Twenty Sixth Month

  • As your toddler grows his/her vocabulary will be improving at a good pace. He/she will be using a lot more words now than he/she previously was and most of the baby talk will be in 2 to 3 word sentences.  He/she can also follow simple instructions promptly. Most of what he/she says is understood by familiar listeners, though it will be some time before an unfamiliar person can clearly understand what your toddler is saying.

    From now on your child will start looking thinner. This is because his/her growth pattern changes. His/her hands and legs will start to grow faster and lengthen while his/her head starts growing slowly. As you have probably realized by now feeding a toddler is a great, time consuming task. Just keep making sure you provide your toddler with a healthy mix of foods and he/she will manage to get adequate nutrition.

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