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2 1 9 hours ago
Well, I was going to look at a combination of factors happening now. Lightheaded but bordering on a headache. Ringing in ears. Pain in left jaw. Low BP with high pulse. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I chalked up jaw pain to that. Heavy stress right now, so easy to make it about that. Have appt...
6 1 9 hours ago
I had a mri and xray done because my knee is very painfyl and cannot lift to a certain extent,its swollen and I sometime feel buring... The xray showed white patches above the knee,but now the other knee is beginning to feel the same symptoms,what could this mean?
7 1 9 hours ago
Hi I have been having pain in my left leg and its in nowhere particular but i do have diabetes and I did not hurt injure my leg or nothing to that effect and I do get muscle spasms in my feet almost every night...what could this be or could i it be one of the meds i take for chlorestrol?
7 1 9 hours ago
I have this odd tickling sensation around my left rib (inside my body) and the area surrounding it. I m female with type one diabetes and pcos, (if that means anything) I ve also been having sharp pains every now and then on my left side around my lower rib area, could all these be connected, do...
6 1 9 hours ago
ok, i went down into the splits ( can do the splits, I ve been able to do them for 6 months now) and all of the sudden my hip popped 10 times, and it hurt like really bad, but i kept on doing my cheer routine, and then i did i high kick and fell to the floor in pain. and after a week of ice, bio...
10 1 9 hours ago
Hello. I fractured my distal radius in February. It was not pinned and has not healed. The end of the bone is out of alignment by at least 15 deg. I am waiting to see a specialist in September. My query is, why is there black hair growing over the fracture site? I am a 55 year old female and very...
6 1 9 hours ago
Hello 3 weeks ago i fell and hit my head on a counter. I had a large gash below left eye and a large knot on my cheek along with other bruising and such. The knot is still very sore but my temple is numb and i feel nauseated all the time. What could it be and should i see a doctor?
6 1 10 hours ago
hi ! my elbow was broken from bicycle accident.. i have got surgery befo 4 months.. than i have been joining physiotherapy ..i have got my hand extension some improvement but i did not get any bending improve.. so what is the solution for it ?? how can i improve ??
6 1 10 hours ago
we were just in a car accident and we suffer from a pretty bad whiplash we were given novalgin from sanofi aventis and it doesnt seem to be strong enough to take the pain away! we were told that 3 a day should be enoungh but I would like to know if we can take more
21 1 10 hours ago
i had an mri which shows disc desiccation and scoliosis. need to know if scoliosis is the cause of my disc problems or is the disc problem due to scoliosis. I am a letter carrier (mail man) been on the job since 2005. Very labour intensive. The satchel is designed to distribute all the weight I...
6 1 10 hours ago
I have a swollen area near my shin right below the knee! I have not injured my leg, but I do have OA in my hip and not sure if that might play a role! The swollen area is sore to the touch and also produces sharp pains after I have been on my legs for a while. What could it be?
8 1 10 hours ago
My son is having pain in his chest 6 months after a bad car wreck. His fibula and tibulas both broke and a rod was put in the main bone. No pain in the chest until a months ago. What type of doctor should we see? He has an appointment with the orthopedic doctor tomorrow as a check up.
6 1 10 hours ago
Hello i am going into two months now after Bunionectomy surgery everything seems fine and I have a appt tomorrow I am excited to see the xray because the last one the bone was not yet close up enough but I am just curious to know about how long does it take before are at least your foot is normal...
6 1 10 hours ago
Had a metal plate put in on my wrist on July 17th, 2012. cannot move my thumb, my little finger is numb. just want to know, what can i do to help reduce the cramps in my hand and arm? I put ice every 15 mns. Dr is setting me up for physical therapy 3x a week.
2 1 10 hours ago
I am 31 year old since January I went to hospital for a complain of lower back pain and a swelling on my left hip,the doctor said I hav a cyst on my left femur shown on xray.but I stil didn t done the surgery as they advised,i might not in danger if it is delayed?
6 1 10 hours ago
Sir,I am 40 years old female .The soles of my feet have burning and itching sensation.I am having mild antral gastritis problem , which is usually under control by yoga and proper diet.Besides, I had a sudden weight loss of about 5 kg in the last few months, sudden thinning and loss of hair also...
6 1 10 hours ago
Hi, I am a 54 year old male in good health. I have had a soft lump at the bottom of my calf for over 5 years. Today I realized that it had become a hard lump. The size hasn t changed nor is it painful. It doesn t appear to be attached to the muscle but just below it. Thanks.
6 1 11 hours ago
Hi I got left side my body is cold like arm and chest and also numnuss my left arm I got appointment with my doctor she Recommend me bold test I m wattining result I just worried what a problem could you help me Out why is happen and also I am asthma patient
6 1 11 hours ago
Hi, I have been getting a pain in my RHS hip. Sometimes it is a constant pain but more often it spasms, or feels like a twinge when I move. It started after I started doing reverse leg lifts, and I am a cleaner, so I m not sure which of those are were the problem came from.
6 1 11 hours ago
Im having extreme foot and ankle pain. It started about 8 months ago and is gradually getting worse. Ive been wearing a brace lately and it doesnt hwlp. I have.swelling and sometimes its hard to walk. Its affecting my work. I need to know, should i go to the emergency room?
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