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6 1 2 days ago
Hello, my boyfriend has started waking me up in the middle of the night with an erection and wanting sex, he says he cant remember and I have to wake him up whilst he is doing it to prove to him. Last night he did it and was kissing me and then started saying i really like you . This made me feel...
10 1 2 days ago
Hello- I have been on several prescibed drugs- like- Carvedilol, Finasteride , tamsulosin, lexapro and simvastatin. I have been on these drugs for some time(years). I began to experience what I think was retrograde ejaculation. I became frustrated and abstained from trying to have an orgasm....
12 1 2 days ago
Hi, I have attched the conversation i had with a doctor below...can you please go through it and give your opinion. senthil.psgct: Hi, I m 27 and not able to ejaculate whenever i masturbate, but i m having wet sleep Doctor: Hi Doctor: I am Dr. Jagdish senthil.psgct: Hi Doctor Doctor: Are yo...
7 1 2 days ago
i have been following a very low masturbating life..around once in a month. 1 year back i met a girl and she allowed me all my sexual fantasies on her except penetrative sex. this continued for 2-3 months. in the process i think all the glands associated with ejaculation inside my body got a...
12 1 2 days ago
Hello, I have been on a medication called Zyprexa/Olanzapine for a while and after a few weeks i noticed some changes with my penis. It seems to be side effect of this medicine i am using. My penis is not functioning as it used to do. I don t get aroused and it has become much shorter. Is there...
2 1 Wed, 21 Nov 2018
Hi sir, this is anandh from India. 3 month before I had unprotected sex with unknown women. After that I am facing lot of problem like joint &muscle pain, dry cough, red spot on my shoulder , arms ,hands & chest. After 3 months tridot test result is negative, but still I have all the symptoms....
12 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
I am adduced to porn and jacking off. My wife hates it she says its taking from her. Because when we have sex i cant get off in her! I have to bring it up myself. Does your body get adjusted to doing it by hand. I wont to stop but it is a very bad craving and very hard to over come
16 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
6 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
Hi im 21 years old and i weigh 220 lbs I masterbate 5-10 times a day and it is starting to interfer with my life because i do it so much is there something wrong with me or is it nothing to worry about when i get the feeling to do it i cant take my mind off of it untill it is done
2 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
Good morning sir I was facing the problem that leaking off semen during the night time so I was 23years old 2nights it happened continually so please help me what to do. Past history that I had habit of musturbating in my 18-20 yrs of age Please kindly suggest some solution
7 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
sir, i had noticed some water bubble forming on the penis head and and skin of the penis is swelling in the very next when i had sex with my wife. my age is 30 years. can you suggest any thing for as my wife had delivery 9 months ago. from the day we had sex, i am facing this problem.
10 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
hi I am 52 years old. I am addicted to pornographic movies and I masturbate regularly. Does it affect my libido? Will my sperm count decrease? Further, after masturbation, I constantly have this burning sensation in my penis and it lasts the whole day. I had also contracted Herpes1 and 2any years...
5 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
Hi I ve just been on holiday with friends and had sex with a girl last week and now I seem to be getting what s looks to be a cut or an abrasion and more seem to be appearing some are bigger then others they are sore just wondering what this could be Thanks
5 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
Hi last week (saturday) i had protected sex with a female went in her slowly since she wasnt wet didnt forced my penis in. The next day and up to today the head of my penis feels weird as in a little throbbing on the head theres is no discharge, bleeding, pain or any unusual marks of any kind,...
9 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
hi, i have been married for 3 yrs. i have issue of low sperm count and count is 18 million,motility 13%,progresive8%,active 0%,non motile 87%and morphology says normal 1% and abnormal partner has done amh test result is 0.44 and has premature ovarian ageing. doctors adviced to...
7 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
I am a 55 year old man with BPH and a VERY low sex drive. I don t even have a desire for sex most of the time which is making my lady friend truly unhappy. I m currently taking Tamsulosin for my problem. Is there anything I can do to boost my desire while treating my condition? Please help me I...
13 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
Hello. About 5 days ago I had sex with a girl who says she has no STDs. I wore a condum during sex and it felt very painful at time because it seems very dry when giving oral or handjob. We also had pretty rough sex towards the end. About a day after I noticed several very small red pimples near...
6 1 Tue, 13 Nov 2018
I m 19 yrs old..& NOT circumcised. Wednesday nigh my girlfriend was giving me oral sex & I started to bleed A LOT! I was very afraid. I went to the hospital that night & all they said was that I had 2 lacerations on my penis.I was bleeding up until I got onto the room bed in the hospital.I think...
2 1 Mon, 12 Nov 2018
actually sir m 24 yrs male from india. i had unprotected sex with ma partner on 20th of may 2017 and she told me dat she had sex with another guys unprotected and aftr dat i was worried i took her to clinic and got her tested for TRIDOT HIV TEST. The result was negative. She told me she had sex...
2 1 Mon, 12 Nov 2018
I get like this tingling feeling around the head of my pens and it doesn t last very long it goes away as fast as it came. But I am an uncircumcised 25 male and when I pull the foreskin back there s a very mild discomfort that lasts just until I m done moving it. It s been over 3 years since I...
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