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2 1 Wed, 5 Dec 2018
Hello Doctor, I am 23 weeks pregnant and while sexual intercourse my vagina starts itching and burning inside after intercourse and becomes to swell. I discussed with my gyne and she prescribed me to use gyno-travocort cream, is it safe to use during pregnancy?...
2 1 Mon, 3 Dec 2018
I am having pain in my left breast. The best I can describe is it covers a large area on the left side near where it attaches to my chest. It began a little less than 24hrs ago as a very slight discomfort, was worse upon awakening, and is now very uncomfortable. It is a painful ache like a bruise...
2 1 Mon, 26 Nov 2018
Hi Drs, I read somewhere that epilim has so many side effects,, a friend of mine was feeling ill and nauseas while on epilim,if you do not have your blood levels tested regularly , 1: you can have a seizure because its to low or you can have one or one because its to high,,, But my biggest...
2 1 Mon, 19 Nov 2018
Hi Doctor, My wife got a stomach pain after marriage(after 8 days), after testing urine sample doctor told us that is boz of urine infection and he gave Citralka. She had the Citralka as doctor suggested......the pain reduced and cured.... After this we came to know she is 3 months
2 1 Wed, 14 Nov 2018
My name is Ayla. I am 28 weeks pregnant and I had gone to the restroom and I notice the tiniest drop of blood. It was really light and I had gone to the restroom again about 5 minutes later and it was gone.M y baby is still moving and I had no pain. Do I have anything to worry about?
2 1 Sat, 10 Nov 2018
Hi I had my period for like 10 days course I took postinor2 during the period den after 3 days of the period I took postinor2 again, now I ve had Brown n colorless bleeding for like 5 days but am stil having soured Brest n menstrual cramp . Also on my colander my period is on 27 August can u...
2 1 Tue, 6 Nov 2018
hi, i was wondering if there was a way i could possibly be pregnant from touching of genitals- no insertion and/or ejaculation occurred near or in the vagina. i have an irregular period, but am still concerned that this may be the cause of not getting it.
2 1 Tue, 6 Nov 2018
Dear Doctor, 3 weeks ago I was having dry sex without condom with my partner. It was the 7th day of her menstrual cycle. There was no intercourse, only clitoral stimulation. I also did not ejaculate. I don t think I released precum either. How big is the risk of pregnancy here?
2 1 Tue, 6 Nov 2018
I ve been having very strange symptoms. headaches, sharp pain on the left side of my stomach and occasionally the right, sometimes naseous and ive been smelling period blood but im weeks away from my period. i have almost no appetite. could I be pregnant? what are the chances of am ectopic...
3 2 Sat, 3 Nov 2018
I’m on birth control pills I take them correctly everyday but me and my partner stopped using a condom about a month ago and he started to release inside me is it possible an egg could have been released as I don’t feel myself and suspect I may be pregnant
2 1 Wed, 24 Oct 2018
I just found out I m 6 weeks pregnant and I had smoked marijuana last week before I found out. I haven t went to the Dr because I m afraid if they do urine or blood tests I ll fail and lose my kid. What can i do? I drink lots of water and im sick alot plus I ve had the flu.
2 1 Thu, 18 Oct 2018
Im pregnant, and I have an abscess on my gum. Last night I went to the ER cause the pain was excrutiating. The doctor just gave me Tylenol for the pain, and said it was safe. I visited my dentist today, and he prescribed me Amoxicillin 500mg fo the abscess. I was wondering if it is safe to take...
2 1 Thu, 18 Oct 2018
Hello sir my wife is 35 week 2 days pregnant, yesterday we have 2 shots of betnesol injection at an interval of 12 hours dose 12mg but after that we noticed that baby is not moving frequently as he is doing before?? My question is is it due to betnesol injection or at 35 week less movement are...
2 1 Tue, 16 Oct 2018
I took two birth controls in one day of my week 2 row. And missed one pill in my week three row. I had sex without protection and stopped taking the the pill to wait for my period. During this time i had unprotected sex and then took plan B . Period is 1 week late. Am i pregnant? I take LoLo...
2 1 Tue, 16 Oct 2018
My girlfriend and I had sex on may 30th. I bought her plan b just in case. I didnt cum or anything and a week later she began to spot. And she starting to feel weird. Having pregnancy symptoms. She s got scared thinking that she is. She began drinking vitamin c to get rid of it. And everything...
2 1 Fri, 12 Oct 2018
Sir I am a pregnant lady age 30 suffering from diabetes and constipation and hiccups and abdominal pain and vomiting iam in hospital following treatment is given Pantaprajole injection bd Emset injection tidTaxim injection bd and Insulin regular 10 unit with d 5 fluid please give me a good...
2 1 Tue, 9 Oct 2018
I am 31 weeks pregnant and just had my recent urinalysis yesterday. The result is 1-3 hpf RBC, 15-20 HPF PUS CELLS ,+++epithelial cells and Protein 7, Mucoide +++, PH 7, Amorphus (ure/phs) +. I don t have any symptom of anything. What should I be worried about. Thank you
2 1 Mon, 8 Oct 2018
Hi, my name is pooja and in my 18week+1 day scan, an amniotic band has been noted in superior aspect of the uterus. All the fetal measurements as per the ultrasound were normal and the band was not attached to the baby. At present, I m 20weeks + 2 days. Do the baby still has danger from amniotic...
2 1 Mon, 8 Oct 2018
Hi am using diane 35 beacuse of irregularity in periods. But my cousin doctor asked me to stop taking this medicne beacuse she said this medicne have sideeffects in pregnency. She said i cant be pregnent within 6 to 12 months even i concieve it can be dangerous.
2 1 Fri, 5 Oct 2018
Real time B mode sonography of pelvis showed gravid uterus with single gestation with variable presentation. FETAL BIOMETRY: 47.6mm 20 wks 3 days Tic 178.5mm 20 wks 2 days AC 156.8mm 20 wks 6 days FL 33.0mm 20 wks 2 days 20 wks 0 day 30.2mm PLACENTA- Position Anterior, upper ut. segment LIQUOR...
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