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2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
hi sir/ mam,i am 29 years old.i make a lot of masturbations in my a days am suffering from fatigue and get tired very soon.despite this,my grip power of wrest is very weak.i does not hold things of little heavey weights in my pliz treat some kind of treatment,physical exercise...
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
I think I am having a flare of arthritis. I have post polio syndrome and have had a complete r knee replacement. the replacement has been almost one year. No more pain in the r knee but both legs, a feet are swelling, my toes are developing joint knotts, puffy, red uncomfortable to walk. I am on...
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
hello I began doing pull ups but one day I did one and I had a sudden shock of pain in my cubital fossa. I have a climbing competition tomorrow and I was wondering if there was any way to fix this cause it s sore and it begins to really hurt with any movements.
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
Hello. I woke up with an indentation in the skin below my left knee. I had a serious fall two weeks ago, landing on my left knee. Resulted in a bruised patella, no broken bones. There s pain, it s difficult to walk or climb stairs, feels like it s going to hyper-extend sometimes.
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
I have been to the er twice had x-rays and heart checked and havehad really bad shoulder pain it get worse at night was told they don t know what it is could be a pulled muscle well it s been almost a month and still hurts like hell what can I do to help
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
As I got my x-ray on my knees the result says that I have a degenerative osteoarthritis changes. What is the best medicine for this kind of illness I have encountered. What are the food that will trigger this kind of illness. Can you recommend me a better way to treat this. Hope you can give me...
7 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
So I cut the skin covering my achilles tendon while running bleachers and it kind of looks like an arch. I ended up getting three dissolvable stitches and twelve regular. The three were to hold the skin down and I ve had my stitches out for almost two weeks and where the dissolvable stitches are...
6 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
I am 30 years who is 5 -11 and 200 lbs. I have no medical history. Over the weekend I had a muscle spasm in my left shoulder near my spine. It made a pain shoot all the way down to my pinkie. I went to the hospital and they gave me cyclobenzaprine & oxycodone-acetaminophen. After taking the meds...
2 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
After a total hip replacement a muscle has detached from bone leaving me with a bad limp that is affecting my leg and foot because of the way I am limping. I have had physical therapy with little help I am concerned this is the way I will always walk.
2 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
Hi there - I had SVT as a child and had an ablation at age 15. I am now 29. I had a short SVT episode about a year ago and am worried that it has recurred. Is it possible that this episode was a one-off and not related to my childhood SVT? Is it possible that this episode does not mean that I...
2 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
a week ago or so I strained my elbow moving some furniture. I tried to treat with ice when it happened. Later in the week, the pain seemed to move more to the forearm instead of the elbow. Tonight the pain moved to my biceps when I was batting playing baseball. Oddly enough, the pain in the elbow...
2 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
Sir...i got knee injury during karare practice..... No locking in knee very mild pain...sometimes...not at all times... i can extend my leg pain.....overall no problem in daily work..... I did MRI of both knees...i have attached the report.... some doubts..please clarify sir..according...
2 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
Hi My hands both, are all of a sudden really hurting. When I say all of a sudden I mean with in the last 24 hours. I just went swimming, sat in a jacuzzi drove for an hour and that is when my fingers and my knuckles started really hurting. I have put them in warm water which feels good then cold...
2 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
I require a left total hip replacement which is scheduled in December. However, a few days ago, my lateral side of my left knee became very painful and when I touch the soft tissue area that is hurting, l just about want to cry. It is also a bit uncomfortable to straightened out my knee but I can...
6 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
My father has elbow pain, sometimes it spreads to the neck and the back. Last time we visited the doctor he was prescribed Cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxant with Naproxen. He s just got a new job as a CNC threading inspector and sometimes has to lift some weighty stuff. Would it worsen the...
6 1 Wed, 5 Jul 2023
for three days my head is hurting,but it feels feels like the pain is moving iN A CIRCLE and when it gets around the temples it shoots down behind my ears and tighten them up.ears feels kind of like on a plane. and my eyes are pulling.bright light makes it worst.even my neck hurts sometimes,but...
6 1 Wed, 5 Jul 2023
25 year old white male, chief complaint is constant muscle spasms on the rib and back muscles. Gets worse as he works in the heat. Height is 6 5 , weight is 360 lbs. No history of injury, recently diagnosed with a fatty liver . No history of back problems or heart problems.
8 1 Wed, 5 Jul 2023
I have an emailer whom we email each other, our last email he mention about feeling tird all the time, I mention B12 injection which I get, he wrote back & ask that he was going to try to inject in arm adderall, I quickly reply can t talk now WAIT until you here from me, whats the danger & how to...
7 1 Wed, 5 Jul 2023
suddenly a deep indention pppeared behing my hip, with a vague deep muscle pain. I was seen by a Dr and they told me it was muscle inflammation where the abdominal muscles & gluts meet. they prescribed Voltarin 1% and said he had not seen anything such as this with no previous trama (accident, or...
6 1 Wed, 5 Jul 2023
I am 44 years old female. i am suffering from odema in the both ankles and redness from last two months . pathological report confirms loss of protein from the urine.what kind of disease , i am suffering from. AI am not diabetic . my blood pressure is normal.
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