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2 1 Mon, 30 Jul 2018
I am experiencing the following conditions: fatigue followed by stretches of insomnia. Also, a chronic itch from head to toe (staying in the air condition as well as applying lotion does not help, nor does Claridon help alleviate the itching). Lastly, I am experiencing joint pain. I took a test...
2 1 Fri, 27 Jul 2018
Hi, I am 67 years old with type 2 diabetes. I had acute pancreatitis last month and recovered now. I had my contrast CT scan done 3 days back. I had dryness in mouth and severe eaching. I felt dizzy and fell down in toilet in night of CT scan. What may be the cause Regards Dipak
2 1 Wed, 25 Jul 2018
i ve been suffering from dizziness almost everyday it started when i was 3 months pregnant and now my baby is 2 yrs old and it s gotten worst i was told by my doctor that i have high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol also i ve gotten a tubal ligation and it s like my body is not the same what...
3 2 Mon, 23 Jul 2018
I am a diabetic patient having 60 years of age, from 4th of June my sugar level remains stagnant at 300-350, dr. Recommended me to have diabetic diet, on following this diet their is no control on the level of sugar. At last another dr. Recommended me to have insulin, still there is no markable...
2 1 Mon, 23 Jul 2018
I experience a crawling, stinging sensation in my legs and feet, especially at night. I use lotion frequently to provide relief and prevent the skin of my feet from splitting and peeling. I ve lost the majority of sensation in both of my pinkie toes. When I had a primary care doctor, she told me...
2 1 Sat, 21 Jul 2018
Hi I have 5 teaspoons of sugars in my cup of tea, now I only have 4-5 cups a day and i don t eat any chocolate, crisps or sweets i also cant / don t drink juice or frizzy drinks . I am 4ft10 and weight 7stone5 so not anyway over weight but my mum says I m going to get disabilities from having all...
2 1 Sat, 21 Jul 2018
I am having blood sugar spikes all of a sudden. I have been on Glamepiride 1/2 to 1 tablet 1 x a day. I have been on 1/2 pill but have gone from 135 to 174 all of a sudden. Time to go to 1 pill. The danger is bp being too low with 1 pill a day. I was borderline Type 2 diabeties, and have gone to...
2 1 Thu, 19 Jul 2018
I need to find an inexpensive medication to reduce my blood sugar. Invokana causes yeast infection, Glucaphge upsets my stomach. Januvia and Trdjenta are expensive----although both of them do well at reducing blood sugar. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Harld Brown
2 1 Mon, 16 Jul 2018
My husband has type 2 & is having trouble keeping his sugar below 200. I try to watch everythinghe eats & does. He takes 4 units of novalog before each meal & 18 units of lantus at night. It was doing fairly well before this past wk. Called doc. & he raised the evening one fr 14 to 18.Why can t...
2 1 Mon, 16 Jul 2018
I ve been taking Diovan/HCT 320/25 for many yrs the only med to help me (believe me weve tried them all!) over the yrs my low blood sugar has raised to now I m borderline diabetic...I read that this medication could be cause My diet is not an issue-many dr opinions I don t eat enough...also low...
2 1 Mon, 16 Jul 2018
I am diabetic and am having dizziness when I get up from bed and from siting. as I get older it is getting to be a daily thing. I go to the V A for my health care. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY! I discussed this with the doctor so he gave me meclizine. It is making me weak and causing my diabetes to go...
2 1 Mon, 16 Jul 2018
My blood sugar levels are high in the morning sometimes as high as 170. When I eat I recover without any problem and the rest of the day I seem to control everything with diet and exercise. I am on Metformin.750 mg lunch and dinner . Can exercise when I first wake up help my fasting levels drop...
2 1 Mon, 16 Jul 2018
My blood sugar level was under 140 fasting till 2 weeks before. I am a diabetic for the last 6 years. I am taking diamicron mr 60mg in the morning and trajenta 5mg in the evening. But recently for the last 2 weeks the blood sugar level show 190 -200 on fasting. Why is this?
2 1 Wed, 11 Jul 2018
I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes today but have had an ongoing uti ( or what I thought was a uti) for a few weeks. Could this be a symptom of diabetes. Also having back and pelvic pain
3 2 Mon, 9 Jul 2018
I have several auto immune problems as well as nephrocalcinosis. I am supposed to be on a low oxylate, low phosphorus, low purine, low sodium diet. In addition I m supposed to only have 60 gm of Protein per day, avoid Vitamin C supplements, avoid Calcium supplements and be gluten free (Mayo...
3 2 Thu, 28 Jun 2018
My father is 87 and on insulin and metformin. Recently his blood sugar levels have been dropping drastically overnight ... example .. 9:30 pm it is 205 ..... 8:30 am, it is 61 ..... Can you tell me why this is such a drop or give me advise to help him reach a better level in the morning? (two...
3 2 Thu, 28 Jun 2018
Thank you. I have been taking prednisone for 5 months to treat PMR. (taking from 125 mg down to 16.25mg at present) I recently noticed that I had increased thirst so asked my doctor to take a blood test. My glucose fasting test result was 137 mg/dL. Are there other tests I should take, and does...
2 1 Thu, 28 Jun 2018
My husband has been feeling tingling in his fingers and feet. He has been extremely dizzy all day. I tested his blood sugar and ut is fine as my mother has diabetes and we thot this could be it. His back was bothering him all day yesterday and now these symptoms today. Any ideas?
2 1 Thu, 21 Jun 2018
What would you call these symptoms? I fall a lot and have weakness and shake when I try to get up from sitting down. I have type 2 diabetes with high blood pressure and neuropathy in my legs and hands. I also have sleep apnea and a horse shoe shaped kidney the right side is smaller so the doctor...
2 1 Thu, 21 Jun 2018
good day Doctor My brother is diabetic and he has wounds on his feet. they start by being a small pimple and then they burst and they pus coming out of the wounds and the smell coming from the wound is unbearable. what can help him to cure the wounds nomvula
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