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12 1 21 hours ago
i am vignesh(age 23,weight 63,height 5.7 feet,indian).i have fungus problem since last 2 yrs, i have undergone various treatment ,with fungitop cream and tables. i recurred from the disease upto 80% only,but my doctor told disease ll be cured within 3 months treatment ,but it is not so. i...
13 1 21 hours ago
sir i masturbate a lot... in one day i masturbate 2-3 times with a time gap of half to one hour and each time i foend that the quantity of ejaculation decreases that a matter of concern and if plz give me the possible suggestion to recover from it.
13 1 1 day ago
I was just recently circumcised and after the first day of removing my bandages and cleaning the blood off of me to change my bandages I noticed a small white bump near the hole where I urinate. I m confident that this isn t anything serious, I ve popped it about twice and some liquid starts...
12 1 1 day ago
Im using the Andropenis now for few months and i have a groove or a fold on the bottom edge of my glance like the can flip it over due tomuch pressure on it i think. Before it was a smooth edge but for a whille it very visable but can t see it when fully erected. I did go a few steps back in the...
7 1 1 day ago
Why arent I able to ejaculate? im sixteen and im going to be 17 in 5 months(october) and I dont ejaculate. When I have my orgasm very rarely I ejaculate and if I do only a little drop like seeps out and then if I do it doesnt really ejaculate it like seeps out and its still a little bit but it...
11 1 1 day ago
hi i am 15, 5 10, and 165 pounds with no testicular cancer in the family. i have a lump on the top right testicle on the left side it has been their for a few years but i was feeling it a few days ago and it swelled and it is bigger now ind when im standing up it is bigger and i can grab it and...
11 1 1 day ago
Hi, I am 29 years old. I remember masturbating since my childhood (i should say from class 7). After masturbating so long heaveily and frequent, i feel my penis has become very weak and senseless (particularly the top part). Its size when not erected is very small and am not getting erection and...
11 1 1 day ago
Hi,I m 16. For the previous month or so, I ve been experiencing mild urine leakage after urination and occasional pains in my anus and scrotum (i.e. once a week). Over the past three days, I ve been experiencing a mild ache in my groin/abomen/testicles. The ache is most prominant on the left...
12 1 1 day ago
My son was 13 years old and I notice that he always scratch the part of his groin . When I take a look at it , I see white skin then when you continue to rub it white skin falls like a powder . Then after a week it continue to spread down to scrotum . Then a month after I first notice it, it...
15 1 1 day ago
introductions :) 22 male rather healthy 75kg 175 cm rather built. have dabled in drugs no addiction just a few nights out havent gone near them in ages. apart from that i couldnt help but notice immediatly after ejaculation my heart rate was 43 the other day 45 so i did a test run earlier with...
11 1 1 day ago
Hi I m 21 years old I have been masturbating 5 To 6 days a week since I was 14, when I have sex with girls it s rare for my penis to get completely hard, I feel that my penis doesn t get as big and hard as it use too specially the head it doenst get hard as when i was 16, I was wondering what can...
12 1 1 day ago
I am 14 and i think my penis is to small, i also think that i do not have much pubic/under arm hair. Another major problem is that when i ejaculate, very little semen comes out and it is relatively clear. Is because of the low sperm count? If so, will these problems be solved as a go through with...
7 1 1 day ago
My 2 year old son complains of sore penis after he s had a wee, it does not happen every time though. He has also recently complained few times that his tummy hurts? Any ideas what it could be? Penis is not red, and the DR did not find an infection in his urine sample.
36 1 1 day ago
I have what appears to be a bulging and twisted vein under the foreskin, directly on top of the penis. It s there when flaccid or erect. I sit for very long periods of time on the computer, could this be a varicose vein or lymphangiosclerosis?. Also, are there any at home remedies for this?, I m...
11 1 1 day ago
i m 19 years old and sometimes I get a weird feeling of pain inside or on my right side. but the feeling moves. it goes from inside and somes its in my leg even. it freaks me out. i am wondering what it could be. i first noticed it when I got hi from mj ( i know bad). and pretty much it seems...
7 1 1 day ago
Hi, im a guy. I am 5 feet and seven inches, I way 154 pounds. I just turned 15 in March and I m worrying about my penis size. I have lots of pubic hair, armpit hair, leg hair, thigh hair and I need to shave every 3 days so I don t get that scruffy beard look. My penis size hasn t increased...
13 1 1 day ago
hello,i am 27 years old and i ve got ..i think i ve got frenulum breve,,frenulum of the preputium is inserted on the dorsal side of the orifitium urethrae..when i am uncovering the glans from the preputium,,my penis is deforming a little...what do you suggest?thank you
11 1 1 day ago
hi i am ali and i am only 17 and i have a problem of sperm leakage during night for previous one year initially i get up when sperm leaks but now i keep on sleeping my body becomes too weak and around my eyes dark holes are created and day by day me becoming too weak and i feel too lazy please...
2 1 1 day ago
Sir I am suffering from hyperechoic prostate with calcification from last one year when I urinate it pains my penis I used medicines doxycycline and alfazosin from last one month but no relief sir plz suggest me what can I do for this One more thing is I am still unmarried so I request your good...
2 1 1 day ago
Hi I am diagnosed to have varicocele in my left side. I am just 20 and not in mood for surgery now. Its of grade 1, and the artery or vein is 2.1mm enlarged and 1.7mm normal. How long can I go without surgery? Are there any preventive or natural methods to reduce it? What are it s effects?
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