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2 1 7 hours ago
I was diagnosed with gastropharesis about 6mos. ago . As well as 2 hiatal hernias, but I ve gained 15 - 20 per in 2 mos. If I can t keep meals down, including n/v diarrhea and excessive gas. My dr. referred me for Bariatric surgery. BMI 38. Will this help my symptoms?
2 1 11 hours ago
What causes loose stools that smell like ammonia ? My mother, 92, just got done being treated for UTI with Rocephin in ER and Keflex x 5 days. Her stalls were formed and normal during this time. Now , again, there is a very strong ammonia smell when voided and passed ? some still this evening.
2 1 1 day ago
Hello, my question is bowel movements when I have a bowel movement it is so hard and won t come out unless I twist and turn or even pick it out with something I m using a stool softer by the name DOCUSATE SODIUM Prescribed by my Dr. but its not working. Can anything help me ?
3 2 1 day ago
My mother is 83 and appears to be suffering from a stomach virus. It came on quickly. She is throwing up and has diarrhea. She isn’t in great health, but other than having COPD she has been doing well lately. In situations like these I often worry how best to help her. I immediately want to take...
3 2 1 day ago
I know both my sister and I she is 54. and I am 61 have had pooping problems all our lives recently she is passed out trying to poop and the last month I ve had to throw up twice while trying to poop. I get terribly nauseous and start sweating and she starts sweating also but she doesn t throw up...
3 2 1 day ago
I keep having episodes after eating a meal where I have sudden diarrhea and also urination with copious amounts of urine. it is almost as if something is making bowel and bladder fill with fluid. I have nausea and sometimes vomiting, often dry heaving. I have a history of irritable bowel and...
2 1 3 days ago
Hello, Im a 30 year old female who gave birth via c-section 4months ago and I have been having some discomfort in my back under my right rib cage,along with some gi discomfort as well.It tends to come and go but lately it has be sticking around.Any idea what this could be?
3 1 5 days ago
I am experiencing extreme intestinal gas, belching, a feeling of a lump in my throat, acid reflux and periods of nausea. I had breast cancer so I am concerned about these symptoms. I am over weight so some of this could be due to poor diet, but I am concerned there could be other reasons.
4 2 5 days ago
I have had a change in my daily BM s from being very firm to being soft (not runny) stools over the last year. The only difference in my daily routines would be I am eating walnuts in cereal daily and I am now retired. Not sure if it is something to check on, I had a colon check about 5 years...
2 1 5 days ago
I have been straining to have bowel movements for quite some time. Not always, but frequently. I have a bowel movement everyday. No other symptoms. I am on a medication called Remeron and have been for a couple of months. Can you shed some light on this. Also I have been stressed off and on for...
2 1 6 days ago
I have stomach issues. Certain foods cause vomiting and diarrhea. I take pantaprozole and Libra’s for this. Now I have lost about ten pounds, have fatigue and muscle weakness. I avoid many foods which make me sick and mainly eat small amounts of breads, fruit, chicken, cake, waffles. That’s about...
3 2 Tue, 7 Aug 2018
I had an appendectomy 12 days ago. Last Thursday morning I had a bowel movement that was mostly blood. Later in the day I had a bowel movement with just a trace of blood and 2 others with no blood. Tonight after dinner I ve had 2 bowel movements and they were both almost all blood like last...
2 1 Tue, 7 Aug 2018
My husband, a 76 year old man, he has lost over 92 pounds in a few months time, had an EDG touted out he has ulcers in the middle part of his esophagus , skipped his stomach and he has ulcers in his small intestines. At U of M they gave him a secretin stimulation test which was positive for a...
2 1 Mon, 6 Aug 2018
I am just starting the GoLytely colon prep....I have mixed it and starting to drink now....It says drink a full glass every 20 minutes....would that be how many ounces, or does that matter?Also, what are my time limitations on finishing the prep? Can I drink it faster or is slower better?
3 2 Wed, 1 Aug 2018
I have a friend whose stomach severely bloats every night. She has tried the gluten free diet amongst other. This has been going on for years. It looks as if she were pregnant, it is that severe. Where can she start? He primary care has not been much help.
2 1 Tue, 31 Jul 2018
I m a healthy 69 yr old male, not on any significant meds except a few vitamins, baby aspirin every other day, and Viagra as needed. :) I had a slightly queasy stomach and then an unexpected green stool, formed, not loose. Does this indicate anything?
2 1 Tue, 31 Jul 2018
Hi, can I answer your health question? Please type your question here...have been having nausea, horrible burning in stomach, occasional vomiting intermittently for three weeks. Started Zantac with no relief. MD appt next week. Should I change to Pepcid or other gi med?
2 1 Tue, 31 Jul 2018
Twice today, I have experienced pain, most uncomfortable, slightly on my right side under my sternum. On first occasion I drank some water and it seemed to calm down. This time feels like I still have food that hasn t gone entirely down. Pain has eased in last 5 minutes, and both times, the pain...
2 1 Tue, 31 Jul 2018
I suffer from extreme indigestion, I am always taking rolaids, baking soda waters and over the counter anti acids. It seems when I go to see Doctors all they want to do is give me RX for nexium or that type of product. It seems to be getting worse and becoming more constant regardless of my diet....
2 1 Tue, 31 Jul 2018
My wife has had diarrhea for the last couple of days. Today she hasn t gotten out of bed except to go. She won t eat. I want her to go see someone but can t get her to go. Result, I can t sleep, On web ND trying to find out/educate myself. Worried hubby.
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