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2 1 1 hour ago
My doctor just told me I can’t take Valium and Vicodin at the same time. I only take Vicodin to relieve pain in order to sleep. I take Valium for anxiety occasionally. He said new government rules won’t let him prescribe both. Is there any alternative medication for anxiety.
2 1 1 hour ago
My daughter is on Lamictal for seizures. Doctor put her on Zoloft for anxiety. When I got her up to 2 ml, she became very agitated and out of control. He won t change the medication and tells me to increase the dose. Is there a better combination? YYYY@YYYY
2 1 7 hours ago
I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder borderline personality disorder major depression and severe anxiety disorder but I haven t been to the doctors in almost a year and it seems like I m spiraling down and can t bring myself to go to the doctors but my episodes I ve gotten worse and it s...
2 1 5 days ago
My husband is experiencing body aches (mostly in the morning), extreme anxiety, and a strong feeling of hunger - yet he is eating he has type 2 diabetes but has been removed from his medication because he has recently lost so much weight. what in the world is wrong with him? these symptoms are...
4 3 5 days ago
So i am currently being treated for combined anxiety and depresion although lately the depression has been more pronounced mEds. 150 Bupropion 150 mg extended release and zanex.05 mg. After a brief consult it was suggested Bupropion xl 150 may work better for depression and help with anxiety....
2 1 6 days ago
From long time i have social anxiety and panic disorder. But i think my real problem is something other. I have strange personality. MY daily lifestyle like walking, eating, speaking is too different from others which cause great disturbing in my parents. From childhood i considered myself...
2 1 6 days ago
I have been having fatigue for a a few weeks, along with anxiety. My Blood pressure is normal and I don t have any of the other CHF Symptoms, My Cholesterol level is okay too. Could I still have CHF with normal Blood pressure & cholesterol? Not sure, but can Anxiety cause fatigue?
2 1 6 days ago
I’m 18 year old male. I first had chest discomfort that would kinda hurt when ever I took a deep breath. Now I have back pain and my chest and ribs are tender to touch. I’ll also have leg aches on both sides and joint pains. I went to the hospital because I thought it might’ve been heart related...
2 1 6 days ago
My granddaughter is 18 and has panic attacks,aniexty,and depression. she will sometimes cut herself. a so call showed her how to do this. she told her she would feel better, because she would be aware of her pain instead of her other problems. she is currently taking zolof. what is your thoughts...
2 1 6 days ago
Hi, can I answer your health question? Please type youri suffer from aniexty and got some not so good news this week. i am under a lot of stress. i started with right arm pain. it was very mild. i have been poking and prodding it all day. i have no other symptoms could it be a heary attack. i am...
2 1 6 days ago
Hi I ve been taking Brain Booster tablets but now they re finished and I m taking Biral tablets for stress. I get stressed out easily, even by the smallest of things. I suspect now that I might be pregnant. I wanna know, is it safe for me to continue any of the above mentioned tablets? If not,...
2 1 6 days ago
Hi Doctor My scalp has sticky juice like, last week my hair was itching, so bad I have a rash on my neck and lumps on neck and on my back of the ears, recently I was stressing a lot, things are not well in my relationship, do you think that can be a problem
2 1 6 days ago
I have been on escitalopram for approx. 7 months .my doc prescriped to wean me off of clanazapam. I was on clanzapam for 8 years for aniexity. now I am having difficulty swallowing-flem gets in the back of my throut and drains to into my back of my mouth (throut) and chokes me. I can t breath-can...
2 1 6 days ago
Can you please help me. I m a 55 year old outgoing succesful businessman. Nearly 5 months ago I woke up in the early hours feeling agitated and wanting to get out the house! No panic or heart racing etc just this feeling that I needed to get out. I drove for about 3 hours then wnet home and fell...
2 1 6 days ago
My son is 32 and has been suffering from fatigue, migraines, and body pain. he was diagnoised with bi-polar and was on meds for that but all he is currently taking is WEllbutrin for anxiety and Dedadrine forADD. He has been unable to work or do anything for 5 years. He would like to check himself...
2 1 6 days ago
I am experiencing intense feelings of anxiety quite different from the past year since my husband’s death. It has been a difficult time for me but I’ve managed well without meds. Last wk was the one yr anniversary of his death. Tomorrow I leave for a 10day trip to Switzerland and Italy with a...
2 1 Mon, 2 Jul 2018
I have had anxiety and panic attacks for a month and a half maybe 2 and i havent had one in a month since i stopped drinking and smoking e-cigarettes but i wanted to know if i can smoke an ecig and be fine?
2 1 Mon, 2 Jul 2018
I ve been experiencing some breathing issues. I m not sure if it s jist anexity but last week I woke up from my sleep cause I couldn t breath. If you ever lose your phone and you get that heart dropping feelings that s the feeling I ve been getting non stop.
2 1 Mon, 2 Jul 2018
Hi i have been having some rare symtoms lately. On abril i had this weird sensation in my chest. When I arrived to the hospital me blood pressure was 200/103. The ecocardiogram came out as sinus arrytmhia. My blood work came out negative and my chest xrays. But now i AM suffering from anxiety....
3 2 Thu, 28 Jun 2018
I have been applying to institutes/universities for a possible phd position but I m getting rejected. I don t want to give up my dreams of doing phd. But now the pressure is turning on me. The fear of failure is too great on me. Can you please help me?
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