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1391 6 Wed, 3 Aug 2011
Iam 19 year old, i like to go to swimming classes from next month. My problem is that i have lot of body hair. I need to wear shorts. So i want to get rid of body hair. Which is good to get rid of body hair. Can i go for hair removal creams or waxing, which is good for me
414 5 Mon, 3 Oct 2011
...i have a dark circles around my eyes,as am look fair it totally destroys my look..can i undergo laser treatment for this?? please suggest me the solution... Hi i have a dark circles around my eyes, can i undergo laser treatment for this and howmuch cost for laser treatment in NZ dollar.
784 5 Mon, 5 Dec 2011
Hi I want to know is there any hair removal treatment for children
557 5 Tue, 14 Feb 2012
Iam teen 19 year old going to college, i ahve lot of hair on my face. I was belaching all theses days. Iam still not happy, but still my face looks sick due to this . Can i do waxing of my face to get rid of these hairs. I read about electrolysis,i feel it is very costly and i cannot afford this....
624 4 Tue, 3 Jul 2012
helo doctor , good day , I am 38 years old & met with a small accedent and had a mark on my forhead , and on noice to I use to apply Milano & Extract ointment . Now its lmost 02 Years still the marks are not going , pls be suggest my some medec. As I am in marketing we need to gest looked very...
195 4 Wed, 4 Apr 2012
I got scratch on my face by nail , and the outer skin layer got removed.And then blood comes. Is there any way to treat it soon as i have some photography party after two days? I m from India, suggest me a fast treatment procedure.
613 4 Tue, 22 Nov 2011
Hello doctor , A couple of weeks before I went to a dematologist for acne treatment.He adviced with to apply Faceclin-a gel for 2 weeks,He told me to dilute the gel with Cetaphil moisturising lotion and lessen the dilution gradually.First week was fine,my skin became clearer and acne also...
396 4 Thu, 12 Jan 2012
i am 27 years old, single height is 5 ft and weight is 54 kg.i want to know,is there any kind of treatment or surgery is available in our medical science for making the thick lips thin?if yes,where,in which corner of the world it is available and at what cost?
63 4 Wed, 25 Jan 2012
hello sir, I am 26 years old mail, Not married.. I am having grey & red hairs on my mustache and chin.. I am feeling tension...Please advise me what should be done to control this....
99 4 Wed, 29 Feb 2012
Hello, Mu cousin have very less moustache . He his 26 now. Is there is any problem. Plz help
2303 4 Mon, 3 Oct 2011
Hey i am an Asian girl n i have a fair colour,can u pls help me ,what can i do to remove my dark spots on my knees,elbow ,fingrs and on my genital area.. i will get marry in next 6 months pls help me..
506 4 Thu, 7 Jul 2011
hi im 13 years old i got punched under my eye it swell and left a black mark under my how can i remove it
1159 4 Mon, 3 Oct 2011
Hi, I m prakash. I have a problem related to my face . There are too many cut-marks and akne marks on my face. I have already tried so many fairness cream and beauty product to remove those but they does not effect on the marks. Please, suggest me better suggestion for this
405 4 Tue, 3 Jul 2012
i have a stitch mark above my upper lip on the moustache area. I want to get it removed using plastic surgery. can you please let me know how painful will it be and how much approx can it cost ?
1160 4 Mon, 12 Dec 2011
can i use kojivit gel for dark circcles or what is the best natural remedy i can i hav....since because of dark circles i look older dan ma age ! dark circles
208 4 Mon, 3 Oct 2011
Hi, I want some natural remedies that can help the skin especially face to look young and fresh My face is fair but it looks very tired especially around my eyes and I am 29 years old
132 4 Wed, 18 Jan 2012
Judge: y did u shoot ur wife instead of shooting her lover? Sardar: Your honour, it s easier to shoot a woman once, than shooting one maN DA hi i am 28 male my weight is 45 and height is 5.5 i want to increase both, but i have white patches on skin , so i want to know can i u ur product, how safe...
196 4 Mon, 21 Feb 2011
I have hair on my breasts and it really upsets me, IF i pluck it, becomes more of a problem. I want lasor but i have chronic lyme disease , all though im not on antibiotics now I am wondering if there is any complications of getting laser treatment for this hair ?
654 4 Mon, 3 Oct 2011
My complexion is fair but my ankles and knees are dark what can I do pls guide me ?
1196 4 Mon, 7 Nov 2011
The skin on my face and neck is extremely darker than the rest of my body and is very noticeable, and it just happened in the last 2 years. What caused it and how can I get the skin on my neck and face to be the same complexion as the rest of my body? Some background information, in the last 3...
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