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13 1 Fri, 2 Apr 2021
i am 24yrz old. i have been takeing ginet 84 for 4months now and i have been bleeding old blood for a month but now i am bleeding red blood and it is a bit more heavy then usual and i hav jus startd to get bad pain in my cervix area, like period pain but this shouldnt be happining as i have not...
16 1 Tue, 30 Mar 2021
I saw my period on the 5th of June and i had unprotected sex on the 14th, and i took postinor 2 on the 15th (1st tablet around 11am and the second around 9pm that s 10 hours, and on the 21st i started see blood...please what can i do to stop the bleeding?
12 1 Fri, 19 Mar 2021
Me and my wife had our first baby on 23rd Feb,2011(through caseserian). She visited her doctor(as prescribed) on 14 April,2011 and was adviced Cerazette ( 1pill everyday) and Maczorb(which she was having all through her pregnancy).My wife stared taking pill from 22nd April continuously and had...
12 1 Tue, 16 Mar 2021
hi wonder if you could help me. i have continued my pill for 2 months without having a break for my period. this month i had a break for my period. i came on this morning with horrific pains this morning. 20 minutes ago i went to change my towel and have notice thick stretchy bloody bits. i have...
12 1 Tue, 16 Mar 2021
Hi, I ,m 28 years old, 5ft5inches and 68kg. Me and my husband are living and working in Kuwait, where no emergency contraception is available. Our protection failed last night and someone said that I could take 4 Logynon tablets now (12 hours later) and another 4 after a further 12 hours. Logynon...
7 1 Mon, 15 Mar 2021
HELP!!! i have been on the depo injection for 5 years, last year(june) i changed to the IUD coil....i had a horrific experience with it and had an emergancy removal of it after 1 week and returned to the injection a couple weeks later! Ever since i have had pains in my pelvic area, i went to see...
15 1 Mon, 15 Mar 2021
Hi... i switched from Depo-provera to Nur-Isterate almost two months ago and my breasts are growing and sensitive and i feel like i m about to have my period but nothing has happened since i got the first shot in April. I am 23 years old, weigh 75kg and 1.73m tall. started using birth control on...
12 1 Mon, 15 Mar 2021
I am on birth control, i take it as i was told, but was never told to take it at the SAME time every day, but i usually do, during the week, just not on the weekend. my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex and he came in me, should i take the day after pill or should i be ok?
12 1 Mon, 15 Mar 2021
i have been on cerezette for 3 months and i never really used to take them on time cos ive always been busy ive never had any bleeding or period while on cerezette. never used protection when havin sex with my fiance either in them times. i stopped cerezette 4 days ago and now slight pinkish...
12 1 Mon, 15 Mar 2021
Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query here... Helo Im 21 years old, 52kg, 1.6 talk nd I ve been using nuristerate since june 2010 nw i was supposed to get injectio on 24 june 2011. Is there any harm if I Delay by 5 days?
12 1 Mon, 8 Mar 2021
Dear doc, i am 37 yrs. and had an ectopic pregnancy 6 weeks ago where i took out my right side fallopian tube. The doc recommend that i use novelon contraceptive to prevent another pregnancy. Is that ok? Does novelon inteferes with your hormones to cause a bad side effect? Is it harmful in any way?
13 1 Thu, 4 Mar 2021
i have been on cerezette for just over a week, i cannot use any other pill due to me being over weight and the risk of high blood pressure, however, i have now been on my period for 7 days, but it is mainly extremely light spotting. i have heard people who have spotting continously on cerezette,...
13 1 Thu, 4 Mar 2021
hi i have inserted multiload last year in April. This is for the second time i have used it. but now i feel my weight is increasing since i have inserted multiload. so can u please tell me that it has something to do with weight or i have just a myth about it. thank you
12 1 Wed, 3 Mar 2021
Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query here... Hi, I have missed 1 pill which I was meant to take last night, I just remembered now and quickly took it. If I was to have sex today, what are the chances of me getting pregnant? I have been on the pill for 3 months...
13 1 Wed, 3 Mar 2021
I am a 22 year old female and weigh about 160 pounds. I was drinking last night and my whole body went numb and I couldn t feel anything. I have drank before and never felt like this. I have asthma and am on the birth control pill but was recently switched to a new one, could that cause this effect?
12 1 Fri, 26 Feb 2021
Hi i am a 20 year old woman and was taking birth control for 2 months straight, in the second month i was experiencing breakthrough bleeding for most of the month and couldnt cope so a week in to the 3rd month packet stopped taking them all together. i am now still experiencing bleeding is this...
12 1 Thu, 25 Feb 2021
I was suppose to start taking my new birth control package on Sunday. Then one day last week, I noticed that I was a day behind so I doubled up thinking that I had missed a day. Today I realized that I think what I did was that instead of starting the pack with the sunday pill, I started with the...
12 1 Tue, 23 Feb 2021
I have had the mirena coil for over a year. Over the last 6 months, I have been itching. It seems like if I bleed I itch and have been to the GP. I have been prescribed steriods which give some relief but I now think the coil is the source of the problem. Is there a way to confirm that?
12 1 Tue, 23 Feb 2021
Hi there, so I have been wanting to get on the birth control pill for a couple years now but I ve always been too afraid to do so. We had a family friend die at age 20 after having a stroke while on the birth control Yaz. I recognize that the pills containing drospirenone and other newer...
13 1 Tue, 23 Feb 2021
I m a 21 year old girl and want to change to a different birth control. I ve been taking Jolivette (no estrogen) for awhile and haven t missed a dose. The pill I want to switch to is Lybrel, which stops your period altogether. It says to start on the first day of period - for those who haven t...
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