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Why do I have high blood pressure after a meth withdrawal?

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Dr. Pavan Kumar Gupta

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Why do i have high blood pressure after a meth withdrawal four weeks ago? I 'm no longer on meth.
Wed, 6 Feb 2013 in Hypertension and Heart Disease
Answered by Dr. Pavan Kumar Gupta 6 hours later
Thanks for the query.
Crystal meth addiction causes the addict to change physically and psychologically. Some changes are permanent and some can be reversed if the addict ceases to use meth. Withdrawal symptoms can last from days up to several weeks depending on the duration, quantity and frequency of use.
Physical withdrawal symptoms are
Increased blood pressure
Irregular heartbeat

While Psychological withdrawal symptoms are
Memory loss

it takes time for the normal body functions to come back after withdrawing from METH.

I hope it helps however you may revert to me for any further query.
Best of luck
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Follow-up: Why do I have high blood pressure after a meth withdrawal? 3 hours later
Should i take medication for the high blood pressure? I only used meth for a few days, then i stopped using it completely.
Is it life- threatening? My first bp was 140/100, the 2nd was 159/90.
Answered by Dr. Pavan Kumar Gupta 5 hours later
You should definitely take some medications for blood pressure at the moment and adopt other change in lifestyle measures like
Weight reduction
No to drugs
Regular exercises
Avoiding smoking,junk foods etc.

You can assess yourself again after 6 months and may be you are able to quit high blood pressure medicines.

Untreated high blood pressure has lots of bad consequences and must be brought down to normal levels at all cost.
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Follow-up: Why do I have high blood pressure after a meth withdrawal? 29 hours later
Are numbness or tingling sensation in the leg caused or a symptom of hypertension? I've been feeling this for a few days.
Answered by Dr. Pavan Kumar Gupta 5 minutes later
This could be because of METH withdrawal or VIT B complex deficiency.
Rule out diabetes ,as it can also cause numbness and tingling sensations.
Hypertension doesn't seem to be either the cause or effect.
Start taking VIT B complex daily and take it for 4 to 6 weeks.
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Follow-up: Why do I have high blood pressure after a meth withdrawal? 21 hours later
After i met a medical assistant, i was given two shots of glucose in my body. Then, i felt better. I was told i might have hypoglycemia which cause anxiety. I suspect it might be caused meth withdrawal last month? Will hypoglycemia go away after awhile or i have to live with it forever. If so? Is there any cure?
Answered by Dr. Pavan Kumar Gupta 8 minutes later
I don't know how was hypoglycaemia diagnosed in you.
In any case hypoglycaemia would not remain forever with you.
Prolonged fasting or diabetes result in hypoglycaemia.
Get yourself tested for diabetes to rule out diabetes.
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Follow-up: Why do I have high blood pressure after a meth withdrawal? 3 days later
I met a specialist. She said my hypertension is caused by anxiety. She gave me metoprolol. Can i take supplements like selenium and passionflower with metoprolol? Thanks.
Answered by Dr. Pavan Kumar Gupta 19 minutes later
There is no problem taking these supplements with metoprolol.
Along with metoprolol,de stress yourself by doing exercises,meditation,yoga and XXXXXXX breathing exercises.
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Follow-up: Why do I have high blood pressure after a meth withdrawal? 38 hours later
How long does this anxiety disappear from my brain?
Answered by Dr. Pavan Kumar Gupta 3 hours later
It differs from person to person.
It takes less time in person who has more positive outlook and changes his lifestyle,like taking proper nutrition and doing regular exercises along with yoga and XXXXXXX breathing exercises.
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