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8 1 14 hours ago
hi, Myself is Ashwini from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I am 27 years old and my height is less (139cm). So i heard about Dr. Aurveda Body growth formula. So want to is it really helpful for me. Is there side effects of that. Kindly let me know Thanks, Ashwini
21 1 14 hours ago
hi i have just had a c section delivery. during post recovery i have been given many injections. I was told that thrombophob can reduce the pain at the injection area. i had a thrombophob- ointment of heparin and benzyl nicotinate which i applied at that the area and instantly i had a burning...
6 1 14 hours ago
I m 23 years old and have been taking lithium for more than 6 weeks. Because of the side effects of the oral meds, my doctor had the lithium compounded into a cream for me to rub into my arms. I m still really nauseous and I now have chest pain and pain and tingling in my left arm. Could this be...
6 1 14 hours ago
Usually when I take the morning after pill I get no symptoms, but 24 hours after taking it I got these symptoms: Severe headache, fever, nausea, cold hands and feet, blood in sputum (very little), dark bowel movement, neck stiffness, joint pains, and a rash on my face. Is this normal after taking...
728 1 14 hours ago
Sir I have used Aceclorite Plus medicine for fever+body pain.But after the effect of medicine is over I have fever again.Also i suffer loose motion as a side effect of Aceclorite Plus medicine. So, sir kindly suggest proper medicine for my recovery so that i can resume my job. Thanking You. Anil...
25 1 14 hours ago
I am 33yrs old and my weight is 75kg...height is 5ft 4 inc ...i am planning to get pregnant .... and my doctor has recommended me to use benforce m tab one everyday , evion one everyday and diazen tab two time everyday is it good for me or no ...
8 1 15 hours ago
doctor told me to take glyclomet 850mg 3 per day. Is there any side effect from this. I am having PCOS. From past two days my throat become dry and from past one day feeling bitterness ( mouth bitterness). Could you please answer to my question. Thanks in advance.
12 1 15 hours ago
Can B12 deficiency caused by Escitalopram? I ve been taking 10 mg Escitalopram for 5 years and now I have a 107 B12 level. I have been eating red meet, eggs, spinach and lentils for years. Pernicious anaemia test was negative. So can it be the Escitalopram?
6 1 15 hours ago
Hi, I was prescribed Primolut for migraine management and have bled every day since taking for about 14 days. I thought it was suppose to stop periods. Do you know why I would be experiencing constant bleeding. Prior to this my menstrual cycle was usually fairly regular and normal? I have also...
7 1 15 hours ago
Hey, I m not really sure what to do. I am constantly getting this feeling that I need to poo when I don t need to. It gives me a burning sensation in my bum. It can be mostly with painkillers but usually returns when they wear off. Please help me I m only 16 and worried as this has been going on...
6 1 15 hours ago
Since I have been taking logynon 28 I have been feeling sick and a little depressed with headaches every day and stabbing pains in knee cap and my body has been not feeling the same same have been taking them for only bout three months but have only recently started feeling this way can it b the...
6 1 15 hours ago
During cold season (winter) I used to get my nose clogged and puffy, sometimes mild sore discomfort. No cough. I am told it is due to allergy. Can I take Montek LC one tablet in night regularly.Whether will it be sleppy and is there any side effects. Kindly enlighten me.
6 1 15 hours ago
Hi Doc, I have been using postinor 2 for a year now..normally I take them two tablets every month...that is once per month. I have never had any side effects and it works perfectly for me, only that it changes my menstruation cycle. My friends recently told me that prolonged usage of postinor 2...
6 1 15 hours ago
hello i am 30yrs femel. Now i am 6weeks pregnant and diagnosed with thyroid My TSH level is 5.1, Doc adviced me to take thyonorm 50mg. Is it safe during pregnancy? Is it safe during pregnancy?Thyroid hormone affect the unborn baby?Pls ans, Thanks in advance
6 1 15 hours ago
iam suffering from blood pressure since 10 years.doctors was advised to take aten one week back i have head ache and pain in advised for ct scan.ct scan report are normal.and my bp is 150/100mg of advised to stop aten 25mg and prscribed eritel 40mg.kindly advise me...
6 1 15 hours ago
I am on the pill and have been prescribed fucidin cream to treat a skin infection. my doctor told me it was an antibiotic but did not mention my pill and it doesnt say anything about it in the leaflet that came with the cream. is it just oral antibiotics that affect the pill?
8 1 15 hours ago
Hi, my daughter was born @ 36 weeks and is now 10 weeks old. She has been crying since last 2 days. We have given her colicaid and now the doctor has advised colimex. but the Colimex carton says not for infants below 6 months of age. Is it safe? she weighs 4 kgs. What is the dosage if it is safe?
18 1 15 hours ago
I am taking co-amoxiclav for sinus infection. I have terrible one sided sore throat also and can t seem to get out of bed. I m just sleeping all the time. Also I am getting a burning sensation like between my ribs so don t know if tablets are disagreeing with me. I m on day 4 of 7 of tablets.
6 1 15 hours ago
Hi my wife concieved while on a priscribed medication called oratane. we did not knw that she did fall pregnant at that time she is now three plus weeks preg and has been off her medication for the past week or so. she has been on a 7th month course and my biggest fear is that my child could be...
6 1 15 hours ago
I was on clindamycin for 10 days approximately a month ago. For the past 5 days I have had diarrhea and stomach cramps. My stool is now greenish with mucus. Should I start taking a probiotic? I think the antibiotic destroyed all of my bacteria. What do you think?
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