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2280 12 Sat, 14 Apr 2012
I having huge pain in my ear since 3 days... Please suggest something!
2656 9 Fri, 26 Jul 2013
hi i have one strange problem. if i keep quite for sometime and than i talk i feel my breath is bad. because of this i feel very ashemed to talk with my friends. i brush my teeth. clean my tongue also. i use mouth freshners. but some time i do forget to carry and its not possible to use it at all...
689 8 Sun, 3 Apr 2011
Hello Sir; I am Buddharaj Ambhore, a student of M.Tech [NITK,surathkal,karnataka]. Three months back I had an Viral infection called MUMPS which got cure in a weak but when I had continuous vomitting, from that day I loss my hearing capacity in right ear. I went to different doctors but everyone...
715 8 Mon, 16 Apr 2012
My dayghter has had a small hole inside of her ear since she was an infant. It is not visible to everyone. I noticed it one day as i was cleaning her ears, when I lifted the little fold at the fron of her ear I saw it. She has never complained of any pain, about once every month or two i have to...
12 7 Mon, 11 Jun 2018
I am 61 years old. I have high blood pressure, cholestrol problem n ear problem (a blocked ear). Recently I v been experiencing giddiness when I lie down to sleep no matter what direction. My sleep gets interrupted n I lie in bed feeling dizzy, nauseous n ahammering headache. These problems came...
561 7 Thu, 30 Jun 2011
My mother underwent operation of neurosergery due to csf leak in 2001 but in last few yera it is recurring by nose Once she starts taking domax tablet csf leak stops but with in few month it start leaking again. My mother age is 45 year
14657 7 Sun, 2 Oct 2011
I am a online student. My teacher has given me a report to answer. I have looked all over the internet unsuccessfully. Please help me with the following question? Explain why a tonsillectomy in a child is less likely to involve complications than the same procedure for an adult? Susie-que
787 7 Wed, 2 Feb 2011
Hi..My mom who is 42yrs by age. She has been having on and off dizziness since the last six years. She has this on and off especially when she gets up from her bed. She has fallen down twice few months ago. She also has anaemia. Once she was admitted, a CT scan was done and it was normal. The...
1911 7 Mon, 21 May 2012
I am 30 years old man. Recently I have observed 2 white patches on my tongue. There is no pain in it. I do not smoke or drink. Can some expert guide me in this?
1114 7 Mon, 16 Apr 2012
I am facing a hearing loss problem since last 2 years, does any buddy know any Medicines To Stop Hearing Loss
110 6 Fri, 23 Aug 2013
Hi, I am having this pain in my head, staffed ears, stiffed neck, pain behind my ears, confusion, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, changes in vision, lightheaded, confusion, tiredness. This usually last for a week or more than that. I was taking Lexapro before and about month after I stop taking this...
4662 6 Wed, 3 Aug 2011
Hi, I am here in Bangalore for last 2 and half year. For last 4/5 months, i am getting sneezing early morning. some times at midnight and it continues for the day, no fixed frequency.... but it really irritates me. I am a software engineer by profession. i went to china for 45 days and i did not...
710 6 Wed, 30 Nov 2011
For my 4 yr old daughter sometimes the voice changes.It occurs frequently.She gets cold & cough frequently.Pls advise
3676 6 Mon, 7 Mar 2011
I am 24 years old.I have been suffering with cough and cold since last ten days.Recently I have seen stains of blood while blowing the nose and coughing out the mucus. Usually I used to smoke 5 to 6 cigarettes a day its been a habit since six years. After seeing the stains of blood in mucus I...
9616 6 Wed, 13 Apr 2011
4 days ago I woke up with this annoying robot-like sound in my right ear. It sounds like EVE from WALL-E. I can hear it whenever I talk, people talk to me, or when I talk. Basically whenever I hear anything. I also noticed that my right ear also has a slight decrease in hearing. I cleaned my...
1491 6 Mon, 17 Jan 2011
hi doctor, My Age:22, FEMALE I often suffer from throat infection...Is there a permanent remedy...following throat inf i get fever...please help. surya prabha
284 6 Tue, 11 Oct 2011
Hi, I have this bad cough and my throat seems so bad....And few things happened since the day I have this cough. First my right eye went red and it had some white stuff after I woke up one day and then after 2 days my left eye is acting the same way...Im really upset
761 6 Sat, 27 Jul 2013
unable to hear in noise places like traffic
470 6 Mon, 23 Apr 2012
Around 4 am, I got up to use the bathroom and realized that my left ear was clogged. I thought it was part of a dream so I thought nothing of it. I went back to bed and got up around 7 am with the same problem. I really didn t think much of it, but it s still the same way and I m getting nervous....
689 6 Wed, 5 Oct 2011
Hi all, my mother was suffering from CSOM. Doctors told that she need ugent surgery for that. can any one suggerst which is the best place, best doctor to go for surgery in HYDERABAD. any other treatments without surgery?. Thanks in advance. Regards, Srikanth.CH
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