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2 1 10 minutes ago
About a month ago my boyfriend and I became sexually active. I have had sex before, but for a lack of better words, my current boyfriend is much larger than my previous partners. Along with it being much rougher then all of the times before him (I apologize for how personal this is). We did use...
2 1 11 minutes ago
I have had diarrhea a few times a day for the last four months. Sometimes it comes out like a bunch of water. I don t want to tell my dr. Because I refuse to do a stool sample or any invasive procedure. I have also been having urine leaking during the day. I feel like I am losing control of my...
2 1 14 minutes ago
I have highly dandrof problem. My hair is frizzy nd unmanageable. Recent there is some pimple in my scalp its painful. Nd im loosing my hair more than half in 10 days. Doct prescribed me kera xl serum nd sebawash shampoo. Can i get my thick hair again?? Does it makey hair rough??? Pls help me.
2 1 18 minutes ago
I just got the results of a blood test and my white blood cell count is down, i have been very tired lately and I get large bruises on my legs and back that I am not sure how or when they happened. i do take advair for asthma. should i be concerned with a WBC count of 3.2
2 1 19 minutes ago
Hi there , my partner is due to have an abortion (under 10 week abortion pill) and suspects she may possibly have a water infection. Would this cause the procedure to be delayed or will it have no impact and the appointment continues as planned ? Thank you
2 1 20 minutes ago
I felt my heart squeeze really hard twice, at the same time it felt like and electric shock go down my left side. It did it twice the same as above. I ve since felt it several more times through out the day. My balance is off, my left eye hurts, I have a headache on the left side. What s also...
2 1 21 minutes ago
My 95 yr old friend has been on warfarin for many years and had to stop it and take baby aspirin for 5 days in order to have a facet joint block on Wed with steroid. Restarted warfarin that night as told. Since Friday afternoon she has been dizzy , as in staggered gait and weak. BP ok. Would the...
2 1 22 minutes ago
My husband is on Humira for 4 months....It has been great controlling his ulcerative colitis/bowels/ and stomach upsets. He has had the rash on his body for the past 2 months which does not hurt or itch..just bumpy. However, after taking his infusion on Wednesday afternoon, the past two days he...
2 1 25 minutes ago
I just had thread like bleeding after urinating on the toilet and sitting in a warm bath it just floated in the water I expect my period any day now, but this is not usual and I hit my side on the bath tub giving my toddler a bath earlier and it hurt really badly so I want to make sure it isn t...
2 1 26 minutes ago
Symptoms are headache type pressure, constant ringing like after a concert to close to speakers, fingers going numb, sensation type feelings crown of head, hx of thalassemia trait minor, o negative blood type, recent surgery cervical fusion 2016, had occasional off balance episodes, seeing a...
2 1 27 minutes ago
Sir i have suffering from Mild lumbarspondylosis with moderate broadbased posterocentral disc herniation at L5-S1 level causing moderate thecal sac indentation and moderate bilateral S1 traversing nrrve root compression as per MRI report. Please suggest the best and faster treatment.
2 1 28 minutes ago
I have smoked for 45 years. I have quit 5 weeks ago but used nicotine gum to help overcome withdrawal issues. I have now been totally nicotine free for a week but seem to be having intense withdrawal issues and feelings that every nerve ending in my body is right at the surface and the slightest...
2 1 29 minutes ago
Hey so my family usually have bad knees and my knee but my knee lately doesnt hurt but i had felt like when i walk that my knee was gonna break or something it hurt then. But i didnt have no swelling or redness. But then a couple of days afterward it stopped hurting. I can walk but then i...
2 1 31 minutes ago
hi i have problem of swallon again and again in throat and also burping issue. i pressure the air myself to press down air but many time it doesnt go down and chocking the throat for 1 second. i felt very depress at that time. however i checked my throat to ent specilaist but no issue in throat....
2 1 35 minutes ago
Good afternoon how you doing for many years I experience overall pain in all my muscles top to bottom in the mornings when I wake up I feel like I played football tonight before some days are worse it s very deep pain even massage doesn t help it write down to my fingers every part of my body
2 1 35 minutes ago
My resting heart rate is approximately 95 bpm when it used to be about 70 2a little more than one year ago. I had an EKG, ultrasound and echocardiogram which were all normal. My sleep is not very good and that has been going on for probably a couple years. Could that be one of the reasons or are...
2 1 36 minutes ago
Mg son s feet andl legs are swo!len real bad. He has went Dr. Cargo and he is stumped. I have put ice pads, used vinager and had him walk a d prop his feet up. What can I do. Dr Vargo took him off several of his medicines... He did bloodworm thinking he had sugar but be did t.
2 1 37 minutes ago
I had a blackout spell yesterday and when I came to I was dizzy and didn t know where I was for a moment, when I got up I was short of breath went pale and was sweating terribly, My wife to me to the ER where they ran tests but could not find anything, this was the first episode I have had since...
2 1 38 minutes ago daughter is 7..2 months ago..there were bumps coming up all over her arms, hands, legs, and face. First theirs bumps, then they itch very much and turn into cuts in her skin. I relocated to a different state but its still continuing..please help
2 1 40 minutes ago
Pls after bathing I always do v a very severe pain in my head n I always go under sun or I will cover my head with a hat n after which I get relieve sometimes,it is usually worse wen I hav my bath very early in d morning n at night as well...pls I need urgent advice bcus dis headaches is really...
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