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878 11 Mon, 11 Mar 2013
My father was diagnosed with colon cancer almost 3 months ago. He goes into surgery next week and I want to know if i should prepare for the worse My father was diagnosed with colon cancer almost 3 months ago. He goes into surgery next week and I want to know if i should prepare for the worse....
271 9 Thu, 2 May 2013
Hello My name is Sofía Castillo from Concepción, Chile. My mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer about 9 months ago, she had a Neuroendocrine Carcinoma in the tail of the Pancreas, it was very located so the doctor was able to resect it and about tree other lynph nodes where the cancer had...
1212 9 Wed, 25 May 2011
hello mom ..... had fever for 6 months...and she lost her weight drastically .....and we have seen a doctor..initially...she was diagnosed as having tuberculosis...s her montoux test was positive...but later ...after some blood tests they confirmed it as...blood cancer....and they told there...
771 8 Sat, 16 Apr 2011
I have to start chemo soon and I was told there are some new meds out there to help with the nausea. I would like to know what they called. Also when having chemo does your hair always fall out or does it depend on the person. Basically I would like to know what I can expect during chemo.
183 7 Fri, 13 Jan 2012
I have an enlarged lump about a fingers width below my jaw on left side. I ve had it a little over a year. Iwent for ct scan pn yesterday and am a nervous wreck its cancer . What else could cause the sweelling besides cancer?
231 5 Mon, 16 Jan 2012
my wife gone through kimo & now ca125 report show ok result but she is going through depression and pain in body
1926 5 Mon, 8 Aug 2011
I have a deep lump ( not like a pimple, its in my thigh deep ) in my thigh up high like in my bikini area? Do I need to go see my doctor about this ?
371 5 Sat, 19 Mar 2011
sir, my father (49) male suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma since 3 months, chemoembolisation has been done before 1 months. the size of tumor is 15 cm. my father is not feeling better now. so, please advise me what we have to do now my E-mail address
254 5 Fri, 30 Dec 2011
how do i know if i have skin cancer
5 4 Wed, 21 Aug 2019
I was recently diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. My dermatologist performed the Mohs surgery. I submitted a claim to my cancer insurance co. They denied the claim stating that the pathology report did not indicate a malignant condition. Isn t that what basal cell carcinoma is? I look forward...
94 4 Mon, 6 May 2013
My 21-yr-old daughter has a swollen tongue on the lower right-hand side. She says it has been like this for about a month. She has noticed some occasional discomfort swallowing food but apart from that, there is no pain. As a mom who has a best friend recently diagnosed with oral cancer, I am...
190 4 Fri, 19 Apr 2013
Hi Doctor My auntie is diagnosed with pancreas cancer, advanced stage. She is 60 years old, the doctor recommended chemo for her but mentioned that there is only a 10-15% chance to shrink and chemo is the solution to prolong her life. I would like to know if she should really go ahead with the...
59 4 Fri, 19 Apr 2013
Hi I am 47 years old have 5 children and always had normal regular periods. This month after approx 10 days after my period finished I started bleeding again. This was sudden and is flooding bright red blood. It has lasted 6 days so far. I have had abnormal cervical smear results about 2 years...
135 4 Fri, 13 Jan 2012
MY brother in law is suffering from CKD. doctors have adviced for chemotheraphy? is that right. pleaseeeee advice.
122 4 Tue, 10 Jan 2012
\My mom is 67 years old.Last year 3days she was fever & Neck node. So did FNAC. in that report cancer . so We went to tata hospital. there are said that is tb node. they gave me medicin.But after 16 days she was gass truble.on that day(8-7-2010)she has continew dkar.Dr.gave some medician.But on 8...
618 4 Mon, 7 Feb 2011
can nose piersings cause cancer
267 4 Wed, 21 Mar 2012
respected sir, I am wasif from Pakistan. I want to consult you about the disease of my father. He is 65 years old.he has non- malignant tumor in small intestine as per reports of biopsy.however a stent has been placed in small intestine since it was blocked by tumor. whereas the physician of my...
345 4 Fri, 23 Sep 2011
My daughter age 13 year is suffering from hodgkin s lymphoma from 2009. My daughter age 13 year is suffering from hodgkin s lymphoma from 2009. We given her 8 cycle of chemotherapy from July 2009 to March 2010. Now She is suffering again from the same diseases from December 2010. So We need your...
389 4 Thu, 13 Jan 2011
hi , my husband got a pimple on his upper leg beside his tistical and its big and soft , is it a proplem .
286 4 Tue, 1 Nov 2011
hi..a patient is suffering from :MR findings reveal endometrial growth with suggestion of inflitration into the myometrium(stage 1B)...please suggest
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