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3 1 1 hour ago
Hi, I had an EKG today it said sinus rhythm with abnormal qrs t angle. I ve had tachycardia recently, with a heart rate of 100 to 115, recently. I m only 42 and I ve never had a health problem other than low testosterone, which I m being treated for. This has me scared.. what does it mean?
2 1 3 hours ago
I went to the ER for a bad headache and weakness and they took a CT scan. I was diagnosed with a migraine headache that day. The Dr. at the ER said, however, that I had a old lacunar infarct and then I recently founded out it was there on a CT scan also from 2 years ago showing up on a CT scan, I...
2 1 4 hours ago
My CT Scan shows a 4.4 X 3.8 cm irregular low-attention liver lesion. I just finished chemo for colon cancer and this is suspected metastatic disease to liver. (also showed multiple nodules up to 11mm in lung) What treatment options would be available. I see my ONC in a few days but just trying...
2 1 4 hours ago
Hello Doc I am 28 years old and 14 weeks preganant. Had my NT scan and double marker test done 10 days ago and result says trisomy 21 adjusted risk is 1:796. PAPP-A is 0.279 MoM . NB length is 2.1 mm. Doc suggested for Amnio fluid test. As it invloves risk of miscarraige and other complications...
2 1 4 hours ago
My husband has been going to a kidney doctor for the past 3-4 months for elevated calcium and creatinine in his bloodwork; recently the doctor did an ACE test and his numbers were high on it also (don t know the exact number). He also did several tests to rule out the most common cancers,...
2 1 5 hours ago
dr. kindly tell me that I have pain in my lowerside of kidney but as result of ultrasound abdomen whole it appears that liver is noirmal in size measuring 16.2cm with regular margin fatty echoi pattern of parenchma of liver gallbladder is normal in size and shape with normal wall thickness clear...
2 1 5 hours ago
I had routine blood work done Friday and my potassium came back at 5.4. I didn t drink prior to the test since I thought I had to fast water as well. Right before the test I found out I could drink so I drank about 4 ounces of water I know being dehydrated can cause the levels to rise. I have...
2 1 5 hours ago
1st Test Date: 6th June, 2016 This is the result of my Semen Analysis: Appearance (Opalescent), Liquifaction (Complete), Viscosity (Normal), PH (8.0), Volume(3.5ml ), Concentration (30x106/ml ), Density (105x106 ), Motility 1st Hour ( 55% ), Motility 1nd Hour ( 40% ) Forward Progression ( 20 )...
2 1 5 hours ago
2 1 5 hours ago
what is a dural based enhancing mass centered within the right cavernous sinus that measures 1.5 x 1.4x 1.5cm and extends from the cavernous sinus coursing over and around the cavernous right internal carotid artery and thickens the right diaphragm sellae.
2 1 5 days ago
Hi, adnormal signal involving the interspinous ligaments at L5-S1 and to the lesser extent at L4-L5 possibly related to prior instrumentation. Subtle enhancement of the margins of the thecal sac at the S1 level as well as the collapsed margins of the sacral thecal sac
2 1 5 days ago
Hi. I did ultrasound yesterday. I have stone in bilateral kidneys. It shows that in right Kidney there is 9.2 mm stone in lower calyx with fullness of pelvicalyceal system. Radiologist asked me to have an x-ray to check if there is any stone in urine pipe. But there is no stone in urine pipe. Now...
2 1 5 days ago
hi my wife is done hsg test and report showing some contrast was pushed slowly to delineate the uterine cavity. uterus appears normal in size, shape and position. no evidence of any congenital anomaly, external pressure inpression, or filling defect is noted. then contrast was pushed forcefully....
2 1 5 days ago
Hi. Im 23 years old. I had a headache last night. So i assume when i wake up this morning the head ache will diaappear. But it didnt. For the past 3 days, i have been taking new obimin. This is due to the advice that my friend had told me to take obimin. I have been experiencing an irregular...
2 1 6 days ago
1. What is L3-4: Severe central stenosis via the anterolisthesis, small diffuse disc bulge, and severe bilateral facet arthrosis with ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. Mild left neural foraminal narrowing via the facet arthrosis. How is it typically treated? 2. What is L4-5: Severe central stenosis...
2 1 6 days ago
My husbands nipple has been extremely sore to the touch and are around it has been swollen. Also pain underneath the breast. Has been to Dr and had a mammogram and CT scan. Both normal. A tiny spot has been detected on right lung on all X-rays. Now being scheduled for a PET scan. Please help us...
2 1 6 days ago
Hello, I have just had my results from my NT scan and I am having trouble converting free beta hcg level to MoM. My results were 1/2127 risk. I am 28 year old and measuring 12 weeks LMP. My Pap reading was 1.05 but I was told my Hcg was 27.7? I don t understand that measurement as I thought it...
2 1 6 days ago
I m in a foreign country ,my temperature keep fluctuating between 36.6 to 37.3,I m taking 250mg of Amoxicillin and 250mg of Augmentin . I also had a CT scan and their where white spot on my chest. I m in Japan,and I really couldn t understand all of his english. Can you give me any insight of...
2 1 6 days ago
Hi, I recently undergo a transviganal ultrasound because of having an irregular menstruation problem, these were the results: 1 The uterus is retroverted with regular contour and homogeneous myometrium. There are no myometrial masses seen. The cervix is closed and homogeneous. The endometrium is...
2 1 6 days ago
My husband s PSA has risen from last year 8.2 to 10.5 this year so did the MRI and found 7mm tumor, his PSA had been between 7-8.5 for several years and he did biopsy 4 years ago and was normal. He is going for another biopsy soon, I wonder the tumor size is considered big or no? actually from...
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