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2690 10 Mon, 13 Aug 2012
Iam pregnent, iam now 6 months, i have lot of white discharge from thetime i have been pregnant. It is been staining quite badly, i also have lot of itching in my provate apt. Iam very hygenic, i donot know how to get rid of this. My doctor said it is quite nirmal in the pregnancy and nothing to...
800 9 Thu, 29 Sep 2011
Hi, this is 8th month this month I am facing giddiness badly...i never faced it in earlier months...what could be the reason for it? BP is normal only ..Sugar level is alsonormal only....
1266 8 Fri, 3 May 2013
I have been taking alcohol from my teen age. Now i got married and pregnent now. Iam taking alcohol on week ends and in the parties. Is it good to take alcohol during this time. Do i need to stop it completely?
2401 8 Tue, 14 Jun 2011
iam pregnant now, iam really happy about it. Iam now 7th month. Iam notcing that my skin is getting dark, i was very fair before, now i really look very dark. Iam mostly at home, donot go out in sun as well, but still iam having this probles. Iam using sandalwood paste every day. Iam applying...
1044 8 Sun, 5 Jun 2011
I had a smiley face for the first time on day 12 of my cycle. I had sex with my boyfriend, who did not pull out. The next day I also had a smiley face, and had a one night stand with a guy who pulled out before he ejaculated, stuck it back in afterwards, but he didn t ejaculate a second time. The...
304 7 Mon, 6 Jun 2011
Good pm doctors, what is the success rate of Combines Oral Contraceptive like Nordette as ECP to prevent pregnancy ? when used it within 72 hours of unprotected sex and 12 hrs again after the 1st dosage. Can it cause delay of the menstrual period ? thank you..
1044 7 Mon, 5 Aug 2013
hi doc,i have saliva in my mouth can this be reduced?
849 7 Thu, 5 Nov 2009
Iam now 4months. this is my first pregnency. From that time, I have noticed something that I am not getting sleep in the night. I was normal before and i used to sleep well before this. But since i have become pregnent iam unable to sleep and i will be tossing in the bed. How can i over come this?
1415 6 Fri, 26 Jul 2013
Hi doctor, I got my ultrasound done today. I am about 8 weeks pregnant. My last LMP was 7/5/2013. The ultrasound has not detected any cardiac activity. This was the first ultrasound I go for today. There was no free fluid as written by doctor and poor decidual reaction. She told me a missed...
54 6 Sat, 2 Jun 2012
hi, i m sexually active and i m a day almost two days late for my period, we used a condom and he pulled out way before he was even close to ejaculating, i m also having tons of stress due to grades and finals are this week along with just this whole thing, what s the possibility of pregnancy, i...
110 6 Wed, 6 Jul 2011
what is ocp s?im so worried and confused,my last period was MAy26,but on june 26 ive been waiting, there s no menstruation.. up to now is already july
1076 6 Wed, 6 Apr 2011
What can be the consequences by taking an ipill that had expired a year ago What can be a side effect or consequences by taking an ipill that had expired a year ago, please help, can it be bad or fatal? Will the pill help dissolving a pregnancy ,if taken immediately after having unprotected sex?
177 6 Tue, 30 Aug 2011
I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms for over 2 months now but have had 2 negative urine tests 1 and 2 months ago at my obgyn with no pelvic exam or blood work. I have been queasy daily, lower back aches , very tender breasts, pressure in lower abdomen a exhausted all the time, spotting...
265 6 Fri, 25 Mar 2011
How to increase haemoglobin percentage during pregnancy. I am having 6 grams hemoglobin percentage.
1562 6 Sat, 7 May 2011
hi 6 weeks pregnant..last night i was playing with my 3 month old puppy in my room when he accidentally bit me in the bleeded...i went to the clinic right away to have an anti rabies vaccine..the doctor said it may pose risk to my baby but i still need to get vaccinated because...
1037 6 Wed, 23 Feb 2011
hi im 35 weeks and 5 days gone iv got 4 weeks left and a couple of days yesterday i went to the loo and after i finished i wiped and had a clear substance like a stringy see through not smelly jelly stuff just want to know what it might be many thankx kelly
569 6 Wed, 20 Apr 2011
I am 18 and on new years eve, my boyfriend and I were making out and I was sitting one him. I had all my clothes on and wearing my underwear and shorts and he had all his on and just wearing shorts. While we were making out, my boyfriend said that he felt like semen had come out. His shorts were...
902 6 Sat, 21 May 2011
Im 23 years old and going for my fourth abortion. Im so scared but I know I can t keep the baby because the father is not around. Will this affect me getting pregnant later on in life? Please help meeeeee
837 6 Sat, 21 May 2011
Hi, i got married in dec 2006. We had a baby girl in dec 2007. Problem is that my wife is pregnant again. We are not ready for this kid as my daughter is just one year old. If we abort this child, will there be any problem when we go for another child may be after 2 years. we consulted a doctor...
59 5 Fri, 27 Sep 2013
I am a 27 y.o lady. Recently i was confirmed pregnant as my Upt done 3x and all positive. I got spotting from 23 to 25th of August (which i thought the menses time) then on the 25 i do my 1st upt. +ve. Due to spotting i went to the emergency at hospital. Upt done one more time. Positive....
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