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7 1 4 days ago
I have a question. I had unprotected sex and I was worried about becoming pregnant, so the same day I took the Plan B one pill. Three days later, I had sex again, and I m worried the condom might have leaked. Is it possible to become pregnant after taking the pill?
7 1 4 days ago
I just started Sprintec birth control (Jan. 1) and i got an upset stomach/diarrhea this afternoon at about 1-2ish (i take my pill at 5 pm every evening). Sometimes i have a sensitive stomach with certain foods so now i know what to eat and what to stay away from, and i dont recall eating anything...
8 1 4 days ago
7 1 4 days ago
Hi, I ve took Levonelle One Step at 5/12 (about 13h after intercourse). I didn t felt any side effects as for first 5 days. However on the 9/12 my method of contraception failed again and then on 10/12 in the morning I experienced a bleeding which can t be really my period as my period isn t due...
7 1 4 days ago
hi 25 male. yesterday i had sex with my girlfriend without protection. her period was due today but i m confused if the period ensures no pregnancy . her period has not yet started. day before yesterday she took A pill to delay her period for one day. we are not ready for pregnancy right now....
7 1 4 days ago
scared and confused i got my tubes tied during my c-section on 3/19/11. and i been having regular periods and everything was back to normal. but last month after i have sex my stomache hurt and last week i was dizzy while i was laying down. then i started geting tired and im always sleepy n the...
7 1 5 days ago
30 yr old female, 200lbs, good health, oral contraceptive for 4 yrs. I am currently on my 1st week of a new pack of birth control and i have so much stringy mucus. Why could this be? It stretches like 8-10 inches and i have never seen it like this before while on the pill.
14 1 5 days ago
hi, sir, my name seema i took contraceptive injection Depo provera on 9th November 2010, only one dose after three months on March 10th i got a spoting (not bleed) only one day one time after that till now i didn t get my period (ie from April-Oct) now i consult my doctor and she suggest me to...
7 1 5 days ago
I am on my third month on implanon, i noticed pain in my shoulder and upper arm since the insertion, sometimes it hurts when i lift my arm, other times when I walk. I never had pain like this before. Is this serious? I haven t read any other women with the same problem. Is it the birth control or...
7 1 5 days ago
hi, i use novelon as contraceptive method...last cycle i missed one tablet in the third week of tablet cycle bt took 2 tablets on the next day as my doctor advised me to do....then i started new packet of tablets on 10th nov at 10 p.m. i.e. on 5th day of my periods.....the same night at 11 p.m. i...
55 1 5 days ago
I have been on norigynon injectable birth control for the pass three months first two months no period third month regular period then halfway through towards fourth month spotting some regular bleeding then passing large clots could it be a side effect?
28 2 5 days ago
im 20, 155cm, 45kg and i had an abortion on the 25th of november. i started microgynon 20 the next day, towards the end of week 3, i needed to delay my period for a few days, so i skipped the white tablets and continued the next pack in the green section till monday. then i took a white tablet in...
22 1 5 days ago
I am a 24 year old man that thinks I may be having an allergic reaction to my girlfriends birth control. She uses the IUD Mirena. Is it possible for me to have an allergic reaction? I only started to get red bumps after she and started having intercourse. She was checked shortly before we became...
7 1 5 days ago
I changed from the Cileste contraceptive pill to Ginet - 84, but didn t realise the red pills were inactive! I took 7 of these then 14 of the other yellow ones. I stopped about 5 days for what I thought was my normal 7 day break, but I have not had my period yet and now I am confused as to what I...
7 1 5 days ago
hi i am 24 Just recently quit taking birth control about 2 weeks ago. i have had unprotected sex for the past two weeks also. I have very light pink discharge for two days and then nothing. My period isn t supose to be here for another week could i be pregnant or is is my body adjusting to coming...
16 1 5 days ago
I have been taking Qlaira for 6 weeks after not taking any OCP for 6 months. The first month (on day 18) I started experiencing light spotting, then what appeared to be the start of my period. This continued for a week, but my period did not start. By the end of the pack I still had not...
9 1 6 days ago
i had unprotacted sex before 5 days ago..after the 40 min. Of sex i take a pill of unwanted 72 and now my period is start from today means after 5 day of sex but my period comes 2 days before of the actual date of my period..since the sex nd taking pill my blood colour is red but now my blood...
7 1 6 days ago
I have had the implant implanon in my arm for almost 3yrs its supposed to be removed in december i have never had any problems with it until last night it was a little itchy it didnt bug me until i woke up and it was all red with a kinda big bump and then it just went aay well now its itchy again...
7 1 6 days ago
Hi, This is Claudia, 28 years old. What happened is that I had unprotected sexual intercourse on September 8th. I had my last period on Sept. 1st. Theorically there is no risk for pregnancy. But I wasn t feeling safe so I wanted to take the pill of the day after. But that is not legal in Kuwait...
7 1 6 days ago
Hi, Im 20, and have always had IRREGULAR periods. I havent had my period since may, and had sex for the first time 9 days ago. We used a condom, but it slipped off at some point and some ejaculate got inside me. I took Next Choice EC about 4 hours later, but I slept past my alarm and took the...
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