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6 1 18 hours ago
Hi I had unprotected sex 2 days ago and was at the end of my period. Tonight I started getting werid pain in my vergina and getting urges to pee all the time. I notice I was bleeding so I put a tampon in and was still seeing blood, does this mean I m peeing blood? Maybe a urin infection? Please help
6 1 18 hours ago
hi, I ve been on birth control since i was 16 (am now 22). I don t take it at the same time everyday and this last month i missed two of my pills. My period is expected to be on Tuesday. However, I am experiencing really weird symptoms. Senstive swollen breasts, nausea, cramping, fatigue,...
7 1 18 hours ago
hello. i have a question to ask... my period ended on thursday, and i had sex with my boyfriend on friday. i don t think he came inside me, but he thinks he might have- just a bit. i know it s hardly possible for me to get pregnant, but he s kinda freaking out and now he s got me freaked too....
7 1 18 hours ago
hello doctor, i need your help. my gf s last period date was 17th and we had protected sex on 1st night. i used condom but i did not checked condom after i was done. condom was kept in car from last 5-6 months so i am worried if condom can be less effective due to heat in the car. I heard mid of...
9 1 18 hours ago
period was stopped for three months and then i have taken modus 10 and Albendazole tablet. After completing the course nothing has happened for 7 days. but suddenly on 8 th day vomiting and bleeding from v are started simultaneously. heavy vomiting causes weakness and is stopped. but the bleeding...
6 1 19 hours ago
Hello doctor, i am 43 years old. Having one daughter with natural and normal delivery. i would like to have one more child. I consult the gynecologist and went for follicular studies. AMH level found to be .3. They suggested me to take ovistrone Tablet. Normal cycle, every month dominant...
6 1 19 hours ago
Hi Dr, I have two small lumps under the skin in my pubes, although they re not painful, one of them reached up to the surface of the skin filled up with yellowish fluid. when it popped up and the fluid is gone, it started to bleed. I went to a family doctor who just took a look at it and...
6 1 19 hours ago
hi I have the normal iud in and the cord is really really long it is nearly coming rite out I have little pain in my lower stomach and sometimes in my lower back and fell a lil sicky I sometimes bleed when having intercourse I guess there is a lil dis charge but not smelly would I b preg? Do I...
7 1 20 hours ago
I m 15 years old and I have this unbearable itch in my vagina sometimes and I ve never had sexual intercourse. Sometimes it ll itch to the point where it feels irritated and when trying to look at it, it was red and moist. I do have excessive discharge and it smells. Not a bad fish smell nor...
6 1 20 hours ago
Hi I ve been taking Cerazette for 3 years and last week I missed 2 pills. During that time I had sex with my boyfriend, but we used a condom. However, we were not very careful about the precum. I started having an extremely light bleed last night (less than a week later) Is there a possibility...
10 2 20 hours ago
hello doctor recently me and my girl friend had dry sex .and i touched my penis in the hair below her navel .. and when i was ready to cum i got detached from her .. but it has has been 1-2 days late in her periods .. i am very much confused whta to do . if she is pregnent or not . please help...
6 1 21 hours ago
This whole year my cycle has been messed. In march, i did not have a period. April, my period was heavy but none went on my pad just when i wiped. May, my period lasted a day. June, my period starts 5 days early, im cramping really bad but once again there is nothing on my pad just when i wipe....
7 1 22 hours ago
I am 2days post a 5 day blast transfer with very sharp lower right side abdominal pain - like an air pocket that is hitting something causing real pain. There all the time but gets worse at times. Ciuld it be a cyst? I had cyst pain in previous pregnancy. Is it a bad sign for this ivf cycle?
7 1 23 hours ago
I get cysts a lot on the skin near my female reproductive system and rarely I get them on my arms or legs. They are very painful and leave purple scars (even if I don t mess with them) and some are filled with whitish-brownish puss but mostly blood. I don t know what type of cyst they are or if...
8 1 23 hours ago
lately ive been noticing that I have been sleeping a lot more ltely, ive alos been catching my self being tired in class a lot more, lately my breast have been hurting, they feel as if they are 70 pounds, my nipple and areola have been nonstop acking, and barely touching them causes the most...
7 1 23 hours ago
my period started a day late it started of very light pink then the next day got heavier but not too heavy ( tampon lasted me 6 hours before it needed to be changed) then yesterday it just stopped it didn t get lighter or anything jus stopped now today only like one or two drops come out but only...
8 2 23 hours ago
I missed my my period last month went to the doctor .did all tests.no pregnancy .uterus empty. i was prescribed Primolut N 1 tablet 3 times for 5 days. i am now 3 days after this course still no period but a few drops of blood and clots.. what should i do??
6 1 1 day ago
I have recently discovered I have Lupus, besides the pain, my biggest challenge right now is the sun. I get flu like symptoms fevers, and fatigue. I have a son who is being drafted to college for baseball on 3 summer travel teams, so I cant avoid the sun. I wear plenty of sunblock ALL DAY use a...
7 1 1 day ago
Starting a few months ago I started having severe breast pain a week before my cycle, followed by a severely painful cycle. A few days later the pain gets better but never fully goes away. They have also grown almost 2 cups sizes. I have been to a GYN and my PCP and all both can say is cut...
7 1 1 day ago
i am planning for baby. i got my periods on 1st april it was for 10-11 days and after that my periods does not come yet. i am taking meprate and sysfol as per suggest by doctor. i want to know the side effects of these tablets. and if i stop to take meprate then after how many time i can conceive?
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