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1404 25 Wed, 17 Apr 2013
hello doctor i did sex in last month with my boyfriend in during of periods but this month still my periods is not started. i already check my pregnanacy,,, i m not pregnant... please help me.
12151 22 Sat, 21 May 2011
27 years concirned with the size of my penis is 4.5 inch when erected hi, im 27years old, im about to marry very shortly, my penis size is very small that is 4.5 inch when its erected,and 1.5inch when limp, so is there any treatment with u to increse my penis size, plz reply asap, if not suggest...
4450 21 Wed, 3 Oct 2012
My husband takes a very long time in the period of sexual intercourse so much that I tired and he did not end - and this is causing us pain a lot - some doctors said he was suffering from congestion in the penis and this is what is causing him pain - I want to know if this was a normal thing or...
2504 17 Sun, 13 Mar 2011
iam 17 years old guy. i have been addicted in mastrubation since 8months i will do daily once. i want to control it. u may say its natural, normal bla bla bla but i cant undergo that plsss plsss anybody help me to control this i want to come out that world and i wAnt to live freely without any...
5579 10 Mon, 8 Nov 2010
Hi, This is Jack Anderson. I have just analyze my Semen Analysis and i have the following Results. Quantity 2.5 ML colour: Gray White pH 8.5 viscosity: THIN Total sperm count: 40 million Motility: 65% Normal Morphogy 60% Red Blood Cells 2-4/HPF Pus Cells 8-10/HPF Fructose : POSITIVE M I Infertile...
4471 9 Wed, 2 Mar 2011
When i think about my girl friend and do check myself the tip of my penis scarily and i notice that it leaks. When i talk with her also it leaks and in some instances when we spend long hours i do get pain on my balls and also leaks. I dont know what is going wrong with me. Is it because of too...
2169 8 Fri, 18 Mar 2011
GIRLS: ok, so all my friends are always joking around, asking if i shave my viginia, i dont say anything back, because i feel embarressed(sorry, i cant spell to save my life). but im so confused, are we supposed to or not? and i had sex with my boyfriend, so i feel kinda dumb, i dont know what to...
3730 8 Fri, 17 Aug 2012
After sex, sperm seems to gush out of my vagina even after lying down for hours to prevent this,i av not been able to conceive after 3yrs of marriage now?
5706 8 Fri, 18 Mar 2011
is a 3 inch penis too small to satisfy a 15 year old female Hi i am a 15 year old male with a 3 inch penis when erect. I will be having sex with my girlfriend soon and want to know if i will even be able to satisfy her or if i will get embarressed and she wont feel anything. i want to truth so...
2478 8 Mon, 16 Apr 2012
I am finding it difficult to have intercourse with my wife This is something regarding my sex life I am finding it difficult to have intercourse with my wife she is having pain while trying to do so. she just pull herself away when I start fingering. Married one month back.
5669 8 Thu, 4 Aug 2011
has penis size got anything to do with premature ejaculation?
4433 8 Tue, 14 Feb 2012
I am 27 years old. Suffering from premature ejaculation, it occurs in seconds after penetration. It. happened during masturbation and sexual intercourse as well. I had sex with my girl friend and with sex workers. I feel very sensitive in my penis that’s why I ejaculate quickly, just in seconds....
178 7 Sat, 30 Mar 2013
Hi doctor my age is 21 year and 9 months old , i had done my first masturbating at the age of 19 years old . and through that time i m a regular habit of this not based on daily but three times a week , sometimes more than this. like a 5 time in a week. so i just it confirm it that what would be...
173 7 Mon, 25 Jul 2011
Hi am 35yr with diabetes i do have weak erection what can i do to regain normal erectin?
2345 7 Wed, 26 Oct 2011
Hi, I am male and a student as well. My age is 26 years old. I have been masturbating for 10 years. Now, I start getting nervous and feel pain in my eyes and I can not make eye contacts with others up to one week after just masterbuting once. And it is happening since more than one year. I am...
792 7 Tue, 27 Jul 2010
i am a ruhi my age is 22 i have a problem of periods there is gap in periods or i want more n more sexual relation with men
4413 7 Sat, 30 Mar 2013
After I mastrubute twice or thrice a day time my ankles or paying Why? I am a computer operator from last 10 years means my wrist, while using mouse I work for 9 hours a day. right hand & also get pain in arms & knees, Especially after over mastrubuting 30 running before I took, the depression...
3878 7 Wed, 19 Oct 2011
4801 7 Fri, 18 Mar 2011
i am 25 years old. i have a very wet vagina all the time,cont. discharging yellowish liquid causing itiching and smell. i keep hygeine,wash it with dettol. i also used cotton penty. because of itching i feel very frustrated.i m too shy to consult docter. please advice me!!! Thank you...
12467 6 Sat, 30 Mar 2013
hi doctor i got married on 19th january aim 34 yrs old and my wife is 28 years old on our first night we just had oral sex as we both were tire during wedding day and after two days we went for our honey moon in north ther too we had oral sex as i have wore condom i wanted what r the safe days on...
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