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9 2 Wed, 27 Apr 2022
I have experienced swelling of the tongue, lip, and feet. Partial swelling of each body part only, never the whole tongue, whole lip, or whole foot. I have been tested for allergies and have just had a biopsy of my foot, ordered by a rheumatologist, to attempt to find the cause of the swelling....
7 1 Mon, 18 Apr 2022
Hey,thanks.My name is Isaac and i have a couple of spots on my hand,there kind of like a zit but not really a zit,it iches really bad and i cant control the itching and when i scratch it this clear stuff comes out.I would really appreciate your advise.Thank you.
9 1 Mon, 18 Apr 2022
i have lumps under the skin on my arm pits and they come and go in different spots and some of them drain pus. the openings take forever to close and then always end up re-opening. i don t know why this is happening but it can be very uncomfortable.
9 1 Mon, 18 Apr 2022
I could feel a mass about the size of a dime under the skin in my cheek. I stuck a pin into it and squeezed the contents out which stunk and came out like a long yellow worm. Now I have a hole that does not close and from time to time I still can squeeze a small amount of the stinky contens out....
7 1 Mon, 18 Apr 2022
My thumb is swollen and sore to the touch. I can hardly bend it because it feels stiff and the pain is so intense if I try. I can move it no problem but if I bend it the pain is severe. I don t remember doing anything to it. Do you think it could be broken?
7 1 Mon, 11 Apr 2022
Hello. I have had a raised bump on the back of my throat for months now, behink the uvula and up a bit to one side. It s about a cm or larger and pink. I asked my dentist to check it out when she did an oral exam a few weeks ago but she didn t see it. I ve been concerned and don t know if it...
7 1 Mon, 11 Apr 2022
irritated and getting freaked out Dear doctor, the palms of my hands have been.extremely itchy and skin grew tight and leathery and peeled. The itch is starting to move down my wrist and theres all these little bumbs below the skin and on top of my hands. My toes on my left foot started itching...
11 1 Mon, 11 Apr 2022
A couple of years ago my flip flops rubbed a blister on my second toe when I thought it was getting better it turned into what looks to be a wart and now it seems to be spreading I have two other small warts on the same toe and another coming up on my big toe. After I shower and the skin is soft...
7 1 Tue, 5 Apr 2022
I have an itchy rash basically under the skin over my entire body. The soles of my feet and trunk of my body are extremely itchy. My lower back hurts. I also have congestion and chills. Previously I had headaches but no longer. I m also tired. This condition is a week old. I can be reached at...
7 1 Mon, 28 Feb 2022
Hello: I believe I have a case of demodex, but am also experiencing some other odd sores on my legs. Not many, but they scab over and have a dark spot in the middle and look like they are in-line with each other. I thought at first it might be scabies, but there are only a few cases on my lower...
7 1 Mon, 28 Feb 2022
I am a 39 yr old female and last night while putting my daughters pjs on I felt a burning sensation in my wrist and then I noticed I had a swollen ruptured blood vessel in my wrist. Shortly following, my wrist was sore and tender and for about ten minutes I felt dizzy.
7 1 Mon, 28 Feb 2022
Hello my name is jessica I hav a problem with my skin.. I noticed small itchy patches on my skin...not many but there on my right arm right shoulder an I have notice a small patch on my back.....there very small an they itch....what is going on? At first I thought I had bed bugs but then my...
7 1 Mon, 28 Feb 2022
My friend has a rash that turned into scabs. It s only on her neck. She was on my blankets and touched my blankets with her rash. My mom said it s not contagious anymore because the rash scabbed over. Is this true or can I still get the rash because she touched my blankets with her neck?
8 1 Mon, 28 Feb 2022
I am diabetic with uncotrolled sugar levels. 586 was determined at my last medical appointment two weeks ago, and I ve been placed on insulin as my kidneys are too damaged for oral meds to continue to work effectively. I have severe itching in the scrotal area, and my penis tears and ulcerates...
7 1 Mon, 28 Feb 2022
Hi i just put my 4 year old son in the tub and noticed a rash on the upper part of both of his arms to the shoulder area. They look thin, light red and squiggly / streaky. He is not complaining of itching. Wondering if there is cause for concern. Thank you - Heather
7 1 Mon, 28 Feb 2022
hi ! my hair has become very scanty and there is baldness too . there are hormonal problems . scapl becomes extremely dry with scaling too . wanted to ask you can urine put on scalp help ?? do i have to test my urine quality whether i hav urine infection or not before applying or its not needed?...
7 1 Fri, 18 Feb 2022
I had a mole that I had surgically removed after a year the scar disappeared but left behind a small bump where the end of the stich doc decided to remove that small bump with a puncher and burnt it just a bit I d like to know how long will it take to heal YYYY@YYYY
7 1 Fri, 18 Feb 2022
my wife gets black patches/ bruises often, particularly on the lower limbs and back. I think she has hit herself on some thingS AND GOT THE BRUISES. She feels otherwise and they are appearing on teir own. what can b the reason and what test should she undergo
8 1 Fri, 18 Feb 2022
hello am a black woman recently move to paris from Africa, and apart from the challenges am having with the cold weather i noticed that my feet is changing colour and it hurts, i wear socks all the time trying to keep my feet warm, please what can i do as home remedy thanks alot.
7 1 Thu, 17 Feb 2022
Hi...Occassionally, when I drink alcohol, I get these red blotchy spots on my extremities. Usually, my arms and legs and it burns. This, never happened before. I am 40 yrs. old. And, it also happens, when I am in a lot of pain. Please, advise. Thank you. : )
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