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2 1 3 days ago
My daughter recently was diagnosed with vertigo. She had an episode of dizziness and nausea. Her doctor recommended some exercises and said it was caused by an inner ear infection (minerals crystalize), can this be caused due to dehydration and she did go to a cigar lounge several nights ago and...
2 1 Thu, 14 Mar 2019
I have blood platelets of 79.I have nose bleeds, painful and chronic intense bone pain. I also am unbalanced, dizzy and my legs, feet and hands go numb and tingle. Fatigued sleepless. I drink often but not to the point of being drunk. My question is can all these be related to alcohol?
2 1 Thu, 7 Mar 2019
Sir, my father have addiction problem from last 35 Years. problem was arise when he was 23 years old,his father was very strict and he had lot of differences with his father, problem getting wider with respect to time, his personnel life got destroy, relatives not took him seriously on important...
2 1 Tue, 27 Nov 2018
I got really drunk about a week ago. I was throwing up a little bit of blood and I called the ems. They said it had to be an ulcer that ruptured. Ever since then I have had massive head pressure and had diarrhea ever since. My stomach has also been burning very bad. Im trying to decide if I need...
2 1 Wed, 14 Nov 2018
It has been 29 days since my friend has stopped drinking. His hands and feet are cold and sometimes he complains about a numbness as well. He has a lot of anxiety from other outside events he is going through at this time. I am looking for something that will explain what is going on with him
2 1 Tue, 16 Oct 2018
I was given Librium in a rehab for alcohol, 3 pills 3 times daily along with tramadol and another med. I left the rehab and now I m having confusion, blurred vision, sluggish speech,etc. ive been out 7 days and these symptoms come on suddenly and without warning. what should I do ? I have never...
2 1 Tue, 16 Oct 2018
HI, HOW ARE YOU? I was recently in the hospital for alcohol withdrawal, the doctor prescribe me some like 12 pills of Librium but I don t have any more, I ran out of medication, how can I find more medication with no prescription written, I can fax you my medication papers or send you a picture...
2 1 Mon, 8 Oct 2018
A few months back I was at a party, I drank a lot very quickly and got drunk very quickly, I very soon started losing the ability to walk without help, and then began shaking violently, I felt like I kept trying to throw up but couldn’t, and soon had a seizure. I didn’t go to a hospital nor was...
2 1 Mon, 17 Sep 2018
I am a heavy drinker...hard to put an average on it but I d say a case of 24 during the week and a case of 36 for the weekend. My question is. How does long term alcohol abuse affect the bladder. I do have a horseshoe kidney, I m asking because of recent issue that has never happened before, now...
2 1 Fri, 31 Aug 2018
I m a heavy drinker and tonight I had a lot of blood come out when I pooped I ve never had this happen and I m wondering what could cause this. I m 32 I m aware of what my continuous drinking is doing but I need to know if I should go to the hospital now or can wait and go to the doctor
2 1 Fri, 31 Aug 2018
I went to ER yesterday cause I been feeling dizzy with clammy skin and a sharp pain in my chest and back that goes to my neck. Doctor checked my blood pressure and oxygen and he said it’s perfect. He said I had costochondritis. That would be my pain on my middle chest and back area but what bout...
2 1 Thu, 9 Aug 2018
I don’t have a health problem but more of a health question. I am 22 years old, and I am not a smoker, but in my life I have had probably 5 or 6 cigarettes. I haven’t smoked in about a year. I am wondering if this will have any affect on my health going forward, being that I don’t plan to ever...
2 1 Sat, 28 Jul 2018
I am trying to quit smoking I smoke about a pack a day I have been smoking for 40 years I have heart disease and I was just told I have another blockage after having 2 open heart surgergies. I have tried the patches, vape cig. and Chantix which made me deathly ill. Can you give me some suggestions?
2 1 Sat, 21 Jul 2018
Hi I got very drunk once, and now a year later I still cannot drink alchohol without feeling sore, sick or wanting to throw up/ actually throwing up. I looked my problem up, and didn’t find anything that matched what I feel. (If it helps, I am of asian descent)
2 1 Thu, 19 Jul 2018
Just to give y’all some context I was introduced to weed at the age of 17 smoking very, very occasionally with friends and eventually (not that long of a period) quit smoking because of the negative stigma. Once I turned 20 I moved into my own place and started smoking again out of boredom. This...
2 1 Wed, 18 Jul 2018
Son 30 yrs. old also recovering from alcohol and drug abuse had dizzy almost fainting spell at work today. Could not see, everything was going black and sweating profusely. He felt like he was going in and out of consciousness and shaking. Sick to his stomache. Episode lasted 15-20 minutes. What...
2 1 Tue, 10 Jul 2018
I am considering going on a drug called Naltrexone to assist me in my desire to stop drinking. I was told by my psychologist that this may be a benefit to me. I have read about it and things he told me about it were there, but he also mentioned that it would prevent me from feeling the effects of...
2 1 Wed, 27 Jun 2018
Hi myself shubham. I started smoking in 2016 I feel vomiting type while smoke since 4 month that s why I quit the cigarette but vomiting doesn t go should I consult to doctor. Is there any problem in my lungs. So that s why I feel fear is there any bad sign please reply me
2 1 Mon, 25 Jun 2018
Hi I am jasjit from India . I am 44 years old . I was diagnosed with Graves disease one and a half years ago . I am on anti thyroid medication Carbimazole 10 mg once a day since then . My T3 and T4 levels are normal but my TSH level is low 0.03 . I have been advised radioactive iodine therapy by...
2 1 Sun, 27 May 2018
Hello, how nice you re interactive. This seems to be a great resource. I just did a usual wikapedia search for the following question: Can nicotine use cause a change in color of stool? I was a non-smoker for 10 months and started vaping 10 days ago, with nicotine, and my stool, while not quite...
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