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1325 13 Tue, 13 Aug 2013
I am a 29 years working as a computer engineer. I have a dull aching pain in my left knee since 5 years. The pain is aggravated on the exertion. The pain started when i used to play basket ball as a professional, though i had not have any serious injuries. Wondering what might be the cause for...
491 12 Tue, 10 Sep 2013
I have a herniated disk in my lumbar spine that is prolapsed 30% I have been told that surgery is the only option. I do not have debilitating pain I am Limited in range of motion and function both have been getting better with the phyio therapist. I was wondering if there are risks for not doing...
1037 9 Mon, 5 Aug 2013
few days ago i had some pain in my left leg, then next day my upper arms experienced the same pain
1298 9 Mon, 5 Aug 2013
following an accident where i broke my bone of the right wrist i had to undergo surgery for the fixation of the bone, even after 3 months of the treatment my pain is still persisting. my doc said there is avascular necrosis of the bone. all my movements are normal. but pain is still persisting...
954 7 Thu, 11 Aug 2011
hello i am having pain and my knees are burning doctor diagnose that vitamin d3 level is decreased in my body that is the problem doctor prescribe me caldreed3 searl remethan tablets i want to confirm it he says right pan and burning knees
1114 7 Thu, 23 Aug 2012
i am suffering from rsi problem, i am suffering from pain in my wrist and finger, it increase while working on computers, have tingling and numbness from last 2-3 week, want to consult to a doctor in bangalore. plz suggest me some thing. want to consult to a doctor so plz tell me name & addrerss...
676 7 Fri, 6 May 2011
I had disc prolapse few months could I check the current status? sometime i f I sit for long time....there is a minute pain..
10 6 Tue, 15 Nov 2016
I got hurt four years ago, they told me that I have c6 radiculopathy. I went to a neurologist and he said that it will cure up on its own, but I still hurt, I can t turn my head, my neck is tight on the left side, burning sensations in both of my shoulders, how can I get rid of this pain?
49 6 Thu, 22 Aug 2013
I have a sore, red toe that is swollen a little bit - the toe next to my little toe. This happened about a month ago, lasted for a week and then disappeared. It makes walking difficult. I was planning to go to my dr. tomorrow (if I can get in, but decided to do some research on the Internet.)...
62 6 Thu, 22 Aug 2013
hi I had an s1 root nerve injection on Friday 9th august (ive had 3 in the past 18 months that have worked great) by Tuesday 13th august I could barley walk. so I went back to my doctor, who sent me for another scan then I was given an epidural cortisone injection on Wednesday 14th. I m still...
71 6 Thu, 22 Aug 2013
I fell on Friday as I tried to climb over my son s bike in the garage. I didn t break the skil but it did cause a huge bruise on my shin and a lot of swelling. I have been applying arnicare cream regularly and the lump is much smaller. It felt much better yesterday but I ve woke up this morning...
39 6 Thu, 22 Aug 2013
chronic pain left hipfor over 4 yrs...getting worse. Cannot sit. also; large boil on left buttock that is turning into red spreading rash...not itchy. was told after bone scan that hip and buttock and leg pain is muscular skeletel? I m not sure I believe that. the pain is 24 hours 7 days week and...
63 6 Tue, 14 May 2013
I was recently in a severe car accident and had a ton of tests done but my question is relating to my arm where I did find out I have several pinched nerves. But recently things have gotten to the point I can barely sleep or even live my life. My right arm now is so bad that whenever my elbow is...
99 6 Mon, 18 Feb 2013
I fell from my horse a week ago and landed on my lower left back and hip. The region of highest impact (near left sciatic ) still feels like soft tissue is traumatized & sore but skin surface has been numb since impact. No visible bruising or scarring has appeared yet but I feel like I should be...
79 6 Mon, 16 Apr 2012
I am female, aged 55 years. Recently, my knee suddenly developed swelling . I am having acute pain . I cannot bend my leg. The swelling extends onto the thigh as well. I am very sure that there was no injury to the knee which could have triggered this condition. Although I had participated in a...
189 6 Sun, 15 Jan 2012
FRACTURE MY LEFT HAND on nov 2010 up to know up to know i have pain good afternoon my name is jameel, male and age 31. i have pain after 6months also UP TO KNOW (june 2011) I had fracture left hand, this was happend on november 2010; while iam playing tennis, slip my legs and i fall down on my...
6266 6 Sun, 12 Jun 2011
Hi Doc since I am seperated from my wife I usually enjoy musturbation to forget her. However, these days my knee becomes dry and when I fold and streach it I hear a sound like Qu.Qu..Does it relates to my musturbation. How do I sove this problem. It has been two years that I am separated with my...
500 6 Tue, 24 May 2011
wondering if our chin bone is easy to break. my son just fell and hit his chin on top of a hard little kids chair. its a little swoled up and has a instant bruise.I dont think it looks broke or anthing but should i take him to the hospital
325 6 Sat, 14 May 2011
hi doctor i am 21 year old male. i have lower back pain since 1and half month even though i tried aurvedic medicine and have done some execise daily . i tried hifenac -p for 1 week daliy two times? what shall i do ?
251 6 Sat, 27 Aug 2011
My knee hurts in the back and on the sides and the pain shoots all the way down my leg and into my ankle it also feels stiff every time I walk I m only 14 and I play alot of sports
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