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2 1 1 day ago
For the past couple weeks, I have had a pain in the upper right area of my back. I thought it was a pulled muscle but it is not. It feels as though it is from an organ maybe. The pain has come and go but it has started to be there more often than not now.
3 1 2 days ago
I was diagnosed with the following after spending about 20 visits with a psychologist: ADHD, PTSD, Severe anxiety,depression, bipolar and early onset dementia. I went to a seconf psychologist and he confirmed the original diagnosis. I am seeing a psychiatrist who reviewed those findings and he...
2 1 6 days ago
I have recently been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis of the L4 L5 vertebrae. I have deep pain in both buttocks and pain going down my right leg. I have been referred for physical therapy but I am wondering if it would be more effective to go to a pain clinic with the option of chiropractic...
2 1 6 days ago
over 6 months with progressive pain in lower back and right hip and pelvis, very dark and strange smelling diarhea, feels like pain inside right flank, increased fatigue, some nausea and vomiting, back pain has progressed up spine and under rib cage now increasing on left side
2 1 Mon, 8 Oct 2018
Doctor, I am 45 Years woman, Yesterday I fallen on road by bike accident, I have no wounds in my body but my lower back is pain more. I went Doctor, Doctor proscribed aceclo-SR tablet one, I taken but no recovered Pain is much more in morning, no swelling pain is very I con t walk. Doctor what...
2 1 Thu, 4 Oct 2018
I have patient that presented severe backpain that was of sudden onset.making her unable to walk or even stand or sit down. she has previous history of the same problem and an xray was taken and showed ,there was dislocation of the disk and she was put on traction.what could be causing the pain?...
3 2 Wed, 3 Oct 2018
I am in pain with my back all the time. I get sick at least twice a day. I saw a doc and within 5 min she wanted to give me anti depressents. I have a good life. QA hudband that loves me our beautiful daujther a job that id part time but Its my thing
2 1 Fri, 28 Sep 2018
What is the difference between untrue and true forms of acupuncture? Approximately 0how many sessions would be needed to experience some relief? My father is 87 and experiences a great deal of back pain. We have about exhausted other options. We are interested in learning about acupuncture and...
2 1 Fri, 28 Sep 2018
Hi, I have a chronic lower back pain from last 5 years, I am 35 years, male. Earlier i was activated only due to some heavy or improper weight lifting or bending, once activated it was very severe and used to remain 15-25 days.But now since past 2 years it doesn t activate, as i take...
2 1 Fri, 28 Sep 2018
hello, I am a 54 year old woman who s had HepC for 25 years before the virus was cleared from my blood, have an auto immune disease, have Hashimotos, chronic back pain from back injury and have very very high blood pressure. I live in Arizona where it s 95 degrees today and I am having severe...
3 1 Fri, 28 Sep 2018
I have chronic lower back and saccryl pain. my hands and feet go numb and tingle quickly. at times my fingers or hand will jerk or tremor, my eye sight blurs and I am always tired. the longer I sleep, the more I want to sleep. my balance is off, I stumble, and I have difficulty walking when I...
2 1 Fri, 28 Sep 2018
Hi i have chronic back pain since i was 12 n im 53 now. I have spondollothesis n schooleosis. RA n nueropathy n much more Ive had several back surgeries n 2 titamin cages in my lower back. Ive been in sever pain but thinking i might experience kidney pain nowhowdo i tell the difference between...
2 1 Mon, 24 Sep 2018
I have a back ache in my upper left back just below shoulder blade. Had my heart test, urine tested, cat scan which showed all fine except I have diverticulitis which I already knew. Where should I go next to see what s causing this. Pain makes it hard to sleep. It s dull like a tooth ache.
2 1 Mon, 24 Sep 2018
Hi! I’m suffering mind and body started about 4 years ago major mv accident noproper follow up. Now I have constant upper back and cervical pAin constant. Chiro works but can’t go enough. I can’t bear the pain and brain fog and Can I take a r 534 Divalproex 500mg I found from a past visit, cut in...
4 1 Mon, 24 Sep 2018
Dealing with upper back pain btw shoulder blades up to the base of the neck When it gets to be so uncomfortable I barely can walk but that seems to be because it starts to to feel extremely heavy which makes me very short of breath This has been happening the last few days and does require me to...
3 2 Wed, 12 Sep 2018
for about a week, pain in my back starting at about the cravical area down to the left side to the rib area. When I try to take a deep breath it hurts more and I have to breath less deeply. I am not aware of having injured myself, no falls.I m a 75 year old female
2 1 Wed, 12 Sep 2018
I have had plantar facaitis (spelling?)in my feet for a little over a year. Recently I have started have spasms in my back. I wonder if it could be related to the problem with my feet or to one of the medications I am taking. It is very painful and I also wonder what to do to relieve the pain.
2 1 Wed, 12 Sep 2018
HI. I m having lower back pain, headache and brown goop coming out my ( I m a girl) and very nauseated. I was just at the hospital 2 days ago but not for this. I m looking for the next step. What do I do now? And what could it be? Please and thank you.
2 1 Tue, 11 Sep 2018
I ve had what I consider stinging and burning muscle pain in my upper back. It seems to be located bilaterally directly about my kidneys. I take Lyrica, hbp meds, thyroid meds and sertraline daily. I ve attempted to find out what it might be with no results. Thank you
2 1 Tue, 11 Sep 2018
I have been under a lot of emotional stress the last two years. Since 2010 I have had two back surgeries which include two cages in my lower back. My pain dr has diagnosed me with chronic pain syndrome, lumbar Post laminectomy syndrome, Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Degenerative Spondylitis. I feel...