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10 1 1 day ago
hey doctor, am 25 years old started smoking when i was 23 years old, my hairs use to be thick and now its so thin and my hair falling alot. i can see my scalp now. i just stopped smoking now as i love my hair and health than smoking ciggrette so can u tell me if i will start seeing my hair...
7 1 1 day ago
My husband has something beneath the skin of his belly which comes to a head every several days and has a hard, dark pink spot about the size of a 50 cent piece associated with it. Would a poultice using Epsom Salts draw out the infection? He has an appt with the dermatologist on Friday, but...
7 1 1 day ago
Hi i have a friend who has an old injury on his middle knuckle. How he got it was by punching a cement wall really really hard and then it swelled. When the swelling was going on he tried to bite it to make the swelling go down but that only toughened up the skin and the swollen point became...
7 1 1 day ago
Hi, I m suffering from hair loss for the past 2yrs and density got reduced a lot. For hair loss doctor prescribed me keraglo men tab(1 tab every night) and betamethasone dipropionate solution to apply on hair for 3 days in a week.. Does it reduce my hairfall.. Can I see hair growth in the areas I...
7 1 1 day ago
I have suddenly developed a large blister the size of a dollar coin on mysole near my big toe. There is a very slight burning sensation anb it is fluid filled. I;ve been down with bronchitis for a week and have done no walking nor have I been aware of a bite. What could it be?
7 1 1 day ago
I have found out that I am allergic to formaldehyde and gold, about three months ago. Now I was tested again and found out I am allergic to my hair color. Last August and again the beginning of December, I was given a 12 day supply of predisone.It eliminated the red and itchy eyelids for about...
11 1 2 days ago
Hello Sir.I am a twenty year old girl suffering from hyper pigmentation.I have a dark area between my nose and my upper lip than the rest of my face.I have been using melas cream for a couple of months now.It did show me some great results but after some time due to sun exposure that area got...
8 1 3 days ago
Hi, I have a spot on my forehead that at first just looked like a small burst spider vein, but then it itched so everytime I scratch it, it would bleed. Now it has formed a small lump under the skin and continues to bleed whenever touched or scratched. Should I see a dermatologist?
7 1 3 days ago
my 20 month old son has little ball looking bumps on his left shin. Sometimes it s red and sometimes it s not. The balls are really tiny and if you touch it, you can see that they are a total of 4 or 5 little balls gather making it a penny size. Should I be concerned and have his doctor perform...
7 1 3 days ago
my eyes are very irritated and they burn. I have patches of dry skin all around both eyes and now I have red, very tender patches as well. I have psoriasis of the scalp and I was told this could be the psoriasis also in my eyes I would like your opinion please
15 1 3 days ago
Hello, i am Pradeep mainali from nepal, age 24.I have hypothyroidism. but, it is now in normal range though i am still taking medicines. i have moderate thin hair with wide forehead(because of hairloss). i was suggested to use minokem 5% (1 ml before i go to bed) and some multivitamins(which i do...
7 1 3 days ago
Hi, doctor, My father 55yrs old was injecting peg-intron for15 doses, weekly. He suffer itchiness of skin and blister and redness. What medicine can cure of his skin infection. Loratadine can relief? Please give me treatment guideline of skin allergies? Any ointment?
2 1 3 days ago
I have several bites on my legs mainly and some on my arms. They start out as a typical bug bite however they continue to itch more and more over time. They kind of remind me of welts. At first they r red then red outer circle with whitish centers. They seem to reactivate the next day and look...
2 1 3 days ago
Hi, For the last two nights l have itching on palms of hands and top of feet; tonight worse on hands. palms are red then get blotchy white. Am 76 yr. old female. topical ointments don t work. Have take 2 benydryl tabs last 2 nights; still same thing tonight. thank you , XXXX
10 1 Fri, 14 Feb 2020
Hello my name is XXXX im 32 years old caucasion female I have had mrsa in my lungs in the past and have hd surgery from cellulitis ive also had it in my eyes recently I have had symtoms of a bad cold runny nose fever and a couple of my family members have recentl had pneumonia I had went to the...
12 1 Fri, 14 Feb 2020
Hi yeah I have a question I have a big dark color bruise on my left and right arm with white a few white spots in the middle and I was wondering what it was cause I just woke up with it, if you could please let me know what it could be that would be great, thank XXXX
7 1 Fri, 14 Feb 2020
Sir my name is XXXX i am 24yrs old male , i am having pimples (lot of tiny pimples on my cheeks) and some larger ones in my cheeks and near my eyebrows... I used benzoyl peroxide + clindamycin topical cream for about 2 months but of no use so I am using vicco turmeric wso cream now bcz i thought...
7 1 Fri, 14 Feb 2020
Hi I got red rashes(small bumps types) on my neck, behind ears, inside arms joint....i took very hot water bath 2 days ago, usually i don t use hot water for bath. The rashes increased after i took my usual cold water bath yesterday morning and today morning. The outside temp is 20-30 degree...
22 1 Fri, 14 Feb 2020
Hi Doctor, I am XXXX (Male) from YYYY. I am suffering from Severe Hair Loss and Dandruff. Today I consulted a Dermatologist who told me that I am suffering from Ludwig Hair Loss Pattern which is typically a Female Hair Loss Pattern and prescribed me the following: 1) Cap logi Hair 2) Morr 12.5%...
8 1 Fri, 14 Feb 2020
i have what looks to be like a skin tag on my right hip area used to be a little brownish color now is growing a little and sometimes painful now that it has grown some the tip of it is the brownish color and the rest of it is a pinkish color? should i worry or just leave it alone?
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