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6 1 2 days ago
A couple of days ago I felt a pain in the crack of my buttocks and I went and looked in the mirror and there is a red line starting from about my anus all the way up at the top of my crack. sorry, i have no other way to explain it without it sounding gross. Over the last couple of days it has not...
6 1 2 days ago
hi I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand August 20, 2012. They were also suppose to remove what they thought was a ganglion cyst on the palm side of my wrist. It was causing pain and was also a large lump on wrist. It truly looked like a ganglion cyst. During surgery they found out it was a...
6 1 3 days ago
I got into a fight and punched someone in the face. Now my hand and wrist area still hurts after a week, But there is no swelling. Ive been going to the gym since. Is that why the healing process is taking much longer since I am not giving my hand a rest?
6 1 3 days ago
i have all of a sudden started gettin numbness in my right arm after a week of constant twitching in my arm and now im getting twithcing in the middle of my chest and down the right side of my torso its scarring me my fingers keep twitching aswell and feel like pins and needles
6 1 3 days ago
hi im 25 old female mum , for the past few months ive had a dull ache near my left shoulder blade,left ribcage and armpit,i feels like a muscle and i do remember putting up curtains ive hurt since then im constantly lifting the little ones,what could this be and what treatments could i try
6 1 3 days ago
hello doctor recently i was diagnosed with shingles and i was cured but as soon as i was cured during the past three days my shoulder lymph nodes have swollen up , heat rate increases and nerves on one side weak so much so i cannot balance myself on one side on one leg
6 1 3 days ago
My inner left knee feels uncomfortable. It does not really appear to be swelling and the is no pain. I can put pressure on it however it just feels ackward or like a knot or something. I think it may have been after excersing but it wasn t immediately noticeable. Should I see dr or is it...
6 1 3 days ago
Hello, I spend alot of time on the computer, after hours of mentioned; my ankles are swollen alone the ankel bone and top of foot. I feel off a rim and the 60lb rim rolled and hit my front ankle. no blood. i now have weird red sand brusies with swollen ankle and on fire feel. infact my dogs tail...
9 1 3 days ago
I ve been experiencing intermittent, sudden, sharp, debilitating pain in my both hands (one or the other, not simultaneously) that lasts from just a few seconds to up to 15 minutes, during which I m not able to use my affected hand. This has been happening for about the last 3 or so months. The...
6 1 3 days ago
Hello, I fell and somehow twisted my foot. My ankle does hurt, but the top part of my foot hurts and cannot bend the foot without it being painful. It has been almost a week and I cannot walk correctly, still limping because it hurts to walk on my foot. But it has gotten better as the days pass....
6 1 3 days ago
Last night while exiting my car I stumbled in a pothole and put my arm out to stop me from falling. My forearm is now swollen, bruised and tender to touch. I still have movement in my arm/shoulder/hand but it hurts to straighten my arm fully. Is this just sprained?
2 1 3 days ago
I have severe to unmanageable pain in my right buttock and upper leg area. There is pain with sitting and walking. The pain is unbearable if I step up with that leg, as in a curb or steps--it feels like the muscle is ripping apart. I have had hamstring injuries before, but this is much worse with...
6 1 3 days ago
Dear doctor, My mother having joint pain since 1995, she is 65 years old now. From last two years her joints start dissolving. Now she didn t have both elbow joints. How we can avoid further damage plus is there option that we can put artificial elbows? Regards & Thanks, M. Amir
6 1 3 days ago
i have a hard ball like lump in my skin on my right thigh near my penis i dont know what it is. can you help me plz?? and also when i go pee it burns on the tip of my penis and it looks like its swollen and red i dont know what this is eather plz help me !???
6 1 3 days ago
I recently (in the past two months) started running. This week I noticed that my left knee is swoolen. The back of my left knee is swoolen, it feels like a pulling and like it has to crack all the time, and it will. I can not Kneel on it. I have been putting ice on it every night. What do u think...
2 1 3 days ago
6 1 3 days ago
I have recently discovered that I have bruising across my upper back,across the width of my shoulders I have had no accidents, there is a niggling pain/aching,picking feeling where the bruising is it looks like big finger print markings should I go see my G.P.? From left to right it looks like...
8 1 3 days ago
Hi. I recently had an MRI that showed c5 c6 impingement and the disc bulging on the left side and right side. Left side lays on spine. I have had horrible pain for 4 weeks. I am seeing a chiropractor and that helps a bit. How serious is this and can it lead to paralysis if not treated?
6 1 3 days ago
The last few days I ve noticed a pins & needles feeling in my hands & feet. This morning, I noticed in those same areas, I have tiny red bumps under the skin. I ve a cold with hot/cold sweats since the beginning of the week. Could they be related?
9 1 3 days ago
my son got into a fight a week and a half ago and someone bit his finger to the first joint. a P.A. saw him and prescribed antibiotics. Now he is complaining of numbness and tingling and the finger still looks bruised including the nail. Should I take him back to the Dr.?
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