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2 1 Fri, 12 Oct 2018
Hi .I am 23 M and i am suffring from erectile dysfunction. I feel like i have lost the feeling of having sex and i am not able to keep my penis erect for more that 5 Secs. I m suffring this from 2 months please help. I have lost my sex life and feel like killing myself
11 1 Thu, 4 Oct 2018
i was having sex and the thin foreskin at the top of my penis ripped and was bleeding a little there is a little piece of it hanging there and im really scared also there is no way in hell that i will go to a doctor with this but i really need to know if there is anyway to reconnect it or if i...
12 1 Wed, 3 Oct 2018
I am 73 yrs old and since I have been treated for PTSD, I have not had a normal erection. I have tried the injections and get an erection, but no ejaculation My question is I no longer have a desire for intercouse, but when I look at nude male penises, I get pre=dum on my penis. However I get no...
2 1 Wed, 3 Oct 2018
i have been masturbating since my schoollife as i was 14 and now i m 24....and still masturbating when erects... but i cum in 10 mins.... i m testing myself to be longer for incoming sexual life.... i have too much stamina that i masturbate 5 time a day on weekoffs, pls suggest should i stop...
2 1 Wed, 3 Oct 2018
hello doctor.iam 46 yrs old.,unmarried.i had never had sexual intercourse with any women.lately i tried having sex with my female friend who is married with a son. To my shock even though she tried to stimulate my penis, vigouresly i could not sustain erection and ejaculated immediately.Recently...
7 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
I had an operation four weeks ago on my prostrate, they said it was ok and later got a letter saying my biopsy report was ok too. I am in my 70s now and because my wife has a heart problem we dont have sex now for some time, so now and then I masturbate. Is it Ok now to do it again now and then...
11 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
Hello sir, I am 30yrs female married in the year 2004 and having 6yrs daughter. My husband is of good nature but he is not interested in sex life, we had hardly 20 times since my marriage. On the day one of my marriage he said sex is not life, first week he was good then he slowly started to say...
13 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
hello, i m 22 yrs old young. i ve been noticing that my semen is not equally dense. there are some yellow clots in it and having a different smell. i ve not gone through a major disease till now. what may be the possible reasons of this problem? plz help me out.
11 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
my husband has prosititis and has been on antbotic doxycyclin for 4 months. everytime we have sex he complains about his balls are in pain like on fire. we have both been to the doctor many times tested for std, yeast infection, bacterial infections and so on. my doctor said last week im normal i...
7 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
hey..! i am 19 yrs old boy. i hav been masturbating since i was 15. but from past 1 year i have not been experiencing the same intensity of orgasms as i used to. i mean i have orgasms during masturbation.i hav normal erection n everything but i dont reach the climax in orgasm. the intensity is...
11 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
I am 56 years old.It s about a few months since I have noticed a change in myself ;I like to have sex with my wife but I don t have a complete arousal.So in order to hide this problem from her, I take my cock in hand from the bottom and press it in her.She seems not to have noticed so far but I...
9 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
Hi, First of all, I wasn’t sure which category this would fall under, but here goes, I am 17 years old and male. My issue is that I have never ejaculated despite having hit puberty. While my doctor said I was a late bloomer, he said it was only by a year or 2. Anyway, I’m at adult height, 5 foot...
7 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
Overtime as sexually active gay male I’ve lost the pleasurable sensations when receiving anal sex and it takes larger and larger “givers” to feel the sensations, is there any way to return them? Does abstinence return these sensations? What causes the pleasurable sensations and why have they...
14 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
Hello Dr. Iam Male 39 yrs.age, 67 Kg. 2 sons dad and also my wife is pregnant 2 months now. Iam in Gulf and wife and kids are in Native. Iam a gay and like to suck for others. Also when I do sex with my wife I can satisfy her (that time i will think about some good memories which I done with some...
13 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
Hi I ve been dating this woman for 5 months now and when we have sex sometimes it takes too long and we get too tired or she gets sore and soemtiems she likes a quicky and so would I, I mean she likes the long sex and so do I but not all the time but I also don t want to be an 8 sec ride.
7 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
Sex: Male Age:25 On july 28th 2011 I have unprotected sex (anal,viganal, oral) with a working girl. In a few days (3-4days) after having sex I started to feel irritation in urethra and pain in testicles on one side. I visited a doctor he got me tested for HIV I & II and RPR / VDRL the result came...
11 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
I recently had unprotected sex with my girlfriend, the next day, I noticed tiny red bumps on the head of my penis, after noticing that, the forskin and head of my penis started itching, now it itches on and off all day, this started Monday. Yesturday, I noticed some white sticky stuff around the...
8 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
Hi, pls tel me how to control sex and mastrubation..Iam 21yr old n I have been mastrubating since childhood...Its making me very weak n also resulting in early ejaculation..Iam very much worried dat I cant satisfie a girl..pls give me d solution...I wannt stop keeping interest in sex...
15 1 Thu, 27 Sep 2018
My sperm count tested @ one lab is 17.6 million/ml Actively motile 70%,liquefaction within 30 minutes.Dr.Prescribed me to take M-Gam (Glenmark) tablet daily up to 2 months.After taking tablets for 2 weeks I tested at another lab & the reading shows 95 millions/ml, 50 % actively motile &...
5 1 Wed, 26 Sep 2018
My husband has a delayed seminal liquefaction with a below normal sperm cnt and a low sperm motility. He also have 1 undescended scrutom. What should be the best medication for him so that we could have a baby.i also had h mole 2years ago and is a ob gave me clostil but i wasnt able...
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