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12 1 Mon, 1 Jun 2020
Hi, my name is Andy and I m FTM but haven t started anything yet. I was curious about 6-OXO (an anti-estrogen). It s said to increase T levels and I was wondering if A) it could serve as a natural replacement for T shots or B) if used alongside Andro-gel if it would increase the efficiency of it.
18 1 Tue, 10 Dec 2019
I m a 42 yr old male whom over the past two years have had various fluctuations in sperm count and motility. First semen analysis showed a count of 7-8 million with normal motility. Urologist prescribed HCG to help raise count as I had a low-normal testosterone level at the time. While on the HCG...
8 1 Thu, 28 Nov 2019
Hello Dr.Dilip I am suffering from the absence of semen altogether. Other words, I totally miss it. I can totally feel Sexually excited and erection happens normally , but I do not see the semen. only few drops of transparent liquid comes out. it seems like some drops of water or lubricator . I...
2 1 Mon, 4 Nov 2019
Tried all antiandrogens and estrogens. Want to try degarelix as T blocker. Need a prescription or recommendation here at any cost. Urgent. Woke up with an erection after an erotic dream. I am on antiandrogens and estradiol since weeks. Then why the erection/arousal?
8 1 Mon, 4 Nov 2019
Hello Doctor I am 42 years old, 190 cm height, 85 kg weight, and married. I have one testicle (left one, on my left hand), when I was a baby the right one went up because I was crying too much, and when I became 17 old I had a surgical operation to return it back. Later and after one year the...
10 1 Thu, 31 Oct 2019
Hi, I am 37 years Old, I am now working in DUbai. I got married for last 2 years & trying for a kid. I done sperm test as my wife is ok with her test. I like to know more details of my semen analysis: After 3 days from sexual intercorse I given the sample for Test; Total Volume is 4.0ML, pH 8.0...
7 1 Tue, 8 Oct 2019
10 1 Tue, 8 Oct 2019
I was having protected sex with my girlfriend, in the process, she felt like there was blood dripping out from her vagina, and it dripped some onto the condom, so we had stopped. I don t recall if blood actually got onto my skin. Exactly a week after I had sex for the 2nd time with my girlfriend,...
8 1 Wed, 25 Sep 2019
Sir, I am married for 4 yrs. and trying to have baby for 2 yrs. I had semen analysis two times before and result was as below: counts 1 million/ml motality: 40 % In july this year I was suffering from Viral fever , I gave sample 32 days later and result was as below: Counts : occasionally seen...
2 1 Sat, 14 Sep 2019
I’m nearing the age of 69 yrs. I take Cialis for ED.I have no problem with the sex as well as my erection,however at times it seems that that amount of sperm is less than other times.I experience the total pleasure of orgasm but should I be concerned about the amount during ejaculation?
13 1 Sat, 24 Aug 2019
I am 28 years old. My problem is now 1 year old. A few years ago I used to have the habit of excessive masturbation which I have stopped by now. Around August 2009 my penis become badly inflammed and there was also some pus coming out. The inflammation caused a severe burning sensation (extreme...
2 1 Wed, 24 Jul 2019
Currently i am so much disturbed and bothered about my sexual life.actually my penis is short from usual size and it s also thick..I can t continue my sexual duration and moment for longer spam is also decreasing day by day.So please tell me some proper advice and suggests for make it...
11 1 Wed, 17 Jul 2019
am a 26 year old, sexually active male living in Nigeria. I need urgent medical advice. suffering from a chronic STI that has thus far defied medical diagnosis. I noticed dark sprouts of skin about two weeks after an exposure( used a condom but it tore during sex with a partner, withdrew under...
22 1 Tue, 9 Jul 2019
Does Warfarin cause any serious male ejaculation delaying problems? I was on 12 mg with a blod clot and my ptinr was a 1.0 so the Dr. moved me to 20 mg a day. The last ptinr was 11.0 and the nurse called Friday evening telling me to back off to 12.5 mg. I have had sex with my wife 6 times and...
11 1 Thu, 4 Jul 2019
I am 36 years old and was married 4 years ago. I have not concieved any child. My semen analysis report as under Quantity = 1.5 ml Colour: Greyish white Transperency: opaque Viscousity= Viscid Liquiafication= positive (30 minutes) PH= 7.5 Fructose= positive Total count = 30 million/ml Sperm per...
10 1 Tue, 2 Jul 2019
Hi, I m 14 years old, height 180 cm, weight 64 kg and I masturbate about once or twice a day. When I masturbate I usually apply a lot of pressure with my hand, for a long time I didn t understand why semen didn t come out when I reached an orgasm, and then I realized it was because of my...
2 1 Tue, 2 Jul 2019
hello sir i have taken just one ejection of anabolic steroid as my gym instructor give me after that i read about anabolic steroid and i was scared i stopped its 5 months but still i m having problem in libodo and low sperm count. what should i do i m scared.
2 1 Mon, 24 Jun 2019
Hi, I suspect that I have a low thyroid. My last TSH number was 4.9. I seem to get cold much easier than my wife who has Graves disease. I don t have any weight problem however. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 155. But I do have a real problem in the Libedo and getting an erection problem. Could those...
11 1 Thu, 13 Jun 2019
Dear Doctor, Following is my Semen report after 20 minutes of masturbation….. I want a baby . Is it possible? Can I become a Father? Please suggest me completely... SEMENS REPORT: PHISICAL EXAMINATION Quantity: 1.5ml Liquidation time: 25minutes Colour : whitish Viscosity: Semi viscous MICROCSOPIC...
9 1 Tue, 11 Jun 2019
Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query here...                                              hi my name is david and i have just recived my infrtility results and all is fine apart from that my normal form are below 15% and are at 7%. Can you help me understand am...
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