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7 1 8 hours ago
I had a hysterectomy about two and a half months ago. About a month after my surgery I noticed a large pink circle on my stomach with a small pink one right next to it. They aren t going away and sometimes they itch a little but not bad and there are no bumps like you see in a rash. I don t know...
15 1 8 hours ago
I have a boil on the inside of my labia majora. This is the first time I have had such a thing. I am 59 years old and not sexually active. I wear a mini pad sometimes during the day due to incontinence when I cough or sneeze, could this cause a boil? How should I treat this, I just found it today.
7 1 8 hours ago
I had unprotected sex with my bf 9 days ago...i took i pill aftr 10 or 11hours...nw i my having bleeding since yesterday...bt my nxt period is due on 31st..is it a side effect of i pill...are there chances of me getting pregnant as he did not ejaculate...help me plz
7 1 8 hours ago
i missed my periods and i am having a little difficulty in passing urine. a pain in one side that extends to my vagina. doctor said to do HB, DLC, CPR(Quantitative) and PLC, platelet count blood tests with urine test? Should I do a pregnancy test also. will these detect pregnancy
15 1 8 hours ago
Hello!i have been diagnoised for acute vaginitis...my doc has recommended clingen forte for 7 days....i inserted it last night & i woke up this morning with a curd like discharge...is it normal to have a curd like discharge after clinge forte insertion?
7 1 8 hours ago
I need to know how contagious chlamydia is. When I had an abortion, I was treated for it as part of my post care surgery. I, unfortunately, had à sexual encounter with my infected ex Baby s father WITH à condom, but it broke. This was three months ago, I have à new Boyfriend, hence, sexual...
7 1 9 hours ago
hey this is beenish. i am 24 yrs and unmarried. i had stomach pain and had ultrasound. report said i have bilateral polycystic ovaried. can u please help me in telling should i need any treatment before marriage? my periods are normal but i am tensed that after marriage i will be able to be...
7 1 9 hours ago
Hi i am .,h and i use crisanta pills. my doc said i ll have my periods within 3- 4 after i finish the 21 tablets. but i have been having problems while urinating after that. a lot of pain is tehre and frequently i have to go to toilet cause i feel like i need to pee and now i have been noticing a...
7 1 9 hours ago
hi my age is 28 and i am unmarried and my days are going on. Today when i was presing my boobs suddenly make came out from my boobs can you please tell me what is this. I am scared because I checked on the inter and it was howing the syomtoms of brest canser
7 1 2 days ago
I am 50 I have endometriosis for 25 years, a fibroid tumor the size if a golf ball and a nickel size cyst on left ovary. The flows have slowed down but they last longer, went from 3 -5 days heavy to 12 days steady, the pain is not as intense to one area, but it wakes me up every night, and I...
7 1 2 days ago
I had silver nitrate cervical cauterization oct 30 after some abnormal cells were scraped off - cause I have a friable cervix that bleeds after sex ........ now - my period is heavy gross and I bleed if I miss a pill - not just spotting but heavy red blood and I have cramping when I never used to...
7 1 2 days ago
Hi, I was taking Spasmo Proxyvon Tablet one tablet during periods. But it is banned now. So please suggest alternative for this tablet. I have tried eariler mepthalspa but it doesnt affect on my pain. Spasmo Proxyvon Tablet was effective. Please suggest. Thanks, Shweta Chaudhari
7 1 2 days ago
I have been suffering with palps for 5 yrs they were alway. On an off but since just had baby he s 15months they were every day am pregnant again now am 31 wks an still get then all time I ve had 3 ecg an a 24 hr one aswell an they picked up ectopic beats an just offered counselling said no meds...
7 1 2 days ago
My oct period was on 27th. I had un protected sex on 30th nove after knowing I have got my periods . I had un protected sex again on 7th dec and took the postino2 on 8th dec. had spotting for 3 days starting 17th dec. have now got a very scanty period on 12th jan. v v scanty . And dark in color....
7 1 2 days ago
I have this burning itching feeling just under my left breast near my rib cage. It feels like acid is burning through my skin. Its been there for three weeks. It got so bad that I kept rubbing the skin until it bled. I thougth it was the wire in my bra causing the itching however its not so.
7 1 2 days ago
I have a report of Pap Smear test Followings are found. descriptive diagnosis:smear shows superficial squamous cells,intermediate squamous cells and metaplastic cells.The background shows inflammatory cells. Impression: Negative for squamous intraepithelial lesion or malignancy Recommendation:...
7 1 2 days ago
i had my tubes tied 4 years ago during a c-section. 2 weeks ago i experienced the works cramps ever.. hust so bad that it felt like labor pains. now in the past week i have been feeling nauas, little cramping, tired all the time, and my nipples are tender from time to time, what are the chances...
7 1 2 days ago
hi. My periods are due on dec 16th. i have visited the doc and she gave me deviry for 5 days and i have taken a urine preg test on 6th jan 2014 and it was -ve. its been 13days now i din get my periods after takin those tabs. wat caould be the reason?? please help me.
8 1 2 days ago
Hey I m 31.. I ve had my tubes clamped for 3yrs now. Last month I started experiencing mucus in my vaginal. Starting to have pregnancy scares. My breast are fuller I m craving ice and different foods. I got diagnosed with fibroids back in November. What should I do???
10 1 2 days ago
Hello My mother had a Hysterectomy on Dec 2, 2013 she is now n a nusing home in Flushing Queens. She is having serious pain, acid reflux can you call her to explain what is happening? Her number is 1(347) 932-4382. Thank you Her name is Lulu Mwaluko . I m her daughter Helen.
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