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11 1 3 days ago
Yes please. My husband is experiencing a red spot on the rim of the penis that has gotten large and is now extending on the penile head. There is also a new red spot the size of half of a pea that has started at another site. There is no pain, no drainage. The spot is flat, red, boarders are...
10 1 3 days ago
I recently just went to see a doctor about a white spot on my shaft thinking it was type 1 or type 2 herpes he said it was a normal cyst like bump but later i went home and examined more closely everywhere and noticed a tiny red dot on the tip of my penis. Is this normal? It is not raised its...
12 1 3 days ago
The top of the head of my penis has been red for the past few months. It varies throughout the day and it is hard to tell what upsets it. It has not spread, however the area of effect does get larger when inflamed and it is much smaller and less painful at other times of the day. I have been...
10 1 3 days ago
Okay about a year and a half ago I got a pimple like bump on my penile shaft. It went away but left a red mark. I went to my doctor who in a rush told me there was nothing I could do about the discoloration and to learn to live with it. Sadly it s not often dry and seems to me to be getting...
11 1 3 days ago
Hi I have an itching under my foreskin, I believe it could be either from too much soap and not rinsing properly originally or a friction style rash but I m not sure. Both myself and my girlfriend are clean and STD/I free I have stopped washing with soap, just rinsing with water then drying...
10 1 3 days ago
For the past couple months I have been itching on the underside of my penis and on my scrotum. There is no rash, but the skin is pink or irritated looking (I assume from scratching it). I went to a general doctor today. She thought it was yeast infection and prescribed Miconazole nitrate 2%...
10 1 3 days ago
I am married and have not had intercourse with anyone in the last 15 years other than my wife. i have however received a hand job twice once in April 2014 and on another occasion around 5 weeks ago. There were no obvious issues after either. I and my wide did not have any sex between between my...
11 1 3 days ago
I have a bump on the underneath shaft of my penis. It is red. I noticed it last Friday. I shave that area and had done so 2 days prior. I did have sex with my wife 2 days ago. When I first found it, I tried to squeeze it, it hurt but nothing much came out.
10 1 3 days ago
i have a sore on my penis that i believe resulted from masturbating too hard. a day after the incident i noticed a spot on the top of my penis. the following day a bruise started to form around the foreskin area of my penis (i am circumsized). The bruise spread the circumference of my penis and...
10 1 3 days ago
I had sex with my gf of 3 years an the tip of my pines started stinging the next morning I wake up with two spots that look like ulsers they sting when they are being washed I have no other bumbs or lesions any where else in the area or on genitals or body just the two ulsers that are straight up...
10 1 3 days ago
hi i am experiencing irritation around my penis. i have a red rash like mark under my foreskin and under the head of my penis. this has been here for over a month and is a little sensitive to touch. the colour becomes very red at times and then fades but doesn t disappear
7 1 3 days ago
Hi Doc, Im mahesh here from bangalore and im 42 years. I have a problem my penis is very painful and not possible for me to take the penis head outside normally and at the time of sexual meet. i found some red patches around penis head its very painful while even touching or pulling the skin, do...
12 1 Thu, 30 Nov 2023
My boyfriend has white discoloration on the shaft and head of his penis which is itchy. This started in May. The doctor gave him vagisil and them gave him a cordazone cream but neither worked. We have unprotected sex and i had a bacterial infection, i don t know if this has anything to do with it.
5 1 Tue, 21 Nov 2023
Hi I have a few bumps on my penis at first it was only two then i popped them and clear fluid came out then a little blood and then they went away and a couple more came back they don t hurt at all or itch I ve had only one sex partner this whole year and got them after a few months of sex with...
13 1 Thu, 2 Nov 2023
i got a massage with a happy ending . About a day and a half later the tip of my penis started to itch. Now today there was a slight rash on the shaft. I am going to see the doctor tomorrow but i m freaking out that it is herpes. I see a bunch of posts from doctors that say you won t get it from...
10 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
Hello Doctor, For the past week or so I noticed the formation of a red dry patch of circular skin on the shaft of my penis. prior to this, I found the spot to be somewhat itchy and mildly irritated. I am unsure if my scratching caused this or if I have any reason to believe it is something more...
10 1 Wed, 2 Aug 2023
I recently have noticed 3 red spots on my penis head that have come out of the blue. They have formed scabs on them and have remained for about 1 month now. I haven t been sexually active in months and when I was a was loyal to the same girl for 3 years. They almost look like blisters. Any...
5 1 Tue, 1 Aug 2023
Swelling on the head of Penis, redness around the foreskin, painfull to retract the foreskin. This happened to me about a year ago and doctor prescribed a few meds and lobate gm neo cream, it was a 5 day course and swelling was gone and so was the Whitish layer but it came back after some time. I...
5 1 Sat, 1 Jul 2023
i noticed a pimple looking bump on my glans about a week ago. I thought I d wait to see if it would go away. Today I noticed it now has a reddish/purple color with a slight depression in the center. There are also a few bumps on the underside of the shaft. What could this be?
10 1 Fri, 2 Jun 2023
I want to ask that my age is 22 years old nd my penis is leaking some time of sticky water when i saw something sexual activities like boobs of a girl nd during chat wd my gf...nd i do masterbation too but that time my sperms are not coming then i stopped doing it...and at night now a days i have...
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