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11 1 16 hours ago
Hi, im waiting on results from an sti test. i had unprotected sex recently. im going in for a minor operation on my penis (frenuloplasty) in a few days. IF i had some sort of disease/infection, is there any risk in getting the frenuloplasty done. by getting a small incision, can that let an sti...
11 1 16 hours ago
Hi , My Son age is 21 years, I have taken him to urologist, He told me that he has following problems. Herniya problem at testicles Soonthi operation is required Testicles & Pennis are not grown as per age in these problems to which specialist I need to meet
14 1 16 hours ago
i am an 18 yr old guy with 3.5 penis when soft and 5 when erect with no sexual experience. I cannot retract the foreskin of my penis fully only halfway when erect but i can, with lukewarm water when it is soft(not erect). In normal condition its just covering the whole glans .Every part of my...
11 1 16 hours ago
sir, i am male 28 unmarried never had intercourse. recently out of curiosity i tries a climax delay condom containing benzocaine. since then my glans is swollen, reddish and itching. the skin over the glans and the foreskin both have peeled off atleast 4 times. i had seen a dermatologist. he gave...
13 1 16 hours ago
first I am broke busted no insurance coverage/ I saw to day a clot from penis and small amount of blood not food coloring and 3 more times little clots followed same I been taking asprin every couple days and getting over flue like symptoms ,and alka selzerplus never bothered me before and waking...
11 1 16 hours ago
Sir, a liquid fluid bit watery coming out from my penis when talking with my girlfriend or watching porn movie but I never mastrabute. After getting out that liquid my sexual attraction becomes less. Is it a disease? How can I cure it. I am 30yrs old.
12 1 16 hours ago
MY 1 almost 2 year old son has been winny today. While changing his diaper I noticed the tip of his foreskin is really red, then there is this bulge type line that goes from the tip of the foreskin all the way down to his rectum. Then he has this crack or scratch going up is butt crack. The only...
13 1 16 hours ago
12 1 16 hours ago
hi m a boy of 18 age, i m having masturbation from 14 years old, but it causes some problems in my regular life,i think i loss my natural growth for that bad habit .i feel bit nervous when i see my classmate is taller then me but only one year ago he was shorter then me.n another think that i m...
11 1 20 hours ago
my 18 year old sons sheets always have what looks like yellowish stains on them. he had his cord wrapped around his testical when he was 14. as far as i know, he has never had sex. should the sheets be yellowish from wet dreams? it is not alot but is there everyday.
11 1 20 hours ago
Hey, Im not sure what I have, But I would say I have had it for half a year now, maybe a little less. More or less the best way to say it is, my testicles are itchy from time to time, sometimes bad like i can t stop, and other times where I can feel it, but I can ignore it.I would say it starts...
7 1 21 hours ago
Hi Doctor, my semen analysis is as follows. Volume: 3.5 ml Color creamy: yellow Consistency: Thin Reaction: Alkaline Total sperm count: 4 million / ml Activity motile : 30% Sluggisgly Motile: 20% Non Motile: 45% Abnormal Forms: 05 % Pus cells / WBC s: 7-8/hpf RBC s: 1-2/HPF EPITH.Cells: 0-1/HPF
6 1 21 hours ago
My man was over seas and now he has orange color semen. He is super worried about it! And it happened for the first time tonight he has been back for over 6 months and has had 2 full check up blood work and std checks, all clean so what could have caused it to turn orange?
7 1 1 day ago
I am uncut (tight) it is a little uncomfortable to pull the head in/out to clean or sex. reently I found to be sort of dry, and a little irritated when pulling in and out. it seems as if I did it wrong and it has not been put in properly. I have use cortisone 10 hoping for suitting heal or...
13 1 1 day ago
Hello, I was looking at ways to regrow my foreskin and was wondering if i had a small subdermal tissue expander device placed underneath the skin of my penile shaft, would it grow extra skin like they do on other parts of the body? Any other suggestion would be appreciated.
13 1 1 day ago
I am 22 year old height 5.6 weight 65 kg. and i use mastrabI am 22 year old height 5.6 weight 50 kg. and i use mastrabution near about 6to7 time per week I am feeling very laziness also is it for my activity. I am totally confused help me to come it out
13 1 2 days ago
i am a senior 62 yrs old male, i have always masturbated more than twice a day. I am becoming more interested in looking at older men masturbating to enhance my excitement. I have been divorced sinc 1991, last girlfriend was 3 yrs ago. Am I going gay in my old age?
12 1 2 days ago
i am 42 years old haven t married yet. and i am masturbating since 20 years every day mainly by imagination now i want to have real sex, since few days back i am trying have real sex but i am unable do sex, what s happening is i get erection for only few seconds after that my pennies falls down....
7 1 2 days ago
Good morning sir, My name is Ganesan male 31 years old, I have some sexual problem, recently i got married , i could not make sex intercourse because when i doing sex intercourse immediate i am getting leakage (white liquid) , i could not enter to my wife pussy , i tried many time i can t insert...
8 1 2 days ago
Hi im Arun..21 yrs old ..for the past 3 months i have some itching in my testis and found white rash in some areas and then skin is shedding in testis alone and the skin is very it normal ....or is it any viral infection im so scared of it....pls tell me if there is any remedy....
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