 66lbs and...
2 1 Tue, 7 Aug 2018
A Pine tree fell on my car s windshield while i was driving; the glass splattered all over my body, the windshield was made of glass coated with a plastic making it hit me as slithers and dust. It has continued to surface over 1 1/2 years, but dermatologists claim that they cannot detect the...
2 1 Mon, 6 Aug 2018
I think I have an allergy to superglue vapors. Severe coughing, warm terry eyes, and runny nose. It almost seems like I can *feel* the glue in my lungs, if that makes sense. I switched brands, hoping that it would be different, but it’s not. I don’t want to be sick for days. Last time, I tried...
2 1 Thu, 2 Aug 2018
What is the best supplement and or remedy to detoxify mold from your body? I have a condition called PATM (People Allergic To Me). Have you heard of this. Can you suggest a remedy? Sometimes people some people cough uncontrollably when I am in a room.
2 1 Thu, 2 Aug 2018
I have had a persistent cough for over 6 weeks...I’m never sick, went to my internist and she prescribed an inhaler a couple of weeks ago. I’m starting to wonder if i have something else, allergies? I have had esophageal issues in the past, and had my esophagus stretched but do not have acid...
2 1 Wed, 1 Aug 2018
Hello. I get nauseous and vomit enough to empty my stomache within a half hour after eating lasagna but then instantly feel fine again. Seems to be only lasagna with ricotta cheese in it so ive always blamed it on that. It is not a taste or texture thing because i absolutely love lasagna with or...
2 1 Mon, 30 Jul 2018
My wife has a high sensitivity to foods with tryptophan, which seems to be in almost all foods.. What happens is here legs and arm get weak so much that she must sit down, breathing slow down, light headed. Yesterday she had an egg in the morning and had a attack, tuna fish sandwich and had a...
2 1 Mon, 30 Jul 2018
I have allergy to balsam of Peru and it is found in so many products. My worse rash lasted 5months before patch test identified it. It was oranges, and when I stopped eating one every night the rash started healing. This allergy happened after several surgeries starting in2015. 4 bypass, ruptured...
3 1 Mon, 30 Jul 2018
I have a horrible cough. My asthma flares up seasonally due to allergies. The feeling is usually higher in the back of my throat. This feeling is about 3-4 inches below my normal area. Center of my chest just has a tickle. Lots of post nasal drip though. I’m coughing constantly to the point my...
3 1 Mon, 30 Jul 2018
Hi. I am having indoor allergies at work. I believe the building is old and does not have a lot of openings for fresh air. I recently got a septo-plasty and reduction of turbinates through surgery. My ent specialist recommended Nasacort and Affrin (only my need immediate relief and I use it only...
3 1 Mon, 30 Jul 2018
I am a 23 year old white male, and partially overweight. I have been at school and work for 3 days since the start of the quarter and am doing 14-15 hour days on my feet and walking around. This is walking from class to class and then working at a retail store as a cashier. I m just getting over...
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