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8 1 Mon, 3 Jun 2019
Hello, my question is in realtion to intercourse. I had sex two days ago and it felt abit dry and rough I think I may have torn something or bruised something afterwards it was I had alittle bit of spotting. This morning I had sex and it felt dry rough and deep and some cramps afterwards I had a...
8 1 Mon, 3 Jun 2019
Today, my boyfriend and I were having intercourse and after having intercourse my boyfriend noticed that he had blood on his penis from me. When I wiped myself, I noticed light spotting. I already had my cycle two weeks ago. I wanted to know if the bleed was due to me having an orgasm or...
2 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
Hi,I have started getting pimples all of a sudden immediately after 1 month of marriage, previously i used to get one or two pimples per month, but now the situation has been worse that my face is completely covered with pimples and they are painful as well. My skin is sensitive and I have gone...
2 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
Yes, Thank you. I have extremely low libido following hysterectomy at early age. Is there any thing that can help me with this problem and not run the risk of cancer which my Mom and grand mother both died from? It is causing problems in my marriage. Again, Thank you.
2 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
my sister had rectal cancer and was stage four. It had stared out in her appindex, and by the time they found it had spread to her female organs and bladder. She went through kemo and two years. they said that they reattach everything like it was before because the cancer was gone. she was really...
13 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
Hi me and my girlfriend have been together for two years now and have been having sex today she says she feels sick and cold afterwards but we now she can t be pregnant because we always use protection and always stop before I get close? What could cause this and how long can it last and what can...
14 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
I got pimple under the clitotrial hood. I showed it to my gyne. She gave me antibiotics and it was good but it again appeared on the same spot....this is the 3rd time. I dont understand why it comes up again and again even if i complete the whole course of antibiotics
17 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
Hello, I m 44 yr old, female, 5 0 ft and weigh 165lbs. I have been experiencing cramping like pains in the lower part of the abdominal and sharp pain on the left side of my stomach. Additionally, I have some swelling on the left side of my stomach by the left side of my belly button. Went to the...
2 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
I am a 22 year old woman who s never had a sex drive or any feeling in the genital area. I ve also never had romantic feelings for anyone. I ve kissed people and get lubricated but that s it. I first asked a doctor about this when I was 16 and she said it was psychological. Then I worked with a...
2 1 Fri, 31 May 2019
Hi Doc, I am a 24 year old female. I ocassionaly masturbate, through clitorial stimulation. Not frequently, mostly once a month or twice- the days preceeding my monthly flow. For the past one year since I have been masturbating, I have noticed every month that after I masturbate- I experience...
2 1 Thu, 30 May 2019
i have an question i had unprotected sex twice during my week of ovulation normally when i ovulate i cramp but i had no cramping what so ever. its been 3 days since ovulation and i have been having inconsistent cramps in my lower abdomen on my right side
6 1 Thu, 30 May 2019
Hi I had oral sex last night and unprotected sex with my girl last night and I woke up with diarrhea and threw up once but I can t go to the bathroom at all and when I drink water I throw it back up idk what s going on is a sexual transmitted disease I have no fever or anything just a stomach...
2 1 Thu, 30 May 2019
I am Jane, 23 year old wife. Last week Sunday I had sex with my husband. We are using the billing ovulation method. That day of sex was the 3rd fertile day past peak. My husband used a condom and we checked to be sure it didn t break. However, I curiously took the first tablet of postinor 2...
8 1 Thu, 30 May 2019
I am 56yr. female experiencing menopause. Sex is very painful and the skin on my labia occasionally turns white and peels off. I have been taking estradiol 5mg. by mouth and cream form. Nothing is working very well. Lubricants rarely help. I swear that the shape of me vagina has changed. Will I...
2 1 Thu, 30 May 2019
I have been taking this med everyday for at least 6 months between 3 -6 capsules per day. Is there any problem stopping med without tapering off? It was prescribed as a PRN and I am taking it correctly just trying to use one less medication. Any concerns?
2 1 Wed, 29 May 2019
Last night I had passionate sex with another guy - we did a lot of kissing and oral. This morning my tongue feel a little dry and for want of a better word, bruised - not sore as such but different. I have no visible sores and my tongue looks much the same as usual. Is this normal or is there a...
2 1 Wed, 29 May 2019
I am a 47 year old woman, healthy, taking birth control pills continuously for migraine control. Lately during sex I have had 2 occasions of bleeding. The first time was enough blood to get all over the sheets and this time just a little on our genitals. Either way I don t like it! I have no...
9 1 Mon, 27 May 2019
Hello! two days ago I did have protected sex and this was the first time since about a year that I have had sex. Now I am experiencing just very little mild cramping. I m terrified that I could be pregnant!! We did use a condom! Is this cramping normal? My last period was about a week ago, I was...
2 1 Mon, 27 May 2019
I am 52 in a relationship with someone I love very much (60). I m feeling flabby and I seem to get colds, flu, and constipation more often. I feel that it plays havic on my intimate life. I enjoy intimacy, but I m quetioning myself. I ve always been very vibrant, fit and active.
2 1 Mon, 27 May 2019
Hi please help me I lost my virginity a couple months weeks ago I don t remember but we use protection the 1st time he took the condom of when we where done having sexual activity and the cum was in the condom the second time he also cumed on the floor and he also told me to get off of him do he...
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