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6 1 1 day ago
Yes, thank you. About 6 weeks ago my mother had a neupogen injection following chemo for lung cancer. She had neupogen several times prior to this particular injection without any problems. The nurse used a very long needle on this particular visit (looked like about 2 ) and inserted it all the...
6 1 1 day ago
sir, I have rheumatoid arthritis for 1 year. doctor prescribed saaz tablet thrice daily. when i use tablet about 15 days.I have fever and high temperature and rashes arise in my body. suddenly I called my doctor and he told me to stop this medicine. Then he prescribed the medicine Wysolone 10 mg...
6 1 1 day ago
I have recently seen a doctor for bil inguinal hernias. I m only 20. When I orgasm my scrotum raises up really high and can see a bump on my abdomen. The doctor is sending me to a urologist and says this is not due to my hernias? Am I being advised correctly.
6 1 1 day ago
I fell friday afternoon, landed on my elbow, it turned dark green was swollen and sore. But I could move it fine. Its a lil less green today but still swollen and very sore, I can t touch it, because of the pain. Should I get it xray d for give it a few more day s?
6 1 3 days ago
My knee gives out on me at random times while I m walking. It s always my right knee, and it doesn t cause any pain. I have loose ligaments, and collapsed arches in my feet. (Diagnosed by Dr and Chiropractor) I wear shoes with good arch support and that helped with the general foot and knee pain...
6 1 6 days ago
iam 27 years old guy my foots are paining when i am sitting office continuousley ,if i am taking pain killer it is gives for two days..again it it is paining ,iam unable to walk also,firstits start for one leg after next leg also paining,one leg lightley swell ,i just want to know is the syntoms...
6 1 6 days ago
hello , im a football player , before 10 days i wore a tight soccer shoes and my big toe got hurt , the day after that i couldnt press on then until now it hurts when i make a message of it , it really hurts ,,, the exact pain is located behind toe , and when it hurts ,, it makes my brain shake!!...
6 1 6 days ago
So yesterday i pulled my middle toe with my big toe down (Big toe over middle toe and pulled down) and it hurt when i did that. Now today my middle toe s Knuckle is red and slightly swollen it doesn t hurt when i walk but it sometimes hurts if i touch it.
7 1 6 days ago
I have a bruising feeling in the back thigh area on the left. It started in my left hip and now it is the left thigh. No bruise, just feels bruised. Sometimes I feel like something is crawling on it in that area. It s been going on for about 2 weeks. It s real achy like i have a fever, but not...
6 1 6 days ago
I did a nerve test on Monday on my left arm, and now i am haveing pain in my left foot and it goes up my leg... i have never had this before. and during the test, i jerked so much and it was so painful. it felt like a lighting bolt went right through me.
6 1 6 days ago
I have been suffering with aches in my shoulders, down my arm and my coccyx. My shoulders are really bad after sitting at my desk most of the day. My coccyx hurts when I ve been sitting. When I wake in the morning, my lower back is really stiff particularly when I bend to pull up trousers etc. I...
6 1 6 days ago
i have had this lower back hip bone pain for long time .....seen the doctor but says its just a normal pain take tylenol.....but i really want to know if there is any other solution to this pain.....i cannot walk when i have this seems as if the hip is going to crack off...please help me
6 1 6 days ago
I am experiencing pain in the lower part of my left leg. It aches like a toothache suddenly. I sometimes walk with a limp because of the pain. There are times that I have to take Tylenol or Advil for relief. I am concerned it could be a blood clot.
6 1 6 days ago
My fingers in both hands are very stiff & when in bed/at night completely frozen. My left thumb at both joints have complete Triger Finger & painful. Also, three other fingers (left hand) & two right hand have Triger fingers. fingers. All my doctors blood testings indicate there is nothing wrong...
6 1 6 days ago
Hi. I m worried about a problem with my right mid thigh. Last night I woke up in severe pain. It felt like being burned with hot needles, the area became numb but the pain continued. I was unable to stretch my leg out or lay on my right side. The symptoms died down a bit during the day hi the...
6 1 6 days ago
I am a 34 yr old female who have been experience a lot of pain in my joints ( ankles, upper part of feet and toes, hips and shoulders) I have noticed that the pain is compromising the strength in my legs and at times my feet and ankles are so stiff that it is difficult to walk. This has been...
6 1 6 days ago
I hit my knee pretty hard yesterday and thought I would just walk it off. Now my knee keeps giving out and I have to catch my on the nearest thing. I want to see someone about it but I injured it at work and I m afraid of getting fired if I try to file workmans compensation. So I guess what I m...
6 1 6 days ago
Approximately 3 wks ago my husband injured his elbow, falling from a distance of 4 ft.,immediately ice was applied along with elevation and an antiinflammatory. After 4-5 days the elbow become more painful, swollen, reddened and appeared to have fluid accumulated. We have been applying warm moist...
6 1 6 days ago daughter is away at college and for the last week on and off has gotten body aches and chills and had a weird feeling and has passed out a few times....the aches were bad..:so much that she couldnt do much but fever but says that when she takes advil it helps with aches ..when she...
6 1 Tue, 18 Jun 2019
My son has been having knee pain for quite some time. Today he was warming up for a basketball game and when he came down on his knee he said its like something popped, it got hot and, started to burn. What could this be? the pain is right below the knee cap and is swollen. looks like the knee...
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