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2 1 5 days ago
Hello, I have a 13 year old daughter who is a cancer (Leukemia) survivor at the age of 5. She has been complaining of pain in her left forearm for about a week. There is nothing visible, no swelling and to the lay person, the tissue feels the same as her right arm. Could this be side affects from...
2 1 Tue, 10 Jul 2018
I have 2 poylps and a lump in my sinus. My practitioner told me my cat scan was normal. Although I m sick with infection in my sinuses all the time. It s like pouse and a lot of bood clots come out like merca. 1 year later after my cat scan the SAME CAT SCAN she told me it was not normal and they...
2 1 Fri, 6 Jul 2018
I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to the liver. I am looking into a treatment that will extend my life but do not want to deal with severe side effects . Any suggestions? Please send the report to YYYY@YYYY . Thank you.
2 1 Thu, 5 Jul 2018
My husband is a healthy 84 year old man. He has his prostrate removed nine years ago by robotic surgery. His psa is starting move up and is now .23. His doctor and subsequent oncologist is suggesting radiation treatment, 39 doses. I m concerned about side effects and wonder if he shouldn t just...
2 1 Wed, 27 Jun 2018
I have multiple myeloma and will be having a transplant soon. On PET scan showed nodule on left thyroid so today the ultrasound showed solid nodule 3.8 X11.6x by 1.1 cm. peripheral vascular increased. Recommend percutaneous biopsy recommended. Could this be cancer and how is biopsy done? Should...
3 2 Mon, 25 Jun 2018
I am active (recreational sports and gym workouts) and lab results are always great. I have muscle fatigue, foot cramps, get flushed during moderate exercise, get winded doing stairs, have knee and lower back pain (per PT anterior pelvic tilt, week muscles, tight hip flexors and IT band). Simple...
2 1 Mon, 25 Jun 2018
Hi, my daughter is 26 and has tumour in spinal cord. Biopsy left her unable to walk on her own, but was helpful for treatment. Proton Radiation did not work. First round of chemo gave her rashes and tumour is growing. new chemo is oral 5 day s on 25 0ff. Mayo Clinic is overseeing, UofM did...
2 1 Mon, 25 Jun 2018
Hi my mother in !as has pancreatic cancer in the later stages. She has begun to have a low grade fever that last only a few hours and subsides. Is this a normal effect of the cancer? Do I need to have blood work or urinalysis done to check for other infection?
3 2 Sat, 23 Jun 2018
I have a stent that is blocked 100% in LAD. I have collaterals that bypass the blockage. I do not have angina and am fully functional with no pain and I work out three times a week. Is this something that would strengthen my collaterals or enlarge them for me. I have had the stent blockage since...
2 1 Fri, 22 Jun 2018
I have recently had a cancerous lump removed from my breast, stage one, grade three, clear margins and lymph node. They are testing the tumor to see how it will respond to treatment, they will know better if they should recommend chemo. I would like to avoid chemo, but would you know if the body...
2 1 Fri, 22 Jun 2018
about ten days ago had a thumb nail cancer removed from my lower shin.... today it hurts periodically but intensely. The hole is obviously still there, seems to be healing (?) no infection apparent.... used up all my intense pain pills and am reluctant to get more as I come from an addictive...
2 1 Thu, 21 Jun 2018
Hi, Had breast cancer 3 yrs ago went into the bone. Had radiation on my right shoulder & it helped. Was on Verzenio 150 2x & had to many side effects. Dr changed to 100mg. Just got them in the mail & have not started them yet. Does the cancer cause nausea & vomiting as I had that yesterday. Today...
2 1 Thu, 21 Jun 2018
i have been diagnosed with primary liver cancer one year ago; has been ablated twice but recurred for third time 3/21/18; also now appearing was two cm lymph node which was biopsied and report says it is a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. I am being referred for chemo treatment plan. I also...
2 1 Thu, 21 Jun 2018
My mother has cancer that started in her tear glad causing her to loose her eye. She had cancer in most of her lymphnodes and other ares in her face when she had two surgeries to remove the cancer.the healing process took a long time to heal enough in order to have radiation,after two weeks of...
2 1 Thu, 21 Jun 2018
Had radiotherapy four weeks ago for dcis cancer was feeling out of breath for couple days went to d doc he said had inflammation and wheeze on my lungs gave me steroids antibiotics now 3 days on my cough bad and having pins needles coming up through my back arms while coughing ill be seen my...
2 1 Wed, 20 Jun 2018
A very enlarged 6cm polyp was found in my rectum. It was surgically removed and they did find early stages of cancer in the removed polyp. afterwards I ve had a PET scan and no more cancer cells were identified anywhere. If the PET scan didn t show any cancer, is it still necessary to have chemo...
2 1 Wed, 20 Jun 2018
The recent oncologist has stopped IVIG as of October. The first oncologist in another state told me, when first diagnosed with cancer that I would be on the infusions the rest of my life. While I am 90 years of age, I am wondering the possible reason for eliminating the infusions. I have been...
2 1 Wed, 20 Jun 2018
What kind of food or vitamins would help a person if they have liver cancer? My email is YYYY@YYYY Also i would like to know what causes my feet to swell i never had a problem until i had both knees repacked,but that was about 3 yrs for the last one.In the past 2 weeks my right foot swelled up so...
2 1 Wed, 20 Jun 2018
My 81 year old wife is a stage 4 lung cancer patient and has had several Chemo treatments the last on March 13th. I, her husband, took her to the local hospital ER because of reactions and discovered her blood pressure had plummeted ; so ER Doctor prescribed Midodrine after counsulting with her...
2 1 Wed, 20 Jun 2018
Yes, my mother recently came home from the hospital. She is fighting a return of her cancer and she was outside working in her garden. Her eyes got red and her face swelled up turned dark and started peeling. She had to go in the hospital. The doctor said it was a side affect from the medication...
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