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7 1 4 hours ago
my father was diagnosed with brain Tb few days back and have been put on ATT from 4th of sept 2011. but after the administration he is showing some mild symptoms of loss of appetite and weakness followed by occassional hiccups. may i know the reasn for this and is there a need to worry? his...
6 1 1 day ago
hi i am a 24 year old male.i had this problem of oily nose from last 1.5 year.i asked a dermatologist on television about this problem.he advised me make a 20ml astringent,which constitutes znic sulphate,aluminium sulphate, glycerin nd sysilic acid,but he dindt mention the amount/percentage of...
6 1 1 day ago
When i start feeding my 20 days old baby with enfalac, she strarted to have high fever. We sent her to ER and she is back home now but the fever is back again. Whenever we fed her, her skin shows obvious reddish pigmentation. Is that a symptom that she is not suitable for drinking enfalac?
11 1 1 day ago
i am 30 years of age and weighing 85kgs and i am 5ft 9 inches tall. presently i am taking CIFRAn 500 antibiotic tablet since yesterday and is to continue for the next 4 days. will it be a problem if i take alcohol today as i have to attend a party tonight
10 1 2 days ago
i was adviced to take clingen regularily,but it was not clearly said that during this period intercours is allowed or not, first two days i take both ,and after three days i forget yesterday,today is fifth day . i was also adviced to take a tablet folvite daily after fifteen days of m.c.period...
6 1 2 days ago
Michael is an epileptic. His condition was controlled by medication until he started taking a new drug for high blood pressure. Since taking the new medication, Michael has experienced seizures much more frequently. You look the medication up in the PDR and learn that it is not known to cause...
6 1 2 days ago
I have a prozac pill in the morning, then late in the afternoon to midnight I have about 5 drinks of Vodka and OJ. Sometimes early in the day I take Tylinal with Codine, not when I am drinking. My life is normal. I do not stumble, or miss appointments or mess up in any way. I have no symptems at...
9 1 2 days ago
my aunt is complaining of burning micturition, hematuria and lower abdominal pain for a few months. she is a known hypertensive for 10 years and has been diagnosed with ishemic heart disease(stable angina) a few years back. she has been on treatment for that. i gave her syp citralka , tab ciprox...
14 1 4 days ago
in what case do we use domrab capsule. Age-30.Height-5.4.Weight-60kg.Medical history-Suffering from gallstone.
6 1 4 days ago
i m 35 yrs old and 6 weeks of pregnant... my doctor advice me to take gestofit 200mg for 15 days... now my question is is it safe to take gestofit during pregnancy cause i ve seen in some site that is not safe enough to take that medicine during pregnancy . please advice me cause i m in confused...
6 1 4 days ago
hello doctor im a pcod patient and im on siphene 100mg,this is my third cycle with this medicine,i had regular period that is on same dates but this time its delayed for 5days,do i have a chance to concieve?i had matured follicle n had rupture on 21st to 22nd day,i want to know that can siphene...
13 1 Fri, 16 Apr 2021
my sister is 35yrs old and is presently breast feeding a 7month old baby. she is a hep b carrier but has just been told she is also hep c reactive. she is advised o take livolin but is worried may afeect the baby since she is still breast feeding. my sister has no asses to the internet so I am...
6 1 Fri, 16 Apr 2021
Hi, I am 27yrs old. I had my c-section delivery on 9th June 2011. At first I bleeded for 33 days. Then again bleeding started at a gap of 12 days and continued for more than 15 days. My doctor asked me to take Tranlok (500 mg)- 6 tablet and Promolute N for 20 days. But while taking this on 18th...
25 1 Fri, 16 Apr 2021
hi i am suffering from SCABIES AND URTICARIA. I have consult with a doctor, he suggest and give some medicine, i think one is steroid. kindly suggest me the below medicine are OK for My health. Name : Sameer Ager: 32, Weight : 70 KG (Fatty) Hight : 164 CMS and Medicine is below : OMNACORDIL 20 MG...
8 1 Fri, 16 Apr 2021
dear doctor, iam56, male, 5feet 7 inch. taking epitril .05mg for the last seven days. for two days it worked well.but now i feel the dosage is inadequat. i never get relaxed after a sleep. during sleep i see the same images of incidents again and again repeatedly untill the sleep breaks.iam...
13 1 Fri, 16 Apr 2021
I am taking Folicil of Bial Labs and since it is difficult for me to swollow I am putting the tablet in a glass of orange juice and within 5 minutes it starts to disintegrate, allowing me to drink it. I am doing the right thing? as I am aware that certain slow release vitamins you should disslove...
9 1 Wed, 14 Apr 2021
Hi Doc. I am 29 years old and living with HIV/AIDS. I have been developing STIs regularly. So I went to the clinic and they gave me 5 tablets to drink of the same kind then another 1 big white talet. They gave me 14 days treatment Dyx...cant remember very well and a candizole. So my quetion is...
6 1 Fri, 9 Apr 2021
hello, am taking the contraceptive Sprintc , i ve been taking it for 2 weeks now, am on the 3th week.. the first week i didn t took it at the same time. bt this pasted week and the one am strarting i ve been exsacted on the time am taking it.. and i wanet to know if it s save for me to have sex...
8 1 Thu, 8 Apr 2021
9 1 Thu, 8 Apr 2021
Hello I have been taking co-cyprindiol for over a year.I am in the middle of a strip just now and have experienced bleeding.I missed two days earlier on in this strip and so took the missing one as well as the scheduled one the next day.Is this the reason for this?what should I do?
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