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2 1 5 days ago
I have a history of Asthma and Emphysema. A couple days ago I noticed some pain in the upper left rib area especially when I coughed or took a deep breath. I have had a history of aspirating if I eat to close to bed time, but I don t think that s it. I was also in a situation where I could have...
2 1 5 days ago
I am a 62 year old asthmatic . . . have been diagnosed with pseudomonas In the lungs 5 years ago. It took an entire year to get a diagnose from the CDC doctor. The pulmonologist thought that it was asthma the entire time. 4 years later . . happened again. Same symptoms as before. A year later a...
2 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
Hi, I have a heartburn, I have taken Pepcid for about a year and it helps but I am going to Italy and not being able to drink wine or have any tomato based foods could ruin the trip for me. I also started seeing blood after bowel movements. Bright red and just a little. After using a Prep H for a...
2 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
I had a mild anaphylaxis reaction to something at work. No trouble breathing but throat started to swell and at one point I couldn’t even swallow anymore. This was yesterday but today I have an extremely sore throat. I’m a Medical Assistant so talk a lot at work. I worked my normal shift today...
2 1 Wed, 29 May 2019
I ve a cough problem by allergy which is caused rain,juice,ice cream,fruits,cold water.I have taken many treatments but not yet cured.It s controlled only during using medicine.If I do not take the medicine it will continue. I need permanent relief from this. What is best medicine or treatment to...
2 1 Wed, 29 May 2019
Hello. I dyed my hair couple of days ago and as I was waiting to wash my hair, my head started hurting and bleeding in some place. I’ve been thinking it was an allergic reaction but I’m getting a little bit worried. Now it continues healing but the head hurts sometimes. Looking forward for an...
2 1 Thu, 28 Mar 2019
Is there such a thing as allergy to vitamin C. Two females I know are telling me they are. One has diarrhea, the other has diarrhea and bone and joint pain. Both have had complete physicals, recently. Other than age related aches and pains (both in there late 60s) they both are healthy. I didn t...
2 1 Wed, 27 Mar 2019
two days ago started with a sore throat then sneezing and slight coughing then running nose then block nose and phlegm in chest which is green and when I cough I getting pain around both sides of ribs. I went to the doctor because I have asthma and got antibotics.
2 1 Mon, 25 Mar 2019
Since last fall, certain things trigger my throat to swell. No runny nose, itchy eyes, hives, difficulty breathing though. Car exhaust, garages, musty leaves or crawl spaces, cleaning agents, bleach, fabric softener, perfumes, sometimes a dog that has a skin treatment. Doctor recommended an...
3 2 Tue, 26 Feb 2019
I started prednisone 20 mg two days ago. And Hydroxyzine Pamdate 50mg..The indigestion is so bad I can t stand it. I am on omeprazole for heart burn and I ve already increased it. They even gave me Rantitine HCL 150 mg. It s not working .. Can I stop the Hydroxyzine??? I don t itch and the hives...
2 1 Thu, 24 Jan 2019
I have developed a strong allergic reaction to a weed in my flower bed that has turned from a small red rash on my right hand to good sized blisters that itch and are painful. I have been taking benadryl and using cortisone cream for 4 days and it s not improving. Should I seek medical advice or...
2 1 Tue, 27 Nov 2018
I have been treated for a bacterial infection and scabies because of the itchy red spots all over my body. Nothing has helped and the spots, fester, ooze, get bigger, spread and the itching is almost uncontrollable. I moved to AZ from NJ and my kids think I am allergic to the dessert. Is there...
2 1 Sat, 17 Nov 2018
is breathlessness /out of breathe an allergy symptom? especially if I ve had itchy/gritty eyes, periodic but not excessive sneezing, and mild runny nose? I noticed being more out of breath the last two summers in July/ August. I am 53. I did not have allergies as a kid but did develop one to...
2 1 Wed, 31 Oct 2018
I had swollen nose bridge and the areas around the inner eyes in the day and the swelling tended to move downwards in my face. After taking two celestamine as prescribed by a doctor my upper lip is now swollen. Should I go back to the doctor immediately?
2 1 Wed, 31 Oct 2018
I suffered extreme itching while trying to sleep and awakened with welts on back of neck and waistline. I had eaten very spicy Indian food a few hours earlier. Early today my upper lip swelled up on one side and has stayed swollen for several hours. I have applied cold compress to the lip. Could...
2 1 Wed, 10 Oct 2018
Hi I would like advice. I think I have asthma. Now and again, especially after running, my chest will go tight, my hands and face feel like they are swelling- feels like a lot of pressure under the skin. And also feel sick. If I male myself go sick the pressure under the skin feels better. Asthma...
2 1 Fri, 21 Sep 2018
I am a 60 yr old female diagnoised with asthma as a child. had no asthma problems for 50 yrs. 10 months ago i was in a departmemnt store and something triggered it. Uncontrolled coughing the ability to take air in but not expell it caused my lungs to constrict and close causing complete resp....
2 1 Fri, 21 Sep 2018
I have asthma, it rarely bothers me unless I have bronchitis. This past 2 weeks, I have been having trouble with coughing, difficult talking when cough attack happens, or extended walking. As long as I sit still, I m good. I do NOT have an inhaler. At times I want to run to dr/er, but I don t...
2 1 Fri, 21 Sep 2018
Hi My mom suffer from breathing problem (asthama) for last 17 years.she tried so many medicines and conslut doctor s but none of those medicines were not help to cure this problem.After that she used inhaler that is pretty effective. But those reliefs only shorter.Now she some times use foracort...
2 1 Fri, 21 Sep 2018
Hi doctor I m a 23 yr old medical student who is diagnosed as asthmatic 2 months back,taking medicine but still not well so might my asthma is associated with gerd also becz I got relief after taking omeprazol last night .and today was my case presentation and I didn t performed not that well...
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