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6 1 5 days ago
After having fever, Two months has past and i m in bed till now. my legs joint and knees, arms joint & shoulder is paining a lot. I cannot even walk. what is this disease i m having. and my full body is having rashes. It has left some marks also. In this my diabetes was also more. now it is less....
7 1 5 days ago
Hi: I have an itchy rash that erupts from time to time, it did originally start at the upper section of my spine in the lower lumber area, then over a few years, slowly progressed downwards until now at which time its located at the tailbone. It will probably move slowly back up the lower lumber...
6 1 5 days ago
hello, i was bitten by a flea about a year and a half ago, the bite was on my crotch which caused a rash that wont go away. ive been to the dr and he prescribed different ointments such as ketoconazole, cortizone and even anti biotics and when i use the ointments it gets worse. foot powder helps...
6 1 5 days ago
I m a healthy 53 year old male. I have been getting a mild red rash on my chin, painless, from what appears to be a food allergy or reaction. It goes away with a couple of days, but then comes back. I eat plain food, mostly fruits and vegetables. Have you heard of this? Might this be a common...
11 1 5 days ago
I have noticed what I call a honeycomb patterned rash all over my body after showering and on my legs and arms other times. I googled it and found others who describe the same thing. But I didn t find any out right answer as to what it is. I am currently investigating dysautonomia and wonder if...
6 1 5 days ago
I have a rash under my breasts/groin/crack of my legs/now starting on my lower stomach it icthes insanely, skin hasnt broken, seems when i lay down at nite an get hot it get worse. i have been using herbal treatments such as apple cider vinegar/ drinking pau d cor tea an capsules, acidopolisis...
6 1 5 days ago
I had cold-like symtpoms for a few days at the end of last week (headache, malaise and fatigue mostly with a little sinus stuffiness). That has basically been better since Monday. This morning, I woke up with red, blotchy flat (like a slap) rash on forearms and legs. My wrists, knees, elbows, and...
6 1 5 days ago
My husband feeling a little dizzines for couple days ago sometimes hes fine but he getting down again and just yesterday he got a rash and his legs and his arms en chest and his coughing a little when he get outdoor ,can you tell what it can be? I think it is a virus...
7 1 5 days ago
Hi ! My 19 year old son has a small raised pinkish rash about the size of a quarter ..almost diamond shaped on his chest.. It is non itchy , but looks unusal. There are no open blisters and it does not hurt.He noticed it yesterday and is curious as to what it is and how to treat it.
7 1 5 days ago
i have a rash in the middle of my back that is about as big around as a golf ball (maybe a little bigger). i noticed it a couple days ago and just assumed my skin was irritated or something. it itches a little bit and i am kind of sore in that area but the rash has not spread or worsened. i ve...
6 1 6 days ago
6 1 6 days ago
Hello Doctor: Am blessed with a Baby Boy on 27- Oct. He is 13 days old.We find some rashes on his face and body. We are concern of his rashes and assuming is this due to the baby soap we are using. Some of them suggested to use Dermadew. What is your suggestion?Thanks Prem
6 1 6 days ago
Hi, I often have rashes on back, side, abdomen and sometimes face. Those rashes on the body are followed by marks that looks like a scratch with a nail and those on a face are just red and a bit swallowed spots. Rashes are very occasional. One doctor told me that it may be from stress but I doubt...
6 1 6 days ago
my boyfriend does not like using condom.i have had ipill almost every month for last few months.i am getting rashes kinda thing on my face.can there be any relation between them.and how bad is it.he now wants me to have it even twice a month.should i do so???
8 1 6 days ago
Yesterday i was doing a aerobic workout that involved alot of twisting and lunging. At one point i felt something on my right side near the pelvic bone area like a pull of some sort. A while later when i checked that area for a bruise, i noticed a pimply rash directly above the area where i...
6 1 6 days ago
my granddaughter was out playing in the backyard last night in Asheville, N.C. She looked as though she had a few bites in whelps close to each other on inner aspect of her elbow. Overnight the rash is speeding and now can be found on abdomen and legs. Any ideas. She has minimal itching.
6 1 6 days ago
II have a rash that has developed on my right calf thought it was from wearing long johns but it is now almost 2 weeks old . just got back from germany caught what I think is a light cold but it s still lingering it seems like it might be getting worse . taking cold and flu pills right now feel...
6 1 6 days ago
Hi. I am a 34 year old female with Crohn s Disease. For the past couple weeks I have had a painful rash in the crease of my buttocks. It is only in the upper to middle part of the crease, not on the actual buttocks. It is not in the anal/rectal or vaginal area either. I have tried diaper rash...
6 1 6 days ago
I have a painful rash on the palm of my hand. I m currently using a steriod creme that really isn t working. I know I have an allergy to polyquaternium 10. I am careful about what products I buy so I m not sure what s causing it. Is there other ingredients that run with polyquaternium that I...
6 1 6 days ago
I have a red rash on ears, mainly behind the ears. Also, mainly around one eye. Doc said it s psoraisis. I was on predisone for 10 days. The eye is better but the ears aren t. I ve tried different shampoos and hairsprays. Maybe it s a food allergy. I m in perimenopause also.
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