Skin Disorders

Tips for a Glowing Complexion

If there is one beauty asset that everyone would be glad to have, it is a radiant complexion. It can give you the confidence to look and feel attractive at anytime, with or without makeup. Sadly, stress, pollution and poor lifestyle take a toll on the skin of most people, making it look dull, lifeless and aged beyond its years. Yet, if you want your skin to glow, you can do so with some effort and care. Here are some tips that can give you a complexion that is healthy and glows from within.
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Skin Care in Summer

Unless you are among the lucky few blessed with glowing skin round the year, chances are that the winters have left your skin looking dry and dull. Now that a good deal of it will be exposed in your summer clothes and swim wear, it?s a good idea to spruce up your skin. Here are a few steps that can give you a glowing skin in summer. In addition we are sharing with you some tips to deal with the common skin problems such as heat rash and sunburns that often come along with summer.
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Ten Steps for Skincare and Beauty

The deluge of beauty and skincare products available in the market today makes skincare look like an extremely expensive affair. It's enough to muddle the most organized of minds and trick the most astute of women into buying products that they do not really need. In spite of spending considerable time and money on beauty products most women are not sure if their beauty regimen is right for their skin. This applies to many men as well. A large number of people also think that a perfect beauty regimen would require more time than they can afford to spend. The truth is that a good beauty regimen is a fairly simple affair that neither requires too many products nor too much time. Here we go with what constitutes an ideal beauty regimen for all ages and skin types:
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Basal cell tumor of skin

Basal cell carcinoma is a superficial, slowly growing papule or nodule that derives from certain epidermal cells. They arise from keratinocytes near the basal layer and can be referred to as basaloid keratinocytes. Metastasis is rare, but local growth can be highly destructive. It is more common in fair-skinned people with a history of sun exposure and is very rare in blacks.
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Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition characterized by dark, thick, velvety skin in body folds and creases. Most often, acanthosis nigricans affects your armpits, groin and neck. There's no specific treatment for acanthosis nigricans. But treating any underlying conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, may cause skin changes to fade.
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Tips to Prevent Acne

Acne prevention includes combination of prevention and better skincare. Effective acne prevention will requires using the right acne treatment options, and good hygiene habits. Sometimes the stress itself of having these acne and trying to figure out measures to get rid of them can make things more worse.
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Steps to Beautiful Skin

Nothing is permanent in the world, and so is our skin. Everyone knows the feels and importance of having a clear, great looking skin. Most of the times we wonder how the models have it. We rather end up thinking of all kinds of difficult regimes that needs to be followed. Why worry so much??? Just by following some simple steps will lead you to having a beautiful and healthy looking glowing skin.
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Hair Loss

Alopecia or hair loss is the medical description of the loss of hair from the head or body, sometimes to the extent of baldness. A loss of 80 to 100 hairs per day is normal. Sometimes you notice it but if there is no thinning or a pattern of baldness- it is usually nothing to worry about.
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Step by Step to clear skin

Everyone wants to have a nice, clear, healthy, glowing skin. But how to get it in these days when we women are out facing pollution, toxins and junk food everyday of our lives. Following simple steps can lead to achieving this one dream in life. Now does it sound tempting? Go ahead and grab the tips. They are all yours to get a complement soon.
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Your Skin and Hair this Winter

The low humidity during winter can cause an uncomfortable degree of dryness and itchiness in your skin and flare up hair problems. Those of us who are not so much into regular skin care feel the brunt of it even more. The flaking and cracking if left unattended not only makes you unattractive, it can even bleed and at times get infected. We have compiled some easy tips that can keep your skin moist and glowing through the winter months.
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