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2 1 1 day ago
Hi, I had an endoscopy this am and I am wondering if it’s ok to smoke weed now. It helps with nausea and it would be helpful if I could. I feel fine other than that. I understand the anesthesia may intensify the weed but I have no plans of leaving bed. Thanks in advance!
2 1 1 day ago
wow i totally didnt feel well right now, headache head rush pulsing migraine gastritis dehydration and im still horny from the meth as soon as i think of being horny the feeling comes back as soon as i dont the feeling disappears this is def interesting how the brain can control everything.
2 1 1 day ago
I ve been clean an sober for 25 years. I used/abused alcohol and valium together for 26 years. The quantity of both substances increased over the years from a small bottle of alcohol per day to as much as 1000 ml per day, valium was in the range of 10 to 30 MG per day. Marijuana was in the mix as...
2 1 1 day ago
So i took the last 4 abortion pills to terminate my pregnancy about 3 days ago now .. do u think its save to smoke weed now..? The clinic told me to avoid it for at least two days its been 3 can i start smoking again .. i smoke for my depression eating sleeping and anxiety especially cause its...
2 1 1 day ago
I m an avid marijuana smoker, but in the last month I ve only smoked out of tin foil. In the past week ive develop a worsening cough that is dry, persistant, and produces phlegm. However when the throat goes dry the cough only seems to worsen. I have cut out smoking altogether but the cough still...
2 1 1 day ago
I have minimal change disease which makes my edema swarm up every now and then. I’m currently swelling from both legs don to my ankle and lower back and stomach. I’m an avid marijuana smoker and want to know if it’s making my situation worse.
2 1 1 day ago
I am a more frequent user of cocaine, and never had issues before with throwing up after it. But lately when I do even one small line I will feel sick and even throw up, followed with just a feeling of nausea and a little dizziness and shakiness, what could be the issue?
2 1 2 days ago
Hi, im 31, been smoking weed with a little tobacco for a lot of years everyday, i just feel since a month ago like a have my throat tight every time after i smoke weed, it is a very anguish feeling and never happened to me before, i think it may be some allergic reaction or something. I went to...
2 1 4 days ago
Hello,’m a frequent marijuana smoker, as it helps me feel physically better and helps with my anxiety/adhd. Somewhere along the line in 2016, I dropped from 146 lbs to 106 lbs in the course of a month. I went and got blood work done for my thyroid to see if I possibly was struggling with...
2 1 Tue, 10 Jul 2018
The past 8 months I’ve probably had 3 gram of coke a week. I’ve noticed that my feet go cold and my left calf feels like it could cramp. Also slight discomfort in my back. These symptoms do go when I have a break from it
2 1 Mon, 2 Jul 2018
Hello. Yes i have a very important question. I let someone shoot meth up in my neck and i i think he did it wrong because i had a big head ache and just by making my bed i get shortness of breath and im always so tired. Im scared to death. Its been about three weeks. I havent done it anymore.
2 1 Fri, 29 Jun 2018
Hi, 20 years old, was released from the hospital few days ago after being diagnosed with 3 blood clots in my lower right lung, and pneumonia- which has since cleared up shown with an Xray. Is there any real danger to smoke weed with the blood clots? Or vaping a better way to go? It really helps...
3 2 Tue, 26 Jun 2018
Hi im 21 yrs okd 175lbs 5.7height i use to smoke cannabis daily * 5 to 10 bong hit* i drink 8l water each day and eat fruit and veg all day long and doing 30min cardio in the morning and 30min cardio the afternoon .. my question is how log will it take to have clean urine?
3 2 Mon, 18 Jun 2018
I have not used marijuana in over 15 years. I recently took a trip to CA and when in Rome...I visited a dispensary and purchased some tinctures (cannibis mixed with olive oil and sesame oil) and have been using it by mouth for the past two weeks. How long will it take to leave my system? Last use...
2 1 Mon, 18 Jun 2018
I quit using herion, went through detoxing, I was very ill for days. I was vomiting to the point I was throwing up acid from my stomach for days, now week later my roof of mouth is swollen and numb and now I have open sores on the roof of my mouth, what could this be and what should I do???
2 1 Mon, 18 Jun 2018
im 20 years old injecting meth. i started using at 13 almost on a daily basis since. i didnt start injecting up untill about 6 months ago. i feel i may have mental disorders due to my use such as change in personality, loss touch with reality, my inability to understand things and much more. will...
2 1 Tue, 12 Jun 2018
hello, i injected a snowball , a mix of heroin and crack cocaine, ive been doing these hits for a while, but i did the same thing (shot, hit) as i usally do but this time just after the hit my heart started racing really fast for about 2 -3 minutes. which scared me freaked me out!! why did this...
2 1 Tue, 12 Jun 2018
I use meth for a while and out of no where yellow stuff is coming out my penis and it stings a little. And also dnt drink water wht can it be cuz i have a girlfriend and indnt think its a std cuz wjen i clean jt it dnt burn
2 1 Tue, 5 Jun 2018
My boyfriend has been smoking methamphetamine since he was a young teenager. Now, he is a young adult. I am worried about his health, because of how long he has been smoking meth. I try so hard to help him stop, but he always tells me that he has been smoking meth even before we met. It really...
3 1 Thu, 31 May 2018
last year in april 2016, I was diagnosed with abdominal aorta aneurysm, after having a lower rib cage pain, just under my heart, this happen after eating lunch and about 20 minutes this occurred.. I went home and after a couple of hours went to the emergency and was sweating with the pain. they...
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