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1285 6 Mon, 23 Apr 2012
yes my mom has stopped drinking and has been eating really well and yet her liver enzymes are like 100 whats going on should we be worried she 52 yrs of age. she doesnt look yellow and is not haveing any weird symtoms, what could it be?
868 6 Tue, 31 May 2011
Hi Im Joan from Philippines, I have Hepatitis B right now. and i did a series of test yesterday, according to the result. I am positive in HBs Ag and positive with HBc Ab? and the rest HBc Ab IgM, HBe Ab, HBe Ag, HBe Ag, HCV Ab are negative? What is the stage of my Hepatitis? Is it Acute or...
1874 6 Fri, 19 Jul 2013
I have stones in gall bladder. Can these be tretaed safely with Udiliv 300 bd.
2557 6 Mon, 25 Apr 2011
Sir, When i went to donate blood to my sister on 20-12-2006,Blood screening found that the HBSAg is Positive in it.After that i consulted doctor for monitoring and general check up and the complete tests were done. The HBsAg is positive and the HBeAg was negative as on 27 -12-2008. Since then the...
2486 6 Mon, 13 Feb 2012
My daughter is having jaundice from 5 days. She was getting fever and jaundice. Doctor asked us to do blood tests and urine tests. it showed that she had jaundice. Doctor told nothing to worry, she will be fine in one weeek. I just want to know, what foods can be given to her.
84 5 Wed, 25 Sep 2013
Dear Sir, \My spouse is suffering with intestinal TB. we consulted the allopathy doctor. He started ATT medicine. in 7 days , her liver got affected. he changed the medicine. after that we planned to shift homeopathy. so we didn t use ATT for 3 days. However, our homeo doctor suggested to...
88 5 Thu, 18 Apr 2013
my Mother is 73 and having right side pain just below the ribs. Better with leg pulled up while sitting in a recliner. She had her gallbladder out years ago, and seems to always have some kind of pain. My Father committed Suicide 3 years ago and I wonder if this pain is psychosymatic, or real....
123 5 Fri, 2 Aug 2013
I had a ct scan in may of 2011 showed 1.2 mm cyst on liver , posterier, superior. Also 4 mm nodule medial & posterier left upper lobe. Now I for past two weeks severe, gnawing pain lower right rib radiating over all of right side. Frequent need to urinate, and severe lower back pain at times. Dr...
386 5 Sun, 10 Jul 2011
hello docotor iam male 36 years old my weight is 80kg my height is 176cm and i have clean medical history , recently on 03-05 i went for a medical check up In which My sgot(AST) was 41IU/L (normal 0-50 IU/L) and sgpt(ALT) was118 IU/L (normal 0 - 65IU/L) & MCV 79.0 fl (normal 80.0-94.0) ....
4209 5 Thu, 12 May 2011
Hi! My Dad is diabetic (age 51) and suffering from jaundice . Although his sugar levels are well controlled but due to consumption of fluids such as coconut water and fruit juices his sugar levels have increased. It would be really helpful if you could suggest some diet for him which do not...
2481 5 Fri, 4 Mar 2011
hello doctor, in feb 2005 i found i was HBsAg reactive i consult a doctor and he prescribed me hepsera medicine for 6 months later my my test showed these result hep b core antibody igm non reactive, hep be antigen non reactive,hep c antibody non reactive,hiv 1&2 antibody non reactive. thus i was...
272 5 Sat, 1 Oct 2011
Low jaundice since almost 3 months now and stomach troubles : nausea , loss apetite, Sickness sensation in the stomach, like fluids or gaz stuck in there. Doctor prescribed nexium 5 months ago, thinking of Heartburn but it does nt resolve...
2854 5 Thu, 6 Oct 2011
which Foods are avoid during jaundice ?
448 5 Thu, 20 Oct 2011
hi !! dr.. am staying in thane.. my father is pateint of hepatitis B, can you suggest me Dr s name in thane . 2) q. this is the serious case or wht ? can you explain me ?
373 5 Sun, 11 Dec 2011
i'm looking for an answer to prevent a diseas from spredding arround in my family my aunt has trouble swallowing. sometimes when she swallows something (bread, pills, water or even her saliva) it doesn't go and she starts to choke on it.. she went to her doctor and took a look into her throat and...
85 4 Fri, 23 Aug 2013
I m 59, female, had gallbladder removed 2 summers ago. My liver started with hep c now I have cirhosis of the liver. My edema of , lately left me swelling of my legs and feet more obvious on my left and continues. I had a home injury which is leading to a rotary cuff repair soon. Since my last...
1129 4 Mon, 6 May 2013
I had a blood test conducted on Saturday however I was drinking fairly heavily on Friday night. I was unaware my doctor was going to want to take blood on Saturday which is why I didn t refrain from drinking. My AST level was 69 and my ALT level 88. My doc wants to re test; but could this be from...
51 4 Sun, 31 Mar 2013
My 16 year old daughter has had a GI issue, mainly due to severe stress(cumulative) and a stomach virus . She saw her Dr and he ordered bloodwork. He called today stating that all of her bloodwork is normal except SGOT is 160. Normal is up to 40. She has not eaten much in a week due to nausea ,...
53 4 Sat, 30 Mar 2013
Dear doctor I am 53 years old diabetic and bypass surgery patient in 2001. Recently I went to GE for endoscopy for gastric problem then U Sound report said that there are few stones with 4 cm size are in the GB. Cardiologist advised me not to go for surgery it there is no much pain. In recent...
62 4 Mon, 11 Mar 2013
I went to the er tonite because I was having stomach pain thinking it was my gall bladder . They ran a cat scan on me and drawer blood but everything came back normal ... its not really a certain spot it hurts just after I eat it feels like I have painful gas and bloating , feels like I have to...
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