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2 1 3 days ago
My. Grandson has mood swings he has ADHD depression situational he is development delayed mood disorder. He has really been out of control sometimes what kind of doctor should I take him to??? I need help. He has got into trouble and has to go to court. He is only fifteen.
2 1 5 days ago
Hi doctor, My son is 4.5 years old. He is showing some symptoms of ADHD..Teacher s are finding difficult to control him at school since he is restless, scribbling on the board, running out of the class..Couls you plase suggesst some tips to appproach him in class and at home .
3 2 Thu, 12 Jul 2018
My son is 9years old and was forced out of his school last year he now attends a private alternative school Wordsworth Academy after I was forced to send him to partial hospitalization at Horsham Clinic for 2week where they diagnosed him with adjustment dysorder ,which I believe was just to say...
2 1 Sat, 30 Jun 2018
2 1 Tue, 26 Jun 2018
I take 60 mg of vyvanse daily, my doctor has told me using hydroxycut isn t safe because it does what vyvanse does, i was curious as to what ingredient/s in the two make this harmful? Also if I were to use something with more natural ingredients such as green tea fat burner , would that be safe?
2 1 Tue, 26 Jun 2018
My grandson has been screaming people ( classmates, teacher, parents) when he doesn t get his way. He has bothered id neighbors at school by touching them, whispering things he shouldn t and yelling at them. His teacher has had to remove him from the group and even the classroom. We have an...
2 1 Mon, 4 Jun 2018
My adult son has been diagnosed with ASD, ADHD,NLD, OCD and Psychotic-disorder-NOS and he has been treated by a few Antipsychotic medication, etc but continues hearing voices or having a delusion episode. Would there be a treatment center in Canada or ? if it does, what would be the cost and the...
145 1 Tue, 29 May 2018
Hello my son is ADHD and I am asking how much can a five year old 43 pound boy take up to with Quillivant xr? Right now I have been giving my son 11mls once a day wtih the bottle labeled 750mg -150ml when reconstituted- (25mg/5ml) ? I am still consulting with his doctor.
7 1 Thu, 24 May 2018
My 12 year old boy has been complaining of the back of both legs huring being sore like sore muscles, said his testicles hurt and throws up just a little bit (he is not sick) intermittently (not every day). Doesn t throw up much may be more like a reflex of some kind. He is ADHD and takes Vyvanse.
16 1 Tue, 8 May 2018
My child has spitting spells lightly constantly, he has hesitating movements at times sort of a tic. He goes through these rituals of moving back and forth and opening doors way before he has to leave to go some where. he has a hard time getting in and out of the car but eventually does it. He...
11 1 Tue, 8 May 2018
Hi- I have an eight year old boy who weighs 63 pounds and is 4 4 . He is on 10 mg adderall XR for treatment of ADHD. Today he complained his body was hot and itchy. When I examined him he had a red blotchy rash at his skin joints. I put him in a warm bath, and symptoms disapated, but are still...
2 1 Mon, 30 Apr 2018
my grandson is 10 and has adhd ashbergers and altisum,, he cant sleep so we are trying clonidine and it is not working, he is still up at 12 midnight, so we are told to use melatonin timed relases 3 mg with it,, is this ok.. im scared,, he has reactions to benedryl and last time we tried this med...
2 1 Mon, 30 Apr 2018
my grandson is almost 6. he has ADHD and takes 5 mg Adderall in the morning befor school. he takes two 1 mg pills of quanfacine at night .he does pretty good until bedtime 7:30. then he is hungry ( so we feed him) then put him to bed . he can t seem to wind down to go to sleep. Lately it s been...
3 2 Fri, 27 Apr 2018
My step granddaughter is 6 yrs old and I am wondering if she has adhd. She is in first grade and is having trouble reading. She loses her attention on basic daily life goals like brushing her teeth, doing homework. It has to be totally quiet for her to do homework or she gets off track. She also...
2 1 Wed, 25 Apr 2018
my 8 yr old shows many signs of anxiety/adhd both are in our family. when should I have her checked for medication needs? She gets by with behavior help but I suffered un diagnosed as a child and wish I had had the help of medication. so I don t want her to feel the same.
37 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2017
About 3ish, 4 days ago, my tooth brush slipped and jabbed my bottom gum Line right in the middle. There is a small blister looking bubble. Can I rinse with warm water and salt? And would this cause a slight numbness on the bottom lip infront of said gums? Thanks, Amanda.
2 1 Wed, 12 Jul 2017
My son is 15years old.I think he is having ADHD problem.I am worried about his behavioural issues.He behaves very aggressively with me,(Mom)and his sister.He is totally against his dad.Kindly help me.I am more worried about him as behaviour problems may not allow him to come up well in the society.
13 1 Wed, 28 Jun 2017
my son has a growth hornmone deficiency and is also been diagnosed with ADHD, He is currently getting a shot of nutropin (1.6) nightly and takes 10 mg/2 x daily of Adderall and 40 mg daily of these meds work well together... i have noticed everytime they up the dosage on his...
2 1 Tue, 27 Jun 2017
There is a young 8-year-old boy I to whom I am the Godfather. He has tremendous issues behaviorally and ADD and he has threatened suicide –– even murder. I studied a program on YouTube titled, The Dangerous Few and I am going to contact one of the Doctors or clinics interviewed therein. They did...
2 1 Tue, 27 Jun 2017
My 2 and a half year old son has been diagnosed with severe ADHD. He is very defiant and throws constant tantrums. He is delayed in speech and gets very angry easily. He throws his toys and hits my husband and I when he s upset. If we bring him in public he has a meltdown 90% of the time. He will...
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