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2 1 14 hours ago
my 16 year old has trouble staying focused. Seems like 50% of the time he has a blank stare. He has been a victim of his narcissistic mother yelling at him and lying to him. He used to be fired up, although school wasn t stellar. He is defiantly depressed as I from being with a toxic mother/...
2 1 14 hours ago
I ve had alot of stress lately my GMA passed and I took care of her I ve worked but I find it hard to concentrate I what I doing I had a panic attack once goin into a store and got on zanaz I find it comforting riding in a vehicle but still am scared bout goin into stores at times for along...
2 1 14 hours ago
Hey there I just have a couple of questions about something my boyfriend does. Everytime someone says he has done a mistake he freaks out and does this really weird thing and like shuts off and strats shaking and his veins pop out and he just is scary, I just want your help? If you know what this...
2 1 14 hours ago
Hi, I am concerned that I have ADHD, and i have tried making appointments with psychiatrists many times, but they are either not accepting new patients or are booked for months. I seem to have many symptoms of ADHD because I can t seem to focus in any of my classes, get distracted very easily,...
2 1 14 hours ago
Hi. My son is 11 years old. He is on Ritalin LA 20mg every morning. he became seriously aggressive with horrible mood swings. And then he would have these meltdowns just sitting and crying. We had him by a doctor and he gave him Respicor 1mg every night and on Epilim CR 300 every morning and...
2 1 18 hours ago
I am taking antidepressant and rheumatoid arthritis meds and rx ibuprofen 600 mg. I have 6 rx meds plus supplements. my sleep patterns have gotten out of sync. I am having hard time going to sleep and then sleep in late (because I am feeling so drugged up). My doctor has not returned my call....
2 1 18 hours ago
HI there, Latley ive been feelings really sluggish, ive been really stressed with everything around me and i havnt been eating properly because of it. Ive never really ate much but its to the point where i have to force myself to eat at least once a day. I went from a healthy weight for my height...
2 1 20 hours ago
yes I have been getting xanax for five years with 5 refills.I suffer from axiety from being raped.My doctor told me today that a new law was passes in Ohio and ca only give 1 refill.That I had to call for a refill.I don t abuse them. is this true? he said it went into effect in November
2 1 20 hours ago
I take Lexapro -10mil. and I am also 65 years old .Is this Drug harmful to my Health ? And I have been totally off any of this type of Meds sence Oct of last year ! I was on 20 mil.of Lexapro Esxesfevor -Xr75- and Abilify for 10 years and I found I m doing better without them ! But my Wife told...
2 1 20 hours ago
Mood swings! lack of ambition! Fault finding/blames others, withdrawn, non communitive, aurguementive, remembers only parts of prior experiences, angers when told there was more to events, acts like he doesn t believe facts, strong sense of entitlement lacks any interest in socializing, or...
2 1 20 hours ago
i m a vet, and have been on methadone for about 16 yrs.,I suffer from anxy.and panic attacts.i also suffer from curonic pain from neropatjhyin both leggs.the vets. want to take meoff methodone.which I have done before .but the panic attacts keep coming back.and rhe don t have anything to stop it...
2 1 20 hours ago
I have a daughter-in-law who had a blood clot in her leg and then one or more strokes. As a result she required a breathing tube, and feeding tube. She was unable to swallow. She was in intensive care for some weeks and emerged with the ability to speak, although not well, and to breath on her...
2 1 21 hours ago
I have suffered from sever anxiety for many years. I am on small dosages of xanex, citalpram, busipon and clonzapam. However, for the last four months, I have fallen into a very deep depression affecting my social life my work, and every aspect of my life. Is there a drug for depression that...
2 1 21 hours ago
my 11 yr old daughter dose not sleep at night, she is always crying for no reason. She thinks we hate her, she hears voices, she says she felt someone touch her face and she sees ghosts. She is always mad at us will disrespect us, will tell us no or to be quiet. She sometimes yells at us saying...
2 1 1 day ago
My sister started taking MemantineHCL this past Wednesday. Today is Saturday. She is showing anxiety, aggression, hallucinating and confusion. She is taking 5MG. She is also on Aricept 10 mg and Zoloft 100 mg She takes Atenalol 50mg and Levothyroxine 50mg. Is the Memantine HCL CAUSING THESE SIDE...
2 1 1 day ago
My 90 yr old Mom, who is in a skilled nursing care facility, suffers from Alzheimer s and has become combative with staff. The facility started Seroquel Dec 6 and increased it Dec 21. She takes other meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, etc. I ve read that Seroquel and other...
2 1 1 day ago
My mom is suffering from a mental iissue.whenever she goes out of her usual environment she finds everything negative and all the people against her.she feels she will be killed by them.this happens most of the time when she is travelling. She even does not trust her own people.she thinks...
2 1 1 day ago
my daughter, her brother and my xhusband have ADHD or ADD. I am now 69 and I feel that I fit the description but I had myself tested and she said I did not have it...neurologist. My daughter is always agitated by me and sending me unkind misrepresentations of why I do things that she does not...
2 1 1 day ago
My parents have said many times that i m cold blooded because i don t feel sad or pity when people die in terrorist attack like they do , i really don t understand why i should, it s not me. I tried to drown my sister out of jealousy but i played the victim so I didn t get punished. I like to...
2 1 1 day ago
Dr I am a 70 year old retired woman that had a very high phase job. I have Anxiety and has been treated with Alplazolan since 1990 which really keeps my ansiety under control. I went to a new Doctors since I moved from Miami to Asheville with my 100 Permanently disable husband. A few days ago I...
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