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6 1 13 hours ago
my father is suffering from pain in the joints, doctor said this is due to increase in uric acid level, so plz suggest some medicine (both in allopathy and other alternative medicines) related to decrease in uric acid level and plz also mention some food habits which to eat and which to avoid.
7 1 13 hours ago
Will duralane injections help with my bilaterally calcaneo - cuboid talonavicula ankle problem, the surgeon wants to fuse the joint. I have had several steriod injections and have hospital made shoe insoles.but still am having walking problems along with lots of pain. Ron
6 1 13 hours ago
Hi doctor, Goodmorning plz. I had a minor fracture on my left hand specifically on my wrist. now plaster has been cut off after doctor s advisory. What precautions and exercises now i need to carry upon for its complete cure. Plz suggest and have a nice day
8 1 13 hours ago
After my daughter talks her bottom lip quivers. It is not a small shaking but she opens then closes her mouth quickly. It seems to happen at the end of each sentance she says. Is this a toddler thing that she will outgrow or something more I should get checked out?
6 1 13 hours ago
hi. I am a 37 yr old female with low wbc, my stool has been green and loose, I feel tired all of the time, have aches and pains in the joints in my hands and knees, and I bruise easily. I want to know if this something that I should be concerned about.
7 1 13 hours ago
I have thing bump on the right outside of my knee cap and dont have it on my left. I had it for about a year and now it is starting to hurt. When I put pressure on my right leg it hurts and when i put pressure on the bump it hurts. Do you know what it is?
6 1 13 hours ago
I am age 91 (male) and in good health (I think). I do have a back vertibra problem because I ruptured my vertibera about 15 years ago by attempting to lift somehing that was too heavy. Is there any particular support for my back that you would suggest?
6 1 13 hours ago
While getting out of my car my left leg was out & right leg still in car. Didn t realize I didn t have car in park & when trying to get out car went forward which forced the car door to close as it was hitting the car parked next to me. Car didn t stop so door continued to get tighter on my left...
6 1 13 hours ago
I have a lot of the symptoms of ms. I m really having a big issuse with tingling in both arms and legs. Even to the bottom of my feet. When I bend my neck forward or backward for 10 seconds or so I get light headedness like having a rush. I have about 9 of the 10 symptoms of ms. Any idea?
7 1 13 hours ago
Hi I have joint hypermobility syndrome and I was playing volleyball and landed with my foot enverted it hurts really bad to walk on but the only swelling is a lump on the side of my ankle, no bruising at all. Is there a problem with it that it s not swelling right or did I just not Hurt it that bad?
6 1 13 hours ago
Hi Doc! I amm 33 yrs old and have been masturbating for about 15 yrs. My muscles, veins and nerves are very week. I am also suffering from planter fasciitis. After ejaculation I feel very weak and numbness in body parts which spreads when i keep sitting or lying in one position. Please help
6 1 13 hours ago
I play vigorous badminton...but 10 years ago my left leg became numb suddenly in an airport and since then there is muscular wastage - significant loss. Last week my right toe got numb, and my 10 fingers had acute pain and I couldn t grip a bottle. What is happening? Tx YYYY@YYYY
6 1 13 hours ago
I am a 31 year old female. My stomach feels like i pulled a muscle. Its near my bell button on my left side. The pain comes and goes. I won t have any pain for months...and then it will hurt for a few days. It hurt when I cough or sneeze or stretch in the wrong way. I am not pregnant. What is this?
8 1 13 hours ago
I just went running this afternoon (as per usual on Saturdays), and now I have returned home and I ve got this weird, hollow spasm-ish feeling in my upper chest. It s not right where my heart is (no irregular beats, I don t think), it s more like it s right at the top of my chest. where my collar...
6 1 13 hours ago
Hi I have been feeling very sick since yesterday morning and not really had an appetite due to feeling so sick. I was woken up at 5 this morning will a sharp ache in my right neck/ shoulder and I could not settle because of the pain. Eventually I found a position it didn t hurt in. But it is...
6 1 13 hours ago
sore arm from injecting im 22.. yesterday i injected crystal meth into my arm, i didnt get a hit from it.. so was deff a miss, but the needle went right in and was a bit of pressure and bled a bit after and was just hurting i just wanted to rip my arm off, then like 10min later a lump size of a...
8 1 13 hours ago
I am a 28 year old woman, yesterday i felt like a vein in my leg behind my knee explided. It kinda hurt but i was bussy so i didnt look at it or any thing and whent on with my day. Now today the back of my knee is all bruised and really tender. What caused this?? And should i be worried??
6 1 14 hours ago
Hello im a 46 year oldfemale i have sever pain in the crease of my right leg by i guess u would say groin can not lift my leg have to do i manually started two days ago when my daughtor who is nine fell asleep on me when we were watching a movie i have ffibro ra n degenerative disc disease
6 1 14 hours ago
Recently i feel numbness in my right side thumb and i consult to neurosurgion and he sujjested to me for surgery,The major impression of MRI Report is as:- MR images reveal disc bulge-herniation at c5-c6 level with right paracentral protrusion producing thecal sac and spinal cordcompression with...
6 1 14 hours ago
This may be a strange question, but strange or not I am very concerned about my friend. We both inject meth pretty much on a daily basis so we are both some . Generally not that big of a deal. But this what familiar with an occasional miss, but this is not like the others. I helped her inject the...
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