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7 1 18 hours ago
Hi Doctor, My wife gave birth to a baby boy 2 month ago and I and my wife have had unsafe sex yesterday. Now we are bit scared whther taking a contraceptive pill is safer at this time and it does make any sort of problems on my wife s health and body and on the baby. Please help. Thanks in advance
11 1 18 hours ago
what do you mean by internal echoes within the cyst due to hemorrhage my wife has been doing the follicluar study after consulting a gyaenocolgist,during the 12 th day of the cycle the scan report says that internal echoes are seen in the cyst because of hemorrhage. explain me this in a laymans term
18 1 18 hours ago
Hi, i m having irregular periods so last month i had taken regestrone (twice for five days) aand then i had my periods. but this month again my periods are getting delayed. so is it that my body is getting addicted to regestrone??? every month i do i have to take this medicine to get my period??...
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
Hello. I had a c section on aug 12. And last night i had a lot of pain in my lower right abdomen and back and this morning i had a thick mucus discharge. Is that normal. My stomach and back hurt really bad period like pain that wont go away with meds.
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
hi i am having alot off grey discharge and wondering what it could be? or whats wrong with me ? my period is finished over a week it was a very heavy period i am34 yrs old ... dont have any children and worried about this heavy grey discharge ?? can u help
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
i have had several symptoms these past weeks please help: - excessive urination - feeling full & bloated for hours especially after eating (small portions) - always tired and sleepy (headaches) - wrist, knees, ankles or thighs hurt - very little bowel movements
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
I have a really itchy ass hole and if I scratch for long periods of time it bleeds badly, sometimes profusely! Do I have internal parasites? Also, you should know that I take it up the ass on a regular basis, perhaps this also has something to do with it? however my sex partner is quite hygienic....
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
Hi, I had my period on the 7th of august. I had sex unprotected sex on the 18th and took postinor2 on the 20th. About nine days later I had a little brownish discharge coming from my vagina that lasted for about two. It is now the 29th of september and I have not seen my period as yet. I don t...
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
I had my period two weeks ago, and we have sex a couple of days after. I feel a bit strange and took two pregnancy tests 7-10 days after this. They were negative. However now I am experiencing some random bleeding - ranging from brownish to red to bright pink?
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
I had vaginal removal of mesh from my left groin and vagina 2 days ago and I noticed a huge reddish bruise on my inside left thigh, is this a bad sign? I am also experiencing urinary retention with severe urges that have low production. How can I tell when I am in danger of infection or blood...
8 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
I did a blood pregnancy test 2 weeks ago, it was negative. I did a repeat pregnancy test today and was positive. I did a scan immediately, but no gestational sac but the endometrium is 16mm. My last period started July 22nd. Though I always have irregular menses, length of about 32 to 35days.
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
We had sex last aug 15 but it has been withdrawn,last september 2 we had sex again unprotected and i thought she was nearing her menstrual period.last sep 2 we had again sex, it was not withdrawn,later then she felt hardening of the abdomen, sore breast and weight gain, we did PT last sept 13 and...
9 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
Hi all, I m a married women since last 2 months (28 yrs old), suddenly their is a itching and irritation with red rashes has come on my vagina since last 3 days with pain, please suggest a cream or lotion that i can used easily, cause i am afraid to ask any doctor personally. Thanks in advance
7 1 Mon, 3 Aug 2020
I am 52 year old woman I wore copper T after my second son was born now its past 22 years I haven t removed it I feel I m putting on more weight & some times feeling itching on my skin is it because of copper T .should I remove it . Other wise is it dangerous pls advise
7 1 Fri, 31 Jul 2020
hye docter its 10 days passed nd my periods is still on ,so my docter suggests me to take duoluton l tablet to regularize the periods !!! and ask if u have any pregnency issue ? i wana knw what is the concern of pregnency with this type of period situation?m i pregnent?or could be ?
7 1 Fri, 31 Jul 2020
I had sex wid a girl bt with my underwear on i am nt sure bt i feel that i did ejaculate inside her , for precaution can she take an i pill,,what will b the effects of taking an i pill, and if i hadnt ejaculated inside her and she still took an i pill for precaution will that have any effects
7 1 Fri, 31 Jul 2020
My girlfriend has strep throat with a headache and went to go see the doctor. She has started to feel better but her period was due on the 6th or 7th. I was wondering if that could cause her to miss her period and not have it yet or not have it this month
7 1 Fri, 31 Jul 2020
Hi I just got done peeing & when I wiped there was clear discharge but also a little bit of stringy blood mixed per my calendar I am at high fertility ovulation today. Is this normal or could it be an early sign of pregnancy my husband & I have been trying
8 2 Fri, 31 Jul 2020
hi... my lmp was 12th august last month... i feared having period on 9th and i took primolut-n on the night of 8th.... i underwent sex on 9th and then took i-pill on the eve of 11th september.... are there any chances of complication like pregnancy or hormonal imbalance
8 2 Fri, 31 Jul 2020
Hi , I could be two-three weeks pregnant I havent been to the doctor yet but im having all the sympthoms of pregnany I get this feeling in my stomach & I get bad pains & cramps it hurts more when I walk now im starting to get a burning feel inside of my stomach what does all this mwans ?
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