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2 1 14 hours ago
Hi, I have been diagnosed with GERD. I am using omeprazole on a daily basis. Recently my cough has gotten much worse even when taking the medicine. The coughing has given me a horrible sore throat. I fell like the Acid Reflux is burning a hole in my throat, is that possible?
2 1 14 hours ago
I was diagnosed with Barrets 3 years ago, I ve been taking omeprazole and recently started to take zantac because the symptoms became stronger.I also take 50 mcg of levothyroxine and 5 mg of simvastatine I have some discomfort in my chest and am sensative to chemical smells which bring on...
26 1 15 hours ago
Dear Dr. My father (69yrs) got seizure 9 months back , Doctor checked and suggested to take levipil 250mg 1 tablets 3 times a day. In Nov 2013 he again had a seizure and fell down in bath room, injured in his head. Now doctor suggested to take 2 tablets in morning and night Recently 3 days back...
23 1 15 hours ago
My mother is suffering from ILDT. Earlier she was prescribed Wysolone 60 mg but after a month she had to be admitted with Total Respiratory failure. While taking wysolone her blood sugar shot to 400. Now doctors have changed the medicine to medrol 16mg. Is it a wise change
2 1 1 day ago
I used Vicks under my nose last night. When I woke up this morning the side of my left nostril felt burned, when I look in the mirror, on the side of my nostril where it burns is all red, also there s a spot just right in between the corner of my eye and my left nostril that has the same red...
6 1 1 day ago
my son has been taking Risperdal for bi-polar diagnosis for several years now. He ran out of it due to a glitch in the pharmacy he uses and his health provider. He has not been able to take this medicine for 3 days now. Hopefully, later today he will be able to pick the medicine up. He is...
15 1 1 day ago
I was at my pharmacy yesterday to get a refill of fluorometholone which I use to prevent rejection of a cornea transplant. I was told by the pharmacy that this drug is difficult to obtain because it is not being produced anymore. I went online to see if I could find any more information on that...
6 1 5 days ago
my husband got his first infusion of Vectibix yesterday (Monday) and when he was finished with the infusion he had a very bad stomach ach so when we got home it was very bad and he took a Rx pain med. from the dr and it did not help until it was time for the second pill , he also had a fever and...
7 1 5 days ago
I was fine all but a swollen foot last September I have Polymayalga and have been taking Pred nizone for it That was diagnosed about 7 yrs ago I started with 7 mg Went down to 3 a few years ago then 21/2mg .....well the nd of Oct. 2013 I was in a lot of pain going through my body especially my...
7 1 5 days ago
how can i survive from side effect of decdan and practin, i used it for last 1 years. mostly i am suffering with anxiety. i want to know how long the anxiety and the side effect of the tablets stable. i am very worried about it. please, please help me out of this.
10 1 5 days ago
hi... i am 20 yrs n diagnosed by pcos 10 moths ago..i consulted my gyano..n prescribed medicines. hyponidd,registrone but the condition is still the i hav been now prescribed hyponidd,metafomin.. and also modus10 to be taken 10 days starting from the 16th day of periods... i am worried...
8 1 6 days ago
hello doctor, i am 28 years old,i had left salpingectomy in march 2013. i had my last period on december 17 2013. next period started onjan 31st 2014 ontaking B complex in cosultation with doc. it lasted till feb 14th. after 4 days i.e. on 16th again bleeding started. doc suggested to have trapic...
26 1 Tue, 12 Mar 2019
I am on Nexplanon it was put in on May 2nd 2013. And I was just told I have a UTI so I was prescribed 250MG of Ciprofloxacne I also have a recenct vomiting issue so was also prescribed 25MG Promethazine and I take 75MG Levothyroxine an 1200MG of Trileptal.Will these takin all together affect my...
8 1 Tue, 12 Mar 2019
I am 25 yrs old and my husband is 30 years old. We have been trying to get pregnant for the last 6 months. We have also consulted the doctor and she has prescribed fertisure f tablets that needs to be taken 2times in a day. Are there any side effects? What is the use of this tablet
6 1 Tue, 12 Mar 2019
Ii got brain tumour operated chemo and radiation undergone I m taking levipil 500mg,epilexchrono300mg the type of tumour isoligodendroglyoma 2nd stage I m perfect nw no issues . I gt pregnant on April after checkup scan report says my baby got sm heart pulmonary disease after that issue...
15 1 Fri, 8 Mar 2019
I was on the lower dose of the Combipatch for about 2 months and was switched to the higher dose (.05/.25) because of breakthrough bleeding. I m now finding that I have more bouts of mood swings -- get my feelings hurt quite frequently and feel not needed. Can this higher dose be associated with...
17 1 Fri, 8 Mar 2019
I have been using loratadine allergy pills for a long time - more then 10 years. My sinus infections are so bad that my Dr put me on C0 Betahistine, (fluid and swelling in inner ear/Eustachian tube) so I stopped using my other allergy pills (I buy them at Costco). Would I be experiencing any...
7 1 Fri, 8 Mar 2019
Hi. I took a swig out of my bottle of Cherratussin, prescribed for pain with a sinus infection. It s 10mg of codeine per ml, 150 ml. It seems as though I ve taken about a third of the bottle. I have a very dry throat and a bit of blurry vision every so often. It s been about six hours since I ve...
21 1 Wed, 6 Mar 2019
I am prescribed to 16mg of suboxone a day. I have been on suboxone currently for 3 months but I have been on it off and on since 2008. I was prescribed to clonazepam 1 mg twice a day since jan 17 2014. I take my meds as prescribed and let my family member hold my meds and they give them to me as...
7 1 Wed, 6 Mar 2019
How can I replace isoxuprine to treat my condition of Raynaud s? I am having problems ordering without a Vet s script. I am at a loss to try to order in the States. I am almost out of the isoxsuprine. Why has the FDA change their ruling with obtaining the drug unless you have a Vet s...
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